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3 Generations of Auctioneers - From Left to Right Marvin Bradeen, Ron Bradeen, Bob Bradeen & Bert Bradeen
Three Generations of Auctioneers 
Left to Right - Marvin Bradeen, Ron Bradeen, Bob Bradeen & Bert Bradeen  
(1979 Photo by Norma Bradeen)

 Bradeen Auctions was founded by Bert Bradeen in 1923, passed down to his son, Bob Bradeen and is today owned and operated by Bob's son, Ron Bradeen. With nearly a century of service credited to the firm, Bradeen Auctions continues to serve their customers and conduct auctions locally and nationwide.

Commitment to details has been the key to BradeenAuctions success. Award-winning brochures and advertisements, professional signage, timely advertising that targets key audiences and friendly, and knowledgeable staff all play a role in making your auction the best it can be. We take the time to get to know our clients and pride ourselves on learning the details about their heirloom antiques or the ranch the family has owned for three generations. Knowing our customers and their story allows us to better market their property and realize the full potential of their auction.

Specialists in Real Estate Auctions. When selecting an auction firm for your real estate auction, consider reputation, experience and success ratios.

Bradeen Auctions utilizes the Absolute Auction method on the majority of our real estate auctions. Selling without minimum or reserve ensures that all potential buyers will have arrangements secured, be in attendance and be prepared to bid. The competition created by the Absolute Auction method will achieve the maximum price available in a favorable time frame and under YOUR terms, not merely the first "acceptable" offer.

Multi-parcel auctions on agricultural, development and recreational property allow any number of buyers wishing to purchase individual tracts to compete against those able to purchase the entire unit. Our proven method has achieved impressive results, realizing a higher return than any conventional transaction, with most well in excess of the seller's expectations.

Real Estate auctions are held in public halls/ballroom settings that allow us to provide video of the property that is selling, comfortable seating, phone and/or internet access and a professional atmosphere. With our state-of-the-art computerized tally board, all parties can watch the auction in progress and each bidder will know exactly where they are in the bidding process. We work with our clients and customers throughout the process to ensure plenty of time for discussion without compromising the integrity and momentum of the auction in progress.

Bradeen Auctions is the only firm in South Dakota whose auctioneers are all CAI graduates and winners of the South Dakota Auctioneer's Association Bid Calling Contest.

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