Kia Soul - Furniture - Household - 16944 - Ashley

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Thursday February 18, 2021 | 1103 34th St. NW. Canton, OH. US. 44709

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Announcement:Information contained herein is presented on behalf of the seller. Kiko Auctioneers, agent for the seller, cannot guarantee the information to be correct or assume the liabilities for errors and omissions.  All lines drawn on maps are approximate. Buyers should verify the information to their own satisfaction.  Any announcements made from the auction block on day of auction will take precedence over any matter of print and will be final.

Lot#: 59120409

Cavalier cedar chest & Contents including assorted stamp collecting books, most are empty


Lot#: 59120407

Three-piece bedroom suite with bed, dresser with mirror and end stands

Contents on top of bed and dresser sold separately

Lot#: 59120408

Folding plastic tables, 4 Pictures and three lamps


Lot#: 59120441

Rocking chair


Lot#: 59120442

Books, bookcase and two Thomas Kinkade prints


Lot#: 59120440

Three Hummel plates and shelf


Lot#: 59120405

Buffalo Nickels, assorted stamp collecting books most are empty, assorted pocket change


Lot#: 59120449

Assorted coin and stamp albums.

Most are empty

Lot#: 59120406

(2) 14 K Rings, (2) Sterling Rings, Large Lot of costume jewelry


Lot#: 59120403

Contents of closet including Kodak carousel projector, Gas Mask and slides


Lot#: 59120447

Modern dining table with two chairs. Contents are not included


Lot#: 59120404

Chest of drawers, upholstered chair, ironing board and Willow Tree figurines


Lot#: 59120448

Assorted books, figurines and bookcase


Lot#: 59120401

Desk, bookshelf, and stand, file cabinet and desk items


Lot#: 59120445

File cabinet, oil lamp, wooden shelf, and assorted desk items.


Lot#: 59120402

Small chest of drawers, lamp, pictures and cuckoo clock


Lot#: 59120446

Five albums of CDs and Perception Digital MP3 recordable jukebox

Speakers are not included

Lot#: 59120443

Apple computer, desk items and printer


Lot#: 59120400

Blanket chest


Lot#: 59120444

Large corner desk with two side stands. Contents not included

Please note this is in the basement and Buyer will need to dismantle for removal.

Lot#: 59120418

Four-drawer filing cabinet and cabinet with contents


Lot#: 59120419

Assorted seasonal decor, Gates and office items

Metal shelves are not included

Lot#: 59120375


No Shipping Available. Pickup Only. Preview Date: Tuesday - February 16, 2021 - 2:00-3:00 PM Removal Date: Monday - February 22, 2021 - 11:00 AM-3:00 PM Pickup Location: 1103 34th St. NW, Canton, OH 44709 Online Terms: Visa, MasterCard & Wire Transfer accepted. 15% buyer's premium on all sales. Wire Transfer required for vehicle. NO SHIPPING AVAILABLE. All items must be removed during pick up time or items will be forfeited. Information is believed to be accurate but not guaranteed. Multi Par auction process may be used. NOTE: Do not bid on this lot. This lot is not being sold. EVENT: Kia Soul - Furniture - Household - 16944 - Ashley  

Lot#: 59120452

Contents of small shed.


Lot#: 59120376

2015 Kia Soul w/ approx. 7,080 miles

Year: 2015 Make: Kia Model: Soul Vehicle Type: Multipurpose Vehicle (MPV) Mileage: 7,080 Body Type: 4 Door Wagon Trim Level: Base Drive Line: FWD Engine Type: L4, 1.6L; DOHC 16V Fuel Type: Gasoline VIN #: KNDJN2A22F7154971 Features and Notes: Right Rear Tire is Flat

Lot#: 59120453

Contents of larger shed


Lot#: 59120450

Modern coffee table and lamp stand

Contents are not included

Lot#: 59120451

Dog portraits


Lot#: 59120416

Assorted proof sets and coins


Lot#: 59120417

Small chest freezer


Lot#: 59120414

Contents of closet including paper shredder, Bissell Power vac, radio, keyboards and suitcases


Lot#: 59120415

Bookcase with contents and chair


Lot#: 59120379

Buffalo Nickel Display


Lot#: 59120412

Bookshelf with books, wooden stool, Picture and Light


Lot#: 59120413

Mission style corner desk with two files and bookcase


Lot#: 59120377

Dining room table with four chairs and fruit holder


Lot#: 59120410

Chest of drawers, stand and civil war books


Lot#: 59120378

Contents of Kitchen Cabinets

Incl. Pots, Pans, Bakeware, Small Kitchen Appliances, Utensils, Dishware, Canisters

Lot#: 59120411

Contents of closet including medical equipment, Kodak camera and mouse traps


Lot#: 59120429

Maytag gas dryer


Lot#: 59120390

Upholstered loveseat and sofa


Lot#: 59120386

Stenciled Wood Rocker


Lot#: 59120387

Upholstered Recliner


Lot#: 59120420

Assorted books

Bookcases are not included

Lot#: 59120384

Globe, Chess Set, Ancestral Photo, Lamp Shades, Elgin Clock, Winter Oil on Board


Lot#: 59120385

Mid-Century Modern Desk

Contents Sold Separately

Lot#: 59120382

Golden Power Recliner


Lot#: 59120383

Mid-Century Modern Hutch, VHS/DVD Player & Assorted Glassware


Lot#: 59120380



Lot#: 59120381

Mid-Century Modern End Stand w/ 3 Lamps


Lot#: 59120427

Small workbench & Contents


Lot#: 59120428

Contents of metal Shelf including antlers and matches, rocking chair and clothes drying rack

Metal shelf not included

Lot#: 59120425

Contents of metal shelves: assorted paints, sprays, extension cords, styrofoam cups and plates

ladder and gate. Metal shelves not included

Lot#: 59120426

Toolbox with assorted hand tools, Walker and Barrel


Lot#: 59120423

Contents of shelf, stool, plastic folding table


Lot#: 59120424

Chest of drawers and cabinet with contents including organizers and hardware


Lot#: 59120388

Howard Miller Grandfather Clock


Lot#: 59120421

Contents of Workbench incl. Vise, Grinder, Assorted Hand Tools & Sprays

Workbench not included

Lot#: 59120389

VHS Cabinet w/ VHS Tapes and Dictionary


Lot#: 59120422

Contents of Peg Board: grinder, paint sprayer, pipe wrenches, C clamps, hand tools & Model Airplane


Lot#: 59120397

Assorted Hummels and Hummel plates


Lot#: 59120430

Basement shelf with washboard, cooler and household items


Lot#: 59120398

La-Z-Boy power lift chair


Lot#: 59120431

Maytag Atlantis washing machine


Lot#: 59120395

Two buckets of Henry roll roofing


Lot#: 59120396

Contents of whole closet including snowshoes, mops, vacuum and dish towels


Lot#: 59120393

54" LG Flat-Screen TV, Stand & DVD Player


Lot#: 59120394

Assorted Mini Oil Lamps, DVDs, Dog Bowls, Cane and books


Lot#: 59120391

Wooden rocker and wooden stool


Lot#: 59120392

Bookcase with National Geographic DVDs, globe, lamp, picture frames and fan


Lot#: 59120438

Hill Craft sleeper sofa and matching chair.

Please note these items are in the basement. Buyer responsible for removal, bring your own help.

Lot#: 59120439

Old computer, tile top stand, folding chair and decor


Lot#: 59120436

Dehumidifier, vacuum, floor lamp, and ironing board


Lot#: 59120437

Sony big screen TV

This item is in the basement. Buyer responsible for removal. Bring your own help.

Lot#: 59120434

Kelly pack frame, Trekking poles, stool, metal shelf, luggage


Lot#: 59120435

Table, barrel, clothes rack and household items.


Lot#: 59120399

Stereo and assorted CDs


Lot#: 59120432

Step stool, lawn chair and broken exerciser


Lot#: 59120433

Three-door metal cabinet


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