Roofing / Siding / Construction Equipment & Materials

Sibley Liquidators | Auction
Thursday January 12, 20175:00 pm | 20310 State Hwy. 5. Green Isle, MN. US. 55338
  • Semi Tractor Mud Flaps
  • Semi Tractor Light Bar
  • 2 Wheel Barrels
  • Semi Tractor / Trailer Step / platform
  • Metric Tap & Die Set
  • 9 Pc 3/4
  • 21 Pc 1
  • Lunch / Patio Table
  • Assorted Lumber
  • Ladder Accessories / steps
  • 4 Fluorescent 15 Watt Lights
  • Trim Coil
  • Montgomery Wards Power Kraft
  • Port A Mate
  • Tub of Misc Tools
  • Chain Saw Sharpener
  • Vintage Singer Sewing Machine
  • 5 Pc Chisel Set
  • Space Heater
  • Flush Mount Lights
  • Vents & various building materials
  • Fishing Rods
  • Can of tools
  • Various Tools
  • Tools & Bag
  • Vintage Air Pump?
  • Tools Lot
  • Bostitch Nail Gun
  • Box of Sheathing Tape
  • Paslode Nail gun
  • Glass Patio Table
  • Various Roofing Tools / remove shingles
  • Bostitch Nails
  • Performance Drill
  • Ryobi Tools bag filled
  • Ryobi Drill
  • Vintage Hubcaps
  • Paslode Nail gun
  • Gas can
  • Tool Shop Cutter
  • Ladder Ridge
  • Metal Cabinet / Shelving
  • Air Conditioners
  • 4 Drawer Wood Cabinet
  • Vintage wooden moldings
  • Cue Stick
  • Driveway Sealer
  • Flame Orange Hunting Coveralls & Coat
  • Live Trap
  • Various Vents
  • Red Cedar Shingles
  • Slolum Ski
  • Homemade enclosed Trailer  (Green)
  • 4 Ladder Stabilizers
  • Army Explosives Box w/ tools
  • Home Theater System
  • Wooden Tool box filled
  • Bar Table & 4 Stools
  • Rolling Metal Cabinet
  • Electric Bug Fogger
  • 2 Flourescent lights
  • Safety Harness & Canvas Tool Bag
  • Box of nuts & bolts
  • Canvas tool belt
  • Bathtub surround
  • Misc Shop Items
  • Lot of Misc shop items
  • Box of Nut & Bolts
  • Dremel Tool
  • Lot of Electrical Cords
  • Box of roofing items
  • Safety Harness
  • Tub of roofing items
  • 4 Ladder Braces / stabilizers
  • Steel Pump Jacks
  • Plumbing Lot
  • Grease Gun and..........
  • Homemade trailer / frame
  • Brake Pads
  • Folding Keller Aluminum Ladder (Extends to 25'
  • Large box of Door sealers
  • Fiberglass Extension Ladder
  • Work Shop Table
  • Ladder Bumpers
  • Gas Weed Trimmer
  • Werner Extension Ladder
  • Clamps
  • Werner Extension Ladder
  • Log Chain
  • Log Chain
  • Fiberglass Extension Ladder
  • Heavy Log Chain
  • Single Fiberglass Ladder
  • Homemade Trailer
  • Siding Brake
  • 10 drawer shop cabinet
  • 1995 Chrysler LeBaron
  • Flourescent Lighting & Bulbs
  • Upright Garage Door
  • Wood Scaffolding
  • Wood Scaffolding
  • 7 Folding Saw Horses
  • Side Tool Boxes
  • Tub of Plumbing Materials
  • Schwinn Bike
  • 3 Braces / Jacks
  • Large grouping of  siding materials
  • Soffet & Gutter
  • Whirlpool Refridgerator
  • Upright Freezer
  • New screen door
  • Steel Ramps
  • Steel Pump Jacks
  • Steel Pump Jacks
  • Nuts & Bolts Divider Box W/ Contents
  • Galvanized roofing nails
  • Misc. Nails
  • Workforce tool belt & Pole barn nails
  • Various Tools of the Trade
  • Approximately 28 coils Roofing Nails
  • Tools Lot
  • Tow Ropes
  • Tomato cages
  • Gardening plus stackable tables
  • Siding Table
  • Misc Shop Items / tools
  • Misc Shop lot
  • Aluminum Hub Clock
20310 State Hwy. 5 Green Isle, MN, 55338 952-457-6135

Announcement:Information contained herein is presented on behalf of the seller. Sibley Liquidators, agent for the seller, cannot guarantee the information to be correct or assume the liabilities for errors and omissions.  All lines drawn on maps are approximate. Buyers should verify the information to their own satisfaction.  Any announcements made from the auction block on day of auction will take precedence over any matter of print and will be final.

This is a roofing contractor that went out of business. There are some household items mixed in with the commercial items. Something for everyone. Huge ladders to a cue stick. Check out all the items since it is a huge variety from one end of the spectrum to the other.
Lot#: 1

All one unit

Measures 43" x 27"

Its dirty but in good shape

Lot#: 10

Aluminum - good condition

Lot#: 100

rough guess is around a total of 60 feet of the wider ones.

smaller is 14" wide and around 18 feet

black - green and mostly white.

Lot#: 101

300 lb capacity excellent condition

Lot#: 102

we plugged it in and it does run / power up that is all we know of it

Lot#: 103

they do not appear to have been used at all by ShopSmith

Lot#: 104

pretty design on both. New!

there are 2 and they are identical

Lot#: 105

and a bait pail

the longest by Big Water is 92" long

Lot#: 106



Nail puller and an electrical bar

Lot#: 107

plus an old lightning rod

Lot#: 108

not tested

Lot#: 109

not tested

Lot#: 11

All in good usable condition

Lot#: 110

not tested

Lot#: 111

tested and works

Lot#: 112

not tested

Lot#: 113

tested and runs

Lot#: 114

5' tall 3' wide 1' deep

Lot#: 115

may have been a dresser in a previous life has deep drawers for your power tools?

3'6" tall 34" wide 24" deep

Lot#: 116

really nice shape with a canvas carry case

deep maroon and black

Lot#: 117

size medium on the coveralls the coat tag cannot give size as it is faded too badly

Lot#: 118

for home or shop

Lot#: 119

very good shape

Lot#: 12

Selling all 4 - one money

Lot#: 120

appears to be new not tested

Lot#: 121

a truly unique table and stools each person has a drawer in front of them

Stools fit perfectly under the table

table is 3 ft tall x 4 ft long

stools are 2 ft tall and are padded leather or faux leather

Lot#: 122

not tested

Lot#: 123

needed items for the trade

Lot#: 125

heavy canvas

Lot#: 126

shop or garage items

Lot#: 127

mostly new

also some nails

Lot#: 128

and a trouble light

Lot#: 129

Heavy duty

Lot#: 13

The largest of the lot is a span of 50"

Lot#: 130

various plumbing materials

Lot#: 14

the wheels are mis matched. Put a floor on it and start hauling.

9'6" in length x 4' wide.... add the tongue for another 3 feet

this needs to be trailered / hauled as it is not registered / road legal.

Lot#: 15

Very nice ladder for use anywhere - not just the roofing business

Lot#: 16

Opens to 33'

Lot#: 17

Have 5 rubber bumpers here. Good shape - plenty of life left in them

Lot#: 18

Opens to 28' fiberglass

Lot#: 19

Blue fiberglass opens to 28'

Lot#: 2

an extra tire goes with.

Lot#: 20

Opens to 20'

no brand can be seen on it

Lot#: 21

12' in length but can be paired with another extention

Lot#: 22

Mostly made of wood. has a top rack of iron. was used previously to haul ladders and scaffolding

7'6" long without the tongue with = 12'9"

5'7" wide

It has a tool box attached on the front also.

Not road legal. No registration on it. Needs to be hauled other than that it is a sound trailer and manuvers as it should it just is not legal to use on the roads.

Lot#: 23

Van Mark I Model 1060

Looks to be in very good shape. Has some other items that belong with it.

Be sure to see all the photos. The brake alone measures 10'6" long

Not sure of the item in the box. A cutter trim brake accessory.

We have a bobcat and can help with loading with your supervision.

Lot#: 24

All metal except for the top which is wooden.

4' long 2' deep 40" high

can use the bobcat to load it for you.

Lot#: 25

Vin # 1C3EU4538SF643706

Mileage 105383

Plate # 307UTA

Consignor drove the car to our facility

Please arrange for a special appointment to pick this up

Lot#: 26

You get all - the first photo was taken before removal from the site.

if needed we can set onto a trailer using a bobcat

Lot#: 27

9'2" wide x 8' tall

all that you will need is here.

Lot#: 28

There are only 9 in this lot. The bottom 3 belong to the next lot as they are of a different size

These are the larger one at 8' long x 4 wide all of wood.

Lot#: 29

9 pcs here

8' long x 3'6" wide

Lot#: 3

Aluminum base & wood tops

Lot#: 30

All metal

87 1/2" long x 13" wide

Lot#: 31

You get the whole thing.... the tub is also yours with a cover on it. which fits nicely.

Lot#: 32

Good shape


Lot#: 33

the red one measures 6 ft long

the other 2 are adjustable

Lot#: 34

Many different sizes and variety of corners - strips - door edges - roof caps etc.

Lot#: 35

The bag and box are full of corners and smaller spouts

3 gutters at 16'

3 gutters at 10"

4 spouts at 10'

1 soffet at 12'

9 soffet at 5'10"

Lot#: 36

It does run. Needs a bit of cleaning.

Think deer season!!

18 cubit ft

Lot#: 37

The shelves are the type that do the cooling / freezing

Remember this is needed during deer season.

We had this running for about an hour and it does work well

Lot#: 39

Everything you need is here

not pictured are the smaller items one needs to put this together.

Lot#: 4

they are not very long at around 2 foot.

Lot#: 40

Heavy duty selling as a pair

Lot#: 41

Heavy duty, you get the pair

Lot#: 42

Lots of little nuts and bolts that come in handy.

Lot#: 43

1.5" 1inch and 1/2 inch in this lot.

plus some misc boxes of nails

Lot#: 44

All different sizes in this lot

Lot#: 45

afew nails are rusty on top but the majority are good to use.

Lot#: 46

Deck Screws - Galvanized nails etc.

Lot#: 47

plus various flashing items

Lot#: 48

tool box

stanley blower, tested and works

Lot#: 49

plus some misc items go with

Lot#: 5

Some are very heavy and sturdy

Lot#: 50

outlets etc

Lot#: 51

69" long 30 tall 19 wide

legs fold for storage / hauling

Lot#: 52

garage or shop lot

Lot#: 53

some are new unopened bags

nuts bolts lot etc

Lot#: 54

Excellent condition

Lot#: 55

good shape

Lot#: 56

Nice condition measures 32 inches x 31 inches

Lot#: 57


Lot#: 58

nothing missing

Lot#: 59

Nothing missing here

Lot#: 6

9 @ 10' x 7"

2 @ 11' x 5"

14 @ 8' x 4"

15 @ 8' x 4" x 1 (thin boards)

plus a bunch of odds and ends ranging in sizes at least 2 or more feet long and different widths.

Lot#: 60

18" 2 per pack = 8 lights

Lot#: 61

Seems like a vintage item

Lot#: 62

You get the whole tub with tools in it

Lot#: 63

Not the very best shape but still one should be able to restore it.

Lot#: 64

Its on rollers and it works

Lot#: 65

good shape

Lot#: 66

plus a funnel and lawn seeder

Lot#: 67

bag is made of heavy canvas lots of tools go with.

Lot#: 68

Lots of good tools here

Lot#: 69

pluse water proof flashing

Lot#: 7

3'2" x 3'2" metal bottom

Lot#: 70

3 inch

Lot#: 71

with various tools. also 3 hand saws and square

Lot#: 72

4 are the same but the rest are of a different model

Lot#: 73

plus some misc items

Lot#: 74

plus various misc tools in the tub

Lot#: 75

one has a remote. not tested

Lot#: 76

plus 2 metal door / key plates

very old

Lot#: 77

5 gallons

Lot#: 78

good shape

Lot#: 79

Just one box here

also called sidewall shingles on the box

Lot#: 8


Not road worthy, no registration. Must be trailered.... which means it is illegal to pull down the road. Other than that, the trailer is mechanically sound and manuvers as it should.

Wood sides and wood floor inside

Heavy duty steel frame underneath

12' long w/o tongue add that for another 7'

6'6" wide

6'3" tall but from the ground up it is 8 ft tall

Please call for a special appointment for this trailer as the brake needs to be removed first

Lot#: 80

Lots of good tools in there.

Lot#: 81

with tools all good items near the bottom

Lot#: 82

wooden top on wheels

32" tall 20" deep 25" wide

Lot#: 83

one is a black light

ready to hang

Lot#: 84

some nails also

Lot#: 85

New in the box

Lot#: 86

and nails

Lot#: 87


plus jack stands and come along

Lot#: 88

many new items here

the box is very heavy

Lot#: 89

various tools of the trade

Lot#: 9

plus an air hose

Lot#: 90

some tubes of grease along with other shop / garage items

Lot#: 91

U joints and some vintage car items

Lot#: 92

foam strips

door sills / bottom etc

Lot#: 93

made of wood with carpet on top

legs fold for storage

Lot#: 94

not tested

also a plastic coated cable. no key for the lock

Lot#: 95

various lengths

Lot#: 96

rough guess 18' long

Lot#: 97

around 12' long plus a chain binder goes with this one

Lot#: 98

around 12' long

Lot#: 99

This thing is for real. Not a fake hub. Clock works and takes a AA battery

I am not so sure I want to ship this as it is very heavy and large at 22" in diameter

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