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About Rainbow Liquidations & Auctions

Gordon McQuatt is the owner/operator/auctioneer of Rainbow Auctions. He has been in the auction/liquidation business since 1978. Get to know who you have chosen to sell your valuables:

  1. Sold for the largest wholesale dealer auctions in Western Canada (Vancouver Auto Auctions) plus the Dealer Auctions in both Calgary and Edmonton.

  2. Gordon made the 11:00 news in 1979 by selling the landmark Silverwoods Milk Bottle situated in Edmonton, Alberta.

  3. More recently, made National TV by doing one of the 1st Storage War Auctions, for Yellowhead Storage in Edmonton.

  4. Was chosen by Westerra School of Technology to teach the public how to understand auction methods and terminology.

  5. Has trained many auctioneers and ring men as well as livestock handlers during his career.

  6. Has owned and operated his own livestock and equipment auction markets in Northwestern Alberta.

  7. Over 20 years in the real estate industry specializing in farms and country residential properties.

  8. Donated 10 years to the Ducks Unlimited Organization in the NWT in both the eastern and western arctic as their auctioneer.

  9. Still currently conducts auction sales for many organizations including church organizations, rotary auctions, Chamber of Commerce, Canadian Armed Forces, Lions Clubs. Also offers consulting services to charitable organizations who may require assistance.

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