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NOTE: Selling "AS IS, WHERE IS". All information is gathered from public records and believed to be accurate. Bidders should rely on teir own inspection of the property and records. Neither Seller/Agents will be held responsible for inaccurate information. Sale Day Announcements take precedence. PERSONAL PROPERTY TERMS: Cash or Good Check. Charge Cards will incur 3% surcharge. Full payment auction day. No removal without paid receipt. 10% Buyer's Premium will be added to determine final sale price. 6% Kentucky Sales Tax.

Announcement:Information contained herein is presented on behalf of the seller. Crain Auction Company, agent for the seller, cannot guarantee the information to be correct or assume the liabilities for errors and omissions.  All lines drawn on maps are approximate. Buyers should verify the information to their own satisfaction.  Any announcements made from the auction block on day of auction will take precedence over any matter of print and will be final.

Lot#: 101

1980's Ford Flatbed Truck (Not Running)

Title Pending

Lot#: 102

1980's Ford Panel Truck (Not Running)

Title Pending

Lot#: 103


Lot#: 103a

Semi-Trailer CONTENTS

Wooden Spools, Toilets, Metal Shelves and Miscellaneous Items

Lot#: 104

Wooden Decking

Lot#: 105

Remainder of Materials in Gated Rear Lot

Lot#: 200

Display Lighting

Consisting of 30 m/l Wall Sconce Lights; 20 m/l Ceiling Mount and Hanging Lights; 12 m/l Track Lights; NuTone Assorted Intercom System Components

Lot#: 300

CONTENTS of 8 ft - 10 Bay Metal Shelving Unit

Containing Assortment of Progress Lighting: Wall Sconce, Ceiling Mount, Chandelier and Exterior Lights

Lot#: 301

8 Ft - 10 Bay Metal Shelving Units

Lot#: 301a

CONTENTS of 8 FT - 10 Bay Metal Shelving Unit

Containing Assorted Drill Bits and Chuck Keys; Progress Lighting: Wall, Ceiling Mount, Recessed Lights; Fluorescent Specialty and Miscellaneous Light Bulbs; Mirrored Bathroom Cabinets; Ceiling Fans

Lot#: 302

8 Ft - 10 Bay Metal Shelving Units

Lot#: 302a

CONTENTS of 8 Ft - 10 Bay Metal Shelving Unit

Containing Assortment of Progress Lighting; Wall Sconce, Ceiling Mount and Exterior Lights; Plumbing Vents, Copper Fittings, Drain Plates and Miscellaneous

Lot#: 303

8 Ft - 10 Bay Metal Shelving Units

Lot#: 303a

CONTENTS of 8 Ft - 10 Bay Shelving Unit

Containing Electrical Wire Joints, Terminals; Plumbing Copper and PVC Couplings/Joints, Valves, Ball Valves, Sink Risers, Drains; Doorbell Chimes and Exit Lighting

Lot#: 304

8 Ft - 10 Bay Metal Shelving Units

Lot#: 304a

CONTENTS of 8 Ft - 10 Bay Metal Shelving Unit

Containing Valve Shower Sets, Fittings, Faucets, Rough-in Fittings, Sweep/Street/Flange Ells; Iron Fittings

Lot#: 400

CONTENTS of Counter and Wall Display

Klein Peg Board Displays/Tools

Lot#: 401


Desks, Files, Furniture, Supplies

Lot#: 402


Desks, Files, Furniture, Supplies

Lot#: 403


Desks, Files, Furniture, Supplies

Lot#: 404


Refrigerator, Microwave, Star Hotdog Machine, Miscellaneous Supplies

Lot#: 405


Pepsi Machine, Microwave and Miscellaneous

Lot#: 500

CONTENTS of 4-Bay Wooden Shelf & Metal End Shelf

Containing Electrical Transformers, Definite Purpose Controllers, Dimmer Knobs, Outlet Boxes, Speed Controls, Plugs, Outlets, Circuit Breakers, Single Receptacles, Wiring Devices, Fuses

Lot#: 501

CONTENTS of 10 Plus Shelving Bays

Electrical Wall Plates, Circuit Breakers, Rocker Switches, Toggle Switches, Safety Switch, Switch Boxes, Outlet Covers, Adjustable Bar Hangers, Modular Jacks, Coaxial Connector Plates; Assorted Wood/Machine Screws, Wall Anchors, Fasteners

Lot#: 502

CONTENTS of 14 - 8 Ft. Wooden Shelving Bays

Electrical Dimmers, Thermostats, Circuit Breakers, Outdoor Switches, Extension Rings and Covers

Lot#: 503

CONTENTS and 4 Metal Shelving Units

Including Overflow, Aluminum Straps, Clamps, Box Clips, Breaker Boxes, Industrial Light, Leviton Display, Nylon and Conduit Adapters, Vents and Miscellaneous

Lot#: 504

CONTENTS of 14 Bay Wooden Shelves

Exterior Lighting, Industrial Breaker Boxes, PVC Switch Boxes, Flush Boxes, Outlet Boxes, Circuit Breakers, Dryer Vents, Galvanized Pipes/Tubing and Bushings

Lot#: 505

CONTENTS of 8 - 8 Ft. Wooden Bins

Assorted PVC Sockets, Couplings, Elbows, Adapters, Bushings, Ball Valves, Brass Couplings

Lot#: 506

TWO Rows of 7 Ft. Wooden and Wire Bins

Lot#: 506a

CONTENTS of 7 Ft. Wooden Bins

Assorted PVC Cleanouts, Tees, Traps, Adapters and Flanges

Lot#: 507

CONTENTS of Exterior Wall Metal Shelving & Racks

Dayton Industrial Fan, Phone Jacks, Fittings, Coaxial Fittings, 100 m/l Kilgore Toilet Tanks and Bowls, Shower Doors, and 10 Ft. Conduit Pipes

Lot#: 508

Miscellaneous Near Overhead Bay Door

Side-by-Side Refrigerator, Metal Desk, Upright Piano, Stainless Table, Disassembled Walk-in Freezer, Pallets, Cabinet Base, Wooden Spools, File Cabinet, Clothes Dryer, (2) Push Mowers and Miscellaneous

Lot#: 509

CONTENTS of Lower Wooden Shelving Units

AND ALL ITEMS TO BACK WALL: Wiring, Assorted Fluorescent Light/Bulbs, PVC Piopes, Toilet Seats, Glass Shower Doors, Plastic Pipes and Miscellaneous

Lot#: 510

LARGE LOT of Industrial+Residential Breaker Boxes

Lot#: 511

PALLETS of Carlon PVC Couplings, Adapters

AND Miscellaneous Fittings

Lot#: 512

Shower Stalls, Bathroom Cabinets, Tubs,

Pipe Insulation, Toilet Tanks/Bowls and Miscellaneous

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