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Sunday January 24, 2021 | LINCOLN, NE. US. 68502

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THERE IS A 15% buyers fee. and a $5.00 per lot handling fee for packing and shipping. No handling fee is charged for local pick up. Any lots not picked up on the pick up date will be shipped at your expense. There will be a local pickup. TWO DAYS AFTER THE END OF THE AUCTION .TUESDAY JAN 26TH 2021 PICK UP WILL BE FROM 3:00 PM TO 7:00PM AT TOYS FROM THE PAST AT INDIAN VILLAGE LINCOLN NE 3219 SOUTH 13TH ST . All buyers must have items picked up that day or make other arangments with me 402-230-0054. Non paying customers will be blocked form bidding in the future. ALL ITEMS ARE AS IS WHERE IS. CREDIT CARDS WILL BE CHARGED FOLLOWING THE AUCTION FOR THE ITEMS PURCHASED. SHIPPING WILL BE BILLED TO THE SAME CARD AFTER ITEMS ARE PACKED AND SHIPPING COST ARE FIGURED. $5.00 HANDLING FEE FOR EACH LOT WILL BE CHARGED. SHIPPING TO OUT OF COUNTRY WILL BE HANDLED AFTER U.S. SHIPPING IS DONE. IT IS FREE TO PICK UP CHECKS FROM OUT OF STATE WILL NOT BE TAKEN. UNLESS THEY ARE PRE APPROVED BY US AND YOUR BANK.

Announcement:Information contained herein is presented on behalf of the seller. New Generation Auctions, agent for the seller, cannot guarantee the information to be correct or assume the liabilities for errors and omissions.  All lines drawn on maps are approximate. Buyers should verify the information to their own satisfaction.  Any announcements made from the auction block on day of auction will take precedence over any matter of print and will be final.

Lot#: 1


Lot#: 2

Micromachine lot

Lot#: 3

Lot of children?s toys

Lot#: 4

Lot of dragon ball Z figures

Lot#: 5

Lot of doll figures

Lot#: 6

Steel miniature cars 60?s and 79?s

Lot#: 7

Midge toy tootsie toy lot

Lot#: 8

Ertl midge Tonka and tootsie cars

Lot#: 9

Miniature 60?s and 70?s toy cars

Lot#: 10

Heman vehicles and prince Adam and carded heman

Lot#: 11

C-130 plastic plane

Lot#: 12

80?s toy line videos

Lot#: 13

LEGO mana magazine lot

Lot#: 14

Dealership brochure from Buick to Camaro and many


Lot#: 15

Star Wars collector series luke figure

Lot#: 16

Dealer brochure beetle Buick mercury

Lot#: 17

Star Wars collector series figure

Lot#: 18

Buick opel packard Ford dealer brochure

Lot#: 19

Crossman airgun new in box

Lot#: 20

Kennedy bobble head

Lot#: 22

Gundams Ban dai plus a power ranger

Lot#: 23

3 Ljn wrestling figures King Kong Bundy

Lot#: 24

4 Ljn Hulk Sheik Funk Paul Orndorff

Lot#: 25

Gobot and 4 other figures

Lot#: 26

Wings of Texaco ?The Duck?

Lot#: 27

Mr. T, the osmonds, Get Smart

Lot#: 28

Chuck Norris karate commandos

Lot#: 29

Miscellaneous model truck parts

Lot#: 30

Priest Holmes McFarlane

Lot#: 31

Brett Favre McFarlane

Lot#: 32

Marvel toy biz and a few randoms

Lot#: 33

Big 8 football game and game forecaster

Lot#: 34

1930 travel air model r Mystery Ship

Lot#: 35

1931 wings of Texaco Stearman Biplan

Lot#: 36

Wings of Texaco 1940 Grumman Goose

Lot#: 37

Ghostbusters, walking dead football figure

Lot#: 38

Jiffy Lube

Lot#: 39

Power Marchers Quick step

Lot#: 40

9 jiffy lube hot wheels

Lot#: 41

McDonald?s power ranger set

Lot#: 42

Mutt Williams Indiana Jones

Lot#: 43

Luke Skywalker 12 inch Star Wars

Lot#: 44

Toy cowboys gi joes and book ends

Lot#: 45

Ghostbusters, stranger things, mego

Lot#: 46

Box of Stomper track

Lot#: 47

Go bot Power Marchers Hitch Hiker

Lot#: 48

Cedric Benson McFarlane toys

Lot#: 49

Adrian Peterson McFarlane NFL

Lot#: 50

J McClelland Children?s circus

Lot#: 51

Vintage deli and shake sign from kings drive inn

Lot#: 52

Huge lot of sky commanders. Get it all.... One


Lot#: 53

Israeli F-16 Revell model kit

Lot#: 54

Pop up pizza play set and tmnt busy books

Lot#: 55

2 12 inch gi Joes with weapons. Plus 6 million

dollar man parts

Lot#: 56

Husker bottles and coke and Pepsi bottles

Lot#: 57

6 1973 husker football programs

Lot#: 58

6 mid 70?s Husker programs

Lot#: 59

5 late 70?s husker programs

Lot#: 60

Marvel universe 3 3/4 figures

Lot#: 61

Random neca DC marvel 6 inch

Lot#: 62

A huge flat of husker BB programs

Lot#: 63

Husker programs and 95 spirit colander

Lot#: 64

Dc Marvel 6 inch Superman

Lot#: 65

Michael Meyers, Got and random marvel

Lot#: 66

Dragon ball z figures 5 of them

Lot#: 67

Husker programs sports illustrated

Lot#: 68

Cabbage patch kids playpaks

Lot#: 69

1994 championship season SI. Plus a big eight

1972 program

Lot#: 70

The story of Cornhusker football and Nebraska

football the coaches and players experience. Plus ode to the big red

Lot#: 71

1971Glasses, mug, National champion bottle

Lot#: 72

1971 university of Nebraska glasses x4

Lot#: 73

4 Husker 1970 -74 championship glassses

Lot#: 74

5 Johnny Lightning 1/64 scale cars New In


Lot#: 75

Barbies and jet ski

Lot#: 76

5 Johnny Lightning 1/64 scale cars- New! Still


Lot#: 77

Assorted pocket knives

Lot#: 78

Assorted pocket knives

Lot#: 79

5 New Johnny Lightning cars 1/64 scale-Still

sealed in package. MINT

Lot#: 80

Assorted pocket knives

Lot#: 81

Assorted knives

Lot#: 82

5 Johnny Lightning cars-Mint-1/64 scale-New in

original package

Lot#: 83

10 jiffy lube hot wheels

Lot#: 84

5-Johnny Lightning cars-1/64 scale-New in

original packaging

Lot#: 85

Jiffy lube group of 10

Lot#: 86

5 Johnny Lightning Muscle Cars-1/64 scale-new in


Lot#: 87

Wings of Texaco 1932 Northrop Gamma

Lot#: 88

Johnny Lightning cars-1/64 scale-All MINT-New in


Lot#: 89

Wings of Texaco 1927 Ford Tri-Motored monoplane

Lot#: 90

5-Johnny Lightning cars-3

camaros-corvette-American graffiti -Mint

Lot#: 91

Monkey bank and ice cream doll vintage

Lot#: 92

5 Johnny Lightning-Poker Series-1/64 cars- New in

package-sealed Mint

Lot#: 93

Vintage Husker soda and beer mug

Lot#: 94

5-Johnny Lightning Super Chevys-1/64


Lot#: 95

Husker schedules 83 and 85 and pins

Lot#: 96

5 Johnny Lightning -1/64 scale cars- MINT

Lot#: 97

Cotton bowl 1980 orange bowl 94 cotton bowl 74

Lot#: 98

11 Hot wheels AND Johnny Lightning cars-New- All

Mint in box except one hot wheel-which has torn package

Lot#: 99

Books on tape, German, Spanish, novels....

Lot#: 100

Vintage circus straws and toys

Lot#: 101

Burger King Toys-Mickey, Toontown,Disney,water

Mates, Disney parade, and more.

Lot#: 102

McDonalds toys-1994 Jim Henson workshop and

Bobby?s World.

Lot#: 103

Harolds Club Reno posters 7 of them. 1 money

Lot#: 104

Burger King toys-?94 Kids club, & Disney


Lot#: 105

6 Husker programs 1970 and 71

Lot#: 106

Husker 72 71 programs

Lot#: 107

A lot of McDonalds & Burger King toys,E.T.

,Disney,Muppets, Dalmations Barbie.

Lot#: 108

McDonald?s and Burger King toys including 1985

peanuts collection & Disney &more

Lot#: 109

1962 - 66 programs Nebraska program

Lot#: 110

Lot of 50 plus vintage Husker buttons

Lot#: 111

Sonic, McD?s , Burger King misc toys Jim Henson

Muppets, Hedgehogs, Disney parade, etc

Lot#: 112

Assorted race car and Darrell Waltrip

Lot#: 113

Pt-19 Flight Trainer by Cox

Lot#: 114

Misc. baseball cake toppers, crystal de lite cat,

vintage playing cards, Scottie wood box, ape, rhino, pewter teddy bear

Lot#: 115

Burlington Northern mug set 12 in all

Lot#: 116

Ertl easy snap and model planes

Lot#: 117

Misc. vintage toys-Ammunition for paper buster

guns (or cap gun) Donald Duck sharpener, matchbook tin, calculator, vintage. Ruler, turn keys for tin toys, top hat, Dopey Stick-on

Lot#: 118

Husker Trivia book by Noyce Industries 70?s and


Lot#: 119

3-Nebraska Football Press,Radio Guides

Lot#: 120

Mangelsens prints Husker 1971 Weak-end

quarterback and touchdown Tommie photo

Lot#: 121

Vintage Dominos, puzzle peg

Lot#: 122

Multiple Auto Brochures -Corvette, Nova Camaro,

Chevy trucks, etc

Lot#: 123

Dice, belt buckle and pins

Lot#: 124

Altitrak altitude finder model rockets

Lot#: 125

It?s of Auto Brochures! Very nice condition !

-Buick-Oldsmobile, Monte Carlo, El Camino, etc.

Lot#: 126

Assorted pocket knives

Lot#: 127

Assorted group of quality pocket knives

Lot#: 128

5 vintage magazines-?Gent?, ?Swank?and Adam?

Lot#: 129

Assorted buck knives

Lot#: 130

5 vintage Playboy Magazines in beautiful

condition-Years1965, 1966, 1966, 1969, and 1970 holiday issue,

Lot#: 131

Star Trek cups and naval training flag with

vintage woody woodpecker

Lot#: 132

Vintage flashlight and tools

Lot#: 133

Multiple power ranger parts and accessories

Lot#: 134

Five Playboy Magazines-1966,1967, 1968, & 1970

Lot#: 135

Model railroad roundhouse products..... die cast

Lot#: 136

My little pony and strawberry shortcake dolls

huge lot

Lot#: 137

Five Playboi magazines from 1965,1966,1967 & 1969

Lot#: 138

Assorted Pez

Lot#: 139

Assorted comparative glasses

Lot#: 140

Five Vintage Playboy magazines-1965,1968,


Lot#: 141

Coby tape player headset and Lowe?s bank

Lot#: 142

Electrified United clock cast iron

Lot#: 143

2 Johnny west adult horses-the blonde horse is in

good condition, the Blackhorse has one ear missing.

Lot#: 144

Vintage garbage pail kids lot 1 of 2

Lot#: 145

Garbage pail kids lot 2 vintage

Lot#: 146

Assorted bottles

Lot#: 147

Two small Johnny West ponies, and a Breyer


Lot#: 148

Unique vintage soda bottles

Lot#: 149

Railroad locks and keys UP railroad

Lot#: 150

Johnny west- the movable cowboy by Marx model #

2062 With original box also has a kid?s gun holster toy with

Lot#: 151

UP locks and pad early 20th century with assorted


Lot#: 152

Union Pacific locks and keys. Switch keys

Lot#: 153

Union Pacific switch locks with working keys.

Very Rare!

Lot#: 154

Railroad switch keys and locks plus a very old


Lot#: 155

Yale and empire locks with switch keys

Lot#: 156

Late 60?s better homes and gardens cookbook full

of recipes

Lot#: 157

11- autos=1 diecast Texaco truck with box, 1

diecast tractor with scoop, 1 diecast DINKY truck, 1 die-Cast pantry truck, plus several plastic Tonka trucks and cars

Lot#: 158

Photomossaic puzzles 1000 piece and 500 piece


Lot#: 159

Tin toy locomotive ?very nice?

Lot#: 160

Matchbox-fold out play set houses inside a nice

storage case

Lot#: 161

Ho scale motors and cars ?New Haven? ?The Rock?

Lionel trains

Lot#: 162

Bachman R-Z track

Lot#: 163

Tonka, tootsie and John Deere

Lot#: 164

99% peanuts learning set late 60?s

Lot#: 165

4 -Playboy Calendars

Lot#: 166

60?s table tennis accessories

Lot#: 167

7 collectible bottles-Includes limited Mountain

Dew bottles, Ed Debevik?s beer bottle, vintage Goody bottle

Lot#: 168

Farm animals small scale

Lot#: 169

80?s Royals souvenir helmet

Lot#: 170

2 Johnny West figures-General Custer, Geronimo ,

plus 4 hats and gun holder,

Lot#: 171

My country, my rights pocket knife

Lot#: 172

Cars and trucks and motorcycles

Lot#: 173

Disney Mickey Mouse plate and Mickey puzzle.

Goofy and Donald

Lot#: 174

NASCAR lot Mark Martin doll. Earnhardt cards

Lot#: 175

Western toys Tin Engines. Modern toys inc.

Lot#: 176

Nichols toys Tommy Gun cap firing repeater

Lot#: 177

Walking dead pops also a potty shot toilet game

Lot#: 178

Babes in the Woods game ?Parker Brothers?

Lot#: 179

Signature collection Gund Bear. ?Bustopher?

Lot#: 180

Special collection Gund bear ?Annie Arctic?

Lot#: 181

Special collection Gund ?Brownbeary?

Lot#: 182

Lot of cds r&b, folk, Jazz and soul. Bob Dylan,

Joe Bonamassa, Leonard Cohen and many many more

Lot#: 183

13 saucer plates Estate Porzallen German

Lot#: 184

Assorted dolls- Tenko, Beauty and the beast. Very

nice condition

Lot#: 185

The bones book and skeleton

Lot#: 186

Assorted Sports Illustrated from mid 80?s

Lot#: 187

Saturday morning TV book plus the history of

rocky and bullwinkle

Lot#: 188

Sports magazine, SI, yearbook

Lot#: 189

The Walking Dead volume 3-7

Lot#: 190

The Walking Dead 9-16. Missing 11&15

Lot#: 191

Volume 17- 22 The Walking Dead comics

Lot#: 192

King country collectors

Lot#: 193

Huge lot of Sports Illustrated from mid 80?s

Lot#: 194

70?s and 80?s sports illustrated

Lot#: 195

Buick dealership brochures plus trailer towing


Lot#: 196

Costume jewelry ?very nice?

Lot#: 197

Walking baby doll in blue dress

Lot#: 198

Cars.... ertl, husky, hot wheel, match box

Lot#: 199

Revised Stanford-Binet scales IQ test By Lewis


Lot#: 200

Dale Earnhardt/Rcr Transporter fone

Lot#: 202

7 mad mad magazines from late 60?s

Lot#: 203

Late 60?s Mad Magazines including Batman and


Lot#: 204

Late 60?s Mad magazines including Back to college


Lot#: 205

7 Mad magazines, including the last issue

Lot#: 206

60?s Mad magazines. Including Fidel Castro issue

Lot#: 207

7 Mad magazines from 66-71 including NO issue

Lot#: 208

1985 Chevy brochures- all makes and models-great


Lot#: 209

Early 70?s Mad magazines including General Patton

Lot#: 210

Late 60?s Mad magazines with Clock work orange


Lot#: 211

Nice 1985 Chevy & Oldsmobile brochures-all makes

and models

Lot#: 212

4 late 60?s Mad books

Lot#: 213

Early Mad Magazines with a Christmas issue

Lot#: 214

1929 ?travel air?-model R- die-cast metal

-Liberty classics by spec cast-collector edition bank- mint airplane still in box- box has scuffs

Lot#: 215

My Little Pony-by Hasbro Softies -10? wide x


Lot#: 216

Mad Magazine lot including the Obama issue

Lot#: 217

Bicentennial 200 collection- 6 BiCentennial

glasses- in original box

Lot#: 218

6 modern Mad magazines. Including Indiana Jones


Lot#: 219

11 collectible glassses 7 inches tall-Texas,

Oklahoma, civil war, plantation scenes , cliff dwellers more Plus 1 Cal. Glass size 5?

Lot#: 220

SU-27 Flanker B 1:48 plastic model kit

Lot#: 221

Walt Disney parade fun fact fantasy fiction-

golden press set of books

Lot#: 222

Construct-a-plan Solid Model Balsa Wood

Lot#: 223

6 vintage collectible bottles- Masons root beer,

dodger beverage,sparkling life beverage,sunrise,7-Up,Vess

Lot#: 224

Rotary Engine Mazda 1/20th model kit Entex

Lot#: 225

7- Collectible bottles- lemonette-lemon soda,

O-So Grape, Hire?s root beer,frostie 10 ounce, Sprite, Dr Pepper

Lot#: 226

Atlas HO scale depot, also aurora country bridge

with rodeway

Lot#: 227

HO Guage- Roundhouse Model R.R. Equipment - 40?

Box Car Milwaukee, 40? Box Car Kit P & LE, -Empire Builder Series 1024 Utica beer 50? Plug door boxcar Original boxes

Lot#: 228

1996 Olympic Games Toy Tanker

Lot#: 229

AT&SF locomotive with coal feeder HO scale in

great condition

Lot#: 230

Vintage NFL football phone!! Very cool!

Lot#: 231

Misc. toys plastic horses, 1 man, 1 pig, 1 Shell

hot wheel,

Lot#: 232

16? tote full of Lincoln logs

Lot#: 233

HO scale lot various train items in great


Lot#: 234

Pennsylvania railroad, yard switches. ATSF

passenger car

Lot#: 235

2 way HO scale Amtrak passenger motor

Lot#: 236

Vintage Walt Disney Mickey Mouse stamp set!!!

Plus vintage H.B. embroidery wooden box -material lined

Lot#: 237

1980 Kansas City Royals Pizza hot poster with

Rawlings Dave Parker glove

Lot#: 238

Vintage 1960?s Hutch kids? Helmets 1 Colts

marked helmet, and 1 with #10 on it

Lot#: 239

Ljn Hulk Hogan and Junk yard dog thumbers

Lot#: 240

Barclay Vintage lead soldiers ?very rare?

Lot#: 241

Mr. potato head- silly suitcase -by Playskool

Lot#: 242

VHS sets including Texas

Lot#: 243

Hot wheel- slime arena -monster jam Playset-by

Mattel -New in original Box

Lot#: 244

Vintage wooden building blocks- in great


Lot#: 245

Hot wheels Matchbox and transformer

Lot#: 246

Sylvester costume for youth -by Cooper

Lot#: 247

7 NES Gabe?s including Tecmo super bowl and Mario


Lot#: 248

8 NES games featuring Mario/duck hunt

Lot#: 249

?Rawlings? football-C-5 Field command -new in


Lot#: 250

Walt Disney Transfer train Battery Operated

?Disneyland? complete

Lot#: 251

Vintage-Fisher Price- adventure people!!figures

are approx 3.75? tall Approx 22 figures

Lot#: 252

Lone Ranger/Tonto/ Zorro/ Maverick/cowboy figures

( approx 3.75? tall) by 1980 LR TV inc and Filmation Assoc.

Lot#: 254

1980?s pins! ?Where?s the Beef?? 1985 Super Bowl

pin, Roy Clark, baseball tokens, Mel Tillis, and more

Lot#: 255

The complete Mother Goose

Lot#: 256

Vintage Costume jewelry

Lot#: 257

Pump action air soft BB gun ?works?

Lot#: 258

1:18 scale motor city Classic 1948 town and


Lot#: 259

?Big Jim? camping set- cones with tent, 2

sleeping bags, campfire, grill, flame, pots, frying pan, table, 2 camp chairs, etc. lantern, etc-please see pics

Lot#: 260

PS3, Xbox 360, PlayStation 2 games

Lot#: 261

PSP, ps2, ps3, Xbox 360 games

Lot#: 262

Kenner electronic Bat-mobile, Batman Forever. NOS

Lot#: 263

Simpson?s lot with collectors plate

Lot#: 264

Big Jim himself- not perfect condition-snow shoes

-hiking boots-camping clothes-camping gear- guns -binoculars- eagle sleeve -sleeping bag- jogging suit-tennis shoes-dart gun Please see pics

Lot#: 265

Elite Corps troops and raft get it all.... one


Lot#: 266

Absolute grab bag of comics and Beatles sheet


Lot#: 267

Big Jim?s Dr. Steel with NICE tattoo!!!! Really

clean, no greening! ?Big Jim? Motorcycle, rider uniform, mechanic shirt, rider boots,

Lot#: 268

Huge lot of Cavalier men?s adventure magazines

Lot#: 269

Rodding magazines and car styling magazines.

Early 60?s

Lot#: 270

Big Jim plus his Dune buggy-trailer& fishing

boat- plus extra clothing

Lot#: 271

JET magazine lot 1 of 2 late 70?s

Lot#: 273

McStompers, Tonka, transformers and Chevelle cars

and trucks

Lot#: 274

Big Jim-Sports Camper, camping gear, sporting

gear, mountain climbing & rescue equipment- with original box!!! Rare!! Note: Does not include the 15? boat.

Lot#: 275

Matchbox, hot wheels abs vintage trucks

Lot#: 276

1:24 Action Dale Earnhardt cars set of 3.... get

them all, one money!

Lot#: 277

Barbie Boat- by Irwin Corp for 12? figures.

Lot#: 278

The Sun Rubber Ride-on hobby horse Still in good

shape. Rolls well!!

Lot#: 279

R.R. Switch lamp-The Dlake Non-Sweating Lamp

Chicago- seems to have been converted to electric. Not tested.

Lot#: 280

Airfix Italaerei model airplanes. Panavia

tornado Gr. 1 Tornado M.R.C.A 1:72

Lot#: 281

Chalkware Plaque with Abraham Lincoln and his

Gettysburg Address 24? tall x 22 wide. Really cool piece.

Lot#: 282

1:35 scale bobcat and Roller by Melroe and case

Lot#: 283

Dyna-nite 4 pack die-cast

Lot#: 284

Lionel-Santa Fe Special-Electric Train Set- with

4-4-2 Die Cast Metal Locomotive-in original box -operating headlight and smoke- 6-11900

Lot#: 285

Lockheed SR-71 by Revell 1/72

Lot#: 286

Hot wheels 20 pack

Lot#: 287

Vintage large Tonka front end loader- Toy- front

end front loader works well and vehicle rolls well too. -20? long x 10? high

Lot#: 288

Vintage Bulldog Tank -by Remco -with original

box! Style 607 Tank is approx 22? long with cannon

Lot#: 289

Minicraft Flogger D MIG-27 sealed in box model

Lot#: 290

Kalamazoo trains Santa?s workshop car 1992

Lot#: 291

Wood-burning set -burn-Rit- air-cooled- electric

wonder pen- manufactured by Rapaport Bros.

Lot#: 292

AAU USA Phillips swim towels x 2

Lot#: 293

DVD and video lot. Huge box

Lot#: 294

4 Die-cast Race cars! The largest Kellogg?s Car

is 11? long, #20 is 8.5 inches, Dodge 8.5 ?, Sony 6.5?

Lot#: 295

Faux Muppet record holder

Lot#: 296

Whitman Puzzles Walt Disney, Lassie, Cinderella

Lot#: 297

Misc. die cast toys 3 Jeeps & 2-Transformers

Lot#: 298

Nylint bulldozer vintage

Lot#: 299

Fisher Price Play Farm

Lot#: 300

Vintage zoo animal lot

Lot#: 301

Vintage dinosaurs

Lot#: 302

A little golden book bundle vintage. 8 in all

Lot#: 303

Three very early board games

Lot#: 304

Sturdy play suit ?Ben Cooper?

Lot#: 305

Warner bro?s. Inc. Bugs and Elmer Fudd

Lot#: 306

Buddy L NASA shuttle police blazer Semi

Lot#: 307

World War II war bond poster size-22?x28?

Lot#: 308

1943 Government Fuel poster-size 20? x 14?-

Lot#: 309

Large WWII 1943 Bond poster for planes-28? x 40?

Lot#: 310

World War II poster-OWI-size 16? x 22.5?

Lot#: 311

World War II poster -1943 -?freedom from want?-

Rockwell pic- size 20? x 28?

Lot#: 312

1943-WWII War Bond poster-so 20?x 28?

Lot#: 313

World War II war fund postersz 22? x 28?

Lot#: 314

Lot of Baseball all star game and greatest home

runs collectors plates from the Bradford Exchange

Lot#: 315

WWII-1942-United Nations fight for freedom

poster Sz28? x 22?

Lot#: 316

Large 1942-War -United Nations Poster-40? x 28.5?

Lot#: 317

Summit collection collectibles skeleton figure

Lot#: 318

-1942-United Nations Freedom poster Sz-22?x


Lot#: 319

Cabela?s shower shelter kit

Lot#: 320

Local vintage advertising die cast truck & Corgi-

Austin Martin ( The Pantry is in Lincoln, NE)

Lot#: 321

Myth and Magic Dragon-Mint-in original box

Lot#: 322

John Elway Denver Broncos Coors Banquet Beer

advertiser poster

Lot#: 323

Autoharp manufactured Oscar Schmidt International

Jersey City NJ

Lot#: 324

4 - Airplane Models- 1/72 scale/Heller/ the

Lindbergh Line-Plastikovy Model

Lot#: 325

Salad master estate porcelain Wedding band tea

cup and plates lot

Lot#: 326

Vintage Shirley Temple buttons

Lot#: 327

World of Outlaws-1/24 scale- diecast sprint car

-racing champions-New sealed in box

Lot#: 328

1992 American gladiators lunchbox -by Aladdin

Lot#: 329

Wen-Mac battery powered cargo ship Dolphin with

original box Item Number 516-88

Lot#: 330

Several HOT Wheels -New in Original

packaging-including 50s favorites PLUS Hotwheel YO YO

Lot#: 332

FedEx Orange Bowl Husker Hanky 1993-1994 Season

Lot#: 333

Baby doll lot Sun rubber company 1956 and

knickerbockers monkey cuddles

Lot#: 334

3 multi pack hot wheels PLUS a 1984 Lido Sport


Lot#: 335

Care Bear lot! Plate, Lucky Bear and beach ball!

Lot#: 336

Art Deco Radio-not tested

Lot#: 337

American chopper 7 ply 31? 54mmx36mm wheels with

Abec bearings and aluminum trucks skateboard

Lot#: 338

Facts in Five trivia knowledge game 1967 by 3M

collectible game

Lot#: 339

Large NYLINT vintage -fire truck- with Aerial

ladder made of heavy gauge steel- excellent condition-with original box

Lot#: 340

Johillco Roman Arena miniatures made in England

Lot#: 341

Barbie bubble bath -in original

box Annie-Knickerbocker- in original box

Lot#: 342

Lot of McDonald?s etc advertisers toys Disney

Marvel Cabbage Patch etc

Lot#: 343

Collector Edition- Grecian goddess Barbie

Lot#: 344

Transformers lot Bumblebee etc.

Lot#: 345

1969 Notre Dame fighting Irish poster -in wooden

frame size 22? x 24?

Lot#: 346

TYCO HO scale Midnight Special locomotive 1060

Lot#: 347

Cassette tape lot, Ray Stevens Gene Autry Will

Rogers etc

Lot#: 349

Jeb Stuart boxcar- box car- certificate is

included & still sealed-Mint

Lot#: 350

Lot of Disney Avon Household and ornaments

Lot#: 351

Babe Ruth Stein -Budweiser Sports Legends-A

Legend is Born- as of Stein is 9? tall-New in Box

Lot#: 352

8-vint. Crazy , Mad, & Cracked magazines

Lot#: 353

Louis Marx horror monster toys, animals, cootie,

baseball etc junk lot

Lot#: 354

Fisher-Price? Sesame Street? Play family

clubhouse- with sesame Street figures included!

Lot#: 355

Johnny Cash Red Ryder Hummel ephemeral pieces -

Oreo clipboard and kite

Lot#: 356

Vintage Marx-battery operated kiddie car-very

Rare! In really good condition

Lot#: 357

Game lot Kerplunk Battleship Goosebumps

Lot#: 358

Einstein game, NFL Strategy game, and 1 -500 pc

puzzle ?Spitfire?

Lot#: 359

Military Jeep toy lot, cowboys and Indians etc

Lot#: 360

1-Battleship, 2-Scrabble, 1-Connect 4

Lot#: 361

Military lot, cowboys and Indian, etc.

Lot#: 362

Military toy lot- Tank, cowboys and Indians Etc.

Lot#: 363

Model engine/Parts etc AMT International

Lot#: 364

Baseball book, Digest card lot- mostly baseball

cards but a few random football, basketball, & hockey too 89 hoops, 90 Fleer, 89&90 Donruss,& more

Lot#: 365

Star Trek lot of ornaments Spock Khan Romulan

Warbird Klingon Bird of Prey

Lot#: 366

Lot of fantasy gaming ephemera magazines

Lot#: 367

Nebraska Huskers- books & magazines

Lot#: 368

Vintage ephemera lot Penthorse Life etc

Lot#: 369

KNEX-Ultimate big airball tower-in original box!

Lot#: 370

Vintage puzzles wooden Playskool Ambi etc.

Lot#: 371

Vintage puzzles lot Playskool Disney sounds

Melissa and Doug

Lot#: 372

LITE-Brite by Hasbro-It?s not factory sealed but

I believe 99% of the pieces are in the box.

Lot#: 373

Vintage wooden trains cars and boats lot

Lot#: 374

Johnny West?s Daniel Boone figure with original


Lot#: 375

Gundam toy lot Gorilla etc

Lot#: 376

Many Star Wars POGS collection in 2? binder

Lot#: 377

Tonka Dump Truck HYDRAULIC !!! Amazing shape! Bid


Lot#: 379

The State Birds & flowers commemorative

Mint-stamp panels binder- complete

Lot#: 380

Republic of the sphere miniatures and Gi Joe

poster lot

Lot#: 382

Mattel Preschool see and say talking learning

system untested with original box

Lot#: 384

Model railroad Newsweek Muhammad Ali Mother goose

magazine book vintage lot

Lot#: 385

Ebony Sisters magazine lot Whitney Houston Obama

Oprah Winfrey Prince etc.

Lot#: 386

Misc. McDonald?s and Burger King toys

Lot#: 387

Vintage Sports illustrated magazine lot

Lot#: 388

Lexmark toner 58d1h00 new in box

Lot#: 389

Random McDonald?s & Burger King toys, Several

still sealed in package

Lot#: 390

Mattel Fanner DuraHyde holsters set and cap gun

and box

Lot#: 391

Statehood First Day of issue Bicentennial Stamp

Collection in book - size 10? x 6.5?

Lot#: 392

Vintage Roy Rogers holsters and cap gun lot

Lot#: 393

70?s Vinyl Records-45?s

Lot#: 394

Hp photo smart plus CN216-64001 with touch smart

Lot#: 395

RARE-Autographed original movie script-?Gone With

The Wind?

Lot#: 396

Vintage space robot toy lot

Lot#: 397

Vintage Gabriel pop up pinball

Lot#: 398

Lite Brite-by Hasbro-

Lot#: 399

Figural fairies and animals, egg, hanging

decorations lot

Lot#: 400

Old Crow whiskey Penguin- Mr C?s Steak House &


Lot#: 401

McDonald?s toy lot Pez etc

Lot#: 402

Union Pacific 4073 locomotive/ cars and Atlas

power pack for N gauge

Lot#: 403

Bachman The Rock locomotive

Lot#: 404

Union Pacific 4073 locomotive and car

Lot#: 405

Titan keying set and keys lot

Lot#: 406

Huge Matchbox Midge etc toy cars lot

Lot#: 407

Punching puppets, Tin helicopter toy, Rubiks

triangle, Krazy Ike, and more

Lot#: 408

Lot of baby doll girl figures and McDonald?s toys

Lot#: 409

KC Royals yearbooks, Minnesota twins Yearbook/

Univ. of Nebraska Rodeo book/ Derrick Thomas/ Barry Sanders/ more

Lot#: 410

Lot of toy whales and othe sea creatures

Lot#: 411

Lot of advertising and household goods- Avon Dr

Scholls Jaguar Yogi Huckleberry spoons etc

Lot#: 412

9 -vinyl 45? records-Great music

Lot#: 413

Arrow Damon Co Big Dream Doll House wooden 5

rooms 3 Stories box damage looks to be intact inside- Beautiful vintage piece!

Lot#: 414

Vintage vinyl records- Rolling Stones/ Elvis/Bee

Gees/The Outsiders/Moody Blues/Cornhusker Marching Band

Lot#: 415

Vintage toy lot, little people, Sesame Street,

Fisher price TMNT

Lot#: 416

Nebraska license plates/ Iowa license plates/

80?s -1 quart metal oil can

Lot#: 417

Vintage Shirley Temple pins lot - long pins


Lot#: 418

Huge lot of pins - Disney CocaCola Olympics

Calendars etc

Lot#: 419

Mattel Hotwheels Tune up Power station parts lot

Lot#: 420

Edward Mobley Disney Mad Tomy toy lot

Lot#: 421

NFL Electric Football -by Tudor-original box

Lot#: 422

Kalamazoo Electric Train-Santa?s Express-north

pole railroad

Lot#: 423

Mariokart-Carter?s Digital 143- with tracks,

Mario & car, other racers & car, manual, remote, original box Looks like it?s complete.

Lot#: 424

Power Rangers pint glass in box-Mercedes, Tedco

Gyroscope-plastic farmer tractor and truck

Lot#: 425

Vintage Kipp?s Cigar tin cans-FiNol oil

can-Ammen?s Anelgesic Powder can-old blue ?Liquid Thread bottle and 2 clear glass bottles

Lot#: 426

Nice cast-iron toy gun, with wood handle, comes

with leather holster

Lot#: 427

2 vintage cowboy guns 1- red plastic gun & Roy

Roger?s souvenir album -songs from 6 of Roy?s movies-?45 vinyl records

Lot#: 428

Vintage farm toys- diecast metal tractors & farm


Lot#: 429

Nintendo-Game Boy-bags/carrier & GameBoy Advance

instruction booklets

Lot#: 430

Huge husker lot -Husker autographs, stadium

tickets, passes, placemats Magazines, Herbie husker, Wheaties boxes, towels, newspapers& Harlem globetrotter program

Lot#: 431

Huge CD lot-too many to list- please inspect pics

closely for artists & genre

Lot#: 432


Miniature soldiers and knights-name brand is "Britains Limited"

Lot#: 433

Vintage office supplies and miscellaneous other


Lot#: 434

6 Rare Winston Cup Champion Sun-drop bottles-Dale

Earnhardt Rookie of the year 1979- still sealed

Lot#: 435

Vintage farm toys- some are ?Britains? hard

plastic and some are die cast Also Lincoln logs and construction barns

Lot#: 436

Huge Sports clothing lot-Team jersey, team

jackets, etc. All sizes are represented and there is both men, women, and youth sizes.

Lot#: 437

Vintage Card games- Donald Duck , Flintstones,

Yogi Bear, Laurel & Hardy, HuckleberryHound, & more

Lot#: 438

Large die cast Ford tractor & a Nylint Modster

dune buggy

Lot#: 439

Film and view master lot

Lot#: 440

Starting Lineup -Darin Erstad, Mind

Boggler-Autobot pickup toy

Lot#: 441

Hot wheels and Spaten toy lot

Lot#: 442

Nebraska , War Book, Hofstra college Yearbook,

B-17 Flying Fortress aircraft series

Lot#: 443

Ho scale train car part lot

Lot#: 444

Toy lot Street Fighter Carebear Railroad etc

Lot#: 445

John Deere metal signs-

Lot#: 446

Vintage Tea steeper lot

Lot#: 448

Rare 1960 VRROOM X-15 Space age rocket pedal car

1960 VRROOM X-15 metal rocket kiddie space rocket pedal car- made of heavy duty metal and is solid!! Steer stick works! It pedals very well!! Some duct tape around the right pedal but other than that it appears to have only cosmetic flaws.

Lot#: 449

Huge ephemera lot Travel related items- World?s

Fair - New York Chicago - Burlington Northern etc

Lot#: 450

Large Ephemera paper lot Photos Money playing


Lot#: 451

Tin toy Japan bullet train

Lot#: 452

Postcard lot art architecture etc

Lot#: 453

Postcard lot landscapes architecture scenery etc

Lot#: 454

William Fuld Ouija Board Parker Brothers SALEM


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