Rick Ingwersen Estate Online Only Auction #1

Friday February 12, 2021 | Sidney, NE. US. 69162

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Auction Terms & Conditions Terms: THIS IS AN INTERNET AUCTION ONLY!! Any condition statement is given as a courtesy to a client, is only an opinion and should not be treated as a statement of fact. Dickey & Associates Auctioneers shall have no responsibility for any error or omission. The absence of a condition statement does not imply that the lot is in perfect condition or completely free from wear and tear, imperfections or the effects of aging. We make no guarentees to the item being complete, in working order or any guarentee of the above. You may come inspect the items on scheduled veiwing date to satisfy your self as to the condition of any particular item or items. Of Course Social Distancing Will Be Practiced!! BUYERS PREMIUM: A 12% buyer's premium will be added to each purchase!! PAYMENT: Accepted forms of payment include Cash, Visa, MC, AMEX, Discover, Debit card, or good cashable check the day of sale. Payment must be made at pickup the day of pickup. If you don't pick up your items at the posted pick up times your credit card will be charged! If you are unable to pick up your items at the posted pickup times call Dave 308-249-4141 to make arrangments or your card will be charged a $20 service fee. There is a $50.00 insuffient funds check fee. A 5.5% Nebraska Sales Tax will apply to all Purchases Except Vehicles. TITLES: Titles will be mailed to buyer with in 14 business days of items being paid for and picked up. NO EXCEPTIONS. Firearms: All Firearm Transactions will be handes a certified FFL Dealer and all local,state and federal laws will be strictly adhered to. Additional handling an shipping fees as determined by dealer will be clearly disclosed at time of sale. All Ammo will be picked up at Auction site in person. NO EXCEPTIONS! STAGGERED/DYNAMIC CLOSING: 2 Minute Soft Close with 20 Second Intervals Therefter! SHIPPING: NO SHIPPING IS NOT INCLUDED IN PURCHASE PRICE. However - we are willing to work with your shipper at your expense. Please call or Text us (308-249-4141) for more info! LOAD OUT: If you do not pick up your items at the posted pickup times - your card will be charged and you will be charged a $20 service fee. Winning Bidders must pick their items up at the Auction location 1243 Rd 113, Sidney NE 69162 (1 1/2 mi south of the airport on rd 113) . iIems left after the specified load out date will be considered forfeited. We will not be offering any additional load out dates or times. It will be the buyer's responsibility to dismantle & disconnect any and all equipment. Please bring your own packing materials, labor, tools & moving equipment. If you do not pickup during the posted pick up times your credit card will be charged and your items will be FORFEITED, immediately! (NO EXCEPTIONS) 12% Buyers Premium will be added to all purchases!

Announcement:Information contained herein is presented on behalf of the seller. Dickey & Associates Auctioneers, agent for the seller, cannot guarantee the information to be correct or assume the liabilities for errors and omissions.  All lines drawn on maps are approximate. Buyers should verify the information to their own satisfaction.  Any announcements made from the auction block on day of auction will take precedence over any matter of print and will be final.

Lot#: 1

Vintage Spurs

One pair is aluminum, Other 3 are very old and heavy

Lot#: 2

44 Larson, 44 Village Black Smith, 44 Knife

Vintage 16 inch Long, 11 Inch Long, 13 Inch Long approximately.

Lot#: 3

Boxing Bell

Lot#: 4

Mezzaluna Rocking Knife11

Lot#: 5

Spurs Set

Lot#: 6

Shot Glasses 13 In This Lot

Lot#: 7

Shot Glasses 4

Lot#: 8

Shot Glasses 7

Lot#: 9

Toy Gun

Lot#: 10

Clock ,Keys, Scissors, Old Shaver

Lot#: 11

Stapler Press Lock

Lot#: 12

Knives 2

Lot#: 13

Badges 5 Sheriff Patches 5

Lot#: 14

Cork Screw Small Pendents

Lot#: 15

Ivory Elephant

Lot#: 16

Small Tins 4 Chalk 3

Lot#: 17

Lighters 4

Lot#: 18

Ash Trays 2

Lot#: 19

War Medals 4 War Pins 12 Patch Belt Buckle

Lot#: 20

Knives 4

Lot#: 21

Toy Horse, Leather Punch, Toy Cannon

Lot#: 22

Wood Dowels, 2 Metal Cups, 2 lock

Lot#: 23

Vintage Glass Knickknacks

Lot#: 24

Bear Fur Mittens and Belt

Lot#: 25

Machetes 3 Leather Knife Sharpeners 2

Lot#: 26

Knives 3

Lot#: 27

Pocket Knives 13

Lot#: 28

Knife Set

Lot#: 29

Knives 10

Lot#: 30

Half Pint Milk Jars 20

Lot#: 31

Vintage Beer Bottles With Case

Lot#: 32

Ruby Red Glass

Lot#: 33

Glass Bottles 8

Lot#: 34

Liquor Bottles 5

Lot#: 35

Pepsi-Cola Bottles 3 Liquid Smoke Bottle

Lot#: 36

Glass Knickknacks

Lot#: 37

Goetz Glass Bottles With Case

Lot#: 38

Shot Glasses 10

Lot#: 39

Rare Glass Insulator

Lot#: 40

Colorado Snow Globes 8

Lot#: 41

Vintage Irons 3

Lot#: 42

Vintage Irons 2

Lot#: 43

Vintage Iron

Lot#: 44

Vintage Iron

Lot#: 45

Vintage Iron

Lot#: 46

Vintage Iron

Lot#: 47

Vintage Iron

Lot#: 48

Vintage Iron

Vintage Iron in Vintage Box

Lot#: 49

Vintage Iron

Vintage Iron in Vintage Box

Lot#: 50

Vintage Irons 3

Lot#: 51

Vintage Irons 2

Lot#: 52

Vintage Irons 2

Lot#: 53

Toy Cannon

Lot#: 54

Heel Stand For Iron

Lot#: 55

Door Knocker

Lot#: 56

Vintage Iron

Lot#: 57

Iron Ball

Lot#: 58

Vintage License Plate

Lot#: 59

Pencils With Cases 15

Lot#: 60

Billiard Pool Balls, 5

Lot#: 61

Miscellaneous Items

Bottle Openers, misc

Lot#: 62

No. 2 Crock

Lot#: 63

Vintage Razor Blade Sharpener Vintage Stethoscope

Lot#: 64

Vintage Iron

Lot#: 65

Vintage Iron

Lot#: 66

Vintage Item

Really Not sure what it is. Possibly a planter Or grinder.

Lot#: 67

Vintage 7 up bottles 5 pck

Lot#: 68

Coca- Cola Bottles

Lot#: 69

Vintage Metal Stool 1ft Wide 17 1/2 Tall

Lot#: 70

Vintage Stool With Glass Feet

Height adjustable turn to adjust.

Lot#: 71


18 inch w, 18 inch long 13 inch tall

Lot#: 72

Vintage Suite Case 2ft L X 13 Inch W 8 inch Tall

Lot#: 73

Vintage Suit Case

26 inch Long X 15 inch Wide 10 inch tall

Lot#: 74

Wyteface Measuring Tape Tin Vintage

Lot#: 75

Tiger Chewing Tobacco Tin

Lot#: 76

Vintage Lunch Pale

Lot#: 77

Enamel Milk Pale 1 Ft Tall 1 ft Wide

Lot#: 78

Blue Enamel Milk Pale 1 Ft Tall

Lot#: 79

Bread Box Tin

Lot#: 80

2 Chase & Sanborn?s Vintage Tea Tins 5 Inch Tall

Lot#: 81

Tin With Camel On Top. 6 Inch L X 3 1/2 Wide

21/2 Tall, 6 inch Long, 3 1/2 Wide

Lot#: 82

2 Little Oil Dispensers

W.M Vogel & Bros Brooklyn Ny

Lot#: 83

Vintage Early West Pony Express Lunchbox

Lot#: 84

Just Going To Have To LOOK!

Lip Stick Bar 3, Magnets, Toys, Pen Holder

Lot#: 85

Nitric Acid Jar And Vintage Tea Jar

Lot#: 86

Wooden Clogs And Shoe Stretchers

Lot#: 87

Surveying Instruments Bostrom

Lot#: 88

Tobacco Tins, Vintage Boot Lacer, Bandage

Vintage Whistler Traffic Special, Vintage Lighter and more

Lot#: 89

Vintage Advertising Items

Lot#: 90

Reloading Brass Cleaner, 2 Die Casts For Bullets

2 Clips and Lubricant and beeswax

Lot#: 91

Vintage items, Grinder And More

Lot#: 92

Bottle Caps, Vintage Bell, And Buckles

Lot#: 93

Binocular Set Vintage

Mugler Andeol valence

Lot#: 94

Brass Pen Holder, Heavy Brass Bank, Cap Gun,

Makeup Compact

Lot#: 95

Misc Cologne Bottles and Solid Glass Piece

Lot#: 96

Woman Statue and Cup

Lot#: 97

Assorted Items, Hand Soap, Light Bulb, Poster

Paint, Bottles, Small Jug

Lot#: 98

2 Lord Nelson Pottery Pieces #4-78 & J&C Bavaria


Lot#: 99

Vintage Rat Trap, Small Pocket Knife, Hand T

Tools,Misc Other Items

Lot#: 100

Stock Yard Token 1903

1903 Token Schwarzschild Sulzberger Union Stock Yards Chicago Illinois Exposition

Lot#: 101

Misc. Antique Watch Fob, Coins, Ball Marker

Adamant Suit Samuel Rosenthal & Bros Watch Fob, Tulsa Oklahoma Golf Ball Marker, 1931 Cyrus McCormick Reaper Centennial Medal, 1944 Belgian 25c coin

Lot#: 102

Vintage Pocket Knives

Six Vintage Pocket Knives

Lot#: 103

Vintage Knives

Vintage Boy Scouts of America Knife and a Vintage Alaskan Ulu Skinning/All Purpose Knife

Lot#: 104

Emergency Field Kit and U.S. Eagle Padlock KFTNRG

Lot#: 105

Misc Items, Cross Necklace, Letter Opener,

Spoon,Scale, Brass Hose Nozzle

Lot#: 106

French Linguaphone Conversational Course

Lot#: 107

Hustler!!! Vintage

July 1977, May 1978, January 1978

Lot#: 108

Vintage Dirty Magazine

Can Not find a date but appears to be very old

Lot#: 109

5 1974 Penny in a Bottle First State Bank


Lot#: 110

1984 -1985 PlayBoy Magazine

Dec 1984, Nov 1984, Sept, 1984, May 1984, Jan 1985, Oct. 1984, August 1984

Lot#: 111

Wooden Chips in Wooden Box

Lot#: 112

Vintage Magazine's ETVDE July 1937 Country Home

Sept 1907, Feb. 1908, June 1908 ETVDE

Lot#: 113

The Country Home, Liberty Vintage Magazine

Lot#: 114

4 Cigar Boxes

Lot#: 115

Crate Of Books

Many tittles See pictures

Lot#: 116

Sheet Music

Lot#: 117

Vintage Road Map 1942

Lot#: 118

Collier?s August 8, 1914

Lot#: 119

Box Of Books

Lot#: 120

Antique Flax, Junior Fire Marshall Badge 1955

Old large Safety Pins, Childs Bracelet, Syracuse Nail set Case, Deer Coy

Lot#: 121

Box Of Assorted Time Clocks

Lot#: 122

Vintage Wood Plaque Pictures, Statue

Lot#: 123

Books Pony Express, The West

Lot#: 124

Vintage Match Books Assorted

Lot#: 125

Vintage Matchbooks

Lot#: 126

School Letterman Letters

Lot#: 127

Box Of Vintage Matchbooks

Lot#: 128

Misc Box, Nebraska Stamps, New Testaments, Blank

Ledger, Official Pocket Seal Stamper

Lot#: 129

Misc Box, Canon Calculator, Sidney Piggy Bank,

Stoddard Steel Square Pocket Book, Vintage Powder Compact

Lot#: 130

Vintage Instruments, Biddle Verificateur /

/CL-104,Empty Case

Lot#: 131

Popcorn Tins

Lot#: 132

Misc Door Knobs and Hinges

Lot#: 133

Vintage Small Pans Perhaps Childs

Lot#: 134

Copper Hat, Brass Bowl And Shoe Strings

Brass Bowl VP 1925

Lot#: 135

Columbus Washboard Co

Lot#: 136

Silver Wash Board

Lot#: 137


Old Bell Approximately 19 in. Tall and 12 in. Long

Lot#: 138

Vintage Boots leather 9 Small Boots, 2 Pr Adult

Unknown Size

Lot#: 139

Sheet Music

Stack of Vintage Sheet Music Books

Lot#: 140

Assortment of Vintage Sheet Music

Assortment of Vintage Sheet Music Books

Lot#: 141

Vintage Kitchen Utensils

Strainers, Red Handle Beater, Can opener Meat tenderizer, grinder. Cobalt Blue Glass cup

Lot#: 142

Vintage Tins

Assortment of Vintage Tins

Lot#: 143

Vintage Tin Cans

Assortment of Vintage Tin Cans

Lot#: 144

Christmas Tin Cans

Assortment Of Christmas Tin Cans

Lot#: 145

Christmas Tins

Assortment of Christmas Tin Cans

Lot#: 146

Christmas Tins

Assortment of Vintage Tin Cans

Lot#: 147

Vintage Tins

Lot#: 148

Vintage Tins

Lot#: 149

Assortment of Vintage Perfumes/Holders

Assortment of Vintage Perfumes and Makeup/Perfume Holders

Lot#: 150

Assortment of Vintage Perfume/Holders

Assortment of Vintage Perfumes/Holders

Lot#: 151

Misc. Vintage Clock and Cutlery

Misc. Vintage Working Stopwatch/Clock and Two Piece Cutlery Set

Lot#: 152

Misc. Assorted Items

Assortment of Books, a Harmonica, Index Tabs, Ash Tray, Wooden Box

Lot#: 153

Misc. Traveling Gucci Shaving Kit & Travel Timer

Misc. Traveling Gucci Shaving Kit & Travel Timer

Lot#: 154

Misc. Wall Decor, Wallet, Sunglasses

Green Clam Wall Decor, Red Wallet, and Sunglasses with Vintage Case

Lot#: 155

Assortment of Misc.

Assortment of Misc. Items, Bags, Locks, Bridle Pieces

Lot#: 156

1930 Agfa Box Camera

Vintage 1930 Agfa Box Camera

Lot#: 157

Metal Lunch/Tool Box, Cup

Metal Lunch/Tool Box, Yellow Coffee Cup

Lot#: 158

Metal Lunchbox

Metal Lunch Box, Slide Open

Lot#: 159

Felt Campaign Hats

Three Felt Campaign Hats

Lot#: 160

Mini Satchel Bag, Straw Basket

Mini Satchel Bag, Mini Straw Basket

Lot#: 161

Various Pins and Misc

Cripple Creek Colorado Paydirt Sample Bag, Grand Champion Ribbon, Fire, Service, and Police Badges and Pins, Gun Club Pins

Lot#: 162

Old Leather Football Helmet

Lot#: 163

Tin Box

Lot#: 164

Misc Items, Watch Bands, Cuff Links, Old Key

Railroad Sigh, Union Pacific

Lot#: 165

Brass Canister, Brass Wall Hangings

Lot#: 166

Butterfly Brass Hangings

Lot#: 167

Metal Tackle/Toolbox

Lot#: 168

Duck and Geese Prints

Signed Dorothy Speiser Duck Print, Signed Dorothy Speiser Flying Geese Print

Lot#: 169

Assorted Door Hardware

Assortment of Door Hardware, Door knobs, Hinges, Key, Doorbell Frame, etc.

Lot#: 170

Decorative Shelving Kit

8" x 24? Decorative Shelving Kit- Maple Shelf, Bronze Celtic Scroll Brackets, and Installation Hardware.

Lot#: 171

John Deere Limited Edition Metal Hat Box

*Collectors Item* John Deere 2005 Limited Edition Metal Hat Box with New Hat Inside. Hat never opened or worn.

Lot#: 172

Teal Mini Lampshade

Mini Teal Lampshade

Lot#: 173

Outside/Wall Decor

Floral Decor/Fish Decor

Lot#: 174

Men?s Timberland Shoes

Men?s Size 11 Leather Timberland Shoes

Lot#: 175

Old Cast Iron Pedestal Bowl

Old Cast Iron Pedestal Approximately 6 inches in Diameter at the Top

Lot#: 176

Blood Pressure Monitor

Lumiscope Digitronic Blood Pressure Monitor

Lot#: 177

Vintage Hereford Bull Bank

Vintage 1940?s Hereford Bull Bank, 15" Long.

Lot#: 178

Cow Statue

Small Sitting Cow Statue

Lot#: 179

Vintage Snap Box with Hats

Medium Vintage Snap Box with Hats

Lot#: 180

Clown Piggy Bank

Lot#: 181

Candle Holder Cooling Rack

Lot#: 182

Wood Box gun Or Fishing

16 1/2 inches Long, 8 inches Deep 91/2 Inches Tall

Lot#: 183

Glass Cups 7 Glass Bowls 4

Lot#: 184

Glass Cups 8 Glass Pitcher

Lot#: 185

Decorative Bull Horns

Lot#: 186

Vintage Tin Bin With LId

Lot#: 187

Vintage Tin Bin With Lid

Lot#: 188

Vintage Tin Bin

Lot#: 189

Tin Bin With Lid

Lot#: 190

Vintage Tin Bin With Lid

Lot#: 191

Tin Bin With Lid

Lot#: 192

Vintage Motor with Timing

Lot#: 193

Praying Statue and Two Cordless Fabric Groomers

14inch Praying Mary Statue, Two Cordless Electric Fabric Groomers

Lot#: 194

Set of Small Bowls, Mini Plates, and Serving Bowl

Eight Small Hard Plastic Bowls, Two Mini Plates, and One Medium Sized Serving Bowl

Lot#: 195

Plastic Bowls, Glass Bowls, Plastic Serving Plate

Six Colorful Plastic Bowls, Six Flower Shaped Glass Cups/Bowls, One Large Hard Plastic Serving Plate

Lot#: 196

Small Glass Vase, Glass Tea Plates

Four Red Ring Tea Plates, One Blue Ring Tea Plate, Four Red Ring Wheat Print Mini Plates, One White Mini Plate, and One Blue Wheat Printed Plate, Small Vase

Lot#: 197

Three Decorative Glass Plates

Three Decorative Glass Plates

Lot#: 198

Atlas Atomizer, Silverfish Paks, Cat Plate

Atlas Atomizer with Glass Atomizer Pack, Glass Animal Plate, Silverfish Paks

Lot#: 199

Glass Plate, Farm Wall Decor

One Glass Plate, Two Hanging Farm Wall Decor

Lot#: 200

Snowman Glasses and Plates

Set of 4 Dessert Plates, Set of 4 Ice Tea Glasses

Lot#: 201

Glass Serving Dish, Mini Glass Vase

Round Glass Serving Dish, Small Glass Cactus Vase, Stand

Lot#: 202

Mini Decorative Statues, Wall Decor

3 Decorative Statues, Praying Woman Hanging Wall Decor

Lot#: 203

3 Decorative Statues, Wall Decor

3 Decorative Mini Statues, Praying Man Hanging Wall Decor

Lot#: 204

Two Bird Statues

Two Bird Decoration Statues

Lot#: 205

Plate, Decoration

Apple Glass Plate, Decoration

Lot#: 206

Glass Jar, Lantern, Nebraska Golf Balls

Glass Jar with Rose Petals Inside, Mini Lantern, Nebraska Pheasant and Duck Golf Balls

Lot#: 207

Glass Plates 4

Lot#: 208

Glass Plates 12 Plastic Bowls 4

Lot#: 209

Glass Ash Tray Glass Candle Holder Wood Bell

Lot#: 210

Glass Knickknacks, Knife

Lot#: 211

Glass Knickknacks, 3 Special Spoons

Lot#: 212

Wine Bottle Holder

Lot#: 213

Glass Cups 6

Lot#: 214

Glass Cups 7

Lot#: 215

Glass Cups 5

Lot#: 216

VHS Movies 26

Lot#: 217

Halloween Witch?s Pot, Bunny

Lot#: 218

Framed Mirror

Lot#: 219

Glass Scale

Lot#: 220

Wood Bowl Set 8

Lot#: 221

11 Japanese Floating Fish Balls

Lot#: 222

Vintage Player Music Rolls

Lot#: 223

17" Round Glass Broken, 24? Tall Washboard,

Broken Round glass

Lot#: 224

Wooden Tool Box with Multi Piece Tool Set

Lot#: 225

Steinite Radio

Lot#: 226

Climax Forge Welding Compound and other Misc Piece

Lot#: 227

Vintage Scale Parts

Lot#: 228

DIAL Typewriter

Lot#: 229

Vintage Miracle Mixer Electric Mixer

Lot#: 230

Vintage Children?s Tool Kit

Vintage Children?s Starter Tool Kit

Lot#: 231

Vintage Dazey Ice Crusher

Vintage Dazey Ice Crusher

Lot#: 232

Vintage Postal Scale

Vintage 5lb Postal Scale

Lot#: 233

Decorative Art/Statue

Decorative Cement Fish Statue

Lot#: 234

Large Hanging Light

Large Hanging Light

Lot#: 235

Men?s T-Shirts

Men?s Size Large/X-Large T-shirts

Lot#: 236

Men?s Sturgis T-Shirts

Men?s Large/X-Large Sturgis Motorcycle Rally T-Shirts

Lot#: 237

Tea Glasses and Sugar Bowl

Two Large Tea Glasses and Small Sugar Bowl with Small Spoon

Lot#: 238

Set of Bowls and Mugs, Custom Made Plate

Custom Made Holy Trinity Lutheran Church, Sidney, Ne. Set of 4 Glass Bowls and Three Matching Coffee Mugs

Lot#: 239

Cheese Dome, Glass Dish

Dutch Garden Cheese Dome, Small Glass Holiday Dish

Lot#: 240

Large Chalice, Medium Pedestal Dish

Large Chalice, Medium Pedestal Dish

Lot#: 241

Cross, Salt&Pepper Shaker/Stand, Utensils

Standing Cross Decoration, Salt and Pepper Shaker with Wolf Stand, Cup with Children?s Utensils/Stirrers

Lot#: 242

Hanging Prints, Tree Toppers

Two Hanging Wall Prints, Two Eleven Light Star Tree Toppers

Lot#: 243

Wooden Salt/Pepper Set, Art Glass, Shot Glass

New Mexico Shot Glass, Wooden Salt and Pepper Shakers with Napkin Stand, Amber Art Glass, Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks Souvenir

Lot#: 244

Wheat Design Coffee Cups, Pet Bowls, Glass

Bottle, Green Glass Bowl, Hummingbird Pretty Chime

Lot#: 245

Twilight Snowman 4 Tea Glasses and 4 Snowman


Lot#: 246

Lead Crystal Bowl with Star of David, Crystal

Punch Bowl, Heavy Glass Bowl, 2 Plastic Spoons

Lot#: 247

Wheat Coffee Mugs and Wheat Soup Mugs

Lot#: 248

Player Piano Roll Spanish Flea QRS 10-071

Lot#: 249

Glass Cups, Sugar Bowl, Gold Colored Glass

GlassDome Top, Glass Condiment Set

Lot#: 250

Vintage Metal Bed Pan and Urinal

Lot#: 251

3 Duffle Bags

Lot#: 252

Golden Harvest 48 4 oz Mini Jars and Caps

Drinking Jars Unused

Lot#: 253

4 Various Size Wooden Bowls and Assorted Napkins

in Packages

Lot#: 254

Vintage Wicker Basket and Pedro Smoking Tobacco


Lot#: 255

4 Coffee Mugs, Walnut Cracker Set, Wearever Tin

Creamer, Dr Drake?s Cough and Croup Remedy

Lot#: 256

Various Vintage Glasses Pieces, Satin Glass 3

Footed Platter, Bavarian Artist Signed Plate, 4 Small Plates, 2 Bowl Set, 2 Parfait Glasses

Lot#: 257

Assorted Vintage Kitchen Items, 2 Casserole

Holders, 3 Pan Lids, Decorative Plate, 10" Corning Ware Dish, Plastic Tray

Lot#: 258

Vintage Lot of Misc Dishes, Cups, Vases, Salt

Shaker, Genuine Ivory Polar Bear Piece

Lot#: 259

Vintage Street Light Parts

Lot#: 260

Plastic One Gallon Jugs 2 Juicer

Lot#: 261

Stapler, Staples, Misc


Lot#: 262

Architectural Scale

Lot#: 263

Pencil Boxes 10

Lot#: 264

Compasses, Tool Heads, Fabric Scissors,misc

Compasses, Tool Heads, Fabric Scissors, Etc.

Lot#: 265

Keys and Staples

Lot#: 266

VHS Movies

4 Kid?s VHS Movies, Set of Two Sheriff Of The Tombstone VHS Tapes, and Set of Two The Real Story Of Butch Cassidy

Lot#: 267

Paper Organizer 2 Shelf

Lot#: 268

Styrofoam Hats 2

Lot#: 269

Magazines 3

Lot#: 270

Magazines 2


Lot#: 271


Lot#: 272

Magazines 7


Lot#: 273

Coin Books 6 Magazines 3

Lot#: 274

Time life American books


Lot#: 275



Lot#: 276

Old pictures


Lot#: 277

Remington Typewriter

Lot#: 278

UnderWood Typewriter

Lot#: 279


Lot#: 280

Vintage Books 9

Lot#: 281

Northeastern and southeastern books

Lot#: 282


Lot#: 283

World History Books

Lot#: 284

Better home and garden magazines,clip boards

photo album 1938-1939

Lot#: 285

Magazine and Cup

Lot#: 286

Miscellaneous Books and Items

Lot#: 287

Miscellaneous Books

Lot#: 288

Misc books

Lot#: 289

Miscellaneous Books

Lot#: 290

Misc books

Lot#: 291

Playing Cards Poker Chips

Lot#: 292

Candle holder

Lot#: 293

Scissors 9

Lot#: 294

Silver wear set

Lot#: 295

Knives 8

Lot#: 296

Baking Pans

Lot#: 297

Vintage Radio

Lot#: 298

Old lunch box and coffee cup

Lot#: 299

Knife Sharpeners 5

Lot#: 300

Bowls, flower pot, can openers

Lot#: 301

Table Umbrella

Lot#: 302

Coffee Pot Coffee Maker Thermos

Lot#: 303

Vintage Kitchen Items

Whisk, Beater hand operated, canning jar extractor, and much more

Lot#: 304

West Bend Coffee Pot, Aluminum Coffee pot

Hot Plate

Lot#: 305

Vintage Radio Tiffany Tone

Lot#: 306

Carrot Game Table

Lot#: 307

Clairol Hair Dryer In Package

Lot#: 308

Glass Dishes, Very Elegant

Dirty Needs good wash

Lot#: 309

Vintage Kitchen Utensils

Jar grippers, graders, silverware, serving fork and knife sharpener

Lot#: 310

1906 Ridgely, Vintage Kitchen Utensils

Kitchen Utensils, Wood Decor

Lot#: 311

1900 Potato Masher & vintage Masher

Lot#: 312

Vintage Set of Dogwood Dishes

4 sm Bowls, 1 Large, 4 Med and Garvey boat, brown pottery mug

Lot#: 313

Large Metal Kettle With Wood Handle

Lot#: 314

Cub Scouts Vintage Books Whole Big Box Full!!!!

Lot#: 315

2 Patton Electric Heaters Works

Lot#: 316

Lakewood Electric Heaters


Lot#: 317

Electric Heater Radiant Maxi- Heat Works

Lot#: 318

Arvin 110-120 Volts Fan Vintage Works

Lot#: 319

Various Glass Serving Dishes, Pottery

Lot#: 320

8 Black Vintage Tiara Indian Glass

No chips or cracks.

Lot#: 321

Vintage Barber Disinfectant, Butter Churn

Lot#: 322

Vintage Picnic Basket

Vintage picnic basket in great shape. Approximately 21" long x 13? wide x 13? tall

Lot#: 323

Toastmaster Space Heater

Working space heater. Approximately 5" wide x 11? long x 11? tall

Lot#: 324

Vintage Spartan Radio

Working Spartan radio. Approximately 13" long x 5.5? wide x 6? tall.

Lot#: 325

Plastic Mantle Clock

Plastic mantle clock. Approximately 21" tall x 4? wide by 12? long

Lot#: 326

Radio?s and Cassette Player

Vintage Thomas radio approximately 10" long x 4 in-wide x 7 in tall. Pencrest am/fm alarm clock approximately 7.5 in long x 5In wide x 3.5 In tall. RCA am/fm cassette radio.

Lot#: 327

Vintage Zenith Radio

Vintage Zenith plastic case radio. Approximately 12" long x 6.5 " wide x 7? tall.

Lot#: 328

Glassware and Vase

Glass vase, cup, and three glasses. Most approximately 5" tall

Lot#: 329

Saucer?s, Cup and Glass

2 6" flowered saucer?s, 4 2.5? white Corelle saucer?s, 1 blue 8? saucer, 1 flowered teacup and 1 Puffball Popple drinking glass 6? tall.

Lot#: 330

White Milk Glass and Various Items

White Milk glass stemed glass 7.5" tall. White Milk glass bowl 3? tall x 6? wide. White glass, blue stamping powder container 3.5?tall x 3.5? wide. Pink Vintage dress girl vase? 5? tall 4.5?wide. Three white 5.5? saucers.

Lot#: 331

Knives and Storage Block

5 various knives and storage block. 2 small 10.5"x 8?embossed pictures,

Lot#: 332

Blue Ball Mason Jar and Sundae Glasses

9 glass 5.5 " x 3.5" Sundae glasses, one has small chip on the rim. 1 Blue glass Mason jar 7? x 2.5? without lid and one red and white glass vase 6? tall.

Lot#: 333

Vintage Sugar Bowl and misc glassware

Vintage 3" x 5.5? sugar server, napkin holder 3? w x 4.5? long x 3.5? tall, blue yellow and white cream server 4? x 2.5?, Policeman coffee cup 5? tall x 4? wide, flowered cream server 3? tall x 4.5?wide, decorative dish 6.5? long x 5? wide x 2.5? tall, windmill painting on rock slice 6? tall x 3? wide.

Lot#: 334

Clear Glassware

2 glass loaf pans 8.5" long x 4? wide x 3? tall, 1 clear glass fruit bowl 10.5? wide x 3? tall, 1 clear glass cup 4? tall x 3? wide, 2 clear glass grape shaped dishes 7? long x 4.5 " wide, 1 clear glass dish 5? wide x 1.5? tall and 1 clear glass ashtray 4? x 4? x 1?.

Lot#: 335

Meat Cleaver?s and Chopping Blade

Wood handle meat cleaver 12" long x 3? wide, no handle cleaver 14.5? long x 2.75? wide, white plastic handle cleaver 10.5? long x 2.5? wide, chopping blade 5.5? x 3? blade.

Lot#: 336

Vintage Kitchen Utensil?s - Wallhangers

Vintage cooking basket 12" x 4?, vintage spatula 13? x 3.75?, vintage small sifter 7.5? x 3?, vintage strainer ladle 13? x 4?, vintage slotted spoon 12? x 2.5?, 12? whisk, 9? spiral whisk, 7? fork and 8.5? butter knife.

Lot#: 337

Dishes and Serving Platter

Grouse themed serving platter 13" x 10.5?, 5-7.25? flower plates, 6-10? flower plates, 19-6? flower plates, 14? x 11? flower serving plate, 10? sunflower plate.

Lot#: 338

Teapot and Oil Lamp Globe

Teapot 8" wide x 3.5? wide x 5.5? tall, oil lamp globe 7? tall top opening 2.5? bottom opening 3.25?, white dish 7? x 5.5 ", glass pink butterfly container 2.5 x 2.5?, small metal vase 4? tall x 3? wide.

Lot#: 339

Coffee Drinker?s Dream

19 coffee cups, sugar and creamer sets and 2 soup mugs.

Lot#: 340

Christmas Ornaments

2 boxes assorted Christmas ornaments.

Lot#: 341


Lot of kitchenware

Lot#: 342

Kitchen Miscellaneous

Miscellaneous kitchen items and decorations.

Lot#: 343

Vintage Press

Vintage Cast Iron Press

Lot#: 344

Vintage Lot of Kitchen Items, Silverware, K

Knives,Bowls, Ashtrays, Plates Salt/Pepper Set, Trays

Lot#: 345

Vintage Meat Tenderizer, Fork and 5 Honing Sticks

Lot#: 346

Vintage Oil Lamp Converted to Electric

Needs new cord

Lot#: 347

Vintage Oil Lamp Converted to Electric

Lot#: 348

Vintage GE Fan Heavy Metal

Lot#: 349

Vintage Oil Lamp

Lot#: 350

Vintage Oil Lantern

Lot#: 351

Recipe Boxes

Lot#: 352

Vintage Records, Many Titles

Lot#: 353

Vintage Beer Opener, Coffee Pot, Cookie Jar,

Various Computer Cords, Cups, Dollies Safety Glasses

Lot#: 354

Vintage Iridescent Marigold Carnival Glass

Pitcher and 6 Glasses Very Nice!

Lot#: 355

Vintage Metal 2 Gallon Gamble?s Oil Cans

Lot#: 356

Haviland USA Laserre China Plates, 2 Large

2 Large, 2Medium and 2 Small

Lot#: 357

Vintage Glass Juicers, Glass Bowl, Glass Ashtray

and 100ml

Lot#: 358

Beams Baggage Car 4th in the Beam Train

Collectors Wheel Series Missing Parts

Lot#: 359

Assorted Vintage Glass Items, Bowls, Platter, B

BudVase, Sugar Bowl w/Lid

Lot#: 360

Vintage Glass Pieces

Lot#: 361

Vintage Glassware, 16 Glasses, 1 Shot Glass, 1

Glass Mug

Lot#: 362

Vintage Coffee Cups and 3 Small Anchor Hocking

Fire King Pieces

Lot#: 363

Vintage Tom Huston Peanut Co Jar, Pottery Bowl,

Glass Piece, Wishing Well Decoration

Lot#: 364

Vintage Butcher Knife, Belt Buckle, Bolo

Lot#: 365

Vintage Horse and Old Car Decorations

Leg Broke off Horse

Lot#: 366

Vintage Bowl and Decorative Vases

Lot#: 367

Vintage Milk Can

Lot#: 368

Vintage Milk Can

Lot#: 369

Vintage Milk Can

Lot#: 370

Vintage Milk Can

Lot#: 371

White Mountain Ice Cream Freezer

Lot#: 372

Miscellaneous Wooden Bowls, Corn on Cob Holders,

Fruit Bowls

Lot#: 373

Frosty King Ice Cream Freezer, Missing Parts

Lot#: 374

Assorted Japanese Items, Wall Hanging, Flag and

Flag Holder, Coasters, Pieces Stickers, Vintage Lip Stick, Ever Ready Razor w/Blades, Christmas Tin

Lot#: 375

Various Knitting Needles and Stamp Kit

Lot#: 376

Utility Light, Halloween Decoration, Clamp

Lot#: 377

Tin Bucket

Lot#: 378

Tin Bucket

Lot#: 379

Two (2) EverStart Swan Terminal Disconnect

Lot#: 380

Four (4) Horse Shoes

Lot#: 381

Roaster, Pyrex 3 qt Baking Dish, Wall Clock

Lot#: 382

Two (2) Canteens

Lot#: 383

Assorted Vintage Items, DeMott Signed Sculpture

with Brass Sail

Lot#: 384

Cigar Box, Ashtray, Men?s Face Razor, Decoration

Garcia Finos Vintage Cigar Box, Remington Men?s Razor, Decorative Jar, Arizona Cowboy Ashtray

Lot#: 385

Vintage Juice Press, Bottle Capper, Etc.

Vintage Juice Press, Vintage Bottle Cap Applicator, Wooden Food Stamp/Press, Parts

Lot#: 386

Bird Decorations with Lights, Statue

Three Bird Decoration/Statues with Red Lights, One Standing Man Statue

Lot#: 387

Vintage Meat Grinders, Muffin Tin

Enterprise Vintage Meat Grinders, Muffin Tin

Lot#: 388

Scales, Chinese Checkers, Small Grill, Etc.

Vintage Doll Box, Pez Toy, Micro-Go-Round, Old Round Scale, Small Tabletop Grill, Vintage Chinese Checkers Board/Checkers Board, Misc.

Lot#: 389

Vintage Ice Cream Maker

Vintage Ice Cream Maker, May Be Missing Parts

Lot#: 390

Vintage Ice Cream Maker

White Mountain Freezer Hand Crank Ice Cream Maker, Large, May Be Missing Parts

Lot#: 391

Variation of Owl Decorations

Wool Owl on Wood, Wooden Owl Decoration, Glass Owl Light Up Decoration

Lot#: 392

Wooden Toilet Paper Holder/Rack

Large Wooden Duck Toilet Paper Holder/Rack, 24 Inches Tall

Lot#: 393

Vintage Decorations, Plates/Plate Rack

Three Glass Doll Decorations, 7 Printed Plates, Plate Rack

Lot#: 394

Old/Vintage Electronics

Panasonic Slim Line Portable Cassette Player/Recorder, BRAUN Electric Shaver, Emerson FM/AM Alarm Clock/Radio, Vintage AT&T Cordless Landline Phone Model 4335, New Fixture Socket

Lot#: 395

Vintage Ice Cream Maker, Missing Parts

Vintage Ice Cream Maker, Missing Parts

Lot#: 396

Vintage Tonka Road Grader

Vintage Tonka Road Grader

Lot#: 397

Vintage Tonka XMB-975 Metal Dump Truck

Vintage Tonka XMB-975 Metal Dump Truck

Lot#: 398

Vintage Structo Toys Excavator

1940?s Vintage Structo Toys Steam Shovel Crane Excavator

Lot#: 399

Vintage Metal Structo Rollback Tow Truck

1950s Orange Metal Structo Toys Rollback Flatbed Two Truck

Lot#: 400

1993 Mighty Tonka Dump Truck

1993 Mighty Tonka Metal Dump Truck #768, 17"

Lot#: 401

Vintage Buddy L Metal Tow Truck

Vintage Buddy L Metal Tow Truck

Lot#: 402

Vintage Toy Pieces

Mini Baby and Stroller, Eight Cardboard Soldiers, Blue River Creamery Puzzle Card, Etc.

Lot#: 403

Lionel 455 Oil Derrick

Lionel 455 Oil Derrick

Lot#: 404

Vintage Pinball Machine

Vintage Pinball Machine

Lot#: 405

Assortment of Old Toys

Easter Basket/Toys, Two Plastic Piggy Banks, Soldier Toy, Knick Knacks

Lot#: 406

Vintage Vibrosage Electric Massager

Vintage Vibrosage Vintage Massager

Lot#: 407

Limited Edition Hot Wheels Hot Rod In Box

Limited Edition Hot Wheels Chopped Top Model A Panel Hot Rod, Only Removed For Photos.

Lot#: 408

Vintage Buddy L Army Half Track

Vintage Buddy L Army Half Track Toy Vehicle

Lot#: 409

Old dolls/Clown Doll

Two Old Dolls and a Clown Doll

Lot#: 410


Two Scarecrows and a Santa Sign

Lot#: 411

Basket Full Of Old Toys

Basket Full of Old Toys, Fake Gun, Farm House with Animals, Blocks, Etc.

Lot#: 412

Plastic Eggs

Plastic Easter eggs Still In Bags

Lot#: 413

Old Play Phone and Toy Gun

Play Play Phone and Toy GUn

Lot#: 414

Assortment of Baskets

Assortment of Baskets

Lot#: 415

Assortment of Baskets

Assortment of Baskets

Lot#: 416

Two Wooden Children?s Chairs

Two Wooden Children?s Chairs, 2ft Tall, Seat 11.5" Wide

Lot#: 417

Standing Lamp, Wall Swing Arm Lamp

Standing Lamp Without Lampshade, J.C. Penny Wall Swing Arm Lamp And Cord Cover Parts (Comes with directions)

Lot#: 418


Two Black Rosin 1/ 1/4 lb Bags, One White 1 1/4 Bag Of Rosin

Lot#: 419


1 Bag Of White 1 1/4 lb Of Rosin, 1 Bag Of Black 1 1/4 Rosin

Lot#: 420


Oster Massager

Lot#: 421


The American Ace Harmonica, High Clrt Harmonica

Lot#: 422

Vintage Telephone

Vintage Crank Telephone

Lot#: 423

Vintage Baseball Glove

Vintage Gold smith Baseball Glove, And A Tin Of Golf Balls, Golf Tees, And A Baseball

Lot#: 424

Children blocks

Children?s ABC Blocks

Lot#: 425

Chemistry Kit

Chemcraft Chemistry Kit

Lot#: 426

Tea Set

Vintage Tea Cups, Tea Pot, Plates

Lot#: 427

Tea Set

Children?s Vintage Tea Set

Lot#: 428

3 Old Hickory Knives

Lot#: 429

1884 Bemis & Call Wrench, Hammer Head, Gauge Tool

Lot#: 430

Stanley Hatchet And Small Ax Pick Minor Hatchet

Lot#: 431

Vintage Items

Cigar Box with military patches in it, metal desk lamp base, scale arm, bell parts, picture, spoon

Lot#: 432

Keen Kuster Ax?s , 2 Axes In This Lot

Lot#: 433

3 Keen Kuster Hatchets

Lot#: 434

2 New Alltrade 6" and 8 inch Grip Tight.

Lot#: 435

Small Cabinet

18 Inch Tall x 14 Inch W X 14 inch Deep

Lot#: 436

fSmall Cabinet

13 1/2 Deep, 13 Inch Wide, 18 inch Tall

Lot#: 437

Welding Vise Grips, Pipe cutter, Pulleys

Table Leafs 9 inch Wide by 35 inch long 2 leafs

Lot#: 438

2 New Night Lights, New Sockets

Lot#: 439

New Leather Plier Holder & Drill Holder

all items are new never used. Made with high grain leather and has belt clip. McGuire universal drill holder made of top grain cow hide.

Lot#: 440

2 Screw Driver Bit Set, New

Lot#: 441

Vintage Wood Burning Kit

Lot#: 442

2 Pliers Pouch, 2 Screw Bit Set New

2 new screwdriver bit set, 4 High grain leather pliers holster.

Lot#: 443

Vintage Metal Bike Seat

Lot#: 444

Screwdriver Bit Set New, Grip Tight Pliers Pouch

2 New pliers pouch, 2 screwdriver bit sets, new grip tight wrench.

Lot#: 445

Fillet Knife

Aluminum Handle Fillet Knife. 12" long, 7? blade.

Lot#: 446

Children?s Game


Lot#: 447

Garden Planter

Antique Garden Planter

Lot#: 448

Children?s Toys And Baseball Glove

Children?s War Toy, Children?s Toy Ford Car, And A Children?s Baseball Glove

Lot#: 449

Children?s Toys

Antique Children?s Toys

Lot#: 450

Vintage Baseball Gloves And Strap

Two Vintage Baseball Gloves And One Strap

Lot#: 451

Vintage Game Items

Plastic Marbles, Domino, Cards and score Pads

Lot#: 452

Vintage Marine Spark Plug Display

Metal advertising and display, 20 inch 11 inch Tall

Lot#: 453

Leather Tooling Patterns

Lot#: 454

Flat Full Of Leather Patterns!!!!

Lot#: 455

Large Black Obsidian Crystal

4 inch 3 inches Tall

Lot#: 456

Assorted Stones Collectables

Lot#: 457

Assorted Stones Some Used As Tools

Lot#: 458

Vintage Fishing Basket

Lot#: 459

Box Of leather Assorted Saddle Leather

Lot#: 460

Box Of Assorted Leather Scraps

Lot#: 461

Box Of Assorted Leather Scrap

Lot#: 462

Vintage Three Roller Iron Rope Block

Vintage iron rope block approximately 14" x 5?.

Lot#: 463

Vintage Iron Pacific Rim Tool

Vintage rim tool and iron stepped block.

Lot#: 464

Tool Variety

9 tool variety box.

Lot#: 465

Alltrade Grip Tight Tools

5 Alltrade 8" Grip Tight tools

Lot#: 466

Carving Set

USA Made carving knife set in box.

Lot#: 467

Wood Body Rope Block

Vintage wood body two roller rope block.

Lot#: 468

Vintage Wood and Iron Rope Block

Wood and iron rope block.

Lot#: 469

Vintage Block and Tackle

Lot#: 470

Vintage Pulley

Lot#: 471

Vintage Pulley

Lot#: 472

Vintage Pulley

Missing Parts

Lot#: 473

Vintage Pulley

Metal with wooden pulley

Lot#: 474

Tool Holsters, Screwdriver Bit Set

3 Tool Holsters made out of high grain leather with metal clip to fit on belt or pocket and 3 Screwdriver Bit Sets

Lot#: 475

Tool Holsters, Screwdriver Bit Set

3 Holsters made out of high grain leather with metal clip to fit on belt or pocket and 3 Screwdriver bit sets.

Lot#: 476

Vintage Sprayer, misc. tools

Vintage Zephyr Sprayer, Adjustable Wrench, Screwdriver Set,Bit

Lot#: 477

Prehistoric Flint Knapping Tools

Lot#: 478

Flint Chips and Assorted Rocks

Lot#: 479

Vintage Primitive Hatchets

Hand Forged Wood Hatchets. 2 of the hatchets have a notch on it?s head for pulling nails. On one end is a blade, on the other a head for hammering.

Lot#: 480

Utility Heater

500 Watts, 120 Volts Do not immerse in any liquid Durable Heavy Gauge Steel Construction

Lot#: 481

Many Leather Pieces, Leather Tools, Leather Belt

Lot#: 482

Leather Pieces

Lot#: 483

Multiple Leather Pieces

Lot#: 484

Various Size Pots, Brass Hose Nozzles, and G


Lot#: 485

Canon PowerShot A550 Camera and Cabela?s Camera

Case, Partial Nov 9, 1969 Scottsbluff Herald Newspaper, 3 Champ Pro Strike/Ball/Out Counters, 2 Measuring Tapes, 2 Golf Head Covers, Mis Storage Case, 2 Baseball/Softball Clip Boards, Nebraska Tag Cover, Webster Dictionary, Perfectly Yourself Book, Images of America in Nebraska City

Lot#: 486

Vintage Hand Tools

Lot#: 487

Four (4) Glass and Five (5) Ceramic Transformer

Covers, Some with Bolts

Lot#: 488

Four (4) Glass and Two (2) Ceramic Transformer


Lot#: 489

Sprinkler Box, IV Poles, Small Pooper Scooper

Sprinkler Box, IV Poles, Small Pooper Scooper

Lot#: 490

Two (2) Alltrade Grip Tight 8" and 6? Adjustable

Wrenches New in Pkge, Two (2) Leather Pliers Holders, Two (2) Vermont American Screwdriver Bit Set , Felco Leather Tool Holster, EZ Fit Speedometer

Lot#: 491

Glass & Ceramic Transformer Caps

Lot#: 492

Antique Keen Kuster ADZ Head, Butcher Steels

Lot#: 493

Assorted Vintage Hardware

Lot#: 494

Alltrade Grip Tight 8" & 6? Adjustable Wrench,

Four (4) Leather Pliers Holders, Three (3) Vermont American Screwdriver Bit Sets, All Unused.

Lot#: 495

Japanese Light Modules

Lot#: 496

Vintage Hardware and Tools

Lot#: 497

Vintage Chatillon New York USA 300 Pound Scale,

Hand Air Pump, Extension Cords, Hammer, Smal Axe, Knife Sharpener , Roll up Vinyl Pieces

Lot#: 498

Hot Shot Parts and Pieces

Lot#: 499

Drip Watering Parts, 400? Cutting Line, Eight (

(8)Reusable Hose Couplings, Garden Tools

Lot#: 500

Vintage Water Sprinkler, Hand Axe, Soil Tiller,


Lot#: 501

Vintage Garden Tools, Plant Stand

Lot#: 502

Very Large Plastic Planter, Small Bar-B-Que Grill

Lot#: 503

Numerous Planter Pots, Various Sizes

Lot#: 504

Three (3) Large Plastic Planter Pots

Lot#: 505

Six (6) Plastic Planter Pots, Various Sizes, One

(1) Clay Pot

Lot#: 506

Framed Randy Moss Poster, Bissell Swift Sweep,

MacGregor Tennis Racket with Wooden Press, Carnaby Wooden Tennis Racket Press

Lot#: 507

Crafters!!! Wood Box

17 1/2 in long, 14 in wide, 6 in Tall

Lot#: 508

Wood Box

17 !/2 long, 15 1/2 wide,6 in tall

Lot#: 509

Very Large Wood Box

17 !/2 long, 15 wide, 6 in tall

Lot#: 510

Wood Box

17 !/2 long, 12 wide, 5 in tall

Lot#: 511

Wooden Fruit Crate

12 in Wide, 10 1/2 Tall, 19 1/2 Long

Lot#: 512

Wooden Fruit Crate

12 in. Wide, 10 1/2 in. Tall, 19 1/2 in Long

Lot#: 513

Wooden Fruit Crate

12 in. Wide, 10 1/2 in. Tall, 19 1/2 in Long

Lot#: 514

Wooden Fruit Crate

12 in. Wide, 10 1/2 in. Tall, 19 1/2 in. Long

Lot#: 515

Wooden Fruit Crate

12 in Wide, 10 1/2 in Tall, 19 1/2 in Long

Lot#: 516

Wood/Metal Tool Chest

Wood/Metal Tool Chest With Some Parts Inside, 10 in. Wide, 21 in. Long, 10 in. Tall

Lot#: 517

Wooden Case

18 3/4 in. Wide, 21 in. Long

Lot#: 518

Wooden Crate

13 1/2 in Wide, 11 in tall, 20 in. Long

Lot#: 519

Wooden Crate

20 in. Wide, 22 3/4 in. Long, 8 1/2 in. Tall

Lot#: 520

3 Small Wooden Boxes

2x: 4 1/2 in. Wide, 6 3/4 in. Long, 4 in. Tall, Longer Wooden Box: 4 1/4 in Wide, 12 in. Long, 3 1/2 in Tall.

Lot#: 521

2 Small Wooden Boxes

1st Box: Approx. 7 in. Wide, 6 in. Tall, 10 in. Long 2nd Box: Approx. 4 3/4 in. Wide, 8 3/4 in Long, 3 1/2 in. Tall

Lot#: 522

Wooden Box

9 in Wide, 12 1/2 in. Long, 16 1/2 in. Tall

Lot#: 523

3 Small Wooden Boxes

3 in. Wide, 9 1/4 in. Long, 2 1/2 in. Tall,

Lot#: 524

Metal Box

10 1/4 x 10 1/4 x 11 1/2

Lot#: 525

Heavy Metal Case Universal Dental Company

17 in W, 17 in Long 10 1/2 Tall

Lot#: 526

Metal/Wood Box

13 in. Wide, 19 in. Long, 10 1/2 in High

Lot#: 527

Wooden Silverware Chest

Vintage International Silver Co. Silverware/Flatware Storage Chest With Drawer, Approx. 11 in. Wide, 14 1/4 in Long, 5 1/4 in. Tall

Lot#: 528

W.M. Welch Wooden Box

W.M. Welch Manufacturing Wooden Box, 6 1/2 in. Wide, 8 1/2 in Long, 14 1/2 in. Tall

Lot#: 529

Wooden Fruit Crate

12 in. Wide, 19 1/2 in. Long, 11 in. Tall

Lot#: 530

Wooden Box

Approx. 9 in Wide, 17 1/2 in. Long, 8 in. Tall

Lot#: 531

Vintage Wood Gun Rack

Vintage Wood Gun Rack With Drawer

Lot#: 532

Vintage Timex Watch Display Case

Vintage 1960?s, Timex Watch Display Case, Metal and Glass Front 27x17

Lot#: 533

Vintage Spinning Wheel Parts

Vintage Spinning Wheel Parts

Lot#: 534

Box of Hubcaps

Box of 6 Old Hubcaps

Lot#: 535

Wooden Fruit Crate

12 in. Wide, 10 1/2 in. Tall, 19 1/2 in. Long

Lot#: 536

Wooden Fruit Crate

12 in. Wide, 19 1/2 in. Long, 11 in. Tall

Lot#: 537

Wood Crate

13 3/4 in. Wide, 17 1/2 in. Long, 6 1/2 in. Tall

Lot#: 538

Wooden Fruit Crate

Wooden Crate, 12 in. Wide, 19 1/2 in. Long, 11 in. Tall

Lot#: 539

Wooden Fruit Crate

12 in. Wide, 19 1/2 in. Long, 11 in. Tall

Lot#: 540

Wooden Fruit Crate

12 in. Wide, 19 1/2 in. Long, 11 in. Tall

Lot#: 541

Wooden Fruit Crate

14 in. Wide, 17 1/2 in. Long, 6 in. Tall

Lot#: 542

Small Wood Stool

Small Wood Stool, 8 in. Tall

Lot#: 543

Vintage William Fetner Stool

Vintage William Fetner, Inc. Stool, 8 in. Tall

Lot#: 544

Vintage Wood Crate

Vintage Shot Gun Shell Wood Crate

Lot#: 545

Vintage Wood Crate, Wood Toy

Vintage Wood Shot Gun Shell Crate, Western Cartridge Company, Wooden Toy Cage/Feeder

Lot#: 546

Large Carpenters Tool Box

Large Carpenters Tool Box, 12 in. Wide, 31 in. Long, 7 in. Tall

Lot#: 547

Wooden Fruit Crate

12 in. Wide, 19 1/2 in. Long, 9 1/2 in. Tall

Lot#: 548

Metal Box, With Key

Small Metal Box With Key, 6"x10?x4 1/2?

Lot#: 549

Metal Mailbox

Old Metal Mailbox

Lot#: 550

Large Vintage Metal Box

Crafters Look See be a good piece to work with. 22 in long, 12 1/2 Tall, 1ft deep approximately

Lot#: 551

Old Chicken Crate

Old Wooden Chicken Crate

Lot#: 552

Wooden Fruit Crate

12 in. Wide, 19 1/2 in. Long, 11 in. High

Lot#: 553

Wooden Fruit Crate

12 in. Wide, 19 1/2 in. Long, 11 in. Tall

Lot#: 554

Metal Bottom Crate

Metal Bottom Crate

Lot#: 555

Goetz Beer Crate

Goetz Beer Crate, St. Joseph, Missouri

Lot#: 556

Old Wooden Ammunition Crate

Old Wooden Ammunition Crate

Lot#: 557

Vintage Wood Box

8 in Wide, 31 1/2 Long , 1ft tall Approximately

Lot#: 558

Small Decorative Barrel

Small Decorative Wood Barrel

Lot#: 559

Wooden Wheel Decoration

Wooden Wheel Decoration

Lot#: 560

Magazine Rack & Fiber Glass Signs

Lot#: 561

Antique Baby Carriage

Lot#: 562

White Metal Storage Box

18 in Long, 10 inch wide, 15 inch Tall

Lot#: 563

Wood Fruit Box

1 ft Wide, 11 in Tall 19 1/2 Long

Lot#: 564

Antique Sewing Machine, White Family Rotary

Lot#: 565

Vintage Metal Sign Marine Spark Plugs

20 In Long, 11 Inch Tall

Lot#: 566

Vintage Books

Lot#: 567

Ice Block Carrier, Skidding Tongs

20 inch long

Lot#: 568

Metal Hammer And Wood Hammer Antique

Lot#: 569

Antique Jack 18 1/2 Long 2TSO

Lot#: 570

Vintage Brass Torch

Lot#: 571

Antique Brass Torch

Lot#: 572

2 Coal Stove Shovels

Lot#: 573

Solid Steel Foster Bros. Meat Cleaver

Lot#: 574

12-8 Jahenckels Made In Germany

Lot#: 575

Cast Iron Corn Bread Pan

Lot#: 576

Large Metal Tea Pot Vintage

Lot#: 577

Small Pans Made In Italy

Lot#: 578

2 Large Kettle Vintage

Lot#: 579

Large Meat Clever

Lot#: 580

Vintage Mold

Lot#: 581

Vintage Oneida Silver Plate Crumb Catcher

Silent Butler Crumb Catcher W/ Lid and Wooden Handle

Lot#: 582

Cast Iron Cobbler Shoe Forms-2

And the Stand they fit on

Lot#: 583

Vintage Pole Climbing Spikes

A Vintage Pair of WH Buckingham MFG Co Pole Climbing Spikes

Lot#: 584

Ornate Piece of Wrought Iron

Lot#: 585

Vintage Cast Iron Cobblers Shoes

Size 2, 3, 4, 5, & 6

Lot#: 586

2 Flat Cast Iron Flat Griddle 11 1/4 & # 7

Lot#: 587

Corn Thresher Sheller Vintage Fulton

Lot#: 588

# 8 Cast Iron Kettle

Lot#: 589

Cast Iron High Wall Skillet 11 In Diameter


Lot#: 590

Cast Iron Skillet # 10 Has Had Repairs

Lot#: 591

Cast Iron Skillet # 5

Lot#: 592

Cast Iron Skillet # 7

Lot#: 593

Cast Iron Skillet # 8

Lot#: 594

Cast Iron Skillet # 8 Wagner Sidney!!!!!

Lot#: 595

Vintage Tin Coffee Tea Pot

Dark Color Is Oil Dirt Good Clean will shine up good

Lot#: 596

Cast Iron Kettle

Lot#: 597

Vintage Enamel Bowl 12 in wide 3 1/2 Tall

Lot#: 598

Wagner Sidney Small Skillet # 3

Lot#: 599

Vintage Jug Crock

Approximately 1 ft Tall

Lot#: 600

Dutch Oven With No Lid 11" Wide

Lot#: 601

Vintage Enamel Spittoon

Lot#: 602

Vintage Canister Liquid Container

Lot#: 603

Four (4) Postal Box Fronts

Lot#: 604

Violin Case and Bow

Lot#: 605

Mini-Dev. Co Mixer

Lot#: 606


Lot#: 607

Hollow Body Hawaiian Guitar

This Guitar has no serial number or Tag inside the body. We have been unable to find any maker anywhere. Many have asked for more pictures and now you will find that they have been added. Also there are several additional strings that will go right along. The guitar is approximately 41" long overall, Aprox 16? at the widest part of the body. We will loosen the strings a bit before we send it and the frets look good. If you still have any questions feel free to give me a ring. Dave Dickey 308-249-4141

Lot#: 608

Vintage Hand Drills

Lot#: 609

Two (2) Vermont American Screwdriver Bit Set,

Alltrade Adjustable Wrench, Two (2) Leather Pliers Holders

Lot#: 610

Antique Hand Tools

Lot#: 611

Antique UP RR Railroad Spike Hammers

Two Hammers One Money

Lot#: 612

Vintage Dutch Oven

Lot#: 613

Antique Cast Iron Pop Corn Popper

Rare Find

Lot#: 614

Vintage Aluminum Pot

Hole in bottom.

Lot#: 615

Oil Lamp converted to Electric

Lot#: 616

#10 Cast Iron Kettle

Lot#: 617

Vintage Hand Drill with Numerous Bits and Two (

(2)Large Screwdrivers

Lot#: 618

Four (4) Keen Kutter Hand Saws

Lot#: 619

Nut and Bolt Organizer w/Lots of New Bolts and


Lot#: 620

Two (2) Vintage Oil Cans

Lot#: 621

Three (3) Alltrade GripTight 8" & 6? Adjustable

Wrench Sets

Lot#: 622

Vintage Trunk, Foot Locker

1ft Tall, 30 in Long, 17 in Wide approximately

Lot#: 623

Samsonite Suit Case Vintage

Lot#: 624

Vintage Foot Locker

30 in long,1ft tall, 15 1/2 wide

Lot#: 625

Samsonite Vintage Makeup Case, Computer bag,


Lot#: 627

Antique Hack Saw & Wood Saw

Lot#: 628

Large Vintage Wood Saw

Lot#: 629

Meat Saw, Wood Saw

Lot#: 630

Large Tree Saw 52 inch Long

Lot#: 631

Antique Wood Saw Large

Lot#: 632

Keen Kutter Two Handed Saw

Lot#: 633

Keen Kutter Two Handed Saw

Lot#: 634

Three (3) Keen Kutter Hand Saws

Lot#: 635

12 Various Vintage Saws, Tongs

Lot#: 636

Two (2) Antique Hand Drills

One of these is Very Unique.

Lot#: 637

Lag Screws, Hand Sander, Three (3) Wood Pieces

w/Bolts in Ends, Wobble Wedge Shims

Lot#: 638

Box Full of Assorted Items, Hinges, Handles,

Plugs, Etc. One of these is Very Unique

Lot#: 639

Two (2) Plastic Containers of Bolts, Nuts and


Lot#: 640

Assorted Parts for Pressure Cooker, Kerosene

Heater Wicks, Gaskets

Lot#: 641

Box of Assorted Vintage Tools

Lot#: 642

Six (6) Hand Saws

Lot#: 652

2 Suit Cases Samsonite & Jio

Lot#: 653

Vintage Fork and Knives Set

Lot#: 654

Eight (8) Vintage Ice Picks and Cylinder Stud

Battery Nut

Lot#: 655

Assorted Vintage Tools

Lot#: 656

DC Volt Meter, Assorted Vintage Airplane Parts

Lot#: 657

Five (5) Diesel Air Filters, Mopar Fuel-Water


Lot#: 658

Vintage Come Along

Lot#: 659

Vintage Rulers

Lot#: 660

Vintage Tool Tray with Tools

Lot#: 661

Assorted Tools and Welding Wire Roll

Lot#: 662

Surveyor Stand, Three (3) Old Wooden Table Leaves

Lot#: 663

Vintage Auto Motor Heater

Lot#: 664

Staple Gun, Two (2) Drills, Pyrene Fire

Extinguisher, Assorted Tools

Lot#: 665

Vintage Cell Tester, Heavy Iron Pieces

Lot#: 666

Vintage Tools, Bag of Bits, Iron Ladle

Lot#: 667

Assorted Car Parts

Lot#: 668

Vintage Suitcases

Assortment of Vintage Suitcases all empty

Lot#: 669

Vintage Nebraska Brand Inspector Wooden Box

Lot#: 670

Nylon Suitcase

Lot#: 671

Shipping Tote

Holly wood video shipping tote hard case. 34 inch Long, 1 ft wide, 17 inch Tall. approximately

Lot#: 672

Vintage Trunk

Lot#: 673

Large Hollywood Plastic Video Case

16 Tall, 30 in long, 1 ft Wide

Lot#: 674

Antique Set Of Four Chairs

Four Vintage Chairs

Lot#: 675

One Vintage Chair

One Vintage Chair With Missing Backrest

Lot#: 676

One Vintage Chair

One Vintage Chair

Lot#: 677

One Vintage Chair

One White Vintage Chair

Lot#: 678

One Vintage Chair

One White Vintage Chair

Lot#: 679

One Vintage School Chair

One Vintage School Chair

Lot#: 680

One Vintage Chair

One White Vintage Chair

Lot#: 681

Four Vintage Wood Chairs

Four Vintage Wood Chairs With Four Seat Cushions Complete Set

Lot#: 682

Vintage Wood Chair

One Vintage Wood Chair

Lot#: 683

Vintage Chair

One Vintage Wood Chair

Lot#: 684

Vintage Chair

One Vintage Wood Chair

Lot#: 685

Vintage Wood School Desk

One Vintage Wood School Desk

Lot#: 686

Vintage Office Chair

Vintage Wood Office Chair

Lot#: 687

Project Stool

Lot#: 688

Vintage Metal Stool

She is A Doll!!!

Lot#: 689

High Back Wooden Chairs!!

Good Solid Chairs!! 2 Times The Money!!

Lot#: 690

Vintage High Back Wooden Chair

Good Solid Chair!! Just Needs A Good Home!!

Lot#: 691

Vintage Wooden Kitchen Chair!!

Lot#: 692

Antique Wooden Chairs!!

Two Times The Money!!

Lot#: 693

Antique Wooden Chair!!

Seat Needs A Bit Of Repair!!

Lot#: 694

50?s Styles Wooden Chair

She Is A Blondie!!

Lot#: 695

Antique High Back Wooden Chair!!

Solid !!

Lot#: 696

Antique High Back Wooden Chair!!

Nice Chair!!

Lot#: 697

2 Wooden Kitchen Chairs

2 times the money!!

Lot#: 698

2 Vintage Wooden Kitchen Chairs!!

These two actually match up with the 3 chairs in Lot 689!! These Two Need A Bit Of Work!! 2 Chairs One Money!!

Lot#: 699

Nice Vintage Chair

Good Solid Chair

Lot#: 700

Project Rocking Chair

32" Tall, 17? Wide, 16? Deep. Approximately

Lot#: 701

Swivel Office Chair

High back, oak chair on rollers

Lot#: 702

Folding 3 Chair Bench!!

I know You Always Wanted A Set Like This So Git In And Get Ta Going!!

Lot#: 703

Nice Oak Table!!

Includes An Extra Leaf!!

Lot#: 704

Wooden Turned Table Legs

$ Match and One Extra!! One Money

Lot#: 705

Nice Round Solid Wood Table!!

Nice Solid Wood Table 42" In Diameter!! Shown with 2 leaves in the Table!!

Lot#: 706

Antique Round Beveled Edge Mirror!!

Lot#: 707

Really Nice White Desk/Table

53.25" x 23.5? has Two Drawers1

Lot#: 708

Really Nice Wooden Dinette Set

Solid Wood with 4 Chairs and 2 Extra Leaves!! What A Nice Set Here!!!!

Lot#: 709

Antique Drop Leaf Table!!

Look Look Look!!

Lot#: 710

Antique Wooden Chair!

Lot#: 711

Antique Oak Rocking Chair!!

Look At This Baby!!

Lot#: 712

Low back Stool!!

Lot#: 713

44" Diameter Round Wooden Table!!

Kind of A Project Table So Help Yourself Here!!

Lot#: 714

Small Stool!!

Just What The Doctor Ordered!!

Lot#: 715

6 Soda Fountain Stools!!!

These are Solid Top Stools and Are Not Spinners!! But what a Find!! The Whole Lot One Money!!

Lot#: 716

Vintage Solid Wood 4 Drawer Dresser

This is A Really Nice Dresser!! 30" Wide, 47? Tall and 18? Deep

Lot#: 718

Antique Barber?s Table

Drawer pulls out on both sides. Cabinet has 2 shelves. Tray swivels. 35" High, 20.5 "Length 16.5? Wide

Lot#: 719

Vintage School Desk

Lot#: 720

2 Vintage School Desks

Lot#: 721

Antique School Desks

2 separate desks

Lot#: 722

Antique Wooden Table

28.5" Tall x 24?x 24?

Lot#: 723

Vintage Wooden Folding Sewing Table

36" L x 18? W x 23.5 Tall Approximately

Lot#: 724

Stainless Steel Table with a Shelf

24" x 18.25 x 35 " Tall. Approximately

Lot#: 725

Just in Time For Valentines Day !

Heart Shaped Stool Approximately 26.5" Tall x 13.5 " x 17?

Lot#: 726

Wrought Iron Fireplace Insert

Lot#: 727

Schwinn Twinn

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