City of New Orleans Impounded Vehicles

ServCorp International, Inc. | Commercial Auction
Thursday August 26, 2021 | 10200 Almonaster Ave. New Orleans, LA. US. 70126

There are no notes for this auction. Please refer to the salebill for more information

Announcement:Information contained herein is presented on behalf of the seller. ServCorp International, Inc., agent for the seller, cannot guarantee the information to be correct or assume the liabilities for errors and omissions.  All lines drawn on maps are approximate. Buyers should verify the information to their own satisfaction.  Any announcements made from the auction block on day of auction will take precedence over any matter of print and will be final.

Lot#: 62998455


Lot#: 62998456


Lot#: 62998457


Lot#: 62998458


Lot#: 62998459


Lot#: 62998450


Lot#: 62998451


Lot#: 62998452


Lot#: 62998454


Lot#: 62998444


Lot#: 62998445


Lot#: 62998446


Lot#: 62998447


Lot#: 62998448


Lot#: 62998449


Lot#: 62998480


Lot#: 62998481


Lot#: 62998482


Lot#: 62998483


Lot#: 62998440


Lot#: 62998441


Lot#: 62998442


Lot#: 62998443


Lot#: 62998477


Lot#: 62998478


Lot#: 62998479


Lot#: 62998436


Lot#: 62998437


Lot#: 62998438


Lot#: 62998439


Lot#: 62998470


Lot#: 62998471


Lot#: 62998472


Lot#: 62998473


Lot#: 62998474


Lot#: 62998475


Lot#: 62998476


Lot#: 62998466


Lot#: 62998467


Lot#: 62998468


Lot#: 62998469


Lot#: 62998427


, as this information will guide you on how to have a great Proxibid experience.

The software looks and works best if you use Google Chrome as your browser. Please do not plan to bid from a smart phone, iPad or tablet as the items do not update as quickly as a desk top or laptop computer and it may appear you have the high bid when you actually may not; This is most important when the auction items start closing. If you choose to not use a laptop or desk top computer, we recommend that you utilize the max bidding option and place your max bid to protect your bid.

The auction has extended bidding. If someone bids on an item in the last seconds, the closing time on that item will extend for 2 minutes to allow counter-bids to be placed. That will continue on that item until there is no activity and the lot closes. Each lot will consecutively start closing one minute after the one before it. Even if the lot has been extended, the next lot will begin to close as scheduled.

If you are a new user or if you have a slower or unreliable internet connection, we recommend using the maximum bid feature. If you leave your maximum bid, the software will advance your bid as other people bid. If the bidding stops at an amount less than your maximum bid, then that will be your high bid. If two buyers place the same maximum bid amount on a lot, the high bid will be awarded to whichever buyer placed their maximum bid first. Please note: if there is a reserve on the item and the reserve has not been met then the item will not be declared as sold.

Happy Bidding!!

Lot#: 62998428



Thank you for viewing our auction catalog! If you have any questions about the auction please call our office at 985.847.1242 prior to bidding.

Auction Day Phone # 985.288-9739, which can also receive text messages.

Full Payment due before 2PM on Fri 8/27/21

Some vehicles may be missing the Catalytic Converters.  At this time we are unaware of any missing, however BUYER BEWARE all items are sold "as is" without warranty and with all faults/defects.

Although lot description may not list defects and/or missing parts does not mean there aren't any. All items are sold "as is" without warranty and with all faults. All vehicles are sold without keys and running conditions are unknown. Some vehicles may be branded reconstructed, water damage, salvage, etc. as listed in lot description.

Salvage means the insurance company considered the vehicle totaled if 50% to 80% of the vehicle has been damaged, the vehicle is then branded Salvage. Reconstructed means once the salvage vehicle is repaired, it is then branded as Reconstructed.

We encourage you to inspect all items on inspection day before placing a bid and make your own determination as to the condition of the item you are bidding. All items are sold "as is" without warranty and with all faults.

Some items in this auction may be subject to seller's reserve; if reserve is not met, the item will not be declared as sold.

Auction Company does not ship, Pick Up Only. There is no loading equipment for removal/loading purposes. Buyer MUST supply their own removal/loading equipment, etc. at their expense. It is recommended to use a trailer with a winch since there are no keys.

PJ with Pop-a-Lock is one of the locksmiths onsite to make keys, he can be reached at 504.913.9184 for information and pricing on keys or you can call a locksmith of your choosing instead.

All purchases must be removed by 4PM on or before September 3rd or will be subject to daily storage fee of at least $19/day per item by the impound yard - NO Exceptions.

For reference, vehicles #'s listed at the end of the lot description that are 4-digits were abandoned vehicles, vehicle #'s that are 5-digits were vehicles impounded for parking violations; if the 5-digit number starts with a 5 it was a vehicle held for evidence at one time for one reason or another.

All vehicles are sold with a Louisiana Permit to Sell (looks and acts like a title). It 'PERMITS' the tow facility to sell the vehicle offset fees incurred. Buyer will be provided a notarized bill of sale and Permit to Sell issued by the Louisiana Office of Motor Vehicles in accordance with LA R.S. 32:1711-1732. Please make sure this is accepted in your state of residence before bidding on these lots, as there is no guarantee of transfer into other states and all sales are final.

There are some Phone Booths being offered in this auction and are subject to sales tax, which will be collected on the purchase price plus buyer's premium at time of payment.

Lot#: 62998429


Lot#: 62998460


Lot#: 62998461


Lot#: 62998462


Lot#: 62998463


Lot#: 62998464


Lot#: 62998465


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