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Wednesday July 14, 2021 | 4590 IN 13. Leesburg, IN. US. 46538

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Announcement:Information contained herein is presented on behalf of the seller. Hahn Auctioneers, Inc., agent for the seller, cannot guarantee the information to be correct or assume the liabilities for errors and omissions.  All lines drawn on maps are approximate. Buyers should verify the information to their own satisfaction.  Any announcements made from the auction block on day of auction will take precedence over any matter of print and will be final.

Lot#: 62228180

Knaack model 89 job box, locking tool box

Lot#: 62228181

Knaack model 89 job box, locking tool box

Lot#: 62228182

Knaack model 89 job box, locking tool box

Lot#: 62228143

Edwards 55-ton hydraulic iron worker

Lot#: 62228187

Crane jib arm, approx. 16'

Lot#: 62228220

Knaack job box with contents

Lot#: 62228144

Double-wheeled grinder emery with wire brush wheel attachment

Lot#: 62228188

2015 Ford F-350 Super Duty with 6.7 liter Powerstroke turbo diesel, 4WD, rear dually, auto trans., Knapheide service box, only 36k miles, VIN: 1FD8W3HT7FED73335

Lot#: 62228221


Lot#: 62228145

Smaller, variable, floor model drill press

Lot#: 62228189

1978 Ford F60 Truck , no bed, VIN: F60DVBC0824

Lot#: 62228222

John Deere Model Z655 zero-turn gas-powered lawn mower with 5' mower deck, 344 hours and 27 hp gas engine

Lot#: 62228146

2018 Baileigh CS-350M mitering cold saw 14 blades - like new

Lot#: 62228183

Durabox job box with contents

Lot#: 62228140

Baileigh Industries model M700 abrasive sander, pipe coping dyes attachment, like new

Lot#: 62228184

Jobox with contents

Lot#: 62228141

Kingsland Model Multi70 70-ton hydraulic iron worker, Serial #432105

Lot#: 62228185

Jobox with contents

Lot#: 62228142

Roller conveyor

Lot#: 62228186

1992 Link-Belt HTC-860 serial #84120283, 60-ton truck crane, 110' main, 33' swing away, 25' jib, LMI B&B, 8.3 Cummins, overall height 11'6", overall length 47', center of wheel base 24', last certification inspection 2019

Lot#: 62228147

Roller conveyor

Lot#: 62228148

Good Cosen Machinery Model SH- 500M horizontal beam band saw

Lot#: 62228149

Roller conveyor

Lot#: 62228170

Partner Model K750 gas-powered masonry saw with diamond blades and extra blades

Lot#: 62228171

ICS gas-powered masonry chain saw M680GC chain saw with water intake and diamond blade

Lot#: 62228176

Pallet of dies

Lot#: 62228177

Pallet of dies

Lot#: 62228210

Pallet of cable slings

Lot#: 62228178

Cart and contents

Lot#: 62228211

Cable Sling

Lot#: 62228179

Cincinnati model 1810 10x1/4 squaring shear

Lot#: 62228212

Cable Sling

Lot#: 62228172

Reelcraft welding reel model CEA30012

Lot#: 62228173

Ridgid 300-12 power threader w/foot pedal

Lot#: 62228174

Ridgid No. 460 tri-stand 1/8 to 6 with accessories

Lot#: 62228175

Niagara Model HBM-175-10-12 hydraulic press brake auto gauge G24 CNC 1000 back gauge

Lot#: 62228217

Cable Sling

Lot#: 62228218

Cable Sling

Lot#: 62228219

Cable Slings

Lot#: 62228213

Cable Sling

Lot#: 62228214

Cable Sling

Lot#: 62228215

Cable Sling

Lot#: 62228139

Cole-2UVE model MRM-H2550/200 capacity 8x5/16 MS Plate Roller like new with CNC controls

Lot#: 62228216

Cable Sling

Lot#: 62228160

Lincoln 500 Fleetwelder Special

Lot#: 62228165

Lincoln Rangers Model 250GXT and a 225 welder generators

Lot#: 62228440

12' Walk Behind Cement Screed with Honda Gas Engine

Lot#: 62228166

Lincoln 225 Ranger Welder Generator

Lot#: 62228167

Miller Bobcat Model 250 welder generator

Lot#: 62228200

Lull Model 644B-37, 8464 hours, good rubber, 4WD, 48 forks

Lot#: 62228168

Miller Bobcat Model 225 welder generator

Lot#: 62228201

Toyota M. 7FGU35, 7000 lb. capacity, pneumatic tire, LP forklift with 3- stage 187 mast, side shift & only 5100 hrs, tank not included

Lot#: 62228161


Lot#: 62228162

Torch Cart with hoses and gun, tanks not included

Lot#: 62228163

Cox Reels model 1275W-3-150-C welding reel

Lot#: 62228164

Welding table

Lot#: 62228206

Lincoln SA-200 arc welder on trailer

Lot#: 62228207

Harrington overhead hoist, NIB, model SNER 020L-15

Lot#: 62228208

Harrington overhead hoist, NIB, model SNER 020L-16

Lot#: 62228209

Chain sling

Lot#: 62228169

Miller Bobcat Model 225G welder generator

Lot#: 62228202

Nissan Model 30 with 3-stage mast, side shift, pneumatic-styled solid-cushioned tires, 6000 lb. capacity, LP gas, 1559 hours, tank not included

Lot#: 62228203

Mitsubishi Model FGC30 solid-cushioned tire front 6000 lb. capacity forklift with side shift, LP gas, 3-stage mast, shows 4315 engine hours

Lot#: 62228204

Mitsubishi Model FC25 5000 lb. capacity pneumatic-tired LP forklift with 3-stage mast and side shift, tank not included

Lot#: 62228205

Cronkite-style 18 long utility tandem axle trailer with (2) beaver tail ramps and 80 wide, also includes diamond plate aluminum tool box, VIN: 4N7FC2024YS005479

Lot#: 62228190

200 Ford E350 Super Duty Van, 203K miles

Lot#: 62228191

Takeuchi Model TL130 track skid loader with 2245 engine hours, good rubber tracks, materials bucket, serial #21309319

Lot#: 62228192

8 long fork extensions

Lot#: 62228193

Bobcat hydraulic driven Model 15C Bobcat posthole digger attachment with 12 and 18 auger

Lot#: 62228154

Lincoln Wire-Matic 255 wire welder on cart

Lot#: 62228198

16" bucket

Lot#: 62228155

Lincoln Square Wave tig welder 175 on cart

Lot#: 62228199

12" bucket

Lot#: 62228156

Lincoln arc welder Model SA-200 portable gas powered welder/generator on single axle cart

Lot#: 62228157

Miller Suitcase Xtreme 12VS suitcase welder

Lot#: 62228150

Millermatic 350 wire welder

Lot#: 62228194

Bobcat Model 753 Diesel, new tires 60 materials bucket and 2910 engine hours, serial #512712641

Lot#: 62228151

Millermatic 250 wire welder w/Miller Spoolmatic 30A gun

Lot#: 62228195

8 long fork extensions

Lot#: 62228152

Millermatic 350 Wire Welder

Lot#: 62228196

Terex Model HR16 serial #358/3394 built in 2002 mini excavator with 2352 hours, rubber tracks, front 60 blade and 36 bucket, includes auxiliary hydraulics and OROPS cab

Lot#: 62228153

Newer Lincoln Model 350M power mag wire welder

Lot#: 62228197

24" bucket

Lot#: 62228439

Slugger Magnetic Boring Machine, model USA-5

Lot#: 62228158

Lincoln 210 MP Power Mig Welder, NIB

Lot#: 62228159

Airco Arc Welder, Bumblebee III

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