3/11 Dean and Lynette Hedges Estate- Enid OK

Lippard Auctioneers, Inc. | Online Auction
Thursday March 11, 2021 | Enid, OK. US. 73701

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Purchaser agrees above items were sold "AsIs, Where Is" and with all faults. No Warranty or Guarantee is expressed or implied and each item is the sole responsibility of the purchaser from the moment the auctioneer declared the item sold. Signature:_______________________________________________________________

Announcement:Information contained herein is presented on behalf of the seller. Lippard Auctioneers, Inc., agent for the seller, cannot guarantee the information to be correct or assume the liabilities for errors and omissions.  All lines drawn on maps are approximate. Buyers should verify the information to their own satisfaction.  Any announcements made from the auction block on day of auction will take precedence over any matter of print and will be final.

Lot#: 1

Cameras; (4); Sure Shot 60 Zoom;

Minolta Freedom; Ansco Pix Panorama Flash; Capital MXII;

Lot#: 2

Digital Cameras-3; Kodak EasyShare

Samsung Smart Camera-ST150F; Nikon CoolPix 3200; All in Original Boxes;

Lot#: 3

V-Tech & Uniden Cordless Phones;

SkipDrx DVD & DC Repair System; Rechargeable Batteries;

Lot#: 4

Scanport Model SQ300;

Computer Keyboards-(2); Mouse; Motorola Surfboard; Cords; Printer Parts;

Lot#: 5

Hearo Weather Radios; (2);

Power Up;

Lot#: 6

Planners; Personal Journal;

Notepads; Northcutt Chevrolet Sticky Notes;

Lot#: 7

Ledger; Planner; Address Book;

Office Kit w/Calculator-New in Pkg.; Files;

Lot#: 8

Office Supplies; Staplers; Scissors;

3-Hole Punch; Calculators; Rulers; Assorted Items;

Lot#: 9

Daily Devotion Booklets; Assorted;

Lot#: 10

Tote Bags; 20+'

Lot#: 11

WaxVac; Walkfit; Pill Boxes;

Lot#: 12

Lotion; Soaps; Soap Dishes;

Baby Powder; Nail Polish; Some Items have been opened;

Lot#: 13

Makeup; Hair Color; Calvin Klein

Deodorant, Moisturizer; Wrinkle Cream; Soap Dish & Toothbrush Holder; Some Items have been opened;

Lot#: 14

Coach & Imari Perfume;

2-Partially Used; 1-New in Box;

Lot#: 15

File Folders; Assortment;

Lot#: 16

3-Ring Binders; Page Protectors;

Report Folders; Ect.;

Lot#: 17

Dictionaries; Thesaruses;

Real Estate Quick Start Kit-John Beck; 1934 Webster's Dictionary;

Lot#: 18

American Tourister Brief Case;

Assorted Bags;

Lot#: 19

Bank Bags; Security National Bank;

First National Bank-Enid; Convention Hall Key-2012; Hackney Iron & Steel Ruler;

Lot#: 20

Formica Dining Table & 6 Chairs;

Table-41 1/2" x 58 1/2"; Metal & Fabric Chairs; Chairs Swivel; Castors;

Lot#: 21

Plant Assortment; (6);

Lot#: 22

Plant Assortment; (8);

Lot#: 23

Plant Assortment; (8);

Lot#: 24

Plant Assortment; (8);

Lot#: 25

Plant Assortment; (9);

1-empty Container;

Lot#: 26

Bar Stools (4); Metal w/Fabric;

Swivel; 19" x 19" x 23 1/2"-(Seat Height);

Lot#: 27

12 Days of Christmas glasses;mugs

12 Days set of glasses; Christmas and other mugs

Lot#: 28

Decorative Ceramic Tray and Plate

Sunflower Divided tray and palm tree plate and small decorative clock

Lot#: 29

Small Decorative Items; Convention Hall Key

John Deere Watch; Chen Garden Calendar; small angel; Duck pen holder

Lot#: 30

Fall Cookie Jar; Woode Bowl

Oblong wooden Bowl; Fall cookie jar with acorn and leaf décor

Lot#: 31

Silver and White Necklaces

Costume Jewely Necklaces

Lot#: 32

Costume Jewelry Necklaces; Browns

Browns and Neutral colors

Lot#: 33

Decorative Necklaces; Silver; Green

3 necklaces; Silver chain with "LOVE" Pendant

Lot#: 34

Costume Jewelry; Bangles; Earrings

Metallic Tones; 2 Necklaces; 2 Earring sets; 3 Bangles

Lot#: 35

Pearl Look Necklace;earrings; Bracelet

White and Silver tones

Lot#: 36

Red/Silver Costume Jewelry; Cross

Lot#: 37

Bracelet; earrings; Watering Can Pin

Lot#: 38

Gold and Snake Skin Necklace

Round brass colored earrings

Lot#: 39

Brown tone and wooden necklaces

Lot#: 40

Red/Purple colored necklaces

5 total

Lot#: 41

Black and Silver Costime Jewelry

Lot#: 42

Black Necklace;Multi-color necklace

Lot#: 43

Black costume Necklace; 2 earring

2 sets of earrings for pierced ears; long black necklace

Lot#: 44

Necklace and Earring set

Lot#: 45

Necklaces (4) and earring set

Lot#: 46

Cutting Board; Cheese Keeper

Glass Fruit dish; Cheese Keeper in Box (round)

Lot#: 47

Small Cookie Jar; Glass Divided Bowl

Lot#: 48

Small soup pots with lids (7)

Ceramic; microwave and Dishwasher safe with heart decoration

Lot#: 49

Green Dinnerware; Bowls; Plates

Crown Royal Glass and plastic mug; Plates are different colors

Lot#: 50

Servingware; some silver plate

Plastic pieces; sterling and silver plate tongs. Knives and forks

Lot#: 51

Glass Coffee Pot; Cords; Flashlight;

Paraffin Wax; Cake Decorating Embellishments;

Lot#: 52

Cup Assortment; (19);

Assorted Sizes; Mostly Christmas Designs;

Lot#: 53

Pan Assortment; Fry Baskets;

Stainless Steel Bowls; Pressure Cooker-no lid; Lids; Angel Food Cake Pan;

Lot#: 54

Broiling Pans; Pepper Stand/Baker;

Round pan;

Lot#: 55

Cup/Mug Assortment (22);

Lot#: 56

Table Caddy; Metal;

for Napkins, Silverware, Plates, Cups;

Lot#: 57

Kitchen Utensil Assorment;

Includes: Advertising Items-see pics;

Lot#: 58

Cookbooks; Hors Deurve Forks;

Temperature Sensors for Meat & Poultry;

Lot#: 59

Cups w/Hummingbird Décor; (5);

Gibson Greeting Cards; Otagiri Japan; Ashtrays-(2);

Lot#: 60

Glass Mugs; (4); Heavy Base;

Lot#: 61

Coffee Mugs; (10);

Lot#: 62

Stainless Steel Flatware; (57) Pieces;

Assorted Patterns;

Lot#: 63

Stainless Steel Flatware; (98+);

Same Pattern;

Lot#: 64

American Stainless Flatware; (29);

Same Pattern;

Lot#: 65

Stainless Steel Flatware; (29);

24 Pieces-Same Pattern; 5-Serving Pieces-Assorted Patterns;

Lot#: 66

Kitchen Knives-Assorted (11);

Kitchen Scissors; Cake Knife; Farmers Co-op Spoon-Douglas, OK;

Lot#: 67

Kitchen Knife Assortment-(12);

Gerber Baby Spoons; Measuring Spoons;

Lot#: 68

ThermoWare Container; Plastic Cups

Flatware Holder; Assorted Plates;

Lot#: 69

Parini 5 Quart Casserole;

New in Box;

Lot#: 70

Parini 4 Quart Casserole;

New in Box;

Lot#: 71

Parini 2 Quart Casserole;

New in Box;

Lot#: 72

Sharp Television; Model 13K-M100

Powers Up; 13 Inch Screen;

Lot#: 73

Porcelain Cup/Saucer Set-12 Pieces;

Casserole w/Insert; Glass Tea Storage Container;

Lot#: 74

Corningware Spice of Life Casseroles

2 Qt. and 3 Qt.;

Lot#: 75

Corningware Cornflower Blue; (2);

1 1/2 Quart Casseroles w/Lids;

Lot#: 76

Farberware Electric Skillet;

Pan w/Lid-No Markings; Skillet-Powers Up;

Lot#: 77

Proctor Silex 4-Slice Toaster;

Powers Up;

Lot#: 78

Hamilton Beach Electric Can Opener

Powers Up;

Lot#: 79

Magic Chef Sandwich Toaster;

Model TSK-245B; Powers Up;

Lot#: 80

General Electric Mixer w/Beaters;

Powers Up;

Lot#: 81

Food Slicers; Rolling Meat Tendrizer;

Pastry Blender; Most-New in Box;

Lot#: 82

Plastic Storage Containers;

Paper Goods; Includes: 1-Tupperware Container;

Lot#: 83

Household Cleaning Items;

Assorted; Most are 3/4 Full;

Lot#: 84

Febreze; Drano; Liquid Plumber;

Air Freshener; SOS Pads; Disinfectant; Most-3/4 Full;

Lot#: 85

Black & Decker Iron; Spray Starch;

Household Cleaners-Assorted; Iron-Powers Up;

Lot#: 86

Floor & Carpet Cleaners;

Fabric Fresheners-3 (Full Bottles); Floor Cleaners-Full; Carpet Cleaners-less than 1/2 full;

Lot#: 87

Jerky Kit; Plastic Containers;

Cleaning Rags; Cleaning Brushes;

Lot#: 88

Panasonic Inverter Microwave;

Stainless Steel Front; 13"h. x 23 3/4" x 18" approx.; Powers Up;

Lot#: 89

Whirlpool Gold Side by Side Refrig.

Model GD5RHAXNT00; Manufacture Date-08/04; Ser#SR3229532; 30" x 36" x 69 1/4"; Powers Up;

Lot#: 90

Mikasa "Carmen" Cake Plates;

1-Pedestal Cake Plate-13" diam. X 4"h.; 1-13"diam.; Walther Crystal; W.Germany;

Lot#: 91

Mikasa "Carmen" Serving Set;

Serving Bowl-3 3/4" x 8 1/2"diam.; 10-Bowls-2 1/4" x 5 1/4"diam; Walther Crystal; W. Germany;

Lot#: 92

Mikasa "Carmen" Serving Pieces;

Jardiniere Bowl; 12" Dish; In Original Boxes; Walther Crystal; W. Germany;

Lot#: 93

Mikasa "Carmen" Serving Pieces;

1-12" Dish; 4-Fruit Bowls (2 1/4" x 5 1/4"); Walther Crystal; W. Germany;

Lot#: 94

Mikasa "Carmen" Serving Pieces;

Jardiniere Bowl; Rectagular Dish-6" x 13"; Walther Crystal; W. Germany;

Lot#: 95

Mikasa "Carmen" Serving Pieces;

3-Part Relish Tray; 12" Dish; In Original Boxes; Walther Crystal; W. Germany;

Lot#: 96

Photo Collage; 18" x 39 1/2";

Lot#: 97

Metal Plant Holder w/Grape Décor


Lot#: 98

Calumet Baking Powder Can;

Metal w/Metal Lid; Vintage;

Lot#: 99

Jeanette Glass Sugar Bowls-1 lid;

"National" Pattern-Chips on Lid; Patterned Glass Bowls; American Fostoria Creamer;

Lot#: 100

Glass Ice Buckes; Vases;

Large Wine Glass-In Original Box; 1-Vase has chip at top-see pics;

Lot#: 101

Home Décor Pieces-(9);

Lot#: 102

Down to Earth Pottery; (3);

Lot#: 103

Bell Collection; (3); Deruta, Italy;

Handpainted; Hummingbird Bell; Flower Type Bell;

Lot#: 104

Swan; Pitcher; Stemmed Goblet;

Swan-Royal Heritage; Pitcher-Ucagco-Japan;

Lot#: 105

Native American Tom-Tom S & P;

Wooden Piece-6" length;

Lot#: 106

Nulton Pottery Vase;

Candlestick Holders-Emkay Candles;

Lot#: 107

Wildwood CA Vintage Trinket Dish

Pasadena CA; 1-Petal-small chips-see pics;

Lot#: 108

Home Décor Pieces; (8);

Monkey-Fitz & Floyd; Japan & China;

Lot#: 109

Wine Bottle Holders; 1-Wooden;


Lot#: 110

Wine Bottle Holders-(2); Metal;

Grape Design;

Lot#: 111

SnowMates Chip & Dip Platter;

Noble Excellence; In Original Box; Christmas Tin;

Lot#: 112

Picture Frame Collections;

Assorted Styles & Sizes;

Lot#: 113

Metal Décor Pieces; Basket;

Tin Trash Can; Lazy Susan Type Tray-missing part; Grape Décor Piece;

Lot#: 114

Plastic Trash Can Assortment; (6);

Lot#: 115

Lane 4-Piece Sectional w/Recliners;

Recliners on each end; ; Off-White/Cream; One Side from Corner-11.5 feet; one Side-9.5 feet;

Lot#: 116

Hoover Elite Supreme Vacuum;

Powers Up;

Lot#: 117

Wall Mirror w/Beveled Edges;

24" x 43"; 1-Panel broken at bottom-see pics;

Lot#: 118

Games Assortment; (5);

Used Condition; Chinese Checkers-no marbles;

Lot#: 119

Children's Games & Puzzles;

Includes-one floor puzzle; All have been opened;

Lot#: 120

Children's Puzzle Assortment; (19);

Have been opened;

Lot#: 121

Soccer; Mini Basketball; Softballs;

Tennis Balls; Baseball; Plastic Ball; Frisbee; Small Frisbee;

Lot#: 122

Toy Assortment; Happy Meal;

Plastic Dishes; Tins; Jump Rope; Ect.;

Lot#: 123

Motorcycle Toys; (3);

Assorted Styles;

Lot#: 124

Toy Car Assortment; (7);

Includes: Disney/Pixar;

Lot#: 125

John Deere Toys; Trucks; Backhoe;

(6); Assorted;

Lot#: 126

Baby Toys; (6);

Lot#: 127

Playskool Toys; (5);

Lot#: 128

Safari Lacing Cards; Puzzles;Books;

Barrel of Monkeys; Alligator;

Lot#: 129

Children's Books; Assortment;

Beatrix Potter; Jack & Jill Magazines; Jelly Beans Books; Ect.;

Lot#: 130

Children's Books; (14); Disney;

Little Golden Books; Happy Ending Books;

Lot#: 131

Disney Pixar Book; Student Bible;

Dinosaur Book; Card Games; Plastic Tokens; Tiddlywinks plastic discs;

Lot#: 132

Plastic Farm Animals; Jungle Animals

Dinosaurs; Assorted Sizes;

Lot#: 133

Building Block Assortment;

Lot#: 134

Toy Building Parts; Possibly Castle;

Lot#: 135

Train Set; Wooden Track;

Assorted Train Cars; Some Thomas the Train; Accessories;

Lot#: 136

Train Set; Replica Building; Trains;

Thomas the Train Pieces; Assortment;

Lot#: 137

Tomy Track; Ludorum; c.2011;

Lot#: 138

Fisher Price Pirate Ship; c.2006;

Mattel; w/Accessories;

Lot#: 139

Hot Wheels Track Pieces; Mattel;

Speedway; Accessories; Dinosaur-Hot Wheels; Cream & Gray Track;

Lot#: 140

Dinosaur/Dragon Jointed Toys; (4);

Extra Wings?;

Lot#: 141

Military Figures; Batman;

Power Ranger; Indiana Jones; Assortment;

Lot#: 142

Coloring Books; Crayons; Paper;

Markers; Phonics Book; Activity Books; Ect.;

Lot#: 143

Christmas Plush Animals; (6);

Lot#: 144

Plush Animal Assortment; (19);

Lot#: 145

Plush Easter Assortment; (6);

Monsters, Inc. Plush (1); Valentine Battery Operated Toy-(1);

Lot#: 146

Original Furby; c.1999; Original Tag;

Used Condition;

Lot#: 147

Pillows; EuroShams-30" Square;

1-Large Pillow-30" Square; 2 Pillows-17" Square; 4 Pillows-16" x 18";

Lot#: 148

Cow Print on Stretched Canvas;

16" x 20";

Lot#: 149

Lap Blankets-Fleece Fabric; (5);

2-Bath Towels (Used Condition);

Lot#: 150

Paintings on Canvas; 13" x 15";

Frame Dimensions;

Lot#: 151

Upholstered Rocking Chair;

Tufted Back; Chadwick; Swivels; 30" x 30" x 38"h.;

Lot#: 152

Religious Cassette Tapes & DVD's;

Cassettes-100+; DVD's-3;

Lot#: 153

DVD's-20+; Assorted Titles;

Lot#: 154

Computer CD's-40+;

Lot#: 155

Children's VHS Tapes; (19);

Including: Disney & Warner Brothers;

Lot#: 156

VHS Tapes-20+; Assorted Titles;

Lot#: 157

VHS Tapes-20+; Assorted Titles;

Lot#: 158

Sleep Mate; Battery Powered Clock;

Sleep Mate-Powers Up;

Lot#: 159

Boas; Scarves; Gloves;

Compression Socks-open on both ends; (7);

Lot#: 160

Decorative Boxes; (5);

Assorted Sizes;

Lot#: 161

Religious Pieces; Heart Shaped Box;

Heart Shaped Dish;

Lot#: 162

Shell Collection;

Lot#: 163

Children's Records-(14); 45's-(6);

Lot#: 164

Embroidery Dish Towels; (7);

Days of the Week; New;

Lot#: 165

All Ocassion Cards; Christmas Cards;

Vintage Cards; Envelopes; Large Box Measures-9" x 9" x 19";

Lot#: 166

Massage Pillow; Light Relief;

Conair Touch N Tone-powers up; Boot Jack; Book Cover; Hat; Bags; Sunglasses;

Lot#: 167

Simply Fit Board w/DVD;

Gold's Gym Weights-(2);

Lot#: 168

Religious Books; Including; Bibles;

Faith Based Reading; 30+;

Lot#: 169

Family Bible Cards; Religious Books;


Lot#: 170

Faith Based Books; Natural Healing;

Assorted Titles; 20+;

Lot#: 171

Faith Based Books; Natural Healing;

Assorted Titles; 20+;

Lot#: 172

Faith Based Books; Natural Healing;

Assorted Titles; 20+;

Lot#: 173

Home Improvement/Repair Books;


Lot#: 174

Feng Shui Books-(3); Numerology-1;

Lot#: 175

Cd's 80+; Jazz; Acoustical;

Big Band; Stevie Wonder; Frank Sinatra; Assorted Artists;

Lot#: 176

DVD's; 50+; Assorted Titles;

Lot#: 177

Home Décor Items; Vases-2;

Ginger Jars-2; Lamp Shades-2;

Lot#: 178

Picture Frames; 30+; Assorted Sizes;

Styles; Wooden; Metal; Acrylic; Photograph Albums-(3);

Lot#: 179

Home Décor; Wall Print-15.5" x 17.5

Candle Lamp; Coasters; Wall Mirror-11 1/4"diam.; Glass Dish; 2-Votives;

Lot#: 180

Home Décor; Vases; Containers;

Glass Bowl; Candle Holder; Photo Cube;

Lot#: 181

Basket Assortment; 15+;

Lot#: 182

Embroidery Hoops & Craft Fringe;

Lot#: 183

Bear Wildlife Placque; 9.5" x 15.5";

Lot#: 184

Candles; Wall Votive Holders;

Votive Stakes; Candle Holders; Assorted Sizes and Styles;

Lot#: 185

Rug; Metal Container; Table Runner;

Silk Greenery; Incense-2 pkgs; Rug-26" x 38 1/2";

Lot#: 186

Bar Height Table & 6 Chairs;

Slate Tile Top; 54"diam. X 37 1/4"h.; Chairs-Fabric Seats;

Lot#: 187

Metal Coat Rack; 74"h.;

Lot#: 188

Scentsy Warmers (3); Wax Melts;

Basket; Candle Holder;

Lot#: 189

Christmas Plates; Fruit Basket;

Paper Towel Holder; Jars-6; Glass;

Lot#: 190

Beverage Dispenser; Drink Glasses;

Kitchen Utensils-New in pkgs.; Plastic storage container;

Lot#: 191

Ergo Blender; Ham. Beach Blender;

Both Power Up;

Lot#: 192

Water Fountain; 11 1/2"h.;

Lot#: 193

Rock Revival Mens Watch;

Stainless Steel Back; Japanese Movement;

Lot#: 194

Kenneth Cole Mens Watch; NY;

KC1543BN; A126-11; Leather Look Band;

Lot#: 195

Metal Clock; Grand Central Terminal

Lot#: 196

Metal/Glass Floral Container;

w/silk Flowers; 16"diam. X 10"h.;

Lot#: 197

Nellie Nyad in Black Hat; Signature;

Signature not verified; Woman Seated Print; Frames-(6); Assorted Sizes;

Lot#: 198

Floral Paintings on Canvas;

1-24" x 30"; 1-20" x 23" (rolled up);

Lot#: 199

Cabinet w/2 drawers;

18" x 20 1/2" x 25 1/4"h.;

Lot#: 200

Graco TurboBooster-Model 1873072

Harmony Youth Booster Seat;

Lot#: 201

Identity Guard Paper Shredder;

Powers Up;

Lot#: 202

Vizeo Sound System w/Sound Bar;

Speakers; Model# S425 1 WB4;

Lot#: 203

Votive Wall Hanger 18 3/4" Square;

Basket/Hamper w/Liner-22"h.;

Lot#: 204

Wooden Shelving Unit;

12 1/2" x 30 1/2" x 60"h.; Adjustable Shelves; 4-Shelves; Wooden Threshold; Door Sweep;

Lot#: 205

Entertainment Center/Storage;

Wooden; 20" x 42" x 63"h.;

Lot#: 206

Console Table w/Drawers;

Decorative Piece; Missing Drawer Pulls; see pics; 20" x 48" x 34 1/2"h.;

Lot#: 207

Upholstered Occasional Chair;

24" x 26" x 30"h.;

Lot#: 208

Upholstered Occasional Chair;

w/Elephant Desing; 24" x 25" x 42"h.;

Lot#: 209

Decorative Boxes & Baskets;

Assorted Sizes & Styles; Used Condition; (9) Items;

Lot#: 210

Ladder Type Shelf Unit

18" x 25 1/2" x 75"h.;

Lot#: 211

Plant Stands; (2); Wooden;

White-31 1/2; Brown-30 1/2";

Lot#: 212

Wooden Stand; 11" x 11" x 24";

Lot#: 213

Spiderman TV/Activity Tray;

16" x 23 1/2" x 20"h.;

Lot#: 214

TV Trays in Stand; (4);

14" x 19" x 26 1/2"h.;

Lot#: 215

Bicycle Seat Stools (2);

Adjustable Height; 1 Seat has slight tear-see pics;

Lot#: 216

Olin Catalyst Sidecut Snow Skis;

62" Length;

Lot#: 217

Majestic Wooden Golf Club;

Hand Forged;

Lot#: 218

Metal Wall Clock; Battery Powered;

27 3/4" x 28";

Lot#: 219

Decorative Table; 20" diam;

20 1/4"h.; 220

Lot#: 220

TV Stand; 2-Shelf Unit;Particle Board

Light Brown-Adjustable Shelves; 11 1/2" x 12" x 31 1/2"; Black-14 1/4" x 27" x 28 1/4"h.;

Lot#: 221

Roll-a-Round Luggage Piece;

Clothing Bag; SwissGear-Roll-a-Round;

Lot#: 222

Roll-a-Round Luggage-2:

Duffel Bag; Bag w/Strap; Tear at top of Roll-a-Round-see pics; Used Condition;

Lot#: 223

Bean Bag; Lime Green; Vinyl;

Lot#: 224

Ozark Trail Inflatable Air Mattress;

Lot#: 225

Juno 4-Piece Sectional; Gray;

82" Length one way; 120" Length one way; (to middle of Corner Unit);

Lot#: 226

Trestle Table w/6 Chairs; 2-Leaves;

44" x 82"; Leaves-14"width-(2); Finish coming off in Places-see pics;

Lot#: 227

Area Rug; 10' x 15' Approx.;

Shaggy Vibes; Multicolor; Palisades; Color-Cilantro;

Lot#: 228

Gaming Chair; Floor Seating;

Fabric; 18"width; 32"h.;

Lot#: 229

Paragon Ceramic Kiln;

w/Kiln Sitter; 22 1/2" x 26" x 27"h.; some bricks broken-repair pieces included;

Lot#: 230

Pots, Pans, Skillets; Lids;

Used Condition; 2 Boxes;

Lot#: 231

Baking Pans Assorted;

Includes-Muffin Pans; Rectagular Pans; Square Pan; Grilling Pan;

Lot#: 232

Makita Wool Bonnet, Sanding Disc;

7"; w/Portable Workbox=Plastic; Polishing Accessories;

Lot#: 233

Car Cleaning Supplies; Sunscreen;

Assorted Items;

Lot#: 234

Weedeater Attachments;

Hedge Shears-Blades Rusty;

Lot#: 235

Linen Drapes; 20; Most 61" X 96";

Franklin Fabric; Gray;

Lot#: 236

Boombah Roll-A-Round Bag;

Assorted Bags; Including Pioneer Telephone; Miller Lite Jeep; Used Condition;

Lot#: 237

Wall Art Prints-(2);

Look What I Did Paper Holder w/clips;

Lot#: 238

Savin C252SF Fax Machine

Powers Up;

Lot#: 239

Wooden Table w/2 Drawers;

17" x 17" x 25 1/2"h.;

Lot#: 240

Roll-Around-Caddy w/Asst. Balls;

Wiffle Balls; Soccer Ball; Plastic Balls;

Lot#: 241

Plumbing Supplies; Hardware;

Hand Tools;

Lot#: 242

Mac Tools Mini Belt Sander; AS775

Air Powered;

Lot#: 243

Receiver Hitch w/2"Ball;

Lot#: 244

APC Battery Backup;

AR Universal Remote; Battery Backup Light did not come on when plugged in;

Lot#: 245

RCA Phones; Cisco Phone;

Speakerphone; Assorted Cables;

Lot#: 246

Disc Brake Sets; Fuel Cap; Flashlight;

Bungee Cords; Dremel Tool-Powers Up;

Lot#: 247

Pet Safe; Pet Costume; Collars-2;


Lot#: 248

Longaberger Baskets-(6);

Apple Shaped Basket; Small Basket; Assorted Sizes;

Lot#: 249

Scrapbooking Supplies; Punches;

Scissors; Cards; Felt; Gift Bags;

Lot#: 250

Cookbooks; Assorted; Recipes; 10+

Lot#: 251

Vintage Door Knobs; 1 Glass;

Lot#: 252

Household Assortment; Tablecloth;

Placemats; Envelopes; Writing Pads; Robe Hooks; Clock; Ect.;

Lot#: 253

Irons-(2); Proctor Silex-NIB;

Continental Electric-Powers Up; Metal Band-Aid Tins-(4); Cardboard Jewelry Boxes;

Lot#: 254

Plastic Items; Metal Bundt Pan;

Halloween Lights-work;

Lot#: 255

Glass Serving Bowls-(2);

Round Marble Cutting Board; Casserole Dish-Made in Italy; Wine Glass & Wine Stopper;

Lot#: 256

Sandwich Makers; Griddle;

All Power Up; Used Condition;

Lot#: 257

Rival Crock Pot; Euro Pro;

Lot#: 258

Presto Popcorn Popper;

French Fry Cutter;

Lot#: 259

Plush Animal Assortment;

Lot#: 260

Toy Assortment-2 Boxes;

Spiderman Mask; 2-Ninja Turtle Figures; Plastic Zoo Animals; Plastic Items;

Lot#: 261

Child's Chair; Plastic Bench;

Scrabble Board & Letter Tiles; Soma Figurine; Glasses; Book; Ect.;

Lot#: 262

Storage Tubs-(2); Postal Service Tub;

Bag w/Rags;

Lot#: 263

Hollywood Bed Frames; (3);

2-Twin/Full Size; 1-Twin/Full/Queen;

Lot#: 264

The Metropolitan Police Whistle;

Made in England;

Lot#: 301

Record Player Cabinet; Poowers on

Comes with Christmas Record set from Reader's Digest

Lot#: 302

Small Protectall Fire Resistant Safe

Comes with Combination and key for inner locking box

Lot#: 303

Bollinger Fitness Tree with weights

2 each-2lb,3lb and 5ib weights

Lot#: 304

Glass Jars (2 Boxes)

Various Household jars with and without lids

Lot#: 305

Glass Jars Mostly Mayonnaise Jars

Various Household jars with and without lids

Lot#: 306

Norelco Coffee Pot with Caraffe

12 Dial a Brew

Lot#: 307

Playing Cards; Soccer Ball; Pine Cones in basket

Book; odd gamer room decorations and playing cards

Lot#: 308

Party Supply Box; Plastic Silverware; Disposable C

Coffee Caraffe; Plasticware; Oild Pringles Can

Lot#: 309

Phone; Pollenex Air Purifier

Household items; light bilbs; Kilz Spray Can

Lot#: 310

Rolls of Gift Wrap; 15+

Various lengths left on the rolls

Lot#: 311

Red Velvet Rocking Chair

Rocks and Swivels; Throw Pilow; Wooden Accents

Lot#: 312

Cabinet with Formica top shelves underneath

42.5"x18" x 27"tall

Lot#: 313

Sofa with Pull out bed

Velvet material

Lot#: 314

Orange Velvet Rocking Chiar

Rocks and swivels; Wooden Accents

Lot#: 315

Bed Linens; Rug

Lot#: 316

Orange Seat and Backed metal chair

Lot#: 317

Wooden tabletoptop butcher block and small wooden

Butcherblock 11"x11" top; Wooden Stepping Block 8.25"

Lot#: 318

Magnetic Antennas; Yard Stick

Lot#: 319

Spiral Lanyards; Badge Sleeves; Keychains

Lot#: 320

Heat Shrinkable tubes; Air Tube spiral

Paper tags; Antenna Spray

Lot#: 321

Shop Pencils; Tape Measures; Scissors; rulers

Super Glue Spray Bottle; Calculator stc?

Lot#: 322

Screwdriver Set; Glass door handles; Drill attatch

Rubber Door stoppers; switch Covers

Lot#: 323

Oklahoma County maps; Tape; Masks; sharpeners

Knife Sharpeners; Duct Tape Rolls; Woods, Harper, Kingfisher County and others

Lot#: 324

Battery Tester; Odds and Ends; Rubberbands

2 Hats; small wiring items

Lot#: 325

40 pc. Tap and Die Set; screwdrivers (6)

Needlenose Curved Pliers

Lot#: 326

Shop Towels

Lot#: 327

Gun Cleaning Kits

Gun Cleaning odds and ends

Lot#: 328

Targets; Gun Cleaning Rags; Replacement Parts

Site rings; Gun Stop replacement ends; sticky and paper targets

Lot#: 329

Electrical parts; Connectors; Splices

Boxes of screws; hooks; Electrical Clip assortment

Lot#: 330

Green Plastic Storage Box with Electrical tools

Wire cutters; Antenna ends; Radio Equipment

Lot#: 331

"Barska"Binoculars in bag

Lot#: 332

Metal Money Boxes with Keys

3 total; Green, Gray, and Tan in color

Lot#: 333

Metal Storage Box; Locking Box with Key

Red/Black Painted Storage box with clasp; Black Locking Box with key

Lot#: 334

Small tv; 13" from corner to corner

AV Hookup on front of TV

Lot#: 335

Large Metal Storage Cabinet; Locking with Keys

6ft tall x 3ft wide x 2ft deep Tennsco Company Tan in color

Lot#: 336

Firestik CB Antennas and Coax Cable pieces

3 Antennas; 1 has magnet attatchment; 5ft; 3ft; 2ft-2 are Brand New in Packaging

Lot#: 337

Coaxial Cables; Extension Cords; Household Cords

Different Lengths coaxial Cables; Extension cords; phone cords etc?

Lot#: 338

Hunting and Firearm Books; Shooter's Bibles

10 Books for Guns and Shooting; Antique Firearms etc?

Lot#: 339

Rifle Cases; Plastic; Camoflauge; Zipper closures

Brown Plastic Case has Giraffe Print lining; Camoflauge Case (Advantage Camo)

Lot#: 340

Hand-Tooled Leather Rifle Case; Zipper Closure

Sherpa Lined; Deer and Mountain Motif on leather

Lot#: 341

Rolling Office Chair

Brown Leather Back/Arms; with Wooden accents and cloth seat

Lot#: 342

Rolling Office Chair; Blue Material

Wooden Accents; Height Adjustment

Lot#: 343

Metal Shelving and Brackets; Curtain Rods

4 wire shelves with hanging brackets with 2 metal curtain Rods

Lot#: 344

Craftsman ShopVac with Extra Filter and Hose

Several Attatchments 5.25 HP

Lot#: 345

Scrap wood and 16X20 glass

Large Board and several pieces of scrap wood and trim; Repalcement glass for picture

Lot#: 346

Large Metal Locking storage Cabinet

Has key; Both doors lock; 6ft tallx3ft wide and 19"deep;has dent in door

Lot#: 347

Cordless Drills and Batteries

3 Drills with batteries; Battery Charger; Craftsman and Drillmaster Brand

Lot#: 348

Jars and Containers with screws and shop odds and

Fasteners; screws etc?12+ jars

Lot#: 349

Drill Bits, Nails, Screws, washers

15+ jars/Bottles of various sizes with odds and ends

Lot#: 350

Cointainers with scews, fittings; odds and ends

Various workshop odds and ends 12+ jars

Lot#: 351

Drill Bits; Various Sets; Grinding Bits

Lot#: 352

Battery Chargers (2)

In Boxes 100 Amp Load; 6/2 amp Dual Rate Charger

Lot#: 353

Porter Cable Cordless Flashlight and Drill

With 2 Batteries and Battery Charger

Lot#: 354

Propane Torch

Canister; torch; Flux; Solder; and Lighter

Lot#: 355

Buffing Pad and Polishing Stones

Lot#: 356

Air Horns with Compressor

Instruction manual included; 3 airhorns; plugs; tubing and compressor

Lot#: 357

Clamps; 4 sizes of plastic Clamps; 2 Quick Grips

2 Metal Clamps; scissors

Lot#: 358

Safety Goggles; Air nozzle; Padlocks

Tire Repair Kit; 6 pairs of safety goggles

Lot#: 359

GPX AM/FM Dual Cassette Player with 2 speakers

Lot#: 360

Staple Gun;staples;Grease Guns

Pumice Stones; Metal odds and ends; Magnet pick-up tool

Lot#: 361

Hammers; Crowbars

8 Hammers Various sizes and weights and styles; 2 Crowbars

Lot#: 362

Mostly Craftsman Socket set and Lug Wrench

In Red Metal tool tray; 40+ sockets; Multiple socket tools

Lot#: 363

Pliers; Snips; Wrenches

10+ pieces in various sizes

Lot#: 364

Drill Bit Sets

.062-.375 and .062-.250

Lot#: 365

Small Socket sets; odd sizes; Drill Bits

Lot#: 366

Black and Decker Drill Bit set; Round Case with Dr

Drill Bit Set is missing a few pieces

Lot#: 367

Multi-Purpose Drill Bit and Attatchement Sets

With Speed Lok Quick Connector; 1 piece missing in 2 sets

Lot#: 368

Small Screwdriver Set; Razor Blades

Odds and Ends; exacto knife

Lot#: 369

Sockets on Holders; Marked 1/4 Metric

19 Sockets total; Holders arent filled

Lot#: 370

Allen Wrench Multi-tools

5 total; 2 Companion Brand; 3 Pittsburgh Brand

Lot#: 371

Wooden Handle Screwdrivers (12)

Mix of Phillips and Flat Head; Various sizes

Lot#: 372

Screwdriver sets; Mini Pick and Hook Set

Hook Set in Packaging; Pittsburgh Screwdriver set (6); Craftsman set (5)

Lot#: 373

Cutting Discs; Scrapers; Feeler Gauge; Hole Cutter

Magned wand; Steel brush drill attatchments; tube cutter

Lot#: 374

Open Ended wrenches (15 total)

Largest one is 1 1/4 and smallest is 7/16

Lot#: 375

Open Ended wrenches (11 total)

Largest is 1 1/4 smallest is 9/16

Lot#: 376

Nut Drivers; Screwdriver Bits; Sockets

Roll of Electrical Tape; Workshop odds and ends

Lot#: 377

Utility Knives; extra Blades

Scraper; Handled untility knife

Lot#: 378

Orange Handles Screwdriver Set (8)

Lot#: 379

Open Ended Wrenches

Various mixed and matched from several sets 20+ Pieces

Lot#: 380

Task Force Precision Tool Kit; Nut Driver Set

Nut Drivers (6) Craftsman

Lot#: 381

Metal Toolboxes; Screwdrivers; Pliers; wrenches

Some Electrical tools 20+ screwdrivers

Lot#: 382

Mechanics Stethoscopes(2); Circuit Testers

Metal Tie Down Hooks;

Lot#: 383

Paint and Painting Supplies; weatherstripping

4 Partial Cans of spray Paint; sandpaper; caulking gun; scrapers; tape

Lot#: 384

Tape Tool Label Maker; Extra Tape Rolls

Small Label Maker; Zip Strappings guns; InMetal File Box

Lot#: 385

"My Buddy" Tool Box (Green)

Filled with workshop odds/ends nuts, bolts and screws

Lot#: 386

Rope; Rain Gauge; Sharpening Stone

Gun Oil; Plastic Tub; Plastic Shopping Basket w "virginia Slims" advert on side

Lot#: 387

Tool Storage Bag; Tool Belt

Hunting Bag; Fishing storage bag

Lot#: 388

Open Ended and adjustable Wrenches; Various Brands

Craftsman; Alied; Mastercraft; 8+ adjsutable/8+ open ended + other odd tools

Lot#: 389

Peg Hooks for peg and/or slat wall; Zip Ties

Various sizes of zip ties

Lot#: 390

Hand Saws and Extra Blades

Various styles and sizes; Hatchet; Roll of material

Lot#: 391

Freon and Charge Kit; Pick-up only cannot be shipp

DVD Instructions for retrofitting A/C and Charging; re-usable charger 11 cans of Freeon

Lot#: 392

Camping Propane; Fire Ext.; O-Ring sets

Household items; Vent Cover; Gutter jooint; Shelf Brackets

Lot#: 393

Magnets; Tape Measures; Thermometer

Wire Brushes; Funnel set

Lot#: 394

Reciprocating Saw in Box; Extra Blades

Rotating Handle; Electric Power Tools

Lot#: 395

Skil Cordless Drill; in Box 14.4V

Battery, Drill, Charger, and instructions in Case

Lot#: 396

Broom; Shop Broom; Plastic Leaf Rake

Metal Bars and Antenna (6 Pieces total)

Lot#: 397

Air Tank; Ball on Bar; Anvil; EMPTY Kerosene Can

Unknown Anvil Weight; No Markings

Lot#: 398

Wire Pieces; Fittings; Tire; Tube; Spool

Extension Cord Spool; Large Tire; Box of Random Fittings; Bucket of Nails

Lot#: 399

"Standard Blue Streak" Motor Products Metal Box wi

Bolts, Nuts, Washers and Connectors in Metal Box

Lot#: 400

"Standard Blue Streak" Motor Products Metal Box wi

Bolts, Nuts, Washers and Connectors in Metal Box; Paint and Decals are Faded

Lot#: 401

Handmade Wooden Box with PA System

Perma Power Brand; Microphone; Speaker with carrying strap

Lot#: 402

Craftsman Evolv 7 1/4" Circular Saw

2- 10" blades in Package

Lot#: 403

Jig Saws; Both Power on

Corded Jig Saws; Black and Decker; Skil Brands

Lot#: 404

Central Pneumatic 1/2" air Ratchet

With owners manual

Lot#: 405

Black and Decker Pivot Driver

With Versa Pack Battery and Charger

Lot#: 406

Makita Grinding Wheel; Powers on

10 Pack of extra Grinding wheels

Lot#: 407

Skilsaw 6 1/2" Blade Circular Saw

1 1/2 HP

Lot#: 408

Craftsman Brite Driver

Cordless Screwdriver with built in Flashlight; Bits; extra bulb; in case

Lot#: 409

Soldering Irons/Gun; Paste

Brushes; Solder?2 Soldering Irons; 1 Soldering Gun

Lot#: 410

Chicago Orbital Jigsaw with Manual

Electric Power tools

Lot#: 411

Pittsburgh Pneumatic Roller Seat


Lot#: 412

Comfort Zone Electric Heater

IN Box; Powers on

Lot#: 413

Peg Hooks for Pegboard

Lot#: 414

Hatchet; Hedge Trimmers; Loppers

Yard Tools (3)

Lot#: 415

Automotive Liquids

Engine Fluids and Car Cleaning items

Lot#: 416

Nails; Screws; Harware odds and ends

Extension Cord; Funnels; Faucet; Light bulbs etc?

Lot#: 417

Lasko Box Fan; Powers on

Lot#: 418

Folding Household Ladder 5ft

With folding work tray

Lot#: 419

Green Metal Chair and Folding Step Stool

Lot#: 420

Handmade Wooden Box; Wooden Crate; Plastic Storage

Plastic Tub with Hinging Lid

Lot#: 421

Work Light; Box Dollies (2)

Work Light Needs Bulb

Lot#: 422

Jumper Caables in Red Plastic Storage Box

Lot#: 423

Replacement Parts for Doorknobs

Bumber Circles and Doorstops

Lot#: 424

Phones and Houehold Cords

Phone Lines; Several phones and handsets; Cordless and Wall Mount

Lot#: 425

Elecrtical Plate Covers and screws

Outdoor Plug Cover Boxes (Clear)

Lot#: 426

Electrical Plugs/switches; Nails

Brackets for plugs and switches

Lot#: 427

Wood like clock; Religious framed print

Clock is battery Powered

Lot#: 428

Tripod; Potpurri; Baskets

Small Decorative Items

Lot#: 429

Insect Trapping Light; Flashlight; Plug ends

Lot#: 430

Flower Frog Pot; Small Cookbooks and Recipe Cards

A few Hardback cookbooks in the bottom of box

Lot#: 431

Tea Kettle; Fondue Stand

Small pots for stovetop

Lot#: 432

Metal Kitchen Items; Stovetop skillets

Burner Covers; Cutting Board; oven pan; Chocolate Tin

Lot#: 433

Tow Ropes; Receiver Hitch

Flexible Moulding

Lot#: 434

Spare Parts for Table saw

Turning Handles; Wood Guide; top plate

Lot#: 435

Gloves; Hat; Scarf; Tablecloths


Lot#: 436

Box of scrap rags and towels

Lot#: 437

Tupperware tote with extra lids

Lot#: 438

Rainbow Vacuum Attatchments and accessories

2 rolls of wrapping paper

Lot#: 439

Box of kitchen Plastic items

Trays; cups; plates; silverware trays?

Lot#: 440

Coffee Mugs (12+); Small Juice glasses (4)

Lot#: 441

Spool Communication Cable; Cat 5e cable

Plate Covers

Lot#: 442

Horns; Garage Door Parts; wire spools

Household replacement parts for various items

Lot#: 443

Various Flower pots and vases

Glass; ceramic; mason jars; character vases

Lot#: 444

Wooden Stool; 29"tall

Lot#: 445

Folding Metal Rack

Lot#: 446

Hunting Clothing; orange Vests/Jackets

Commo Jackets; Coveralls Mostly Large and XL

Lot#: 447

Wheelchair; walking Boots

Lot#: 448

Rolling walker

Lot#: 449

Placemat sets; Tablecloths

Number in sets vary 2-4 of each one; Kitchen Tablecloths

Lot#: 450

Small Decorative Picture Frames

Wallet style brag book; Lenox Ceramic Frame in Box

Lot#: 451

Aprons; Decorative Dish Towels

Hot Pads; Doilies

Lot#: 452

Corelle Dinnereare; Heart Pattern

7 Dinnerplates; 4 salad plates; platter; 3 glasses; 2 serving bowls; 2 cereal bowls

Lot#: 453

Pen Cases with Pen/Pencil Sets

"Centennial" Sets (6); Laureate (1) 2 other cases with pens

Lot#: 454

Men's Wallets; Desk Envelope Holder

10+ wallets; Leather, Canvas and other types

Lot#: 455

S&P Mills; Maxam Knife Set; Stove Top Grill Plate

Lot#: 456

Glassware; Fireking Mugs; Fireking Cream/Sugar

Creamer and Sugar (Plastic Lid); 8 Fireking Coffe Mugs; 5 smoky glassware w/clear handles; small juice glass; 2 Drinking Glasses

Lot#: 457

Carnival Glass Oblong Footed Bowl-Orange

Irridescent Finish; 12"x8.75"x5"tall; No Chips/Cracks

Lot#: 458

Napcoware Cookie Jars

8"tall no chips or cracks seen; 10" tall has crack down the side

Lot#: 459

Wooden Magazine Holders

Dark Wood-22.5"Lx10"wx19"T; Lighter Wood-18.5"Lx11"Wx16"T

Lot#: 460

Wooden Train with Glass top; Small chair

Chair can hang on the wall; Trai has hole for plant; wheels turn 12"tall; Chair is 14" tall

Lot#: 461

Locking Metal Box with Key


Lot#: 462

Folding Metal Kitchen Stool

32"x16"x16" -seat is 22" in height

Lot#: 463

Cordless Phone; Wall Mount Phone; Routers

1 Phone with ansering Machine/Radio

Lot#: 464

Wig; Short Pixie Cut on Styrofoam Mannequin Head

Lot#: 465

Cermic Native American Style Vases with lids

10.5" highx11 wide

Lot#: 466

Handpainted Cowboy Figures

19.5" tall and 24" tall

Lot#: 467

Handglazed Ceramic Native American Figures

11" tallx 11" wide

Lot#: 468

Wooden Big Horn Sheep; Pheasants

Avon Pheasant; Pheasant Planter-Enesco; Sheep 13.5"tallx8" wide

Lot#: 469

Wooden Box with Bathroom Faucet

Lot#: 470

Hair Dryer(in box); Glasses Cases; Calculator

empty jewelry boxes (cardboard); Sunglasses

Lot#: 471

Quail Unlimited Items; Postcards; Model Car (Plast

JFK Memoriam Postcard; Pins, buttons, patches, sitckers and liscense plates for Quail Unlimited

Lot#: 472

Quilt Holders (2)' Jewelry Holders

Lot#: 473

Crystal Candle Holders

Shannon Crystal-Designs of Ireland; Made in Slovakia 9" tall each

Lot#: 474

Ballcaps 65+

Various colors and advertising

Lot#: 475

Gray Curtains; 96"x61"

4 Panels

Lot#: 476

Kitchen Appliances; Fryer; Chopper

Blender Bottom; Egg Timer

Lot#: 477

Heated Mattress cover; Sunbeam

Full Size

Lot#: 478

Oven Serve Dishes; Glass Dishes

2 Divided Dishes; Oblong Overnserve Dishes; Rectangle yellow dish; 3 Round handled clear glass dishes

Lot#: 479

Plasctic Drinking cups 30+

10 Tupperware

Lot#: 480

Decorative Plates; Small Pitcher

JFK and Jackie Plate; Japanese Style Plates; Decorative Small Pitcher

Lot#: 481

Sewing Notions; thread, needles; electric scissors

Electric Scissors in case

Lot#: 482

Nail Clippers and tools; TENS unit

Lot#: 483

Cassette Tapes; Compact Discs; Chirstmas

Religious; Comedy Cassettes

Lot#: 484

"World's Greatest Dad" keepsake/jewelry Box

13"x6.5"x3.5"tall; Has fixed divider/shelf inside

Lot#: 485

Hisense TV (32"); VCR; AV Cords

"President's Choice" VCR; Tv has remote; Extension cord has 2 plugs on 1 end

Lot#: 486

Belt replacement buckles; Shoe accessories

Eyeglass repair kit; Shoe horn and shoe hook

Lot#: 487

Long Beaded Necklaces

Pastels, wooden beads; Bright necklaces are small stones

Lot#: 488

Patches and Pins; Oklahoma Farm Bureau

BASS Patch and sticker; Garfied County Sirloin Club; Small Magnifying Glass

Lot#: 489

Small Shirt pins; 2006 RNC; Flags

Lot#: 490

Shirt Pins; Oklahoma Farm Bureau; State Pins

Ducks unlimited; Idaho; Kansas

Lot#: 491

Lions Club Memoribilia; Gavel; Pins; Patches

"Lion Tamer" and "Director" Patches; Stillwater Lions Pin; Gavel Pin; 5 year pin; 10 year pin

Lot#: 492

Lions Club Vests and Shirts

Shirts say "Pioneer Pleasant Vale"; Vests are Personalized

Lot#: 493

Various Lions Club 3-A Pins

All Have District Goveners on them; Various years

Lot#: 494

Lions Club Car Pins; No Years

5 Pins total

Lot#: 495

Lions Club Oklahoma Pins

Will Rogers; Oklahoma Pride Pins; small Lions Pins

Lot#: 496

Pioneer Pleasant Vale Lions Pins

Poor Boys-Norman; Henneseey Lions Pin; 4 PPV Pins

Lot#: 497

Lions International onvention Pins (6); NC Pin

New Orleans; Tai Pei: Dallas; Hawaii; San Francisco (2)

Lot#: 498

Lions Club Leasership Pins

Eye Bank Pin; Leadership Conference Pin; USA/Canada Leadership Pin

Lot#: 499

Various Perfect Attendance Lions Pins (37)

Lot#: 500

Lions Club Oklahoma Pins; Arrowheads; Oklahoma Sha

79-'80; 1893; 1985; 1986(2); 1987(2); 1990(2)

Lot#: 501

Lions Oklahoma Pins; MD3 and MD3A; 55 years servic

2 55 years of service pins; 2009 and 2001(2) Arrowhead pins; 20122-12(4) MD3A Pins and 2013-14 MD3A Pin

Lot#: 502

Arrowhead Lions Pins; Hunting Horse Kiowa; Dull K

Oklahoma Centennial Pins (2)

Lot#: 503

Arrowhead Lions Pins


Lot#: 504

Lions Club Pins; "O" Shaped 1991-93

Pride of Oklahoma Pin 1988

Lot#: 505

Home Décor Box; Oil Lamp; Angel

Potpurri in Basket; Candles; ribbon; Decorative Fruit

Lot#: 506

Paper Shredders; extra Waste basket

Staples Paper Shredder; Crofton paper Shredder; Shredder tub

Lot#: 507

LaCrosse Clock; Remote included

Moon Phases; alarm; snooze etc

Lot#: 508

Antique Pricing Books; Kovels

Depression Glass; Oak Furniture and more

Lot#: 509

Inspirational Books; Chicken Soup for the Soul

12+ Books

Lot#: 510

PC Books; Western/Heartland Fiction and Non-Fictio

Pictoral Medical Guide 1955 Edition

Lot#: 511

Bar Glasses; 10; Mountain Dew

Flame Graphics on 1; 6 Have Decorative Shaping; 2 are plain

Lot#: 512

Small Zenith TV with Remote; 14"

Lot#: 513

Printer/Computer Items; Speakers; Slot Games

Empty CD Cases; Suddenlink Digital Links(2); Grabber; Mouse; Cords

Lot#: 514

Wall Items; Puzzle; Sequence Board

2 Clocks; Wall Décor; Finished Puzzle in Box

Lot#: 515

Quillows (2); Quilt folds into a pillow

Crochet Blanket Red/White/Black

Lot#: 516

Sanyo Tv 42"; Powers on

Energy Star 1080P

Lot#: 517

Custom Built Cabinet; Oak

Cabinet only; TV not included; Drawers are on slides Shelving Underneath 62"x22.5"x48"

Lot#: 518

Floor Fan; Blizzar Brush; Walking Cane

Cane has medallion from 1st National Bank of Enid-33.5" tall

Lot#: 519

MCM Chair; 25.5"widex29"tall

Fabric is gold color leather-like material

Lot#: 520

Rolling Office Chair; Height Adjusts

Lot#: 521

Resistol Mink Hat Size7 in box; White Cowboy Hat 7

Resistol is 3X

Lot#: 522

Camoflauge Hunting Pants

Wranglers (2) 36"x30"

Lot#: 523

Black Leather Vest-Medium

Duke Haband

Lot#: 524

Faux Fur Coat-Made in France

Purchased at Lambert's in Enid

Lot#: 525

Tan Microfiber Rocking Recliner

No Rips or Tears

Lot#: 526

Side Table with storage; Both Doors open


Lot#: 527

Wall Pictures; Horse wire art; scratch drawings

Alarm clocks

Lot#: 528

Kreiss "I'm a Little Devil" Family; 1955

Pitchforks-metal; Devils are ceramic-Made in Japan

Lot#: 529

"Pretty Babies" Angel Ornaments

Blue wings need reattatched; Thin ceramic like; original box

Lot#: 530

Cherokee Strip Belt Buckles (3)


Lot#: 531

Calgary Stampede 1987; NRA

Country Music Hall of Fame Belt Buckles

Lot#: 532

Oklahoma Farm Bureau Belt Buckles

1982-40th anniv;1992-50th anniv

Lot#: 533

Bank of Kremlin Belt Buckle 1992

Lot#: 534

Decorative Belt Buckles(5)

Roulette Wheel (turns); Leather center; wood; and stone mosaic

Lot#: 535

Decorative Belt Buckle with matching watch band

Bird Motif

Lot#: 536

Bolo Ties

Decorative Mosaic; silver like finishes

Lot#: 537

Belt Set and Collar Tips

Collar Tips have Horseshoe Design

Lot#: 538

Luggage Tags; Keychain tools

flashlights; Screwdriver tips; bottle opener?

Lot#: 539

Owl Ring(painted); Medical Alert Bracelet

Necklace and earrings

Lot#: 540

Beaded Necklace with earrings

Grape Design earrings; Pink, green, white and gold colors

Lot#: 541

1982 World's Fair Necklace;Cross; Leaves

Lot#: 542

Leaf Style Jewelry

3 Necklaces; 1 set of earrings; No markings

Lot#: 543

Leaf Style Earrings and Brooch

No Markings; 1 Par earrings are clip on

Lot#: 544

Sports Watch; Electronically Timed Swiss watch

Lot#: 545

Gold Colored Chains; Some Pearl Like accents

No Markings

Lot#: 546

Fashion Watches; Jewelry Travel Pouch

2 watches new in packaging

Lot#: 547

Men's Watches; Timex; Benrus; Embassy

Lot#: 548

Men's Watchs (4)

All Timex

Lot#: 549

Various Styles of Replacement Watch Bands

1 Timex watch face

Lot#: 550

Elgin Watches(2) Gold coloring

Marked "Stainless steel Hong Kong"

Lot#: 551

Box of Adult Diapers and bedpads

Some bathroom wipes

Lot#: 552

Bathroom items; Trimming Razors

Lot#: 553

Ace Bandages and other first aid items

Pill boxes

Lot#: 554

Diabetes Meter; Toenail clippers

Dental Floss

Lot#: 555

Box of Rugs, Throw pillows and throws

Lot#: 556

Shoe shine items; wax/polish


Lot#: 557

Kleenexes; Ladies Perfume

Imani; Estee

Lot#: 558

Bath Items; SSS from Avon

Bars of soap

Lot#: 559

Bathroom Sprays; Soap Dishes

Lot#: 560

Electronic Robo Dog

Lot#: 701

Succulent Plants (7)

in pots, not including shelves

Lot#: 702

Succulent, Green Plants (18)

in pots, not including shelves

Lot#: 703

Coffee Table; Contents not included


Lot#: 704

Side table with storage; Both sides open

26"x26"x20.5" tall

Lot#: 705

Lamps (3); Red Bases on 2

One Hanging Lamp and 2 table lamps

Lot#: 706

Material and patterns; Sewing

Quilt Top and various scraps/lengths of material

Lot#: 707

Kindlin Box with handpainted front; pinecones


Lot#: 708

Wicker Baskets

6 total

Lot#: 709

Wreaths; Christmas decorations

Wrapping; decorations etc?

Lot#: 710

Decorative Plates and kitchen items


Lot#: 711

Stereo with speakers;5disc changer and remote

CD storage unerneath; radio

Lot#: 712

Kitchen items; Plastic utensils

Fondue forks; Citrus squeezer

Lot#: 713

Oven Mitts; BBQ Cookbook; Recipes

Lot#: 714

Sunbeam Waffle iron; Skillet

Both power on

Lot#: 715

Food Processor; GE

Powers on

Lot#: 716

Glassware; Pitcher; Glasses

Lot#: 717

Canisters (no lids (2)); Cat Papertowel holder

Lot#: 718

Glass Storage Jars; small crocks

chips, see pics

Lot#: 719

Plant pots and coffee mugs

Several brands of mugs

Lot#: 720

Luggage; 1 Hard Suitcase 2 soft side suitcases

Amrican standard hard body has keys

Lot#: 721

Trav el Bags; Computer, make-up

Small Carry-on size 4 total' Hard case has keys

Lot#: 722

Books; Book of Knowledge;Book of Popular Science

Book of Knowledge 20 Volumes; Science 10 Volumes

Lot#: 723

Grolier Universal Encyclopedia and Textbooks

2 boxes

Lot#: 724

Home Mdical Ency; Grolier annual Books of Knowledg


Lot#: 725

Lap Trays; Plastic

1 Decorative

Lot#: 726

Back Massagers (2) For chair

Lot#: 727

Luggage; Hanging Bags; Floral Suitcase(wheels)

5 soft/Hanging Bags total

Lot#: 728



Lot#: 729

Sears Porta Quick Vintage Hair Dryer

Works; opens, closes

Lot#: 730

Decorations;Crayols Crayon Maker

Silks, Halloween Décor; Crayon maker; vase etc?

Lot#: 731

50th anniv items; Music Box

Teapots Gold and white items; 25th anniversary items

Lot#: 732

Matches; Ashtray; dish

Lot#: 733

Home Candles; Warmers; potpurri

Lot#: 734

Blue Cornflower Coffee Pot; Corning Dishes

2 small casserole dishes; bread size dish

Lot#: 735

Napkin Holders; Kleenex covers

Lot#: 736

Clown and Handmade Plate

Lot#: 737

Brother Typewriter with cover

Powers on; Extra Correction tape

Lot#: 738

Picture Albums; Brag Books

Lot#: 739

Plastic Kitchen Itms; chopper; Wire rack

Freezer Mugs

Lot#: 740

Aluminum Pans; Plastic Kitchen items

Colander; egg Plates; Aluminum Baking Pans

Lot#: 741

Cleaning Supplies

Lot#: 742

Hanging Picture Frames; Wall Items

Lot#: 743

2 Boxes Kitchen Items; Chopper; Elec. Knives

Toothpicks etc?

Lot#: 744

Kirby Upright Vaccuum with extra Bags

Nail File; Massager; Pillow; Heating pads

Lot#: 745

TV with stand; RCA has remote

50" Powers on

Lot#: 746

Large Wall Mirror Brown Frame


Lot#: 747

Gold/Crème Plastic Frame Mirror


Lot#: 748

Yard Sticks 12+; Various Colors

Lot#: 749

Metal desk; Contents not included

Tag says "Tower Sears and Roebuck"

Lot#: 750

Long Screwdrivers; matches

Lot#: 751

Hooks for Peg wall

Lot#: 752

Box of Files; Wire Brush Attatchment

Lot#: 753

Shop box; Pipe fittings

Pipe tape etc?

Lot#: 754

Small Screwdrivers 20+


Lot#: 755

Staple Gun; Air Blow Gun

Lot#: 756

Pliers 15+

Needlenose and regular

Lot#: 757

Allen Wrenches; Orange Cover; bits


Lot#: 758

Crescent Wrenches; Grabbing Tools

Wire brush, knife

Lot#: 759

Electrical conduit; PVC Pipe

Tub; Buckeet of nails cleaning supplies etc?

Lot#: 760

Popular Mechanics Toolbox with Keys

Locking Bars Smaller box on top of larger box; 27"x44" total size: Plus Texas Flag

Lot#: 762

Large Tan Locking Cabinet with Keys


Lot#: 763

Metal Chairs and Rolling Chair

3 Metal Chairs with Fabric seats and backs

Lot#: 764

2 Pieces of PVC Pipe; 2 pieces fo Conduit

PVC 8ft+; Conduit; 4ft+

Lot#: 765

Concord 6" Bench Grinder; Bring tools to remove

Powers on, does not work full power

Lot#: 766

Yard Sprinklers; Parts

Hand Broom; Stakes

Lot#: 767

Metal Cans; Unique Cans

Metal Plates

Lot#: 768

Jars with Nails; screws; odds and ends

Lot#: 769

Golf Balls; Shuttlecock; small ball

Bag of Confetti

Lot#: 770

Small Refridgerated Bag; Small Duffel Bag;

Cleaning cloths

Lot#: 771

Walker Wheels; Rain Gauge; Funnel etc?

Gutter Traps; nails; screws in jars

Lot#: 772

T-Handle Hex Screws (2); Ball Peen Hammer

Rubber Mallet; Knife; Tire Tool

Lot#: 773

Pneumatic Grinding tool in Saltine Can

Lot#: 774

Coffee Warmer; Missing Cord

Lot#: 775

Red Metal toolbox with screwdrivers

small odds and end tools

Lot#: 776

Box of Nails; License plate;

odds and ends

Lot#: 777

Battery Charger Station/Car Jump Station

Lot#: 778

Metal Pry tools 4 pieces

Lot#: 779

Metal Trays(2); Snake Light; Handispreader

Empty glass jars for storage; bring tool to remove snake light from wall

Lot#: 780

Bench vise; Bring tools to remove

Closed about 12" long x4" wide

Lot#: 781

Red Metal toolbox "Williams Brand" has Keys


Lot#: 782

Wooden storage box. Hinged door

Can be padlocked;25"x12.5"x16"

Lot#: 783

Grinder on Base; Powers on

Base has broken piece on mount see pics

Lot#: 784

Metal Yard signs (2)

Lot#: 785

Metal shop cabinet; white


Lot#: 786

12" Drill Press on stand

Has chuck Key; Powers on

Lot#: 787

Air Hoses (6)

one NIP; Various Colors

Lot#: 788

Wooden Box and Scrap Wood

Windmill wheel yard décor pieces; small pices scrap wood; Box can be locked

Lot#: 789

Electrical Extension Cord on Reel

Lot#: 790

Shop light with plug in attatchment

Bring tools to remove from wall

Lot#: 791

Shop Air Compressor 6HP 60 Gallon

with hose and wooden base

Lot#: 792

Garage Chemicals; Wasp and Hornet Killer

Oil; Funnels etc?

Lot#: 793

Windsheild washer fluids; anti-freeze

Lot#: 794

Air Fresheners

Lot#: 795

Weed and Pest Killers

Lot#: 796

Clog Remover; Toilet brush?

Multi-purpose cleaners

Lot#: 797

Exide Battery Charger

in Box; Has Leads

Lot#: 798

Soldering Paste; Solder and Flux Brushes

Lot#: 799

Champlin Oil; Quaker State; Oil Can; Plastic oil


Lot#: 800

Fish Fileting Kits; electric knives

Look to be New in Packaging

Lot#: 801

Rocks (15+)

Lot#: 802

Accessible Items, Bucket, Trash Can, Etc

Lot#: 803

Eager Beaver Weed Trimmer

need throttle cable, pulls through

Lot#: 804

Brooms (3), Antenna Hardware, Etc

Lot#: 805

Ladder, 5', used

wobbles some

Lot#: 806

Tubing, variety

Lot#: 807

Booster Seat, Board Games

stain on seat, unknown if game pieces all included

Lot#: 808

Planters, Décor (8+)

Lot#: 809

Plasticware, Kitchen Items

Lot#: 810

Planters, Hand Tools (10)

Lot#: 811

Regina Dirt Magnet, powers on

has tape on vacuum

Lot#: 812

Serving Trays (2), Candleholders (2)

Lot#: 813

Ross Chia Pet, Crafts, Gift Bags

Lot#: 814

Grill, Colander, Pots, Utensils

grill works per tag

Lot#: 815

Pom Pom Aluminum Christmas Tree, 4'

in box, looks complete but unsure; sold at Woolco

Lot#: 816

Planters, Décor, Fountain (8+)

Lot#: 817

Farberware Electric Broiler, Kitchen, Etc

broiler has cord

Lot#: 818

Décor, Planters - 3 boxes

Lot#: 819

Christmas Box - Fitz & Floyd Platter, Etc

Lot#: 820

Christmas, Winter Décor - 1 Box

Lot#: 821

Celebrating Home Stoneware Bowls (2)

chip on top of smaller bowl

Lot#: 822

Camo Clothes - Pants (2), Jacket

used; only one pants marked for size - see pic

Lot#: 823

Baskets, Planters - all under table

Lot#: 824

Plastic Storage Boxes w/ Lids, 3"x3"x 1"

used condition; approx 75

Lot#: 825

Frames, Balls, Koozie, Ghost

all under table

Lot#: 826

Christmas, Winter Décor - 1 Large Box

Lot#: 827

Lightbulbs, Grab Bar, Cleaning Tools,

shoe rack - all under table

Lot#: 828

Vase, Serving Display - Trays

Lot#: 829

VW Hubcabs (2)

Lot#: 830

Light Fixtures (3)

Lot#: 831

Toilet Seats/ Lids (5)

Lot#: 832

Kitchen Items- Canister Set

Lot#: 833

Variety Items - 2 Boxes

fountain powers on

Lot#: 834

Décor - 2 Boxes

Lot#: 835

Raquets, Variety - (10+)

Lot#: 836

2006 Budweiser Loaded Ghost Poster

Laminated, 36"x 54"

Lot#: 837

2007 Coors NFL Loaded Ghost Poster

31" x 49"

Lot#: 838

Coors Concert Poster, 36" x 37"

Mike "Fergy" Ferguson, Chris "Rockin" Rogers

Lot#: 839

Foam - two bags

Lot#: 840

Décor, Kitchen, Planters - 2 Boxes

Lot#: 841

Planters, Candleholders - 2 Boxes

Lot#: 842

Jack LaLanne's Power Juicer, powers on

Lot#: 843

Family Friendly VHS Tapes (20)

some without cases

Lot#: 844

Rugs, Tote Bags, Household Items

2 Boxes

Lot#: 845

Outdoor Lights (2), Hose Holder

items under shelf; used condition

Lot#: 846

Golf Clubs, Driver (4)

Lot#: 847

Wood Foot Board, 54" x 27"

used condition

Lot#: 848

Body Champ Equipment, Abflex

used condition

Lot#: 849

2011 Resources Medallion and Stand

Lot#: 850

Wood Step Stool

23" x 22" x 16"

Lot#: 851

Dirt Devil Steamer Deluxe

powers on

Lot#: 852

Nails - three buckets

Lot#: 853

Stack On Step Tool Box

Lot#: 854

Post Hole Digger, Brooms, Rake, Ax (6)

Lot#: 855

Black&Decker Leaf Hog Blower in box

quality unknown

Lot#: 856

Step Stools (3)

Lot#: 857

Fishing Poles with Reels (6)

Lot#: 858

Bat, Fertilizer Stick, Dirt Drill, Cargo Rod

Lot#: 859

Champlin, Semrad, Garfield County Sign

54" x 24"

Lot#: 860

Shooting Targets (3)

Lot#: 861

Garage Sale Signs

Lot#: 862

Fishing Tackle, Box, Buckets

Lot#: 863

Ice Melt, Lawn Battery, Cleaning Supplies

Lot#: 901

Thermostats for AC Units; Emeerson

Fixed Speed Furnace Control Replacement Module

Lot#: 902

Fishing tackle; 2 Small divided trays

Fishing Weights

Lot#: 903

Fishing line spools; Bucket with small fishing


Lot#: 904

Painting Supplies; Paint Tray; Scrapers

Lot#: 905

Shifter Knobs; Wax Cans are empty

Cleaning supplies; oil

Lot#: 906

Mixed Nut Cans 12; empty for storage

Lot#: 907

Donjoy Iceman Cold Therapy System

Cord; Pads and accessories inside

Lot#: 908

Plastic Shelf; 3 levels

Small area broken; see pics

Lot#: 909

Bucket of Plumbing Supplies; Garbage Disposal

Shower head; wax seals

Lot#: 910

Mechanics Creepers

Small 1/2 size creeper and full size; both plastic

Lot#: 911

Metal Car lift ramps

Lot#: 912

Shop Vac; 6 Gal/22.7L/3HP

Powers on

Lot#: 913

Kerosene Can with spout 5 Gallon

Mostly Full

Lot#: 914

Handheld Gardening tools

Spades; Sprinkler Banana

Lot#: 915

Cleaning Supplies; Mr Clean; Liquid Gold etc?

Lot#: 916

Cleaning Supplies; Comet; Toilet Cleaner etc?

Lot#: 917

Hand Hedge Trimmers; Hacksaw (20" blade"

3 Pieces total

Lot#: 918

Galvanized Pipe Fittings; Castors (4)

Faucet piece

Lot#: 919

Handheld Belt Sander; Chicago Belt Sander

Extra Sandpaper

Lot#: 920

Craftsman 18" Hedge Trimmer; Missing Battery;

Lot#: 921

Extension Cords; (2); w/2 Cord Spools;

Lot#: 922

Cat Bulldozer Sprinkler;

Lot#: 923

Nelson Tractor Sprinkler; 1-Rotating Sprinkler;

Lot#: 924

Travel Cooler; Gott & Rubbermaid Water Jugs;

Lot#: 925

Coolers; Assorted; Plastic & Styrofoam;

Lot#: 926

Water Hoses; 2-Regular; 2-Soaker;

Lot#: 927

Thermometer; Weather Instruments on Placque;

Lot#: 928

Plastic Patio Chairs

3 tan; 1 white

Lot#: 929

Outdoor Hose Reel

Lot#: 930

Pickup Tool Box Diamond Pattern Steel

Lot#: 931

Electric Water Fountain

Worked when unplugged (per owner)

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