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Barrett Street Auction Center | Commercial Auction
Saturday October 30, 2021 | 2645 Dean Drive. Virginia Beach, VA. US. 23452

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Lot#: 64393443

Solingen Germany Bowie style

Lot#: 64393465

Marbolt 150 BPI Conn Valley Arms .50 cal Black Powder, NO FFL, ser 61-13-115139-01

Lot#: 64390574

Winchester Ranger Model 120 12g serial L1708419

Lot#: 64390652

Wrist Breaker Sword c1840

Lot#: 64385221


Lot#: 64393429

Winchester Model 7400 .243 Win with Bushnell Trophy Scope, serial B8093613

Lot#: 64390579

US Carbine .30 Cal M1 serial 6443644

Lot#: 64390634

US Carbine .30 Cal M1 Serial 2651543

Lot#: 64384526

Permissible US Mines Lamp No. 20

Lot#: 64384527

Wolf's Germany Miners Lamp

Lot#: 64384528

Primitive Stone axe head, found in Illinois

Lot#: 64384508

early German Military helmet, size 66, restored/replaced liner

Lot#: 64393270

French Artillery's sword c1844

Lot#: 64393272

Maca Knife

Lot#: 64384522


Lot#: 64384523


Lot#: 64384545


Lot#: 64384524


Lot#: 64384546


Lot#: 64384525


Lot#: 64393411

Winchester Model 140 Ranger 20g 2 3/4 shells, serial N1111056

Lot#: 64390640

Sudanese Kasara sword c1880's

Lot#: 64390662

Sword War of 1812, c1790 manufacture

Lot#: 64393478

20 rounds Win .243, Guters gun cleaning kit

Lot#: 64393450

Mossberg 500A 12g, serial K147630 with additional 12g 28" barrel and chokes

Lot#: 64393474

Ruger MK II Govt .22L with extra barrel, cylinder, ser 21-47919

Lot#: 64390646

Sword German Civil War

Lot#: 64393418

Heritage .50 Cal Black Powder, NO FFL, ser 165610

Lot#: 64390209

Norinco 7.62x39 Serial 565-1 517003

Lot#: 64390204

US .30 Cal M1 Springfield, serial 320626

Lot#: 64393438

Remington Nylon 66, .22 LR ONLY, plastic stock, serial A2143027

Lot#: 64385222

Knife - USMC

Lot#: 64393482

Towle Sterling Silver flatware...more info soon

Lot#: 64385227

Norinco SKS 7.62x39 Serial 1509219 J

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