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Tuesday October 30, 2018 | Greenleaf, ID. US. 83626
AUCTION TERMS & CONDITIONS PICKETT AUCTION SERVICE LLC LOCATION: 20550 N Whittier, Greenleaf ID. From I-84 exit 27 go south on Centennial then west on Simplot Blvd (Hwy 19) 4 miles into Greenleaf, north on Whittier, signs posted. SOME ITEMS WILL NOT BE LOCATED ON SITE. Those locations will be noted in the item description. *** FOR AUCTION SPECIFIC DETAILS: Buyers premium, payment dates, credit card policies, preview & loadout dates and times. ~ Please read Information Lots 1-15. ***PAYMENT: YOU WILL RECEIVE AN INVOICE BY EMAIL. Your credit card IS NOT automatically charged. Cash, Visa, M/C, Discover, & Debit Card. (3% fee on all cards) Check or Check by Phone. Wire Transfer (fees may apply). **WE NO LONGER ACCEPT AMERICAN EXPRESS**Invoices will be emailed to all winning bidders within 2 hours of the completion of the auction. **IF YOU DO NOT RECIEVE AN INVOICE ~ CALL OUR OFFICE AT 208-455-1419** Invoices unsettled after the due date will be charged to credit card at registration. There is an additional 3% fee for payment by credit/debit card. Your invoice total will not reflect the additional 3% if paying by credit/debit card. This amount is to be added at time of payment. 10% Buyer's premium will be charged up to a maximum premium of $500 per item. Registration: All buyers will register to bid through the website. Bidders will establish a user name and password. A credit card authorization will be required at time of registration. The credit card will not be used for payment, an invoice will be emailed to successful buyers at the close of auction and payments will be accepted under the terms of payment. Please be sure that you have SUCCESSFULLY completed the credit card authorization prior to bidding. If you wait until the last minute to perform this operation you may be late to bid on your desired lots. SHIPPING & FIREARMS NOTICE: **SPECIAL CONSIDERATION IF YOU ARE PLANNING TO SHIP. WE WILL USE A LOCAL FIREARMS DEALER. BIDDER WILL BE RESPONSIBLE FOR FEES OF HANDLING, SHIPPING & INSURANCE. NO EXCEPTIONS. PLEASE NOTE BEFORE BIDDING, WE DO NOT SHIP AMMUNITION. FOR MORE INFORMATION BEFORE YOU BID PLEASE CONTACT OUR OFFICE. 208-455-1419 NEW NOTICE: After 14 days from the auction closing PICKETT AUCTION SERVICE WILL CHARGE a lot storage fee of $25 dollars a day until you are able to pick up your item(s). Storage fees are due at the time you pick up. If you have trouble making the load out time please call us to make arrangements. If items are not picked up during scheduled load out time or arrangements have not been made by the buyer the items will be considered abandoned and will be removed by Pickett Auction Service at the buyer's expense. Please if you cannot adhere to this requirement please do not bid!!!! NO ITEMS WILL BE REMOVED UNTIL SETTLED FOR IN FULL. Announcement: All descriptions are believed to be accurate. However, no liability for accuracy, measurements, errors, or omissions is assumed by the sell, closing agent nor Auctioneer. The buyer is responsible for verifying all information and condition of items. All items are sold as is where is, with no warranties or guarantees of any kind! BE SURE TO PREVIEW THE AUCTION or call with questions. Fraudulent bidders / Unpaid invoices: By bidding on items, you are entering a legal and binding contract. Pickett Auction Service LLC. reserves the right, and you acknowledge and agree to its exercise of this right, to notify third parties, including law enforcement authorities, credit bureaus, other auction companies and industry regulators and authorities, about bidders involved with or connected to fraudulent bidding or the failure to fully pay invoices in accordance with our terms and conditions. For any unpaid invoice Pickett Auction Service WILL turn all uncollected amounts over to a collection agency for collection OR other solution deemed necessary by Pickett Auction Service. Note: By accepting the terms and conditions of this auction you are entering into a binding contract and if you are the highest bidder on any item you will be required to pay for the items in accordance to the terms set forth in the terms and conditions of sale.1) INTERNET ONLY AUCTION TERMS AND CONDITIONS: All items sold "as is where is" with any faults. ALL DESCRIPTIONS ARE BELEIVED TO BE CORRECT, THE AUCTIONEERS OR THE OWNER MAKE NO WARRANTIES OR GUARANTEES EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED, as to the authenticity of or defect in any lot and will not be held responsible for any advertising errors, discrepancies or inaccuracies. All Buyers are to be responsible for any and all inspections of items at preview times or inspection by appointment. VEHICLE CONDITION & MOTORIZED CONDITIONSALL ITEMS SOLD "AS IS " CONDITION. MOST ITEMS ARE PRE-OWNED AND THERE IS NO WARRANTY OR GUARANTEE FROM PICKETT AUCTION SERVICE. WE WILL MAKE NOTE OF OBVIOUS CONDITION. THESE ITEMS DO NOT GO THRU A CHECK SYSTEM WHEN ENTERED INTO THE AUCTION. EVERY BIDDER IS ENCOURAGED TO PREVIEW AND YOU MAY BRING ALONG YOUR OWN MECHANIC. ALL SALES ARE FINAL SO PLEASE INVESTIGATE PRIOR TO BIDDING.2) PAYMENT: COMPLETE PAYMENT FOR ALL ITEMS PURCHASED ARE DUE AS POSTED BY THE AUCTION COMPANY. An invoice of your items purchased will be emailed to you within 2 hours of the close of the entire auction. IF YOU DO NOT RECEIVE AN INVOICE PLEASE CALL OUR OFFICE 208-455-1419 PAYMENT METHOD: Cash, Visa, Master Card & Discover, wire transfer, or Check by phone to Pickett Auction Service. There is an additional 3% fee for payment by credit/debit card to be added at time of payment. NSF CHECK FEE OF $35 WILL BE CHARGED AND BIDDING Privileges SUSPENDED. INVOICES UNSETTLED: will charge to credit card on registration. 3) A 10% (Ten percent) Buyers premium will be added to Purchases up to a maximum premium of $500 per item. 4) Applicable Idaho Sales Tax of 6% will apply to purchases. Dealers purchasing for resale must submit resale permit number with Pickett Auction Service. ST101 provided at our office. 5) TITLES: IF PAYMENT IS MADE ON TITLED VEHICLES WITH CASH, OR CREDIT CARD OR CASHIER CHECK ALL AVAILABLE PAPERWORK WILL BE GIVEN AT TIME OF PICK UP. IF PAID BY CHECK PAPERWORK WILL GO TO BIDDER VIA CERTIFIED MAIL. 6) REMOVAL: All items must be removed within the allotted time frame set forth by the Pickett Auction Service for each auction. Time frames will be strictly adhered to; if you are unable to pick up your purchased items or make arrangements for your purchased to be picked up in the time frame set forth please do not bid on the items. Shipping arrangements can be made by the Buyer at the Buyer's expense. Buyer assumes solely all expenses, risks and liabilities for removal of purchased items. If purchased lots are not removed in the allotted time frame the Buyer shall be liable for any moving and storage costs incurred, and if not removed, the items will be deemed abandoned. Buyers assume all risk associated with the removal of items from auction site. 7) ITEMS LEFT ON THE AUCTION LOT OVER 21 DAYS WILL BECOME PROPERTY OF PICKETT AUCTION SERVICE OR A LOT HOLDING FEE WILL BE CHARGED. ANY DEPOSIT OR PARTIAL PAYMENT WILL NOT BE REFUNDED TO THE CONTRACTED BIDDER. PLEASE DO NOT PLAN ON LEAVING YOUR AUCTION ITEM OVER 7 DAYS WITHOUT PRIOR PERMISSION. UNPAID FOR ITEMS WILL BE HANDLED AT THE DISCRETION OF THE AUCTION SERVICE. 8) By registering as a buyer and being able to place bids on lots in this auction you agree that you have read and agree to the terms and conditions set for this auction.

Announcement:Information contained herein is presented on behalf of the seller. Pickett Auction Service, agent for the seller, cannot guarantee the information to be correct or assume the liabilities for errors and omissions.  All lines drawn on maps are approximate. Buyers should verify the information to their own satisfaction.  Any announcements made from the auction block on day of auction will take precedence over any matter of print and will be final.

Lot#: 2


Lot#: 3


Lot#: 4


Lot#: 5


Lot#: 6


Lot#: 7


Lot#: 8


Lot#: 9


Lot#: 10


Lot#: 11


Lot#: 12


Lot#: 13


Lot#: 14


Lot#: 15


Lot#: 190

Z-130 2006 Chevy Kodiak Service Truck

Lot#: 195

Z-112 Freeman 1500 1/2 Ton Baler

Lot#: 200

Z-132 2013 Carry-On 20' C argo Trailer

Lot#: 210

Z-210 John Deer 346 Baler

Lot#: 217

Z-152 John Deere Hay Rake

Lot#: 225

Z-110 John Deere 346 Baler

Lot#: 227

Z-133 Ekegard Knuckle Boom

Lot#: 228

Z-243 Massey Ferguson 12 Baler

Lot#: 230

Z-131 1988 Sun Runner 195CV Boat & Trailer

Lot#: 245

Z-101 Kuhn 5' Rototiller

Lot#: 250

Z-100 2004 Hyundai Santa Fe 4WD

Lot#: 251

Z-134 Tandem 8' Drag Disc

Lot#: 260

Z-200 1943 Ford 2N Tractor

Lot#: 262

Z-111 Agris International Hay Rake

Lot#: 264

Z-227 Tandem 10' Disc

Lot#: 275

Z-212 Side Delivery Hay Rake

Lot#: 278

Z-192 3-Point 5 Row Corrugator

Lot#: 280

Z-191 New Idea 206 Manure Spreader

Lot#: 282

Z-204 3-Point Sickle Mower

Lot#: 325

Z-211 John Deere 3-Point Field Mower

Lot#: 350

Z-106 Land Pride 3 Point Box Blade

Lot#: 400

Z-187 MB Company Street Sweeper

Lot#: 515

Z-103 Horizontal Boring Augers (14)

Lot#: 520

Z-153 2-Point Ripper Tooth

Lot#: 525

Z-135 3-Point Cherry Picker

Lot#: 575

Z-136 Trusses (13)

Lot#: 577

Z-137 Trusses (13)

Lot#: 579

Z-138 Trusses (20)

Lot#: 580

Z-186 Fairbanks Morse 50 HP Volume Pump

Lot#: 581

Z-197 Steel Pipe (various)

Lot#: 583

Z-198 Steel Pipe (various)

Lot#: 585

Z-199 Steel Pipe (various)

Lot#: 587

Z-201 Steel Pipe

Lot#: 589

Z-202 Steel Pipe (various)

Lot#: 615

Z-218 Larkin Restaurant Exhaust Hood

Lot#: 625

Z-172 John Deere Snow Blower

Lot#: 626

Z-206 Steel Tubing & Steel Posts

Lot#: 630

Z-173 Snow Flite 8/26 Snow Blower

Lot#: 631

Z-207 Steel Remnants

Lot#: 650

Z-174 WWII Pistol Holder

Lot#: 651

Z-208 Steel Remnants

Lot#: 652

Z-223 Ceramic Tile Flooring (18 Boxes)

Lot#: 653

Z-104 Heavy Duty Mobile Crane & Engine Stand

Lot#: 655

Z-209 Steel Remnants

Lot#: 657

Z-224 Pre-Finished Hardwood Flooring (23 Boxes)

Lot#: 660

Z-216 Sheet Metal

Lot#: 663

Z-252 2" IPS Pipe

Lot#: 665

Z-232 Steel Pipe Fittings & Roller Stands

Lot#: 694

Z-190 Pleasure Saddle

Lot#: 696

Z-189 Kids Saddle

Lot#: 698

Z-158 JC Higgins 14" Saddle

Lot#: 700

Z-140 Soft Gun Cases (2)

Lot#: 702

Z-159 Stock Saddle

Lot#: 725

Z-171 Honda 5 HP Pressure Washer

Lot#: 730

Z-250 Vinyl Fencing

Lot#: 740

Z-185 B.F. Goodrich Tractor Tires & Wheels (2)

Lot#: 746

Z-225 Patron Electric Space Heater

Lot#: 764

Z-143 Briggs & Stratton Pro 4000 Generator

Lot#: 775

Z-163 Engine Stand

Lot#: 780

Z-150 Colman Powermate Air Compressor

Lot#: 781

Z-219 DeWalt Rotary Laser

Lot#: 782

Z-151 Central Pneumatic Portable Air Tank

Lot#: 783

Z-241 Yale Chain Hoist

Lot#: 784

Z-242 Disc Blades (7)

Lot#: 786

Z-154 Portable Air Tank

Lot#: 790

Z-188 Pickup Bed Rack

Lot#: 792

Z-165 5th Wheel Hitch

Lot#: 800

Z-102 Fuel Tank on Stand

Lot#: 802

Z-203 Propane Tanks (2)

Lot#: 804

Z-233 Propane Tank

Lot#: 816

Z-220 Tractor Tires (2)

Lot#: 820

Z-221 John Deere Combine Wheels (2)

Lot#: 822

Z-161 Kar Rite 1300 Cargo Box

Lot#: 824

Z-213 Sweet Home Cast Iron Wood Stove

Lot#: 860

Z-139 Onan Engine & Pump

Lot#: 865

Z-145 Kerosene Space Heater

Lot#: 870

Z-176 Lures & Tackle Box

Lot#: 871

Z-195 Decorative Iron Wall Art

Lot#: 872

Z-177 Spinner Baits & Spoons

Lot#: 873

Z-196 Decorative Iron Wall Art

Lot#: 874

Z-178 Lures & Tackle Box

Lot#: 876

Z-175 Animal Calls

Lot#: 882

Z-179 PSE Elite Compound Bow

Lot#: 886

Z-115 Shop Lights (11)

Lot#: 889

Z-260 Fishing Poles & Reels

Lot#: 890

Z-205 Steel Shop Table

Lot#: 891

Z-155 Shop-Vac

Lot#: 894

Z-239 Dodge Mirrors & Hitches

Lot#: 895

Z-238 Scales & Hand Saws

Lot#: 896

Z-230 Stove Pipes

Lot#: 897

Z-231 Two Barrel Stove

Lot#: 899

Z-229 Berkel Industrial Meat Slicer

Lot#: 901

Z-120 Heavy Duty Pond Liner

Lot#: 902

Z-156 MRE (Meals Ready to Eat)

Lot#: 903

Z-105 Metal Shelving

Lot#: 904

Z-160 Shop Tools & Electrical Wire

Lot#: 905

Z-107 Chain Link Gates (2)

Lot#: 908

Z-166 Goodyear P195/65 R15 Tires (2)

Lot#: 909

Z-228 Grumman Eagle Aluminum Canoe

Lot#: 910

Z-116 Stetson Felt Cowboy Hat

Lot#: 911

Z-226 3500 lb Trailer Axles (2)

Lot#: 912

Z-251 Bike Rack & Light Poles

Lot#: 913

Z-261 Horse Tack

Lot#: 914

Z-262 Poly Storage Box & Saddle Bag & More

Lot#: 915

Z-180 .308 Ammunition

Lot#: 916

Z-183 MEC Reloader with Reloading Stock

Lot#: 917

Z-234 Tool Master Toolbox & Shop Stock

Lot#: 918

Z-236 T-Posts

Lot#: 919

Z-235 Barb Wire & Smooth Twisted Wire

Lot#: 920

Z-113 Saddle Pads & Blankets

Lot#: 921

Z-114 Horse Tack

Lot#: 925

Z-184 Two Story Play House

Lot#: 926

Z-215 Gas Stove & Wall Heaters (2)

Lot#: 927

Z-222 Full Run Truck Tires (2)

Lot#: 928

Z-240 Trufast 8" SHD Screws

Lot#: 930

Z-181 Propane Torch

Lot#: 945

Z-146 Reel Craft Hose Reel

Lot#: 946

Z-157 Horse Collars (2)

Lot#: 950

Z-214 Saddle Rack & Wire Fencing

Lot#: 951

Z-237 Tarps & Poly Sheeting

Lot#: 980

Z-182 Air Hose & Saw Blades & Table Saw Guide

Lot#: 982

Z-194 Drill Bits and Battery Charger

Lot#: 986

Z-108 Target Masonry Grinding Cups

Lot#: 988

Z-109 Master Mechanic V-Belts

Lot#: 1000

Z-162 Boating Stock

Lot#: 1020

Z-217 Drill Bits (13)

Lot#: 1024

Z-117 Toy Cars (2)

Lot#: 1026

Z-118 Toy Cars (3)

Lot#: 1028

Z-119 Toy Cars (2)

Lot#: 1036

Z-122 Toy Cars (4)

Lot#: 1038

Z-123 Toy Cars (2)

Lot#: 1040

Z-121 Poly Pipe 1 1/2"

Lot#: 1042

Z-124 Toy Cars (2)

Lot#: 1046

Z-125 Toy Cars (2)

Lot#: 1048

Z-126 Toy Truck

Lot#: 1052

Z-127 Toy Truck

Lot#: 1054

Z-128 Toy Truck

Lot#: 1060

Z-129 Coins

Lot#: 1080

Z-141 Bolts & Nails & Screws

Lot#: 1082

Z-142 Shotgun Shells and Gun Cleaner

Lot#: 1084

Z-144 Steel Box & Screen House & BBQ

Lot#: 1089

Z-147 Welding Dolly & Hand Dolly

Lot#: 1092

Z-148 Jacks (2)

Lot#: 1094

Z-149 Drop Hitch & Chain Binder

Lot#: 1096

Z-164 Patio Fireplace

Lot#: 1102

Z-167 Studded 195/60 R15 Tires (5)

Lot#: 1104

Z-168 Trailer Tires & Wheels

Lot#: 1106

Z-169 Granada LT 235/75 R15 Tires (2)

Lot#: 1108

Z-170 Aluminum 15" Wheels (4)

Lot#: 1170

Z-193 Desiccant Beads

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