Collection of Knives to be Auctioned Saturday Jan 21 2017

Saturday January 21, 201710:00 am | 5021 - 50th Street, Box 134. Clyde, AB. CA. T0G 0P0

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Hwy #2 north to Hwy #18; turn south on 50th Street in Clyde

This auction will offer Online Bidding through iCollector and Live Auction Group

Announcement:Information contained herein is presented on behalf of the seller. Clyde Auctioneering, agent for the seller, cannot guarantee the information to be correct or assume the liabilities for errors and omissions.  All lines drawn on maps are approximate. Buyers should verify the information to their own satisfaction.  Any announcements made from the auction block on day of auction will take precedence over any matter of print and will be final.

Lot #


1USA - Dagger & Sheath Blade 7 1/4" O/A 12 3/8"

2Bald Eagle on Wood Stand Imitation Bone Handle O/A 10"

33" Folding Collector Knife FRANKLIN Mint Certificate Letter The Original "Call of the North"

43" Folding in case "Native" Collector; 3" Bald Eagle Lockblade Knife

53 Blade Shrade DUCKS UNLIMITED in Case


73" US Collector Knife in Case

83" Eagles Wild Outdoors Bone Look Handle in Case

93" Franklin Mint Deer; 3" Franklin Mint Tiger

103" Bald Eagle by Al Agnew

11Fixed Blade Carved Handle & Etched Blade Bald Eagle O/A 11 1/4" in Case

123 Knife Pack Scharbe Old Timer Limited Edition "2012" in Case

13Multi Blade Knife in Pouch Wolf Theme by Al Agnews

142 - 3" Folding Collector Knives 1 - Metallica & 1 - Grizzly

152 - Folding Knife & Lighter Combo

16New in Pkg 2 - Folding Lockblade Knives by HUNTSHEILD

17New in Pkg 2 - Folding Lockblade Knives by HUNTSHEILD

18New Replica Sword with Sheath, Forged Steel

19Collector Knife Eagle Theme Etched Blade & Carved Handle & Stand

20Set of 3 Hunting Knives with Sheaths 1 - 7", 6" & 4" Blades .440 Steel

21Set of 3 Hunting Knives with Sheaths 1 - 7", 6" & 4" Blades .440 Steel

221 - 6" Replica Filleting Knife & Sheath

239" BOLEEFUN Hunting Knives

249" BOLEEFUN Hunting Knives 

259" BOLEEFUN Hunting Knives

2611" BOLEEFUN Hunting Knives

2711" BOLEEFUN Hunting Knives 

2811" BOLEEFUN Hunting Knives

291 - 9" BOLEEFUN Hunting Knife with Skinning Hook

302 - Diver's Knives Stainless Steel 4 1/2" Blade 

312 - Diver's Knives Stainless Steel 4 1/2" Blade 

323 - 3" Collector Knives (Race Car #3)

332 - 3" Lock Blade Knives

341 - Multi Color 3" Lock Blade .440 Steel

353 1/2" Folding Knife Cold Steel with USA Marine Crest

362 - 3 1/2" Folding Knife with Sheath

373 - 2 1/2" Folding Knife, Etched Handle .440 Steel & Belt Clip

386 1/2" Fixed Blade with Sheath .440 Steel

397" Hunting Knife with Sheath .440 Steel

404" Drop Point Blade with Sheath & Light .440 Steel 

414" Drop Point Blade with Sheath & Light .440 Steel

421 - 3 1/2" Berkley Bait Knife

43New Moutaineer Pick Axe with Sheath (TOMAHAWK)

44New 14" Blade O/A Length 19 1/2"

45New 14" Blade O/A Length 19 1/2"

46WESTERN Knife 14" Blade O/A Length 19 1/2" 

47WESTERN Knives 14" Blade O/A Length 19 1/2" 

48White Belt and Sheath "ARTE ET MATE" which means "By Skill and by Force" Canadian Forces

49Dagger and Sheath

50Vintage Asian Knife with Metal Handle & Sheath

514 Vintage Large Blade Knives Frost, Wiltshire & Premier - Solingen Germany

52Dagger by ASH Leather & Brass Handle with Leather Sheath

53ROYAL CREST Multipurpose Knife, Leather Sheath - Original Box

542 - Filleting Knives by GRIZZLY New in Pkg with Sheath

55Bucktail Classic by FROST CUTLERY New in box with Sheath

56Oil Stone

57Wet Stones

58Wet Stones

59Fixed Blade Knife & Sheath by AITOR SPAIN

60Vintage 5" Lockblade Wood Handle Made in Brazil

61Old Leather Sheath and Knife - Brass Studs

62Vintage Knife Wood Handle by Frost Sweden "Animal Stomach Sheath"

63Knife "Huntsman Special" & Leather Sheath

64Hunting Knife by Western USA W84 Beautiful Wood Handle - Leather Sheath

65Tactical Knife Made in USA by SRK with Sheath

66Knife 50 Seal Pup in Sheath

67Swiss Force Multi Tool in Box

68Lot of 12 Knives Lock Blade Multi Blade Retractible, Ect

69Lot of 9 Knives Lock Blade Multi Blade Advertising

70RAPALA Hunting Knife with Gut Hook & Sheath Made in Finland

71Hunting Knife with Leather Sheath "Elk Carved Antler Handle"

72Hunting Knife with Leather Sheath, Leather Handle

73GERBER Knife with Gut Hook & Sheath

742 - Vintage Hand Made Knives, 1 with Antler Handle

75Knife "The Best Defense" with Sheath

762 WINCHESTER Knife and Sheath

773 Knives made in Sweden with Sheaths "Needs Cleaning"

78Hunting Knife with Gut Hook & Sheath by VALOR

792 Mini Knives, One Has Compass & Sheath

802 Knives with Sheaths Made in Sweden

81Tukon Knife and Sheath Made in Germany

82Long Blade Homemade Knife with Antler Handle & Leather Sheath

833 Vintage Knives

842 Knives with Sheaths Made in Ireland and Brazil

852 Knives - One Hunting Knife from Japan and One Filleting Knife from China

86Vintage Knife Antler Handle, Sheath Made in England

87Lot of 11 Lock Blade Pocket Knives and 1 Cleaver

882 Vintage Camping Knives & 2 Vintage Folding Knives from Ireland

892 Vintage Camping Knives, 1 Vintage Mini Camping Knife, 1 Vintage Folding Knife

906 Swiss Army Knives Made in Switzerland, China & Japan

912  Vintage Folding Pocket Knives, 1 Camp King Ireland, 1 German

924 Swiss Made Knives (Hunting, Swiss Army, Folding & Multi Blade)

932 Knives Lock Blade in Poach, M16 Style

942 Multi Tool Locking Hunting in Box

959 Vintage Assorted Knives Made in England, Ireland, Switzerland

969 Vintage Assorted Knives Made in England, Ireland, Switzerland

972 Winchester Knives 1- Fixed Blade and 1 - Multi Blade Both in Sheaths

982 New RUKO Knives 1 - Limited Edition

99SMITH & WESSON (Homeland Security) with Sheath and Stone

1001 GERBER Machette and 1 GERBER Hunting Knife Both with Sheaths

101WINCHESTER Bowie Knife with Sheath New in Pkg

102New 3pk WINCHESTER Set in Pkg

103New WINCHESTER Pocket Chip Knife Gift Set With Tin in Pkg

104GERBER Machette in Sheath - in Great Shape

105New TOMAHAWK Wood Handle in Leather Sheath

106Bag of Assorted Collector Knives

107Bag of Assorted Collector Knives

108Bag of Assorted Collector Knives

109Bag of Assorted Collector Knives

1106 Folding Knives Made in Pakistan - 4 have Sheaths

1114 Folding Knives CRKT, Marine & SWAT 1967

1127 Folding Lockblade Knives

113ELBRIDGE 3 Pack - Great Condition

1142 GROHMENN Knives, 1 in Leather Sheath

1151 OUTDOOR EDGE Skinner Blaze

1164 Piece Various Sized Lock Blades with Leather Sheath

1173 Piece Various Sized Lock Blades with Leather Sheath

118SNAP-ON Multi Tool with Sheath

1198 Advertising Knives with Sheaths

1204 Multi Tools with Trade Leather Sheaths

121KERSHAW Hunting Knife with Leather Sheath

122Hunting Knife in Sheath COBALT

123Handmade in Pakistan .440 Steel with Sheath

1242 Handmade Knives with Leather Sheaths

125MOSSBERG Skinner Knife with Sheath

1262 Tactial Knives with Sheaths - 1 has a Compass

127Large Unique Knife with Metal Handle

128ELKRIDGE Bowie Knife with Leather Sheath

1296 Knives, Lockblade, Adjusting Blade, Etc.

1306 Various Sized Lock Blade Knives

131Hunting Knife "Handmade Sheath" .440 Steel

1322 BOLEEFUN Knives with Sheath

133Hunting Knife "USA" Handmade Vintage Sheath

134OUTDOOR EDGE Kodi Skinner with Sheath

135OUTDOOR EDGE "Whitetail Skinner" with Sheath

1363 Sets of Throughing Knives 1 - Made in Pakistan

137.440 Steel Knife with Sheath

138TOMAHAWK XL-49 Survival Knife with Sheath and Content


1402 Japan Made Knives with Sheaths

1412 Knives: 1 ELKRIDGE 1 FALCON CREST with Blade Damage

142Pirate Theme Knife .440 Steel (Sharp)

143Vintage Stainless Steel Hunting Knife with Original Sheath

1443 Knives, Need Handle Repair

1452 Knives: 1 OZARK TRAIL 1 SUPER both with Sheath

1462 Hunting Knives with Leather Sheaths 1 from England 1 from Germany

1476 Wood and Brass Lock Blade Knives - Various Sizes

14817 Various Kitchen and Butcher Knives - Various Sizes

149Set of 3 Hand Crafted Throughing Knives

150Box with Various Stones, Etc. (13 Pieces)

1512 Machettes

1523 Knives and 1 Camp Saw

1533 Knives: 2 Homemade 1 J HACK

154Set of 2 Throughing Knives

155Set of 2 Throughing Knives

156New Set of 3 Throughing Knives in Box

157Vintage SCHRADE-WALDEN #147 with Sheath

158SCHRADE OLD TIMER #152 with Sheath

159SCHRADE Limited Edition 2012 Elk Handle with Sheath

160SCHRADE LB7 Lockblade with Sheath

161SCHRADE LB7 Lockblade with Sheath

162SCHRADE 470T Old Timer Lockblade

163SCHRADE 498 Fixed Blade with Sheath

164SCHRADE 1250T Old Timer Lockblade with Sheath

165SCHRADE Uncle Henry with Sharpening Stone Leather Sheath

166SCHRADE Uncle Henry 3 Blade in Box

167SCHRADE 2012 Limited Edition 3 Blade

168Vintage Hide Scraper

169Sword with Leather Bound Handle

170Vintage Sword with Carved Wood Handle and Sheath

171US Marines Sword Inscribes "Iain Duncan McLean #59 Capt 01" Salisbury Sabres

17213 Vintage Pocket Knives (England, USA, Switzerland, Ect)

173KERSHAW Folding Field Lockblade

174BUCK 103 Fixed Blade Antler Handle Leather Sheath

175BUCK 479 Neoprene Handle and Sheath

176BUCK 110 Lockblade and Sheath

177BUCK 119 Hunting Knife with Leather Sheath

178New PUMA - German Made Bowie & Gentleman in Package

179New WINCHESTER Bowie in Package

180Vintage MATIS Made Knife Whale Rib Handle (2 Pieces) and Seal Hide Sheath Extra Rib

181Handmade Antler Handle Leather Sheath 8" Blade METIS Made

182Handmade Antler Handle Leather Sheath 6" Blade METIS Made

183Handmade Antler Handle Leather Sheath 4 1/2" Blade METIS Made

184Unique - METIS Made 7" Blade Antler Handle

185RUKO 078L Hunting Knife with Leather Sheath

186New Lockblade Knife

187New Lockblade Knife

188Banana Knife - 1940's

189Brass Dynamite Knife

190Original Buffalo Skinner Bowie - Germany with Sheath 8" Blade

191Original Buffalo Skinner Germany with Sheath 5" Blade

192Vintage 8" Blade Antler Handle German Knife

193Vintage German Antler Handle with Sheath Hunting Knife

1942 WESTERN USA Knives with Original Sheath 1 Wood and 1 Antler Handle

195Vintage COSL CO LTD Knife with Leather Sheath Outer Handle

196ROYAL CANADIAN ORDINANCE CORP Leather Sheath Outer Handle

197Vintage Hunting Knife with Antler Handle and Leather Sheath

198Camper's Pouch with Fork, Spoon, Knife set & CAMILLIUS 1987 Knife

1992 Vintage Hunting Knives 1 - England no Sheaths

2008 Vintage Pocket Knives Made in England, Portugal, USA, Wood Box

201SCHRaDE Lockblade "Alberta Diamond Jubilee" with Sheath

2022 Knives: 1 SCHRADE Old Timer 1 SCHRADE LB7 Lockblade with Sheath

2032 Knives: 1 SCHRADE Old Timer 1 FRONTIER 4815 Lockblade with Sheath

2042 SCHRADE Pocket Knives 1 - Old Time 1 - Alberta Cattle Commissions

205BROWNING Skinner Knife with Leather Sheath and Box

206New SCHRADE "Old Timer" Scissor in package

2072 Vintage Knives Made in West Germany

20816" Bowie Knife and Leather Shealth

209SMITH & WESSON "Texas Hold Em" Bowie with Leather Sheath

210KERSHAW "Alaskan Blade Tracker" with Leather Sheath

2112 New Buck Knives in Package 1 - BUCKLITE 1 - TALUS

212Set of 4 New in Box Handmade Bone Collector

213New "Brothers Keeper" Bowie Leather Sheath in Box with LOA

2142 BUCK Lockblade Knives with Sheath 395 & 395-1

2153 Leather Sheaths 1 Buck

216Vintage PUMA "White Hunter" Made in Germany

2173 Vintage Collector Knives 2 RCMP and 1 Sheriff

218Belt with Pouch Sheath and Knife - Made in Switzerland

2193 Vintage German Made Hunting Knives with Sheaths

2202 Vintage Hunting Knives 1 German Blue Steel 981-8

2212 Vintage German Knives 1 - WWII German Army Knife with Head

2228 Pocket Knives Vintage Most are German

2237 Pocket Knives 1 - Scout Knife 1 - Camillius German Fish Knife, ect

2242 Handmade Bowie Knives Bone Handles "Native Knives"

225Ceremonial Knife All Antler Etched Handle

226Ceremontal Knife Made from Bone Rawhide Handle Beadwork Sheath

227.440 Steel Eagle Etched Blade with Beadwork Native Sheath

228Native Made Knife Antler Handle - Beautiful Beadwork Sheath

229Native Bird Carved Handle Knife with Leather Sheath Brass Studs

230Native Eagle Handle Knife Leather Sheath with Studs

231Antler Knife (Handle and Blade) with Leather Sheath

2323 Antler Handle Knives with Leather Sheath

233Pioneer Knife Made from Sythe Blade

234Handmade Knife with Gut Hock Antler Handle Leather Sheath

2352 Vintage Knives Wood Carved Handls and Sheath

2366 Knives - Folding, Fixed, Advertising, Some Vintage

2373 Bullet Like Knives 1 - 12ga 1 -30.08 1-44 cal & 2 Sheaths

2383 Knives 1 Fixed Blade, 1 Alligator Folding, 1 Eagle Etched

239Dagger (inscribed blade) Etched Handle and Sheath

2403 Piece Dagger Set Marked UB With Leather Sheath

2413 Vintage Dagger, looks to be Egyptian Brass Beads on Handle, Leather Sheaths

2422 Daggers with Sheaths

243Vintage Japanese Knife KORIUM Etched Wood Handle and Sheath

2443 Knives: 1 Fillet , 2 Hunting. 2 With Wood Handles Made in Sweden

2452 Knives: 1 Fillet, 1 Hunting with Wood Handle and Sheaths

246Fillet Knife with Leather Sheath TAYMOR NOMED

2472 Lockblade 1 - SCHRADE 1 - OLYMPIA

248Vintage Knife Blade with Etched Brass Sheath and Handle are Etched and Gem Stoned

2493 Pocket Wet Stones with Leather Cases

250LEATHERMAN "Wave" in Leather Sheath

251LEATHERMAN "Core" in Leather Sheath

252LEATHERMAN "Mirco" in Leather Sheath

253LEATHERMAN Supertool - No Sheath

254LEATHERMAN Core - No Sheath

255LEATHERMAN Core - No Sheath

256LEATHERMAN Wave - No Sheath

257Mini Multitool - No Sheath

258ULU Knife Native Handcrafted from Alaska

2592 FRONTIER FORGED Kitchen Knives

260Vintage USN Knife Leather and Wood Handle Leather Sheath

261Vintage 2 Knife set Large Sheath Stamped "1945"

262Vintage US 1966 Machett and Sheath

263Knife Stamped "Marine Devil Dogs" in Sheath

264Vintage Knife and Leather Sheath

265ROSS RIFLE CO 1907 Bayonette Leather Sheath

266Bayonette Stamped "US 1919" Metal Sheath

267Czech E3 Lion 48 Bayonette with E3 Lion 46 Metal Sheath

268BUCK USA Lockblade - No Sheath

269BUCK "Official Knife Boy Scouts of America" with Sheath

270BUCK Filleting Knife with Sheath

271BUCK All Metal Knife with Sheath

272BUCK Fixed Blade with Sheath

273BUCK Fixed Blade with Gut Hook and Camo Handle with Sheath

2742 Finish Made Hunting Knives with Sheaths

275Vintage Dagger with Leather Sheath, Sheffield England

276Vintage "Original Bowie" Leather Handle and Sheath

277Vintage Huning Knife WESTERN Leather Sheath USA

2783 BOY SCOUTS Knives 1 has Sheath 1950's

2792 Lockblade with Sheaths 1 FRONTIER USA and 1 VANADIUM

2802 Lockblade with Sheaths 1 G96 and 1 -2 Blade MONARCH

281PACHMAYR 200 Hunting Knife with Sheath

282KATZ Hunting Knife Leather Sheath USA

283KATZ Hunting Knife No Sheath USA

2842 Knives by HERTER'S USA with Sheaths 1 Fillet and 1 Hunting

285WESTERN USA Knife and Leather Sheath

286Set of 3 RCMP Collector Knives and Sheath Germany

2872 Vintage Knives 1 Sherrif and Queen Elizabeth Coronation 1953

2885 Vintage WHITE Knives with Pearl Handles Engald & USA

2895 SWISS ARMY 1-in bo Switzerland China, 1 KORIUM

2905 SWISS ARMY 1- JA HENCKELS 1 - RUKO and China

2916 Vintage Folding Knives (VANADIUM, BARLOW, KLIEN WARDS & SABRE)

292Vintage Folding Knife Etched "Fishermans Pick" Disgorge Rusted

293Package of 12 Various Knives Various Makers

294Package of 8 Pocket Knives, Various Makers

295Package of 8 Vintage Various Pocket Knives, Various Makers

296Package of 8 Vintage Pocket Knives, Various Makers

2973 Vintage Pocket Knives Pearl Handles Swiss and German

298Package of 8, Some Pearl Handled England Portugal Thailand, Etc.

2992 Replica Hunting Knives with Sheaths - Finland

3003 Pack DUCKS UNLIMITED with Pouch

3012 Hunting Knives with Sheaths Mora Sweden

3022 Hunting Knives with Sheaths Mora Sweden

303Vintage Hunting Knives "National" with Leather Sheaths

304Vintage German Hunting Knives and Sheath

3052 Vintage Hunting Knives with Sheaths MID

3062 Knife Set in Leather Sheath OUTDOOR EDGE

307FROST LAPPLANDER 90 Knife with Sheath Sweden

308FRONTIER Imperial USA with Leather Sheath

309ERIK FROST Knife Wood Handle Leather Sheath - Sweden

310Native Made Knife Carved Eagle Handle

311Vintage Knife Antler Handle & England Blade

312ELKRIDGE Knife Camo Handle & Blade with Sheath

313Hunting Knife and Sheath - Germany

314Cub Bear Knife Made in USA

3152 Lock Blade Knives RUKO

316RUKO Hunting Knife with Sheath and Wet Stone

317RUKO Muela Hunting Knife Made in Spain

318RUKO Wood Handle Leather Sheath Germany

319RUKO Skinner with Sheath Spain

320RUKO Hunting Knife with Leather Sheath

3212 J Russel & CO Knives with Leather Sheath USA Antler and Wood Handles

3223 Vintage Knives 1 Sheath 1 Stamped Blue Steel and 1 Walden NY

3233 Hunting Knives 2 Sheaths Made in Brazil

3242 Hunting Knives 1 Sheath 1 Stamped Towika Ireland

325Hunting Knife Imperial USA Leather Sheath

3262 Knives 1 Korea with Wooden Handle 1 India with Metal Sheath

3272 3-blade Knives Vintage (Hook, Gut Hook, and Blade)

3289 Assorted Vintage Pocket Knives (USA, Switzerland, England, Etc.)

329Blade and Original Wood Case Made in Austria

330Various Knives and Multi Tools

331Package of Assorted Pocket Knives, Various Makers

332Package of Assorted Pocket Knives, Various Makers

3332 Machettes

3342 Knives, Need Repair

335US Divers Knife in Sheath

3362 Brazillian Made Hunting Knives in 1 Sheath

337Homemade Knife Antler Handle Leather Sheath

3382 Knives with Sheaths MASTERCRAFT and HUSQUVARNA

3393 Knives 1 Sheath MID SWEDEN OLD HICKORY

3401 WM ROGERS England and Sheath

341Hunting Knife and Sheath SHUR EDGE NO 32

3422 Knives, 2 Knives with Sheaths

343Hunting Knife and Leather Sheath

344Heavy Wood and Brass Lockblade in Case

3452 Homemade Knives 1 Sheath

346German Made Knife RUKO A-6

347Alaska ULU Knife

348Large Homemade Knife with Leather Sheath and Antler

349Large Knife Maple Handle Leather Sheath Finland

350Lockblade Cold Steel Marine Crest in Box

35115 Piece Box - Kitchen Knives, Sharpener and Tenderizer

352Native Made Knife Antler Handle and Leather Sheath

3538 Knives, Various Types and Makers

3547 Various Sized Wood and Brass Lockblade Knives

3559 Various Type and Makers

35610 Various Type and Makers

3576 Various Knives, RUKO OTTER, etc.

358Set of 3 Throughing Knives

3592 Knives with Sheaths Wood Handles

360Hunting Knife with Leather Sheath

3613 Lockblades 1 Multi tool all with Cases

3623 Piece Lot of GERBER 2 - Lockblades 1 Multi tool

3634 Mini Knives

3643 Piece Knives - Needs Repair

365Knife with Big Ben and Westminster Abby, Parliament

3664 SCHRADE Set: 1 Blade, 2 Blade, 3 Blade & Lockblade with Sheath Marked 0976

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