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Tuesday April 06, 2021 | LaSalette, ON. CA. N0E 1H0
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Announcement:Information contained herein is presented on behalf of the seller. Easy-bid Online Auction Services, agent for the seller, cannot guarantee the information to be correct or assume the liabilities for errors and omissions.  All lines drawn on maps are approximate. Buyers should verify the information to their own satisfaction.  Any announcements made from the auction block on day of auction will take precedence over any matter of print and will be final.

Lot#: 1

Antique Dresser - 48x 20 x 36

Lot#: 2

Antique Walnut 3 Shelf Wall Cabinet - 30 x 11 x 26

Lot#: 3

Vintage Queen Anne Table Lamp

Needs Rewiring

Lot#: 4

Antique Wooden Night Stand - Glass Top

20 x 14 x 27

Lot#: 5

Hand Painted Folk Art Wooden Bird Sculpture

39" Tall

Lot#: 6

Beautiful Wooden / Glass Coffee Table

Removable Top 29" Long

Lot#: 7

Decorative Hand Painted Lazy Susan

Lot#: 8

Wooden Art Easel - 64" Tall

Lot#: 9

Collectible Indigenous Arrowheads / Rocks

Lot#: 10

Collectible Indigenous Lot

Clay Pot Spoons Flowered Decorative Beads

Lot#: 11

Collectible Indigenous Lot

Statues - Larry Bomberry Bowls Plaques ETC

Lot#: 12

Collectible Indigenous Lot

Statues - Wayne Sky Figurines ETC

Lot#: 13

Vintage Cream & Sugar Bowls/ Bowl Set

Lot#: 14

Snow White & Seven Dwarfs Statue Set

Needs to be finished painted statues - 9" High

Lot#: 15

Disney Showcase Collection Tinkerbell

Lot#: 16

Vintage Wooden Boomarang

Lot#: 17

Collectible Indigenous Arrowhead

Lot#: 18

Collectible Indigenous Arrowhead

Lot#: 19

Collectible Indigenous Arrowhead

Lot#: 20

Collectible Indigenous Arrowhead

Lot#: 21

Collectible Indigenous Arrowhead

Lot#: 22

Collectible Fossil Brachiopod

Lot#: 23

Collectible Indigenous Arrowhead

Lot#: 24

Various Collectible Indigenous Rocks

Lot#: 25

Decorative Wooden Eggs

Lot#: 26

5 Ostrich Eggs

Lot#: 27

Antique Silhouette Glass

Lot#: 28

Antique Chintz Tray 8" Long (Spring)

Lot#: 29

Antique Chintz Tray And Cup

Royal Winton

Lot#: 30

4 Indigenous Stone Statues

Lot#: 31

6 Nations Clay Pottery

Lot#: 32

2 American Polymer Scrimshaw Walrus Tusks 18" Long

Lot#: 33

2 American Polymer Scrimshaw Walrus Tusks 17" Long

Lot#: 34

2 American Polymer Scrimshaw Walrus Tusks 6" Long

Lot#: 35

2 American Polymer Scrimshaw Walrus Tusks 6" Long

Lot#: 36

Ivory Eagle Letter Opener 12" Long

Lot#: 37

Collectible Whale Tusk 16" Long

Lot#: 38

Henri Toulmain Painting

Sugar Maple Bucket Lid

Lot#: 39

Henri Toulmain Barn Painting 9"x9"

Lot#: 40

Wooden Pipe - From France

Lot#: 41

Indigenous Stone Carving Statues

Lot#: 42

Assorted Sea Shells

Various Colours Shapes Sizes

Lot#: 43

Antique Weller Potter Jardiniere Apple

10" Diameter

Lot#: 44

Austrian Pottery / Yellow Vases - Various Sizes

Lot#: 45

Various Chintz Pottery

Lot#: 46

Dansk Silver Plate Heart Paperweight

Lot#: 47

Dansk Silver Plate Star Paperweight

Lot#: 48

Dansk Silver Plate moon Paperweight

Lot#: 49

Dansk Silver Plate Shooting Star Paperweight

Lot#: 50

Collectable Box Lot Of Gordon Lightfoot Records

Sun Down Old Dan's Records The Very Best Of Dream Street Rose ETC

Lot#: 51

Various Collectable Gordon Lightfoot Books

Lot#: 52

Various Collectable Gordon Lightfoot CD's/ Cassets

Lot#: 53

2 Gordon Lightfoot Collectible T-Shirts

Size XL

Lot#: 54

Belgian Lace Wooden Stand - 24 " Diam

Lot#: 55

Belgian Lace Wooden Stand - 24 " high

Lot#: 56

Adjustable Wooden Lace Making Square -24 x 12

Lot#: 57

Various Collectible Books

Collectors Guide Canadian West Woody Landscape Costume Jewelry History In Their Blood ETC

Lot#: 58

Art Supplies - Paints / Brshes

Various Colours

Lot#: 59

Art Supplies - Paints / Brshes

Various Colours

Lot#: 60

Vintage Perfume Bottles

Evening In Paris Various Sizes

Lot#: 61

Antique Cruet Set

Lot#: 62

Ken Danby Framed Picture -26 x 30

Lot#: 63

"Gathering" - Framed Picture - 14 x 18

Signed Weeks

Lot#: 64

Maud Lewis Print - 26 x 32

Maud Lewis Husband 2 Maud Lewis Books

Lot#: 65

Water Colour Boat Painting - D Lessett - 17 X 28

Lot#: 66

Water Colour Boat Painting - D Lessett - 17 X 28

Lot#: 67

"Enough To Share" Framed Picture - 20 x 26

Lot#: 68

Antique Wooden Picture Frame - 26 x 30

Lot#: 69

2 Antique Yard Long Prints

40 x 12 36 x 12 one has a cracked glass

Lot#: 70

Ken Danby - Riverbank Reflections Lithograph

Certificate Of Authenticity 24 x 20

Lot#: 71

Ken Danby Collectible Books

The New Decade Ken Danby Images Of Sport ETC

Lot#: 72

Linens / Table Cloths / Runners

Lot#: 73

Collectible Books

Robert Bateman Karsh Andrew Wyeth ETC

Lot#: 74

Antique Lace Fan - 23" Long

Lot#: 75

Belgian Lace Making Wooden Bobbins

Various Sizes

Lot#: 76

Belgian Lace Bobbin Winding Machine And Supplies

Bobbin Machine Patterns Pins ETC

Lot#: 77

2 Hand Made Quilts

Various Sizes

Lot#: 78

10K Gold Diamond Ring - Size 9

Lot#: 79

10K Gold Cubic Zircona Rng - Size 8

Lot#: 80

10K Gold Opal Ring - Size 7.5

Lot#: 81

Bulova Quartz Ladies Watch

Lot#: 82

Bulova Ladies Watch

Lot#: 83

2 Gold Plated Lockets

Lot#: 84

Sterling Silver Necklace - 15" long

Lot#: 85

Sterling Silver Necklace - 16" long

Lot#: 86

Antique Wooden Jewelry Box

Lot#: 87

Costume Jewelry

Necklaces Bracelets Broaches ETC

Lot#: 88

Costume Jewelry

Rings Necklaces Pins ETC

Lot#: 89

Costume Jewelry


Lot#: 90

Costume Jewelry


Lot#: 91

Collectible Art Books

Rembrandt PortraitsOf North American Indian Life Edward Hopper Georgia Okeeffe ETC

Lot#: 92

Belgian Lace Making Supplies

Linnen Thread ETC

Lot#: 93

Belgian Lace Making Books

Lot#: 94

Royal Dux Pottery

Vases Flowered 3-D

Lot#: 95

H Bequet Decorative Belgian Urn- 13" High

Lot#: 96

2 Decorative Royal Worcesters Vases

12" High 10" High

Lot#: 97

Large Chintz Bowl - 8" Diam

Lot#: 98

St Peter Graz Austrian Bowl - 7" Diam

Lot#: 99

Knitting / Crochet Needles

Lot#: 100

Miscellaneous Glass Lot

Vases Statues Bowls ETC

Lot#: 101

68 L Storage Container with lid

Lot#: 102

68 L Storage Container with lid

Lot#: 103

68 L Storage Container with lid

Lot#: 104

68 L Storage Container with lid

Lot#: 105

38 L Storage Container with lid

Lot#: 106

76 L Storage Container with lid

Lot#: 107

63 L Storage Container with lid

Lot#: 108

MacDonald Quality Tobacco Green Metal Ashtray

Lot#: 109

Adlake 31-D Railroad Signal Lamp

Lot#: 110

Zulu - Lulu Novelty Swizzle Sticks

Lot#: 111

1971,1972,1974 Kennedy Half Dollars

Lot#: 112

Canada 125 Commemorative 25 Cent Coin - Quebec

Lot#: 113

1972 1974 1983 Dollar Coins

Lot#: 114

2 Norfolk County Centennial Coins - Rare

Lot#: 115

1968 1968 1974 Dollar Coins

Lot#: 116

Canada 125 Commemorative 25 Cent Coin - Quebec

Lot#: 117

Brent Heighton "Spring Blossoms" Matted Print

11 x 14

Lot#: 118

Norman Rockwell Plate - Standing In The Doorway

Bradford Exchange

Lot#: 119

Norman Rockwell Plate - The Story Teller

Bradford Exchange

Lot#: 120

Norman Rockwell Plate - The Ship Builder

Bradford Exchange

Lot#: 121

Norman Rockwell Plate - Room Light Made

Bradford Exchange

Lot#: 122

Royal Doulton - Merry Christmas-1978/1979 plates

Lot#: 123

Welcome Wagon - Conestoga Lady Collector Plate

Lot#: 124

Fitsgeralds Las Vegas One Dollar Gaming Coin

Lot#: 125

MGM Grand 1981 Las Vegas Gaming Coin

Lot#: 126

Alladin Las Vegas One Dollar Gaming Coin

Lot#: 127

The Palms Las Vegas One Dollar Gaming Coin

Lot#: 128

Riveria Las Vegas One Dollar Gaming Coin

Lot#: 129

Four Queens Las Vegas One Dollar Gaming Coin

Lot#: 130

Sands Las Vegas One Dollar Gaming Coin

Lot#: 131

The Venetian Las Vegas One Dollar Gaming Coin

Lot#: 132

The Dunes Las Vegas One Dollar Gaming Coin

Lot#: 133

Four Roulette Las Vegas Gaming Chips

Lot#: 134

Naked Lady & Sexy Leg Lighters

Lot#: 135

Roxanne Folding Knife / Sexy Lighter

Lot#: 136

Buttlite & Disappearing Bikini Windproof Lighters

Lot#: 137

Royal Doulton Figures & Suppliment Books

Lot#: 138

Precept Sleeve Of Golf Balls

Lot#: 139

Gem Nes Orange Golf Balls

Lot#: 140

Remmington Arms Brass Belt Buckle

Lot#: 141

1953 Pepsi Cola Bottle - Montreal

Lot#: 142

Kayo Chocolate 6.5 oz drink bottle - Waterloo

Lot#: 143

Vintage 1953 6oz Coco Cola Bottle

Lot#: 144

1921 Clear Orange Crush BottleTm Aug 1921

Lot#: 145

Improved Crown Clear Canning Jar

Lot#: 146

Montgomery Mineral Bottle - Brantford

Lot#: 147

America Dry Quality Ginger Ale Bottle - 30 Ounces

Lot#: 148

Kayo Chocolate 6.5 oz drink bottle - Waterloo

Lot#: 149

1944 Pepsi Cola Clear Glass 16oz Bottle

Lot#: 150

Tiger Catsup Clear Glass 16oz Bottle

Lot#: 151

1944 Pepsi Cola Clear Glass 16oz Bottle

Lot#: 152

1944 Pepsi Cola Clear Glass 16oz Bottle

Lot#: 153

Rawlings Trade Mark Clear Bottle

Lot#: 154

Antique Clear Glass Bottle

Lot#: 155

Orange Crush Stencil Print Bottle

Made In Mexico

Lot#: 156

Wilsons Since 1875 Clear Glass 12 Fluid Oz Bottle

Lot#: 157

Birth Of Baby Jesus Framed Picture - 17 x 13

Lot#: 158

Cord Car Poster - 40 x 31

Lot#: 159

6 Collectible Cups & Saucers

Lot#: 160

6 Collectible Cups & Saucers

Lot#: 161

6 Collectible Cups & Saucers

Lot#: 162

6 Collectible Cups & Saucers

Lot#: 163

6 Collectible Cups & Saucers

Lot#: 164

6 Collectible Cups & Saucers

Lot#: 165

6 Collectible Cups & Saucers

Lot#: 166

5 Collectible Cups & Saucers

Lot#: 167

Antique Russian Tea Service

Teapot Cream & Sugar Bowls 5 Tea Cups & Saucers

Lot#: 168

3 Collectible Royal Worcester Porcelain Containers

Lot#: 169

5" Pixie Piccolo Player Annalee Doll

Lot#: 170

6 Decorative Wooden Napkin Holders

Lot#: 171

4 Small Decorative Wooden Eggs

2.5" Long

Lot#: 172

2 Large Decorative Wooden Eggs

4" long

Lot#: 173

6 Flowered Coasters

Lot#: 174

Decorative Metal Bird Cage - 18" High

Lot#: 175

Ornate Wooden Picture Frame - 8 x 13

Lot#: 176

Decoratie Wooden Tray - 14 x 19

Lot#: 177

Decoratie Wall Art - 12 x 20

Lot#: 178

Antique Pepsi Cola Wooden Box - 11 x 17 x 9

Lot#: 179

Community Sliver plated cutlery set with box

Community Stainless

Lot#: 180

Celebrity Vintage Cameo Broach - Amber Rhinestone

Lot#: 181

West German Rhinestone Clip On Earrings

Lot#: 182

HEG Canada Copper Broach Pin

Lot#: 183

Sarah Coll Canada Broach

Lot#: 184

Vintage Triad Broach

Lot#: 185

Michelle Lynn Broach

Lot#: 186

Vintage Broach

Lot#: 187

West German Coral Earring

Lot#: 188

Continental Rhinestone Earrings & Necklace Set

Lot#: 189

Cats Eye Cuff Links

Lot#: 190

1884 E Pluribus USA Coin Broach

Lot#: 191

Vintage Tiger Eye Filigree Broach

Lot#: 192

Italian Micro Mosaic Jewelry

Broches Earrings Necklaces ETC

Lot#: 193

Faux Jade Necklace

Lot#: 194

Large Abalone Pendant

Lot#: 195

Large Amber Slice

Lot#: 196

Sterling Silver Donald Duck Disney Pin

Lot#: 197

Mickey Mouse Disney Collectible Pins

Lot#: 198

Vintage Jewelry

Necklaces Broaches Earrings ETC

Lot#: 199

Collectable Porcelain Bell - Stafford Shire Englad

Lot#: 200

Decorative Pottery Bell

Lot#: 201

Decorative Glass Bell

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