3-10-21 - Online Only Auction -44 Snowy Egret Ct, Bridgevill

Wednesday March 10, 2021 | Bridgeville, DE. US. 19930

There are no images for this auction. Please refer to the salebill for more information

THIS WILL BE A TIMED ONLINE ONLY AUCTION EVENT held at www.hibid.com. The PREBID aspect will be available Approx. 30 days prior to the Auction Date. One lot will be scheduled to end every 45 seconds. The Auction will take about 2 hours to conclude. THERE ARE MANY HIGH QUALITY PHOTOS OF THE ITEMS BEING SOLD ON THE AUCTION CO. WEBSITE. IF YOU NEED TO SEE A LARGER IMAGE PLEASE VIEW WWW.AMAUCTIONS.COM TERMS OF SALE We advise all prospective bidders to read the Terms & Conditions of the Auction Sale before bidding in an A&M Auctioneers and Appraisers, LLC Auction. By placing a bid the bidder is bound by those Terms and Conditions of the Sale, as amended by any oral announcement or posted notices, which together form the contract of the sale between the successful bidder (purchaser), A&M Auctioneers and Appraisers, LLC and the seller (consignor) of the lot(s). 1. All property is sold "As Is, Where Is", and All Sales are Final. There is no bid reversals or refunds. 2. INSPECTION: Property is open to thorough public inspection. The bidder is invited, urged and cautioned to inspect the property prior to bidding. Property will be available for inspection at the places and times specified. It is the Bidder's responsibility to determine condition, age genuineness, authenticity, value or any other determinative factor prior to placing a bid on an item. Bidder shall be the sole judge of value. A&M Auctioneers and Appraisers, LLC may attempt to describe the merchandise in advertising, on the internet, over the phone and at the auction but makes no representations. Persons in attendance during inspection, sale or removal of merchandise assume all risks of damage or loss to persons, property, or merchandise and shall exercise proper precautions at all times for the protection of persons and property and shall comply with all safety and health requirements as directed by Auctioneer, and local, state and federal regulations. Auctioneer, its agents, its employees and representatives shall not be liable by reason of any defect in or about the condition of the premises on which the auction is held. Buyer specifically releases Auctioneer, its agents and representatives from all liability thereof. In no event shall A&M Auctioneers and Appraisers, LLC be held responsible for having made or implied any warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. 3. BIDDER REGISTRATION: Bidder must be 18 years of age or older, and is required to register for each auction. To participate in this Auction prospective bidders must register & provide identification information to establish that you are a valid bidder: At the time of registration, we collect information about you to verify who you are before you can bid. Bidder must submit information found to be current, complete, and accurate for proper identification. We collect credit card information to ensure that you are a qualified buyer. Bidder is responsible for security of his/her bidding number/user name and password, and any and all bids placed under the assigned number/ID. Auctioneer should be notified immediately if Bidder believes his/her bid number, account and/or password have been compromised. There is no cost to register for an auction (A $1 Authorization will be charged when you initially register to validate your credit card by Auctionflex.) The Authorization is never deducted from your account. It verifies that the card being placed on file is legitimate. The Billing information including address will be validated through this authorization. If the Billing information on the Card doesn't match your shipping information the card may be rejected for possible fraud activity. Auction Co, at its sole discretion, reserves the right to terminate any registration, deny any person for any reason permission or access to bid, to reject any and all bids, and to suspend or ban Bidder from bidding. Bidder registration is not transferable or assignable. Highbid User Ratings. Every bidder starts with a reputation of 0 and, with activity, this score goes up or down to a value between -100 (very bad) and 100 (very good). Any bidder with a reputation lower than +1 will have their auction bid permission set to pending. We will verify your information if you are a new bidder with a reputation of "0". Once approved or declined you will receive an email confirmation. If you have a negative user rating/score on Hibid or Proxibid the Auction Co. at its sole discretion may decline any and all bids placed by your account. As a last resort if we find you to be a non paying bidder or using fraudulent registration and/or credit card information you may be permanently declined from bidding at our auctions. Once a new HiBid customer has participated/purchased items in a few auctions you will start to build up positive feedback with a succesful pay and pickup transaction. Once you have a positive feedback rating your account will normally be automatically approved for auctions conducted on HiBid by A&M Auctioneers for a preset bidding amount. That amount is normally equal to the highest priced item in the Auction. If we have a vehicle that is worth $4,000 we would say that $5,000 would be the maximum high bid that would automatically be approved on your account. Anything above that would require approval. NOTE: If you are a new bidder to HiBid/A&M Auctioneers with a "0" feedback rating we will verify your registration information and assign your account a Maximum Preset High bid (Per Item) amount. This amount will be a Maximum of $500 per item and will depend on the Auction. This pre-aproval amount will be reflected in the Bidder Acceptance email once your account has been approved. We reccomend that when bidding place yours bids early so that you will know that your bid will be accepted. Don't wait until the final minute before the item closes to try to bid. In this scenario for example if you had been approved for a $500 max high bid per item and the bidding is already over $500. If you bid $750 your bid will be set to pending, a notification is sent to us and it is nearly impossible to act upon that less than 60 Seconds. If you know you will be bidding higher than the amount that you were approved for in the email contact us prior to the item ending and we can make a manual change. If you are not comfortable or willing to register online which includes placing a credit card on file on our Secure Web server you may enter bids in person at our facility. Bids must be in writing and are legally binding just the same. A Valid Credit Card will still be required on the bid form. Valid Identification will also be required if you are unknown to the Auction Co. We will upload the bids placed by you on your behalf onto the online bidding server. 4. All items offered online will have a minimum starting bid as displayed on the online catalogue. Online bids lower than minimum will not be accepted. 5. CATALOGUE ERRORS & OMISSIONS: If a description does not match a picture in a lot, the description takes precedence. If you find an error please contact the Auction Co. and we will attempt to rectify it. All items are sold on an "as is, where is" basis, with all faults. In the event an item was listed in error or an item can't be located during pick up for any reason, the bidder agrees that their maximum recourse is a full refund of the item in question and that all other items bid on remain binding. By bidding you are acknowledging agreement with the terms above. Do not bid unless you agree to all of these terms. The Bidder is responsible for knowing which item is being bid on. If the Bidder is unsure, they should inquire or not bid. When becoming the winning bidder at auction you have effected a contract and will be expected to pay for items in which you were evidenced to be the successful bidder. Auctioneer will not honor "mistakes". 6. REVIEWING YOUR BIDS: During an auction you can check the status of your bids at anytime by logging into online server. Please be careful when placing bids. Placing a bid is a two step process. When you click bid button it will pull up a window verifying that you want to place that bid. If you want to place the next bid increment that the computer is asking for you can do that. If you desire to increase the amount of your bid this screen will allow you to bid a higher amount. Ensure that you type in the correct amount. If you make an error the Auction Co. can attempt to correct it but it has to be in a timely manner before the item closes. In order to make a correction you must contact the Auction Co. at 410-835-0384. We have a staff member in the office during all online auctions. You are responsible for the bids that you place. Note that no bids can be withdrawn after the auction for any reason. 7. PROGRESSION OF THE AUCTION: Auctions are typically uploaded to the HiBid Auction Platform 30-45 days before the auction is scheduled to end. Some short notice auctions may be online for only 15-30 Days. Each Auction will have a scheduled time that each auctions items will begin closing. If an auction starts closing on a Wednesday night at 5 PM the first lot will be scheduled to close at that time. Depending on the quantity of items in the Auction lots may be scheduled to end anywhere between 30 to 60 seconds a part. Each lot will show a scheduled ending time. If no one bids in the final minute before a lot is scheduled to close that lot will close out. If someone bids within the final minute before that lot is scheduled to close, 1 Extra minute will be added to that lot and that lot only to allow additional time for people to bid. The remaining lots behind that lot will continue to close as scheduled unless someone bids in the last minute on that specific lot as well. This is done to prevent a bidder from 'sniping', all bids made in the last minute of the auction will force an item to stay open for an additional 1 minute. This gives the back bidder additional time in increase his/her bid if desired. This process will continue until all bidding has ceased on no one bids within the additional minute that was added. 8. PAYING FOR YOUR PURCHASES: There is no cost to register for an auction. Generally you will receive an "UNPAID" Auction Invoice on the day/night of the Auction immediately following the sale. You will normally be afforded a period of 12-24 hours to contact us and arrange an alternate payment method. We generally process Credit Card transactions the day after the Auction at a specified time. If you don't contact us during this period we will Charge the Credit Card that was placed on file at Registration for the Purchase price of your won items including Sales Tax and Buyers Premium. When an auction closes, if you are the winner, you must attend during the alotted Pick up time frame where you may pay cash, Approved local Check, Visa, Mastercard, American Express or Discover. If you do not pick up during the alotted time, we will charge your credit card with the winning bid amount, plus applicable Buyers Premium and taxes. In addition if we move your items from the Auction site back to our facility you will be responsible for a transportation fee as stated in terms of auction. If your Credit Card is declined you can pay in person when you pick the items up. 9. BIDDING NOTIFICATIONS: You can choose to be notified by e-mail during the auction if you have been outbid. Please note that outbid notifications are NOT sent out during the last two hours of the sale. You can watch each item end. If you are the high bidder on an item the item will be highlighted in Green in the Live Auction area. If the lot changes from green to red it means that you have been outbid and would need to bid again At a higher bid. The item will not change back to green until you have surpassed the high bid that the back bidder placed. 10. RESERVE: Seldom are items sold with Reserve. If an item is being sold with a reserve, it will be clearly marked and identified. For items sold with a 'reserve', you will be required to pay a minimum amount in order to win the item. 11. REMOVAL OF ITEMS: All items are sold in place. Buyers are responsible to remove items in a good workmanlike manner. Any plumbing must be shut off before being disconnected and any electrical that is disconnected must be capped. You must bring any and all tools, equipment required to disconnect and remove any items you purchase. You must bring any required labor to assist in carrying your items from the home to your vehicle. We will have staff onsite to assist buyers in finding their items but they will likely not be available to assist in any way with removal of your items. Please plan ahead and come prepared. You are expected to bring boxes, packing materials, tape, tools, wheel carts, dollies or anything else needed to remove your items in a timely manner. Any items not removed by the times shown will be deemed abandoned regardless of the price. If you can't pick your items up during the time scheduled, you are responsible for designating someone to pick your items up during the time that we are scheduled to be there. Many of these auctions are conducted offsite in a consignor's home. We have contracted with that person the dates that we are provided access to the home. You have been advised of the preview and pickup dates prior to the auction. If you are unable or unwilling to pickup your items during the scheduled time please don't bid on the items unless you provide someone to pick your items up for you. *THERE WILL BE A $15 NO SHOW FEE PER LOT FOR ANYONE THAT DOES NOT SHOW UP TO PICK UP THEIR ITEMS ON PICKUP DAY/TIME SCHEDULED.* 12. RISK TO PERSON AND PROPERTY: BY REGISTERING AS A BUYER, YOU AGREE THAT A&M AUCTIONEERS & APRAISERS., LLC & THE SELLER/CONSIGNOR ARE NOT LIABLE TO YOU FOR ANY DAMAGE TO THE ITEMS YOU PURCHASED, YOUR OTHER PERSONAL PROPERTY, OR FOR INJURY OR DEATH. Please take care of yourself and your items as you have released us from liability. We will not be liable for damage or injury to individuals or their property. Purchaser assumes all risk and liability whatsoever resulting from the use of the item(s) sold hereunder; and shall defend, indemnify, and save harmless Auctioneer and Seller from any liability. 13. AUCTION RECORDS: In the unlikely event of a dispute, you agree to accept as true the information that we have in our records. 14. ADDITIONS & DELETIONS: We reserve the right to remove and/or add lots and/or items to the sale at any point during the auction. 15. The Auctioneer reserves the right to accept bids in any increment he feels is in the best interest of his client, the Seller. The Auctioneer reserves the right to reject the bidding of any person whose conduct, actions, or adverse comments he feels are not in the best interest of the Seller. 16. Titles will be disbursed on auction day only if payment is made in cash; otherwise they will be mailed when the check clears the bank. This will take approx.10 days for a personal check. If you replace a personal check with a local bank/cashier's check we will be able to hand you the title at that time. 17. SALES TAX: Sales tax will be added to the purchase of all taxable items. Dealers who purchase for resale must file their resale permit numbers. If you are Maryland Dealer you are required to have a Valid Sales & Use Tax License with the State of Maryland. We are required to verify that the license is Valid before deducting Sales Tax. We will verify the Tax # that you provide and print a Blanket Resale form for your to sign. This needs to be completed before the billing process is initiated. You can't use someone else's Sales & Use License. For Bidders from another state we are required by the State of Maryland to have a copy of your State Business License/Tax License on file in order not to charge Tax. BUYER'S PREMIUM: A premium of 18% of the bid price will be added to the price of each item purchased. Taxes are calculated AFTER the buyer's premium. The Bidders Payment Type will not affect the Buyer Premium at an Online Only Auction. The buyer's premium includes commissions and/or fee's retained by the Online Bidding Platform company. 18. If the foregoing conditions or any other applicable conditions are not complied with, in addition to other remedies available to Auctioneer and Seller by law, including without limitation, the right to hold the purchaser liable for the bid price, the Auctioneer, at their option may (1) resell the property publicly or privately, with purchaser being liable for the payment of any deficiency plus all costs incurred, or (2) cancel the sale, retaining liquidated damages on all payments made by purchaser, Auctioneer commission and all other incidental damages will be charged. 19. Information in brochures, catalogs and other advertisements are from sources believed to be reliable; however prospective purchasers are urged to inspect the inventory or property to satisfy themselves as to condition, model, manufacturer, year, features, mileage, survey, acres, etc. Neither the Auctioneer or our client make any guarantees and are not responsible for listing or advertising inaccuracies or discrepancies. 20. All statements made by the Auctioneer the day of the auction take precedence over oral statements and/or printed materials. 21. Local Pickup is recommended. There will be no Shipping available for this Auction to be provided by the Auction Co. Prompt pickup is required. Buyer responsible for bringing all Tools, Manpower, Boxes & Packing materials to remove the items in a timely manner. 22. SHIPPING: A&M Auctioneers and Appraisers, LLC generally does not offer shipping. VIEW NOTE BELOW. However, shipping is available through the local UPS Pack and Ship Store of Salisbury, MD. A&M Auctioneers and Appraisers, LLC has no affiliation with the Pack and Ship store and has no control over pick-up fees or shipping freight fees through the UPS Store. A&M Auctioneers and Appraisers is not a shipping company. If you want something packed or shipped please call the UPS Pack and Ship store or any other shipping company of your choosing. Please be advised that this type of shipping can be very expensive. If you chose not to have your items shipped you will be responsible for picking them up from the UPS Store once they have been delivered. You will be responsible for any fee's associated that have been incurred. There will be no refunds if you choose not to have your items shipped. SHIPPING NOTE FIrearms: The Auction Co will remain responsible for the shipment of items to include, Any and All firearms (Handguns, Rifles & Shotguns). Per ATF regulations we are responsible for shipping these items to another FFL in your State in most cases. SHIPPING NOTE JEWELRY, GOLD/SILVER COINAGE: The Auction Co. will also be responsible for the shipping of most Jeweley, Silver & Gold Coinage/Currency items. We have had a few recent experiences with fraudulent bidding activity with Gold, Silver & Jewelry Purchases. If we suspect any fraudulent activity we reserve the right to hold these items until we can determine the validity of the purchase. This can be accomplished on our end by contacting the Card Issuer and having them contact the buyer to verify the purchase if needed. We will not ship these items to any address other than the verified address associated with the Credit Card. 23. The Auction Co. reserves the right to extend the bidding time if an error should occur with the online server. 24. By registering for the Auction you hereby agree to receive mail and/or email correspondence from the auction Co. from time to time. Auctioneer uses email mailing lists to notify customers about online and live auctions. Customers who do not wish to be notified should contact the office of the Auctioneer and request removal from the email mailing list. You can unsubscribe at any time.

Announcement:Information contained herein is presented on behalf of the seller. A & M Auctioneers and Appraisers, LLC, agent for the seller, cannot guarantee the information to be correct or assume the liabilities for errors and omissions.  All lines drawn on maps are approximate. Buyers should verify the information to their own satisfaction.  Any announcements made from the auction block on day of auction will take precedence over any matter of print and will be final.

We advise all prospective bidders to read the Terms & Conditions of the Auction Sale before bidding in an A&M Auctioneers and Appraisers, LLC Auction. By placing a bid the bidder is bound by those Terms and Conditions of the Sale, as amended by any oral announcement or posted notices, which together form the contract of the sale between the successful bidder (purchaser), A&M Auctioneers and Appraisers, LLC and the seller (consignor) of the lot(s).

1. All property is sold "As Is, Where Is", and All Sales are Final. There is no bid reversals or refunds.

Lot#: 3101

Pair of 30? metal Egret Garden decorations

Lot#: 3102

Concrete garden décor lot: fruit bouquet,

squirrel, rabbit

Lot#: 3103

Country style bench in black matte finish

40?x 37?

Lot#: 3104

(3) Lanterns and (2) wooden folk art corn plants

Lot#: 3105

40? plastic outdoor planter

Lot#: 3106

Canada goose decoy (split to bottom of bird

and repaired head)

Lot#: 3107

Primitive stoneware two gallon whiskey jug with

blue #2

Lot#: 3108

Bob Booth Chincoteague, VA 1999 hand carved

yellow legs decoy signed on underside

Lot#: 3109

Primitive style splint top double bench/stool

33? x 14? x 18?

Lot#: 3110

Set of (3) shaker style storage boxes in

graduated size, several primitive style push up candlesticks, Pair of tin candle wall scones, mirrored candle sconce

Lot#: 3111

Maple Six drawer chest on chest 38? x 20? x 52"

Lot#: 3112

Country style framed still life 21? square

Lot#: 3113

Pine tri-fed tea table with hexagon top

Lot#: 3114

Mahogany contemporary Chippendale style mirror

31? x 13?

Lot#: 3115

Original oil on canvas of sheep 23? x 17?

Lot#: 3116

Original oil on canvas painting of Blue and

Gray stoneware crockery 20? x 24?

Lot#: 3117

Contents of bathroom closet to include baskets,

linens, terracotta bowls, table cloths, pots, pans, serving trays

Lot#: 3118

Pair of brass double arm candle sconces

Lot#: 3119

Pine ogee mirror 17? x 24?

Lot#: 3120

Original oil on canvas portrait in gold frame

19? x 23?

Lot#: 3121

Primitive redware 1 gallon whiskey jug,

Contemporary stoneware ribbed jug in red glaze, Kronthaler German stoneware handled jug, amber glass bottle

Lot#: 3122

Blue and gray decorated primitive 1 gallon

crock 10? and 9? crock with repairs

Lot#: 3123

Tin cow silhouette, primitive twine winder

Lot#: 3124

19th Century Country style Walnut drop leaf

table 41? x 21? x 29?

Lot#: 3125

Entire contents of country cabinet to include:

(2) contemporary blue and gray decorated crocks, several painted shaker style boxes, Pewter ware, folk art style wooden cat, etc.

Lot#: 3126

Country painted four tier one door cabinet

44? x 19? x 45?

Lot#: 3127

Entire contents of cabinet to include: Goose

decoy, baskets, pewter, Qty of books, (THIS EXLUDES TELEVISION AND ANY ELECTRONICS OR DVD?s)

Lot#: 3128

Cherry finish TV/AV cabinet 74? x 70? x 39?

Lot#: 3129

Framed Blue Goose Florida Citrus Fruit

advertisement 12?

Lot#: 3130

(3) Primitive stoneware fruit crocks, (1) one

gallon stoneware crock, wooden shoe stretcher

Lot#: 3131

Rush bottom ladder back chair 30?

Lot#: 3131a

Set of (4) Panasonic cordless phones

Lot#: 3132

(5) Primitive style painted wooden game boards

in various sizes and one framed quilt square decoration

Lot#: 3132a

Table Top Crock Lamp

Lot#: 3133

Hand painted country style fruit theorem 23?x30"

Lot#: 3134

Antique Walnut drop leaf table 42? x 18? x 29"

Lot#: 3134a

3'x5' +/- Oriental Rug

Lot#: 3134b

8 Waterford Crystal Large Water Gobblets

Lot#: 3134c

9 Waterford Crystal Small Water Gobblets &

1 Waterford Cordial

Lot#: 3134d

Skilsaw 7.25" Circular Saw, Craftsman Multimeter

tester & Line Repairmans Telephone

Lot#: 3135

Hand painted Oil on canvas of watermelon

24"x 28? in stressed wood frame

Lot#: 3136

Village Bath Hand Made Soap lift top box

16"x 10? x 7?

Lot#: 3136a

Gate leg drop leaf table in antiqued paint

42? x 30?

Lot#: 3137

Dated 1868 Alphabet sampler in frame made by

Fannie Brown 1868 12? x 14?

Lot#: 3138

Entire contents of pantry to include: Wooden

bowls, faux flowers, baskets, serving trays, etc.

Lot#: 3139

Large selection of country style baskets and

split Oak baskets many antique in various sizes (approximately 17 total)

Lot#: 3140

Contents of three doors of upper left cabinets

to include: Milk glass, peanut pattern glass, mixing bowls, candlesticks, tea pots, etc.

Lot#: 3141

Stone mortar and pestle, wooden bread tray,

two drawer wooden box, lot of kitchen utensils, spoons, spatulas, crocks, glass bottomless jug

Lot#: 3142

Set of (6) stainless steel and brass food

skewers depicting animals and set of stainless and bakelite handle flatware in box

Lot#: 3143

Contents of center kitchen glass door cabinet

above microwave to include: slip decorated redware plate, turks head molds, tobacco tins, folk art style cow figure

Lot#: 3144

Framed hand sewn fruit theorem with crow 10?x22"

Lot#: 3145

41pcs of Wedgwood & Co. Gainsborough floral

blue and white china

Lot#: 3146

Contents of right kitchen cabinet to include:

Pier One stoneware china, Ikea china, clear pattern glassware, bowls, serving pcs, etc.

Lot#: 3147

Vizio 20? Kitchen TV (will need to be removed

from wall)

Lot#: 3148

Bowl lot: 16? large blue and white spongeware

bowl, (2) blue and white spongeware bowls, several stoneware bowls, crock, etc.

Lot#: 3149

Contents of (3) right kitchen drawers: selection

of serving bowls, set of clear glass Pyrex nesting bowls, etc.

Lot#: 3150

Contents of cabinet above stove to include:

clear pattern glass cake compote, pattern glassware, plates, bowls, service ware, etc.

Lot#: 3151

Pine country style wall shelf and Qty of Pewter

to include: (3) pitchers, crumb tray, covered butters, candlestick, bowls, etc.

Lot#: 3152

(3) Stoneware handled jugs converted to lamps

28? and (2) 26?

Lot#: 3153

Maple six drawer chest with wear to finish

42? x 20? x 35?

Lot#: 3154

Contents of chest to include: large lot of

kitchen linens, table cloths, runner, serving pcs, etc.

Lot#: 3155

Selection of (4) country style baskets in

assorted sizes

Lot#: 3156

Approximately (30pcs) of English ironstone

china to include: washbowl and pitcher, several gravy boats, covered serving tureens, bowls, etc.

Lot#: 3157

Late 19th Century Oak two door over two drawer

armoire 48? x 17? x 86?

Lot#: 3308

Framed print of plants 32? x 28?

Lot#: 3308b

2 Finger Jugs and 2 Small crocks - Misc Chips and


Lot#: 3309

Set of (6) Waterford crystal Martini glasses

Lot#: 3310

Mike Ditka autographed football and framed

photo of Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, and Foxx

Lot#: 3312

Primitive stoneware three gallon crock

(missing one ear) 10? x 11?

Lot#: 3313

Figural country store folk art birdhouse

converted to lamp 26?

Lot#: 3314

Pair of ivy decorated glass top tables and

wrought iron style glasstop cocktail table

Lot#: 3315

Christmas figure lot: wooden Santas, ceramic

Santas, snow decorated trees, figurines, etc.

Lot#: 3316

White wicker settee with cushions and pillows

Lot#: 3317

Miscellaneous garden and patio lot: planters,

baskets, wooden boxes, figural fish, binoculars, etc.

Lot#: 3318

24? metal garden Egret and 18? metal rooster

Lot#: 3319

Figural Hare tabletop weathervane decoration


Lot#: 3320

Folk art style Rooster on pedestal 27? and metal

Pigeon garden pigeon 14?

Lot#: 3321

(2) Figural cast iron song birds 6? each

Lot#: 3322

Pine country style trestle table/bench with

understorage 48? x 31? x 29?

Lot#: 3323

Set of men?s Precision Plus golf clubs in bag

Lot#: 3324

Large country style lantern with tin top

20"x 14? ad patio end table

Lot#: 3325

(2) boxes of housewares, primitives, figurines,

tins, books, baskets, etc.

Lot#: 3326

Framed Oil on Canvas of mermaid 14? x 19?

Lot#: 3327

Pair of wicker patio lounge chairs and white

wicker end table and one ottoman

Lot#: 3328

Kitchenaid stainless BBQ gas grill

Lot#: 3329

Black Saltarini style 5pc patio table and

chair set

Lot#: 3330

Pair of architectural style wooden patio arm

chairs 40?. Made of Salt Treated Lumber.

Lot#: 3331

Primitive style mirrored candle lantern box

with side door and pewter candlestick 10? x 7? x 21?

Lot#: 3332

Friendship Upholstery Co. Queen Anne style

wingback chair

Lot#: 3333

Wicker encased Rum bottle, Qty of books,

Sinclair Lewes, The Last Harrah, etc.

Lot#: 3334

Contemporary 27? table lamp with bird font shade

Lot#: 3335

Drop leaf handkerchief table 28?

Lot#: 3336

Brass candlestick lot with (4) pairs of brass

candlesticks in various sizes and several single brass candlesticks in assorted sizes

Lot#: 3337

Original oil on canvas portrait painting of

Quaker 26? x 30?

Lot#: 3338

Primitive stoneware quart size handled whiskey

jug 7?

Lot#: 3339

Primitive stoneware crock in glaze 9?

Lot#: 3340

Primitive redware handled jug 7?

Lot#: 3341

(3) Primitive stoneware pcs to include (2)

handled whiskey jugs, one fruit crock 7?

Lot#: 3342

Punch style tin lantern, (2) folk art style

egret figures, Qty of hard back books

Lot#: 3343

Hallow body folk art style Contemporary Canada

Goose decoy

Lot#: 3344

Large Cedar body contemporary Black preening

Swan decoy 12? x 24?

Lot#: 3345

Paper Mache Swan decoy

Lot#: 3346

(2) Decoys Unlimited Vintage Canada Goose decoys

Lot#: 3347

(2) Wooden Canada Goose silhouettes

Lot#: 3348

Johnson Benchworks Green upholstered wingback


Lot#: 3349

Adjustable font floor lamp in brushed nickel

finish 56?

Lot#: 3350

Framed antique fruit theorem, (2) wooden mixing

bowls, wall shelf

Lot#: 3351

Mid 19th Century splint bottom ladder back

rocking chair 40?

Lot#: 3352

Primitive wooden house/barn baffle in original

antiqued paint 20? x 28?

Lot#: 3353

Pair of framed fruit and bird prints 15? and

one framed fruit basket quilt square 28?

Lot#: 3354

Primitive stoneware bulbous font handled whiskey

jug 9? and stoneware one gallon handled whiskey jug? (chip in spout)

Lot#: 3355

(2) Primitive stoneware crocks 9? and 10?

Lot#: 3356

Turks head mold and (2) pattern stoneware molds

Lot#: 3357

Mid 19th Century dovetailed chest in red and

blue paint with strap hinges 38? x 20? x 17?

Lot#: 3358

Folky style painted and framed oil on canvas

of moon and stars 19? x 22?

Lot#: 3359

(9) piece stoneware lot to include several

crocks and (3) stoneware planters

Lot#: 3360

Set of (3) oriental style rosewood nesting

tables with stretcher bases 24?, 20? and 16?

Lot#: 3361

Set of (4) contemporary wooden nesting bowls

in assorted colors

Lot#: 3362

(2) Primitive wooden step stools

Lot#: 3363

Blue and Gray stoneware decorated crock with

handles 10? x 11?

Lot#: 3364

Contents of corner cabinet to include: redware

contemporary coffee mugs, canton style finger bowls, pair of gold luster wall sconces,

Lot#: 3365

Country style hanging single door corner cabinet

(29? x 17? x 25?)

Lot#: 3366

Rush bottom open arm ladderback chair and

Pennsylvania tri-color coverlet

Lot#: 3367

(2) Wooden cutlery trays, primitive iron and

garden hand shovel

Lot#: 3368

Antique hooked rug with fruit tree motif 24?

and medallion table runner centerpiece

Lot#: 3369

(2) Wooden mixing bowls, primitive wooden

bread tray, (2) wooden mixing bowls

Lot#: 3370

19th Century Walnut gateleg table

(68? x 44?x 30?)

Lot#: 3371

Crystal decanter with stop, pattern glass

decanter w/ two matching glasses, and lead crystal champagne bucket

Lot#: 3372

(3) Small wooden framed shaving mirrors, and

one framed fern leaf 12? x 14?

Lot#: 3373

Pewter lot: (5) Pairs of pewter candlesticks,

hurricane shades, several pewter serving dishes, trays, pitcher, (1) sterling weighted candlestick

Lot#: 3374

(4) Primitive stoneware fruit crocks in assorted

sizes from 8-10?

Lot#: 3375

Primitive style contemporary double handled

stoneware crock 9? x 12?

Lot#: 3376

Vintage yellow ware mixing bowl with blue and

white banding and contemporary redware glaze 12? handled pitcher

Lot#: 3377

Contemporary 24? tall stool

Lot#: 3378

Pair of brass double arm wall sconces

Lot#: 3379

Corbeille de Fruits #2 Framed Fruit theorem

13? x 25?

Lot#: 3380

Contemporary spindle back open arm Windsor chair

Lot#: 3381

Blue and white floral font table lamp, (2) tin

electrified sconces, avoid shaped vase

Lot#: 3382

Large Gesso and gold leaf framed beveled foyer

entrance mirror 48? x 46?

Lot#: 3383

Silver decorated figural butterfly ladies cuff

bracelet w/ turquoise stones

Lot#: 3384

Lift top document trunk in grain paint (18? x8")

Lot#: 3385

Pair of 4? silhouettes and (2) framed black and

white prints of milking and plowing 6?

Lot#: 3386

Contemporary Armillary Sphere decoration 20?

Lot#: 3387

Maple nine drawer chest of drawers 64? x 30?x20"

Lot#: 3388

Pine tri-fed tea table and Mahogany pie crust

tri-fed table

Lot#: 3389

26? Pier one style table lamp

Lot#: 3390

Cherry Queen Anne style drop leaf single drawer

end table 30? tall

Lot#: 3391

Selection of wooden boxes: Bull Dog Brand Toe

Calks, document boxes, etc.

Lot#: 3392

Framed Oil on canvas portrait of Quaker in gold

frame 32? x 28?, (3) wooden wall mount candle sconces, brass candlesticks, and one framed oil on canvas of fruit

Lot#: 3393

Original framed Oil on canvas of flushing

Pheasant 14? x 17?, Original framed Oil on canvas of chicken in wooden frame 16? x 18?, oil on canvas of cats 24? x 20?

Lot#: 3394

Cherry finish Queen Anne style four drawer low

boy 36? x 30? x 20?

Lot#: 3395

Mahogany Tri-fed candlestand 36? with glass

bowl candle holder

Lot#: 3396

Set of (4) framed florals in gold frames 10?x13"

Lot#: 3397

(2) Primitive stoneware fruit crocks, one mold

(2) baskets

Lot#: 3398

Blue and white plaid sofa and matching foot


Lot#: 3399

(2) Primitive gray stoneware crocks, one mold

(2) contemporary baskets

Lot#: 3400

Table lamp in chrome finish 28?

Lot#: 3401

(1) primitive twelve count tin candle mold,

(1) reproduction candle mold, (1) painted tin serving tray

Lot#: 3402

Ethan Allen Cherry tri-fed tilt top lamp table


Lot#: 3403

Maple splint seat ladder back rocking chair 38"

Lot#: 3404

50pcs of Wedgwood Potpourri pattern floral china

Lot#: 3405

Cherry Queen Anne style side table with dual

butlers slides 27? x 18? x 24?

Lot#: 3406

Quality Furniture Cherry Queen size Pencil

post canopy bed with mattress and boxspring (86? x 65? x 85?). Includes Bedding, Coverlet, Pillows and lace canopy top.

Lot#: 3407

Set of Cherry bedside steps (16? x 11? x 11?)

Lot#: 3408

Vintage jar lot to include (3) Ball Fruit jars

and one 11? jar with tin lid

Lot#: 3409

Pine primitive style lamp table 19? x 18? x 28"

Lot#: 3410

Qty of blue floral decorated planters, blur

floral decorated jardinières, plant stands, bowls, etc.

Lot#: 3411

Cherry finish three drawer diminutive chest

with damaged finish (20? x 13? x 21?)

Lot#: 3412

Floral painted oil on board still life of floral

bouquet (20? x 24?)

Lot#: 3413

(2) Framed floral birth month prints October

and November 13? x 15?

Lot#: 3414

Entire contents of master closet: Enormous Qty

of Cookbooks (some local including The Cooks Tour of the Eastern Shore), framed quilting collage, books, Xerox paper shredder, vases, frames, baskets, prints, hangers, etc.

Lot#: 3415

Oil on canvas painting of Sanderlings

(24? x30?)

Lot#: 3416

Electrified punch tin lantern, (3) Revere style

punch tin lanterns 15? each

Lot#: 3417

Cherry finish Chippendale style beveled glass

wall mirror 32?

Lot#: 3418

Primitive wooden lift top box with grain paint

(11? x 8? x 6?)

Lot#: 3419

(3) Electrified tin style dish bottom lamps in

assorted sizes

Lot#: 3420

Late 19th Century Mahogany drop leaf gate leg

table with single drawer 44? x 57? x 29?

Lot#: 3421

Entire contents of second floor attic to include:

Luggage, Christmas Ornaments, Holiday Décor, Cooler, etc.

Lot#: 3422

Primitive style tin wall hanging pig and butcher

silhouette 20? x 15?

Lot#: 3423

Gold framed antique mirror 25? x 23?

Lot#: 3424

Country style tin wall decoration of fluting

angel and angel silhouette

Lot#: 3425

Contents of Hall closet: Kenmore Progressive

vacuum cleaner, copper serving trays, etc.

Lot#: 3426

(4) Primitive sifters in assorted sizes

Lot#: 3427

Werner 6ft fiberglass ?A? frame step ladder

Lot#: 3428

One gallon stoneware crock, redware bean crock,

half gallon crock

Lot#: 3429

Vintage Keebler-Weyl Baking Co. wooden biscuit


Lot#: 3430

Round Rice measure, round cheese box, wooden

cutlery tray, Atlantis model 510 washboard

Lot#: 3431

Primitive style two door storage cabinet and

contents 72? x 18? x 37? , tools, stapler, etc.

Lot#: 3432

Contents of garage shelf to include: Red Country

Star, glass covered case, baskets, wire decorations, umbrella, hanging candle sconce, etc.

Lot#: 3433

Scotts Turf Builder lawn spreader, garden


Lot#: 3434

Garden cart/stool with pneumatic tires

Lot#: 3435

Craftsman electric blower/vac

Lot#: 3436

(2) Primitive wall mount wooden drying racks

and one primitive wooden tri-fold drying rack

Lot#: 3437

Snow shovel, spade shovel, rake, hoe, hammer,

extension cord, drop light

Lot#: 3438

Entire contents of garage shelves and plastic

shelves, coolers, baskets, totes full of housewares, wooden bowls, brass candle holders, pitchers, wooden shelves, planters, etc.

Lot#: 3439

Ryobi 18volt cordless drill kit

Lot#: 3440

Parts bin with hardware, (2) Craftsman drive/

socket sets, Stack-On tool box

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