The Fleming Collection

Saturday September 21, 2013 | 140 North Country Club Drive. Mesa, AZ. US. 85211
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Announcement:Information contained herein is presented on behalf of the seller. Auction Productions, agent for the seller, cannot guarantee the information to be correct or assume the liabilities for errors and omissions.  All lines drawn on maps are approximate. Buyers should verify the information to their own satisfaction.  Any announcements made from the auction block on day of auction will take precedence over any matter of print and will be final.

Five Framed Works Of Art.
Item number: 17583130 |

Exercise Lot Including A Hi Step, Ab Dolly,
Item number: 17583131 | thigh master ball, hula hoops and Everlast pad.

Collection Of Table Top Matchbox Covers Including
Item number: 17583010 | Egyptian leather, stone, pink bake lite, Langelinie Kobenhavn and others.

Three Carved And Signed Bone Netsukes Of Beetles.
Item number: 17583132 |

Metal Match Safes And Holders, A K. Bell London
Item number: 17583011 | metal holder established 1832, a heavy brass Keyser & Co. 1896 holder, old brass shoe match holder and others.

R. Arkinson Fox Prints In Period Frames.
Item number: 17583133 |

Collection Of Match Safes Including A Hand Carved
Item number: 17583012 | Victorian double match safe, turn of the century Niagara Falls, NY. wooden holder, a very old cast iron safe styled after a size 9 child's shoe horn and others.

"rendevous Remembered" And "territorial Law"
Item number: 17583134 | Ltd. Edition prints by Gary Kolter of Phoenix, AZ. (1980).

Bonanza Lot Of Silver Jewelry; Over 100 Silver
Item number: 17583013 | and vermielle rings; some set with stones; plus designer chains.

Large Lot Of Glassware Including 24 + Piece
Item number: 17583135 | matching glasses, stemware, salt & pepper, plates and pressed glass.

Bonanza Lot; Birdhouses, A Pennsylvania Dutch Girl
Item number: 17583014 | hand painted box, vases, candle and adobe display.

Two Floor Lamps And A Artificial Ficus Tree In
Item number: 17583136 | basket.

Red Glass Oil Lamp, Cast Iron Door Stops And Eagle
Item number: 17583015 | cast iron roof ornaments and a cast iron wall hanger.

Bonanza Lot Of Candles Including Amethyst Crystal
Item number: 17583137 | candle holder, foreign coins and a purring kitty cat.

Country White Kitchen Cabinet With Glass Shelves
Item number: 17583016 | and door and mirrored back.

Jaguar Rolling Luggage Set With Extra Bags.
Item number: 17583138 |

Matchbox Holders Including A (vicky) Gold
Item number: 17583017 | flash over sterling matchbox cover, a boudiour and a 1920's style with others.

Ricardo Beverly Hills 4 Piece Luggage Set With
Item number: 17583139 | extra Jaguar carry on bag.

Collection Of 20 Dug Civil War Medicine Bottles
Item number: 17583018 | and ink bottles.

T.C. Cannon "turn Of Century Dandy" Aberbach
Item number: 17583019 | Fine Arts New York 23.5 x 33 inches framed. Circa 1980 by Cicero Art; Stuttgart, Germany. Very collectable.

Oreck Commercial Xl Vacuum With Extra Vacuum Bags.
Item number: 17583140 | Works.

Winchester Model 43; .218 Bee Cal.; Barrel And
Item number: 17583141 | receiver retain 98% bright blue with sound action and mint bore; good wood with sling swivels attached; receiver has Weaver scope mounts attached and was tapped for side mounts at one time; holes filled.

Box Lot Vintage Ladies Gloves, Beaded Purses
Item number: 17583020 | and linens.

Denim 8 Foot Hide-a-bed Sofa. Includes Extra
Item number: 17583142 | cushion covers and pillows.

Book Lot Poetry, Novels, Kids.
Item number: 17583021 |

Christmas Bonanza Lot With Many
Item number: 17583143 | expensive decorations and dolls.

Pair Of End Tables.
Item number: 17583022 |

Cup Collection W/ Place Mats Includes
Item number: 17583144 | Norman Rockwell & Norton salt, as well as bird wall clock.

Wooden Toy Lot With 2 Vintage Solid
Item number: 17583023 | wood carved boats.

Picnic And Sewing Basket Lot Includes
Item number: 17583145 | 4 vintage early Hummels that need restoration and full sewing basket.

Oak Octagonal Poker Table; Reversible To Dining
Item number: 17583024 | table with four padded chairs (chairs not pictured; need cleaning and repair and dining room side of table needs restoring).

Five Framed Puzzles And 2 Prints.
Item number: 17583146 |

A Hexagon Display Case Approximately 70 Inches In
Item number: 17583025 | height with glass shelves; lighted top and bottom with storage down below.

Cast Fountain With Boy & Girl At Pump.
Item number: 17583147 |

Christmas Extravaganza Lot Of Salt & Pepper
Item number: 17583026 | shakers along with some vintage plastic Santa candy holders.

Bible And Religious Book Lot.
Item number: 17583148 |

Outdoor Patio Table With Four Chairs Including
Item number: 17583027 | four flower print chair pads.

Antique Crochet Work Framed, Some In Trays.
Item number: 17583149 |

Early Gas Parlor Stove Fender With Knights At
Item number: 17583028 | both ends, appears mint and unused.

Framed And Matted Print Robert E Lee Reviewing
Item number: 17583029 | troops with 1864 $10 original Confederate note.

A Quality Ping Pong Table Top To Put Over Pool
Item number: 17583150 | table; one side has rubber backing. (two pieces).

A Set Of Three T.V. Wall Mounts For Flat Panel
Item number: 17583151 | T.V.'s.

Rotating Lucite Box Display Case 14.5" X 14.5" X
Item number: 17583030 | 22" tall; 4 shelves with keyed lock, hinged wood & glass case display case 20.5" x 23.5" X 3.25"and an oak wood & glass display case 112" x 18" x 1.75" with key.

Bronze Based Beveled Glass Coffee Table In
Item number: 17583152 | excellent condition.

Golden Oak Coffee Table
Item number: 17583031 | and matching end table, both excellent.

Lot Of 5 Antique Miniature Dolls
Item number: 17583153 | including two vintage cupies.

Jewelry Box Containing Two Ladies
Item number: 17583032 | charm bracelets, one with 14K gold charms, all others appear to be sterling and most are marked.

Excellent Plains Indian Beaded Rawhide Doll
Item number: 17583154 | with beaded bag.

Collection Of 3 Framed & Matted Brad Schmidt
Item number: 17583033 | Native American prints including hand signed.

Engraved Ansonia Sterling Silver Mounted Clock
Item number: 17583155 |

Two Large Cowboy Prints (29 X 40) By William
Item number: 17583034 | Moyers, 2 wildlife prints, an original oil by Dick Bass and a George Phippen print.

Casa Grande Poly Chromed Thumb Nailed Olla
Item number: 17583156 | 11 inches x 11 inches; signed Nicolas Silvera; noted artist.

A Large Lot Of Antique Button Hooks, Some With
Item number: 17583035 | French ivory handles, celluloid handles, a couple of sterling and miscellaneous antique buttons.

Rare "j. Nehring / 42nd St N.Y." Marked Civil War
Item number: 17583157 | photographers lantern with original front lid panel and ruby glass panel, see "Lord's Civil War Encyclopedia" very good with most poly chrome paint and label showing with visible rust on chimney.

Large Lot Of Collectible Spoons With Wooden Map
Item number: 17583036 | of Canada display rack. There is a smorgasbord of Canadian, USA and foreign spoons.

Leaded And Stained Glass Large Lamp Shade,
Item number: 17583158 | can be used as a hanging shade or on a lamp base.

Westlo Treadmill, Working.
Item number: 17583037 |

American Oak Antique Dresser With Finely
Item number: 17583159 | framed bevel glass mirror, quarter sawn with carved applique, mirror needs to be re silvered.

Wooden Quilt Stand And An Antique Reproduction
Item number: 17583038 | pitcher and wash basin.

A Collection Of Candle Snuffers Many Are Brass And
Item number: 17583039 | wood; two are silver and many are antique. The cat is in need of repair.

Navajo & Zuni Silver Jewelry Lot
Item number: 17583160 | with old pawn bracelet with turquoise, pair of Zuni Sun faced Kachina earrings set with turquoise, jet and red coral, plus a Zuni pendant set with the same comb.,and a sterling silver petroglyph, pendant/broach

Armand Marseille "dream Baby" 10.5" Bisque China
Item number: 17583161 | head, Germany early 1900's; restored from house fire.

This Is The Vintage Country Home And Kitchen
Item number: 17583040 | collection which includes wooden rolling pins, hand mad wooden ironing board, wooden shoe stretcher, glass measuring chopper, Sheffield carving set, Tolle painted popcorn popper, (rare) metal tea press and more.

Rare 26 Inch Bowie With Stag Handle And 18 Inch
Item number: 17583162 | blade; originally from Patagonia Museum of the Horse with custom sheath by Apache artist Gordon Lewis.

Collection Of Four Hummels Signed Goebel With
Item number: 17583041 | small bee and large "V" including Little Helper Chimney Sweep, Going to Market and Happy Wanderer; all excellent.

Civil War Tin Type In Case Of Two Union Soldiers
Item number: 17583163 | in uniform with Kepis and 2 friends, very excellent condition of photo, all are smoking cigars, possibly post war.

Bonanza Costume Jewelry Lot
Item number: 17583042 | with some signed pieces.

Native American Basketry Tray Attributed To Hopi
Item number: 17583164 | culture woven from sumac and rabbit bruck using dyes from larkspur (blue) and red from native grasses. Circa late 19th early 20th century, 11.75 inches in diameter, very good to near excellent condition.

Antique Royal Typewriter.
Item number: 17583043 |

Monument Valley 19.5 X 17.5 Inches, Framed,
Item number: 17583165 | by Noted Artist Rollie Topping. Mr Topping known for his works through the U.S. and is collected by Country Western Star Lorreta Lynn, Retail $3600

Advertising And Label Lot Includes A 1921 Women's
Item number: 17583044 | Day, 1896 Life Magazine, Ladies Home Journal 1898, framed thermometers, beer and fruit labels, washboard with old labels and more.

Allen & Wheelock Early Side Hammer .22 Cal
Item number: 17583166 | revolver, Ser. No. 585 all matching including grips, blue/gray patina on barrel and receiver, hammer & cylinder retains considerable original blue, sound action, rosewood grips.

Two Framed Cm Russell Prints, A Framed Colt
Item number: 17583045 | Peacemaker print and a framed Stagecoach print.

Excellent Hardwood Baker's Rack With Blue
Item number: 17583167 | and white tile inserts, upper and lower storage drawers and gallery on bottom with utensils rack, wrought iron furniture.

Avon Collectible Bottles And Jewelry; Some With
Item number: 17583046 | cologne and boxes. Milk glass, fruit and nut dish, shaving mugs and other miscellaneous porcelain ware.

Central Or South American; Possibly Peruvian
Item number: 17583168 | poly chromed pitcher with animal effigy handle; two small chips at rim; most original paint remains; 6" x 6.5" 18th to 19th century.

Six Artworks In Frames And Oval
Item number: 17583047 | gold gilt French Mirror.

A Collection Of Cute Swarovski Teddy Bears 2"
Item number: 17583169 | tall. There are 5 of these bears; one is with a clock, another is a figure skater and a downhill skier. These bears are retired.

5 Crystal Bells With A Pair Of Italian Oil Lamps;
Item number: 17583048 | colonial style, a McCoy vase, a Sylva C. Ward (Cavalier) mug and two green glass candle holders.

Vintage Collection Of Two Cassette Players, Wooden
Item number: 17583049 | cigar box, world globe, Cutty Sark cards and poker chips, Australian scout hat, Hong Kong scout tie, first moon exploration paper weight and 1951 Christmas and Swedish National Sanitarium Denver, Co. stamps.

"picture Perfect" #7612, Issued & Retired 1991,
Item number: 17583170 | Lladro Collectors Society Members only piece sculpted by Juan Huerta, 8.75" x 6.25" properly marked, Retail value $695, No box.

German Wwii Rzm Marked 1941 M 7/68 Sa Dagger,
Item number: 17583171 | blade etched "Alles Fur Deutsch Land". Very good overall condition, excellent blade with scabbard marks, leather hangar attached to strong scabbard with tag "Lt. Marjorie Spillman"

Soft Tub With Cover And Motor (unknown If
Item number: 17583050 | working; not tested), cover is sun weathered and cracking.

A Set Of Christmas Swarovski Including A 4" Star
Item number: 17583172 | candle holder (013748 retired), 3" tall Christmas tree with gold star & red "ornaments" and a 2" tall snowman with orange carrot nose. All in original boxes.

Vintage Runner Sled Paired With An Antique Toy
Item number: 17583051 | cast iron boy & girl on a runner sled.

Armand Marseille 17" Bisque Doll With Wood
Item number: 17583173 | jointed body. Antique doll with a hard plastic Amer. Char. Walker with repaired clothing and wig.

Rare Knights Of Columbus Lodge Sword Owned By
Item number: 17583052 | Judge Benjamin Cartwright Ward, the last Confederate living Veteran who died in 1940 on March 1st. He served with Co. "H" 1st Regt., Kentucky Calvary and saw action in Georgia, North & South Carolina, Tennessee

Cut Crystal Cruet Set In Silver Plated Morenils By
Item number: 17583174 | Reed & Barton.

Collection Of Two Hopi Kachinas
Item number: 17583053 | cone damaged and large excellent Papago covered storage basket.

American Oak Antique Dresser With
Item number: 17583175 | beveled glass mirror, Serpentine front and dovetailed drawers.

Delft Windmill Candle Snuffer, Porcelain Sturgeon
Item number: 17583054 | sterling silver letter opener and a porcelain pill box.

Lladro "spring Bouquets" #7603 Issued 1987 Retired
Item number: 17583176 | 1988. 8.25" tall, a Lladro Museum Collectors Society Edition.

Large Sand Framed Painting (28 Inches Square),
Item number: 17583055 | velvet Indian painting, 2 Remington prints, Bob Quik wildlife and others.

Norman Rockwell's "fondest Memories" 31.7 Oz.
Item number: 17583177 | sterling silver, cased 1st Edition Proof Set.

A Collection Of Delft Pottery, Dresser Porcelain,
Item number: 17583056 | an eight piece milk glass luncheon set, a crest of gale hand painted colonial plate with 22 karat gold trim and others.

A Set Of Four Marion Anderson Limited Edition
Item number: 17583178 | prints. Each one is approximately 25.5" x 30" in size. All are professionally framed and matted, signed and all are numbered 67/750 with COA. They are titled: Winter, Spring, Summer & Autumn

Niagara Falls Glass Paperweight, Coca Cola
Item number: 17583057 | vintage pocket knife, Concise Pan AM circular slide rule, 1975 Snuff advertiser.

South American Chancay Figure Of Woman,
Item number: 17583179 | approximately 7" in height; shows loss to right ear and arm as well some damage to head hanging holes, figure has a crack across the back rotating to below the right arm, shows magnisium intrusion and should date 750-1200

Collection 8 Art Works Framed.
Item number: 17583058 |

Japanese Snuff Containers; One Wood, One Silver
Item number: 17583059 | and porcelain and one scrimshawed bone ivory.

Collection Of Military Buttons Late 19th To Mid
Item number: 17583180 | 20th century including USMC, USS Hope, Hospital Ship Buttons 1944, National Guard, Navy and some foreign plus patches, cigarette case and match safe.

George Wostenholm Ixl Bowie, Sheffield, 10.5"
Item number: 17583181 | overall with 6.25 inch clip point blade, walnut handles with brass hand guard, 20th century blade.

Two Small End Tables With Slide Out Shelves
Item number: 17583060 |

Victorian Era Antique Embossd Pickle Hodge
Item number: 17583182 |

Japanese Glass Snuff Bottles, Three In Boxes.
Item number: 17583061 |

Collection Of 5 Hand Painted Balloon Back
Item number: 17583183 | Pennsylvania Dutch Chairs, Two retain most original polychrome painting in Fruit and Bird Scenes with tree showing heavier wear, One rung broken and repaired Rare and worthy of restoration circa mid 18th to early 19

Collection Of Snuff Bottles, Two Carved Bone Ivory
Item number: 17583062 | and 2 porcelain and a silver & black necklace snuff container.

Hand Crafted Zuni Suite Featuring Necklace,
Item number: 17583184 | matching earrings, ring and bracelet in sterling silver with finely inlaid Cardinal in Mother of Pearl, red coral and sky blue turquoise; signed by the Zuni silversmith.

Collectible Antique Chinese Baby Doll
Item number: 17583063 | circa1910-20's, silk clothing, may be signed.

1864 National Revolver Company Moore's Teat
Item number: 17583185 | Fire 6 shot revolver. Serial # 76 with all parts matching engraved brass frame, rosewood bird's head grip, gray patina on barrel and cylinder, with accompanying rare cartridge and original 1864 advertising from Harper's

Excellent Hand Crafted Tiger Eye
Item number: 17583064 | necklace and matching earrings.

Maricopa Water Cup Poly Chromed
Item number: 17583186 | and signed Pearl Norris, for Joan Fleming.

Collection Of Three Porcelain And One Cloisonne
Item number: 17583065 | Snuff bottles.

Colt 1st Model Police Positive Target; .32 Colt
Item number: 17583187 | (32 S & W long) Serial No. 250189; manufactured 1926; retains 98% original bright blue; with checkered walnut factory medallion grips; sound action; mint bore; faint dragline on cylinder; hard to improve

Rare Advertising Snuff Box Ny.-paris, Old Snuff
Item number: 17583066 | tin,5 black jazz band figurines, black dog figurine 2 Coca Cola novelty pocket knife, 46 star flag, racy post cards, dance cards and thank you notes.

Rare Swan Paddle Boat; Approximately 8 Feet Long,
Item number: 17583188 | 5 feet wide and 7 feet in height. Retails for over $2000.00

Harlan Young Plate W/coa "grizzly Ambush",
Item number: 17583067 | basket, punchbowl, cups and ladle and salad and spoon fork.

Large Photo Of Mess Personnel Co. "e" 2nd Ga. Us
Item number: 17583189 | Volunteers, all are identified, great photo with some loss to upper right hand corner.

Horizon R6055 Recumbent Exercise Bike With Smart
Item number: 17583068 | board.

Oak Cane Backed Swivel Office Chair.
Item number: 17583069 |

"hitchcock" Drop Leaf Table; 60 Inch Rock Maple
Item number: 17583190 |

Civil War Chest Set From Jc Penney And English
Item number: 17583070 | Monopoly game WWII.

Turtle Top Occasional Table-30 Inches High.
Item number: 17583071 |

Collection Of Commemorative Coins/tokens Including
Item number: 17583072 | Queen Elizabeth 1965 Silver dollar, 1981 Prince of Wales and Lady Diana, 1968 Mexican Olympic 25 peso coin, Arizona Grand canyon 50th Anniversary coin, Expo 74 World's Fair token, 1971 Eisenhower proof dollar in case.

Framed Silk Relief Geisha Girl; Vintage 40's-50's
Item number: 17583073 | size 25.5" x 37.5"

German Wwii Werhmacht Dress Dagger By
Item number: 17583074 | Robert Klass, excellent blade with minute blems. Painted handle with Port 'a Pi attached, scabbard shows two dents near base and has hangars attached, tag Lt. Marjorie Spillman.

Collection Of 7 Miscellaneous Prints.
Item number: 17583075 |

Silver Indian Fetish Necklace Tested At A Higher
Item number: 17583076 | silver content than 92.5 or sterling.

Vintage 60's Magazine Souvenir Lot, "the
Item number: 17583077 | Supreme's" 1967 concert program unknown signatures inside, 1950's-60's Coca Cola ads from National Geographic, July 4th 1969 off to the moon Life magazine along with 1896 liquor sales tax license and a South African

Set Of Four Black Wrought Iron Outdoor Patio
Item number: 17583078 | chairs with small patio table.

Lot Of 2 Framed & Signed Water Color Seascapes.
Item number: 17583079 |

Set Of Four Black Wrought Iron Outdoor Patio
Item number: 17583080 | chairs with four sets of chair pads.

Currier & Ives Framed Print Of "the Narrows New
Item number: 17583081 | York Bay" and an unframed 1871 French print Exe'cution De Rossel. Bourgeois, Ferre'

Five Framed Cowboy Prints Including 2 Vintage
Item number: 17583082 | 1974 Culver City, Ca. Frederick Remington prints on glass and "When I was a Kid" by CM Russell.

Victorian Horn Snuff Container Presentation Piece
Item number: 17583083 | to Professor J.E.R. April 5th 1890 inscribed under lid, another bone container with wooden lid, Kenya snuff container, great goat scrotum sac medicine medicine herb pouch and 2 silver German snuff spoons.

Weight Bench With Leg Curls And Approximately
Item number: 17583084 | 350 plus lbs. of dumbbells (mostly metal and some rubber)

Swarovski Three Tulips On A Silver Stand, Three
Item number: 17583085 | daisy's, a red and a blue heart. All signed Swarovski.

Pair Of Art Statues By Jack Black
Item number: 17583086 | circa 1985.

Lot Of 5 Lamps.
Item number: 17583087 |

Imex Fitness Powerhouse Multi Exercise Gym.
Item number: 17583088 |

Collection Of Eight Carved Netsuke In Bone And
Item number: 17583089 | Ivorine.

Nature In Art, 3 Framed Works Including
Item number: 17583090 | 2 Ltd. Edition of birds.

Bird Lot With Both Porcelain, Wood
Item number: 17583091 | and stone birds as well a bird clock on stand.

Hand Crafted Wall Hanging And
Item number: 17583092 | latch hook rug.

Bonanza Sports Lot Consisting Of Tennis Rackets,
Item number: 17583093 | racket ball rackets, two 18 pack golf balls, badminton set (4 rackets/2 birdies/no net), size 11 roller blades and a folding razor Micro Quad scooter.

A Small Folding Table With An Acer Computer
Item number: 17583094 | monitor, HP Photosmart C4280 printer and an Altec Lanzing computer speaker (working condition unknown).

Flag Lot With 48 Star American Flag On Standard;
Item number: 17583095 | contemporary St. Andrews Cross Storm on battle size and set of St. Andrews Cross desk flags with stand.

A Pair Of Large Rawl Spanish Influenced Spurs On
Item number: 17583096 | silvered bases, engraved with pierce work; desirable.

Reproduction Walnut Color Wall Regulator With Key
Item number: 17583097 |

Bonanza Lot Porcelain & Fire King.
Item number: 17583098 |

Bonanza Lot Wall & Desk Clocks,
Item number: 17583099 | book ends, coasters and more.

Hopi Watermelon Maiden Hand Carved
Item number: 17582900 | Kachina signed by artist, 9 inches.

Collection 3 Porcelain Bisque Dolls
Item number: 17582901 | including Pemberton & Oaks and a Heritage collection doll.

Collection Of Four Fractional Currency Bills
Item number: 17582902 | from North Carolina including 5 cent, (2) 10 cents and one 50 cent notes. All very good to excellent.

Leather Lot Including European Cartridge Belt, H.
Item number: 17582903 | H. Heiser holster and more.

Triner Air Mail Accuracy Postal Scale Excellent.
Item number: 17582904 |

Johnny West Action Figures And Friends; Twelve
Item number: 17582905 | different dolls with well over 100 accessories. A great collectible toy lot!

Golden Oak Mission Style Coffee Table.
Item number: 17582906 |

Collection Of Four Native American Silver Beaded
Item number: 17582907 | necklaces with matching earrings; set with turquoise and agate.

Antique Trunk 28" X 17" X 19" Tall.
Item number: 17582908 |

Collection Of 3 Excellent Civil War Union Envelope
Item number: 17582909 | of patriotic nature, two are colonized versions.

Lot Of 10 Cased Tin Type & Ambro Type
Item number: 17582910 | photographs circa 1850's-1870's.

Large Lot Of Crystal Stemware With Some
Item number: 17582911 | antique pieces and a lot of press glass.

Collection Of 75 Native American Hand Crafted
Item number: 17582912 | ladies earrings; many with silver beads, agate and turquoise.

Collection Of 5 Civil War Letters: A) Treasury
Item number: 17582913 | Dept. 1864 requesting clothing from parents. B) 1864 letter with envelope and stamp, company "G" 32nd Ohio Volunteers near Atlanta, GA. and three other letters from siblings. All are very good condition.

Collection Of 25 Columbia Exhibition 1893 Spoons
Item number: 17582914 | including 14 demitasse silver plated spoons, 10 tea spoons and 1 sterling silver spoon.

Papago Covered Hand Woven Storage Basket.
Item number: 17582915 |

Collection Of 2 Porcelain Bisque
Item number: 17582916 | hand painted dolls and signed by artist including "On the Rocking Horse".

Collection Of Confederate & Union Buttons,
Item number: 17582917 | shot & mini balls and other artifacts in Ryker mount.

Iron "ram" Rock Art Sculpture Table With Heavy
Item number: 17582918 | glass top.

Collection Of 100 Native American Hand Crafted
Item number: 17582919 | earrings; most with silver beads and set with turquoise, agate, jet and other stones.

Real Deer Game Antler Chandelier With Flickering
Item number: 17610735 | lights.

Civil War Era Artifacts Including Officer's Camp
Item number: 17582920 | candle holder, American universal wooden hand pump, hoe blade used as entrenching tool, small bell, fine lot of original photographs of identified Pennsylvania 77th Infantry Volunteer, 2 copies of Congressional globe

Pgs Certified "constantine The Great" Roman Coin
Item number: 17582800 | circa 330 all in very nice condition PGS certified bronze coin, Constantine the Great on front with 2 soldiers on obverse

Large Four Point Buck Mount.
Item number: 17582921 |

"desert Serenity" Originally Framed And Matted
Item number: 17582801 | watercolor by noted Arizona artist Helen M Brown; 14 by 19 inches.

Vintage 1960's Pepsi Soda Fountain Dispenser
Item number: 17582922 | machine.

Large Collection Family Photos Late 19th Century
Item number: 17582802 | early 20th century with many from South Dakota photographs.

Framed Ltd. Ed. 3/500 "time Stands Still"
Item number: 17582923 | framed and matted by Carolyn Baker 1987.

Five Porcelain Snuff Bottles And A Cloisonne
Item number: 17582803 | lidded box.

Stereo Optic Viewer Working But Shows Minor Repair
Item number: 17582924 | with approximately 200 plus colorized stereo optic cards showing views of the world, New York, Washington DC, US Naval Ships and more.

Royal Ironstone Dinner Service For Eight,
Item number: 17582804 | Shakespeare blue and white featuring Ann Hathaway's house, one or more chip.

Large 44 X 58 Original Oil Painting By Morris Katz
Item number: 17582925 | NYC 1964. Personalized signed and dated on back May 3rd, 1964

Ryker Mounts Of Dug Civil War Artifacts Including
Item number: 17582805 | Powder Flask for Colt 1849 Pocket, mini balls, buckles, button and frame collection including Flag remnants, religious artifacts and German scissors, 3 frames total.

Hanson Model 2000 Utility Scale, 25 Pound Capacity
Item number: 17582926 | Excellent condition plus an American Family 30 lb. nursery scale.

A Marion Anderson Schaefer Framed "night Watch"
Item number: 17582806 | print measuring 25.5 inches x 32 inches. Numbered 164/750 and signed.

Collection Of Mexican Quesada Style
Item number: 17582927 | black ware effigies and ironwood carvings.

Victorian Style Doll Sofa
Item number: 17582807 | with "My Way" "Cutie" and "Jessica" original doll by Connie Waller Derek from the Hamilton Collection.

A Trio Of Collecible Dolls, 1963 Horseman, Inc.
Item number: 17582928 | "Princess", Ideal 1952 Mary Heartline style 15" and an Ideal type 15" Princess Mary doll.

Lot Civil War Artifacts Including Horse Shoes,
Item number: 17582929 | bullet in wood fragment Fairfox, VA., artillery shell fragments from GA., mini balls from Nobit Bay and Petersburg, VA.

Collection Of Roosevelt Dime Book, Two Complete
Item number: 17582808 | and two partial.

Swarovski Retired Crystal Planet Vision 2000; A
Item number: 17582809 | blue crystal "Planet" with rotating dove perched on top. Base is signed with designer Swarovski swan and comes in original case & box.

Rustic Country Store Shelf
Item number: 17582930 |

Collection Of 7 Canes, Two Are Hand Carved And
Item number: 17582931 | one with brass greyhound.

A Framed Marion Anderson Print Done In 1984,
Item number: 17582810 | "Knowing the Sign-Arctic Trapper". Signed and numbered 204/750

Antique American Empire Period Wall Mirror
Item number: 17582932 | Black Sand finish with Gold Gilt, excellent original condition circa 1850's.

Framed Collection Of 5 Confederate Bond Coupons
Item number: 17582811 | and rare 10 cent Confederate postage stamp.

Set Of Four Limited Edition Acid Etched Crystal
Item number: 17582933 | glass plates; hand done and signed by artist R. Michael Yates from his Country Ladies Collection.

Set Of 4 George Washington Sterling Silver Salt &
Item number: 17582812 | peppers.

"sara" From The Hamilton Collection
Item number: 17582934 | and signed by artist plus "Andrew" also signed by artist both from the 90's.

Framed And Double Matted Signed Nancy Candlin
Item number: 17582813 | floated photo of Roses; approximately 26 x 21 inches.

Collection Of Five Native American Necklaces
Item number: 17582935 | and matching earrings with silver beads, Acoma pottery drop and some with stones or agate.

Horse Harness And Horse Shoe Cane Stand.
Item number: 17582814 |

Framed Prints "cemetery Hill" By Alfred Ward And
Item number: 17582936 | "Capture of St. Segal" near Falls Church, VA., framed and matted engraving from Harper's and framed ad matted print by Kunstler.

Swarovski Crystal Miniature Grand Piano With 1/2"
Item number: 17582815 | diameter stool. Very nice piece in original box.

Gettysburg Lot With Records, News And Pennant.
Item number: 17582937 |

St. Nicholas; 58 Inches In Height In Full Wardrobe
Item number: 17582816 | bearing gifts for all who believe.

Lot Of 3 Chairs, Cane Seat,
Item number: 17582938 | platform rocker and ladder back.

Collection Of 3 Dolls, Sfbj Paris #152,
Item number: 17582817 | "Jennifer" Hamilton collection 1990 and cloth doll in a cane seated doll rocking chair.

Large Lot Misc. Foreign Dolls,
Item number: 17582939 | plus small wood carvings.

Swarovski Annual Edition 1992 "care For Me" - The
Item number: 17582818 | Whales; a 5.5" tall mother & child figure; in original box with COA.

Great Lot Of Columbia Expo & World's Fair 1892-93
Item number: 17582819 | including postcards, books, tickets and more. Excellent and desirable.

Pelouze Family Scale, 24 Pound Capacity, Early
Item number: 17582940 | 20th Century, very good working condition.

Oak Floor Lamp.
Item number: 17582941 |

Collection Of 5 Designer Watches Including
Item number: 17582820 | pearl faced Japanese Quartz; running, Timex Quartz, pearl faced Armitron, Guess Quartz; running & a Relic with black band.

Alexandria Doll, 30 Inches In Height, Russian And
Item number: 17582942 | designed by Alexandria Kukinova with certificate of authenticity.

Lot Of 6 Pcgs Grade Coins, Roosevelt Dimes
Item number: 17582700 | 1973S S PR68 Cam, 1986-D MS65 & 2003 S PR 69 Cam and Lincoln cents 1978 MS 64, 81 MS 66 & 1980 MS 63.

Taxco Sterling Silver Choker With Large
Item number: 17582821 | carved pendant set with black onyx and matching earrings.

Collection Of 2 Civil War Tin Type Photo Albums
Item number: 17582943 | one with two Union soldiers in uniform.

Superbly Framed & Matted Ltd. Edition
Item number: 17582701 | "Femeture d' Ecole" #101/250 by Saucier.

Antique Statuary Lamp With The Bronze Figure Of
Item number: 17582822 | William Shakespeare and featuring a fine lead and stained glass lamp shade in excellent condition. Circa 1930's-40's

Silver Plated Bronze Ink Well, Embossed Bronze
Item number: 17582944 | lidded stamp bin and cut crystal candy compote.

Lot Of 10 Cased Tin Type & Ambro Type
Item number: 17582702 | photographs circa 1850's-1870's.

Two Burgundy Wine Colored Corduroy Rocking Chairs.
Item number: 17582823 |

Duck House Ltd. Ed. Doll #96/5000
Item number: 17582945 | and hand painted Victorian style doll on stand.

Vintage Antique Brass Two Branch Chandelier
Item number: 17582703 | with two original reverse painted puffy glass floral shades; has been rewired and is ready to hang.

Swarovski Annual Edition 1999 "masquerade"
Item number: 17582824 | Pierrot; designed by Adi Stocker, a wonderful clown dancer crystal figure. Measuring 8" tall; comes with pedestal display stand; in original box with COA from SCS.

Collection Of Five Native American Necklaces
Item number: 17582946 | and matching earrings with silver beads, Acoma pottery drop and some with stones or agate.

Maple Child's / Doll Rocker With Limited Edition
Item number: 17582704 | Royal Cathy "Teo" doll.

Swarovski Annual Edition 2000 "masquerade"
Item number: 17582825 | Columbine; designed by Gabriele Stamey. This beautiful dancer features a jeweled tiara; red and yellow crystal accents and a gold mask. Comes with a display stand, crystal SCS plaque and original box with COA.

Ammo Lot Including 6 Boxes 30-06 Plus 12 Gauge,
Item number: 17582947 | 22, 6.5 Jap, 8 x 57 mm, box western .32 S&W and 33 rounds .32 cal rifle.

A Group Of Five Signed Swarovski; 2" Sized
Item number: 17582705 | figurines koala, bear, mouse, turtle and butterfly; all are retired.

Lot Of 12 Collectible Glass Paper Weights,
Item number: 17582826 | one signed, 10 hand blown and 1 embossed.

1964 Dodo Bird Coin, Lincoln/kennedy Penny With
Item number: 17582948 | astonishing coincidences data, tokens from across the country including wooden, Colorado sales tax, Kansas sales tax, Coca Cola, one Florin dated 1921 plus many more.

Hopkins & Allen Falling Block 12 Gauge Shotgun
Item number: 17582706 | patented 1880, brown patina overall with repair at the wrist, rough bore but sound action, a great wall hangar for over the mantle.

Franklin Mint Antique Car Coin In Sterling Silver
Item number: 17582827 | 12.5 oz.

Collection Of 5 Central & South American
Item number: 17582949 | story teller pottery.

Pair Of Carl Schumann Porcelain Works 1926,
Item number: 17582707 | Dresden style Bon Bon Plates, both excellent manufactured in Azberg, Germany.

"kivalina" By Victoria And A Show Stopper"
Item number: 17582828 | doll both with hand painted porcelain bisque head and appendages on stand.

Set Of 11 Vintage Haviland Limoges
Item number: 17582708 | dessert dishes with matching saucers.

Large Ryker Mount With Buttons As Louisiana &
Item number: 17582829 | Conn., Springfield 50/70 cartridge & combination tool (dug), Primers Mass. Volunteers button converted to hat pin, 1864 Frankfort arsenal fuse box (8 second) mini balls and more.

Mission Style Oak Sofa Hide A Bed In Excellent
Item number: 17582709 | condition, can be used with naugahyde or brocade side with decorative matching pillows.

Plate Collection Lot Of Wedgewood Christmas Jasper
Item number: 17582950 | blue with white. Years 1969-86 & 91, 92, 98 and 99. Also included are miscellaneous brass and wood plate holders and stands.

Framed And Matted Charcoal Dated Oct. 1892 Of The
Item number: 17582951 | "Alamo" by Ella Hunie Buchanan.

Lot Of Three Native American Beaded Necklaces,
Item number: 17582830 | one with pipe beads & flint point.

Vintage 50's Tv Lamps/planters. Ram, Swan, Doves,
Item number: 17582952 | deer, panther and a horse. Tallest is 12.5 inches.

Excellent Brown Sofa
Item number: 17582710 |

A Pair Of Carved Bone/ivory Signed Netsukes.
Item number: 17582831 |

Tv Lamp/planter Lot Including Two Black Panthers,
Item number: 17582953 | white Swan, green Horse and black swan and a metal lantern.

Antique & Collectible Book Lot,
Item number: 17582711 | vintage kids books & more.

Country Life Dinner Service For Eight,
Item number: 17582832 | not complete but good look. 35 total pieces.

Book Lot With Charlie Russell
Item number: 17582954 | paper talk, Edward Curtis, Southwest baskets Papago baskets and more.

Collection Of 3 Civil War Photo Albums Of Tin
Item number: 17582712 | types one with soldier in uniform.

William Williams Civil War History Framed Plus
Item number: 17582833 | collection of family photos and tin types from Civil War era.

Automobile Emergency Flare Kit With Kerosene
Item number: 17582955 | pots. 1930's 1940's

Custom Framed Print "trails Of The Old West" By
Item number: 17582713 | William Jackson.

Lot Of 5 Graded & Slabbed Coins Including 1983s
Item number: 17582834 | Kennedy half PF ultra cameo, 1989-D Kennedy MS 65, 2000 D Caroline quarter MS 67, 1994-P Washington quarter MS 64 and 2001-P Vermont quarter MS 65.

Wwii Air Raid Wardens Night Stick With Ring
Item number: 17582956 | scabbard for 1901 Patton Calvary Saber designed by Gen. George Patton.

Collection Of 3 Ryker Mounts With Crossed
Item number: 17582714 | sabres, artillery cannons, bugle and Union hat shield plus Sweethearts cross with crossed pistols all Civil War vintage.

Collection Of Framed Engravings,
Item number: 17582835 | most are hand signed and hand colored.

Framed Ltd. Ed. 292/500 "rain Blooms"
Item number: 17582957 | framed and matted by Carolyn Baker 1981.

Fine Signed Jr Custom Silver Pendant
Item number: 17582715 | on sterling chain, set with Lapis Lazuli with matching bracelet and ring.

Lot Of Collectible Dolls Which Includes 14" "toni"
Item number: 17582836 | by Ideal, Hoyer type doll unmarked, "Miss Revlon" by Ideal 1956, "Bonnie Blue Ribbon", "Nancy Lee", Dolly Dreamland by Horseman and others.

Christmas Lot Including Antique Paper Mache'
Item number: 17582958 | boots, Santa's, Christmas boxes and miscellaneous porcelain. Tallest Santa is 17 inches tall; plus bonus of Christmas collectible plates.

Netsuke Bird With Nest 1.5" Tall And Carved Ojime
Item number: 17582716 | nut.

Swarovski Retired "bald Eagle" Retailed For
Item number: 17582837 | $275.00; stands 5" tall; in excellent condition with original case & box.

Pair Sugel-buppe Dolls.
Item number: 17582959 |

Collection Of 15 Pieces Haviland Limoges China.
Item number: 17582717 |

Pair Of German Silver Burial Plaques Dated 1857 &
Item number: 17582838 | 1864.

Hand Carved Swan And Pin Tail Duck
Item number: 17582718 | by noted and highly collectible carvers Doris Goryon 82 and James Haddon 87.

Two Fine Tax Co Sterling Silver Jewelry Sets,
Item number: 17582839 | one in lavender the other malachite.

Desk Set With Letter Opener & Magnifier, Sterling
Item number: 17582719 | ink well and monogrammed box.

Collection Of 3 Sterling Silver Bracelets,
Item number: 17582960 | two set with CZ's and all marked .925 sterling.

Coin Collector's Bonanza Lot, Empty Books, Wooden
Item number: 17582961 | case, sleeves, envelopes, miscellaneous plastic containers, coin wrappers and a battery operated coin sorter bank.

Antique Lot With 4 Framed 19th Century
Item number: 17582840 | engravings, hand painted Haviland Limoges plate and hair receiver, misc. others including Egyptian senet game.

Chatillons N.Y. Antique Scale, Weight Measurements
Item number: 17582962 | up to 200 lbs. scale 16 inches long.

Carved Bone Japanese Frog/insect Inro On Silk Cord
Item number: 17582720 |

Large Lot Civil War And Vintage Bullet Molds
Item number: 17582841 | including crude gang mold dug near Atlanta, GA.

Lot Of 3 Vintage Scales "little Swanson" 7" Long
Item number: 17582963 | Hanson utility scale 12" and a 10" utility scale.

Porcelain Lot Including Fine Nippon Pitcher,
Item number: 17582721 | Limoges pill box and an early signed RS Prussia Demitasse cup, 9 pieces total.

L.C. Smith Double Barrel Shotgun Field Grade .16
Item number: 17582600 | gauge; Serial No. 66499; sound action; mint bore; deluxe hand checkered walnut stock; barrels retain 60% blue starting to plum with no dents; 28 inches; modified and full choke; bright vivid case colors remain on the

Duel Watch Winder
Item number: 17582842 |

Lot Of Antique Baby And Youth Cloth, Plus
Item number: 17582964 | vintage baby shoes.

Ladies Custom Cz Mounted Band And Approximately
Item number: 17582722 | 5 Cctw Cz tennis bracelet both in .925 sterling mounts.

Collection Of 4 Civil War Letters: A) Headquarters
Item number: 17582601 | 3rd Regt. EB U.S.V. Camp Wool, MD. March 1862, Robert Wilson tells of review by Gen. Sickles and states it appears Gen. McClellan is going to give Rebs fits on all sides. B) Dec 5th 1861 talks of riding 30 to 34 miles a

Collection Of 5 Confederate Blanket Roll Buckles,
Item number: 17582843 | Lord's IV page 27.

C. Forschner's Balance No. 2 Scale Ny Patent July
Item number: 17582965 | 9th 1889, 10.5" and a Chatillons improved spring balance NY Patent January 6th 1891, January 26th 1892 12" long.

Collection Of Three Yellowhorse Pocket Knives
Item number: 17582723 | in the box including small and large canoe and sun fish; all with turquoise style handles.

Art Deco Signed And Hallmark Embossed
Item number: 17582602 | sterling silver dish and crystal capped sterling silver deco pin jar, both beautiful.

Hand Made Quilt And Matching Shams.
Item number: 17582844 |

Pin Cushions Including Porcelain, Pre War Japan
Item number: 17582966 | 1920's -30's, French style half doll pin cushion, half figures and other miscellaneous pin cushions.

Lot Of 3 Incomplete Books Of Roosevelt & Mercury
Item number: 17582724 | dimes 1912 through 1961

Merkel Model 141-1 Petite, Serial Number 551594
Item number: 17582603 | IRS, double rifle, mint condition and test fired only, 55 cm (21.65 in.) length blued barrel with fix sight and scope mounts, green cross bolt lock receiver is arabesque scroll engraver with select grade hand checkered

Collection Of Cut Crystal Figurines, Owl And
Item number: 17582845 | dragonfly are Swarovski; parrot and shell with pearl are an unknown maker. Swarovski's are retired.

"young America" Print By Noted Artist
Item number: 17582967 | Andrew Wyeth with Wyeth's book.

J. Mullenzares Signed Gauache Of Pottery; Framed.
Item number: 17582725 |

Late 19th Early 20th Century Doll
Item number: 17582604 | signed "German 143", jointed clay body with damage to right thumb, vintage clothing, hand painted bisque sleepy eye head, doll is good; clothing starting to deteriorate.

Taxco Choker And Sterling Drop Pendant
Item number: 17582846 | and set of 3 sterling bracelets.

Bonanza Lot With Antique Oil Lamp
Item number: 17582968 | 19th century silver serving pieces and more.

Civil War Leather Belt And Flap Holster,
Item number: 17582726 | possibly for large frame Ponds revolver and a rare J. Cummings Springfield, Mass. marked cartridge pouch.

Fine Alabaster Carving "basket Woman" By Noted
Item number: 17582605 | Native American L.L Argent in oak base; 16 inches tall including base.

Zeiss Ikon "ikonta" "bole" Model, Box Camera In
Item number: 17582847 | excellent condition with attached shutter extension.

13 Time Life Civil War Books Depicting The
Item number: 17582969 | history, battles and stories of the Civil War. Plus Frank Leslie's "Witness to the Civil War" an illustrated newspaper account book of the Civil War and a Civil War visual dictionary.

Ladies 14k White Gold Link Bracelet,
Item number: 17582727 | 14K yellow & white gold pendant, 14K gold Italian chain with "F" diamond pendant, 14K gold white wedding set no stones and piece of dental gold.

Winchester 1885 High Wall Limited Series Short
Item number: 17582606 | rifle; .405 wcf.; Serial No. 00004MP851; mint; unfired; as new in factory original box; hand checkered walnut stock; 22 inch octagonal barrel; factory mounted rear tang sight.

Type Collection, Whitman Book Complete
Item number: 17582848 | of 20th. Century coins book #9046.

Original Oil On Canvas, 19x23"
Item number: 17582728 | of Native American Child by Paul Modlin.

Civil War Nco Sword By Ames, Us Marked And
Item number: 17582607 | proofed with 1864 date, all brass hilt blade shows 85% bright nickel with scattered erosion and nicks to blade, no scabbard.

Book Lot "first Ladies", "mrs. Jack",
Item number: 17582849 | "Jonathan Livingston Seagull" and more.

Red Oak Round Table With 4 Straight Back Chairs
Item number: 17582729 | and a captains chair.

Collection Of Six Matching Antique
Item number: 17582608 | cut crystal berry bowls circa 1880-1890, all excellent.

Ladies Custom Designed Cocktail Ring, Lavender
Item number: 17582609 | and accented by Cz's in .925 sterling silver mount.

Antique Glass Candy Containers, A Collection Of
Item number: 17582970 | glass dog candy containers, some including lids and candy and one rare bulldog.

Bonanza Box Lot Of Camera's/equipment; Minolta
Item number: 17582971 | Vivatar, Yashika & Quanta Ray.

"kundo" German Made Anniversary Clock Under
Item number: 17582850 | dome and 8 day miniature grand father clock.

Collection Of Two Engravings And One Currier &
Item number: 17582972 | Ives colored lithograph; A) movement of troops from Collins Line Dock, Canal Street, New York B) Page 292 Soldiers in the Civil War and C) Currier & Ives Battle of Fredericksburg, VA. Dec. 13th 1862.

Complete 3 Volume Set "casey's Infantry Tactic",
Item number: 17582730 | volume III is monogrammed "P.M. Ernhart, Capt., Company "C" 138th Regt. White House June 9th 1864" All three are excellent.

Large Lot Rag & Cloth Collectible Dolls.
Item number: 17582851 |

Antique Glass Candy Containers Including Trains,
Item number: 17582973 | telephone, automobiles and dogs with some including candy treats.

Large Entertainment Center.
Item number: 17582731 |

1860 Colt Army Revolver, Ser. No. 77309
Item number: 17582610 | .44 cal., manufactured 1862, issued to Sgt. John W. Kennedy 16th Pennsylvania Volunteer Calvary. Complete with Springfield Research Service documentation and copy of Sgt. Kennedy's Service Record. Revolver shows gray

Cdv Of Union Soldier Charles Howel And An
Item number: 17582852 | unidentified Union Officer plus small tin type photo from Co. G, 30th Reg., Wisconsin Volunteers.

Zia Bird Effigy Olla 5 1/2 X 7 Inches
Item number: 17582974 | and small Jemez seed vessel both poly chromed and signed by the artist.

Ltd. Edition "heirloom" Boy Doll And Signed
Item number: 17582732 | "My Way Babies", girl has one broken foot.

Apache Gan Dancer Kachinas, North, South, East,
Item number: 17582611 | West; plus Uba Gan in center by noted Apache Artist Gordon Lewis.

Early American Style Wood Rocking Chair.
Item number: 17582853 |

A Large Lot Of Antique Bottles Including Wine,
Item number: 17582975 | medicine, beer, liquor and other fine assorted bottles.

Marble's Coffin Hilt Brass Tacked Bowie; 11 Inches
Item number: 17582733 | overall with 6 inch blade; called the "Cowboy Bowie"; with scabbard, handle shows some natural cracking.

Gar (grand Army Of The Republic) Dress Sword,
Item number: 17582612 | no scabbard, close copy of the 1860 Field & Staff Officer's sword circa 1870's 1880's. Very good overall some blemish to blade which remains bright nickel, patinated brass cast hilt with leather and wire wrapped handle.

Patio Glass Top Table With Chairs.
Item number: 17582854 |

Copper Lot Including Wagner Griddle & Cast Iron
Item number: 17582976 | salesman sample.

Schoenhut Antique Child's Piano
Item number: 17582734 | worthy of and easily restored.

Superb Parker Reproduction Winchester Repeating
Item number: 17582613 | arm DHE grade double shotgun; 20 gauge; Serial No.20-2718; mint as new in factory luggage case with 26 inch modified and improved cylinder chambered for 2.75 inch shells; game scene engraved with deluxe

Maricopa Double Stirrup Water Vessel
Item number: 17582855 | signed Pearl Norris, excellent.

Antique Novelty Candy Containers Including
Item number: 17582977 | lanterns, glass car with siding metal lid, souvenir container from Elkader, Iowa and others.

Collection Book Franklin Halves 1948-1963 Complete
Item number: 17582735 |

Rare Spanish Colonial Iron Strapped Trunk, 48
Item number: 17582614 | inches in width, 26.5 inches deep and approximately 32 inches in height. Circa late 18th early 19th century with typical blue paint all original strapping intact with original hasp which shows loss of left ear,

Bonanza Costume Jewelry Lot With 1930's Through
Item number: 17582856 | contemporary jewelry including beadwork, silver, turquoise and more.

Book Lot Jfk, Churchill, Rockwell & More.
Item number: 17582978 |

Antique Metal Hand Painted Towel Tray
Item number: 17582736 | 16 1/2 X 22 1/2" retaining most all original paint.

Wwi & Wwii Match Safe & Zippo Lighter
Item number: 17582615 | collection including 3 unused Zippo brass body engraved lighters featuring Eisenhower, Montgomery and Dugal plus 6 match safes including 3 advertising, 1 German Military & 2 Silver, also included is a WWII ration

1863 Confederate States Of America Bond With
Item number: 17582857 | certificate from Sotheby's London.

Antique Glass Candy Containers Including Trains,
Item number: 17582979 | tanks, PT boat, fire engine, cars and pink owl.

Winchester Model 94 Commemorative Antlered Game
Item number: 17582616 | Carbine, cal. 30 wcf,, SN. 17863, New in the box and unfired, circa 1978. Sold in our April Auction and returned due crack to left side of stock at wrist during shipping. Crack remains left side at wrist, see photos, Can

Antique Wall Regulator; Oak With Beveled Leaded
Item number: 17582737 | glass by Unghans J.

Concho Belts And Buckle Lot Featuring Suite With
Item number: 17582858 | earrings, bracelet, necklace and mini apron.

Out Of Production, John Browning Military Triple
Item number: 17582617 | Tribute knife collection; including the M3, 1911 and BAR lock blade pocket knives. All are mint and with original shipping boxes.

Overstuffed Recliner Rocker.
Item number: 17582738 |

This 1996 Annual Edition Swarovski "fabulous
Item number: 17582859 | Creatures"; the unicorn is exceptional; measuring 4.25 x 5.5" in original box with COA from the SCS.

Exotic Wood Netsuke With Display Stand; Hand
Item number: 17582618 | carved elephant.

Collection Of 10 Tin & Ambro Type Photographs
Item number: 17582739 | all cased, Civil War period.

Lot Of 2 Vintage Antique Dresses,
Item number: 17582619 | one embroidered and one beaded flapper dress, circa1920's

A Beautiful Contemporary Dining Room Table With
Item number: 17582980 | protective soft cover pad ; includes six chairs; one being a captains chair.

Collection Of Late 19th Early 20th Century Post
Item number: 17582981 | cards; mostly Christmas.

Civil War Ephemera Lot Including A) U.S. Civil War
Item number: 17582860 | transportation voucher for Illinois Volunteer from Danville, Illinois, & B) 1862 certificate of Volunteer issue to Private Charles Chevalis, "G" Company, Independent Battalion New York Volunteers, both

Period Framed Gar "record Of Military Service"
Item number: 17582982 | unused.

A Collection Of Retired Swarovski Silver Crystal
Item number: 17582740 | including a young gorilla 1.75" x 2", lion cub 2" x 3", miniature alligator 3.75" long and mother panda 2" tall. All in original boxes.

A Marian Anderson 1989 Framed And Matted Print
Item number: 17582861 | "The Spirit of the Pipe"; numbered and signed with COA.

Antique Glass Candy Containers Including Some
Item number: 17582983 | rare pieces, boats, trains, cars, tanks, 9.5" revolver and other smaller guns.

N. Starr Model 1816 Contract Musket Cal. 69,
Item number: 17582620 | manufactured by Nathan Starr, Middletown, CT., lock and barrel tang dated 1833, convert from flint lock to percussion, lock shows some pitting as well as barrel, sling swivels intact, wood shows some dings and gouges and

Vintage 70's Mirrored Zodiac Wall Plaque (40 Inch
Item number: 17582741 | diameter).

Fine Cut Crystal Pin Wheel Pattern Rose Bowl.
Item number: 17582862 |

Rs Prussia Hat Pin Holder With 10 Vintage Hat
Item number: 17582984 | pins plus Staffordshire porcelain dresser ring tree and matching candlesticks.

U.S. Springfield Model 1864 Conversion, Cal. 50/70
Item number: 17582621 | trap door rifle, Ser. No. 42484 1864 dated lock and 1870 dated bolt, blue/brown patina overall, rough bore, original butt plate, barrel appears shortened.

A Lot Of Three Post War Dolls; Goldie Girl (cindy)
Item number: 17582742 | 17" plastisol 1947 series, an unknown maker plastisol walker.and a made for Sears in early 50's walker with replacement wig.

German Gold Scale In Original Case With Complete
Item number: 17582863 | set of weights.

Excellent 20 Inch Black Ogre Kachina Doll; Hand
Item number: 17582985 | carved and painted by noted Navajo Kachina carver Netty David, Keams Canyon, Arizona.

Carved Ivory Frog On Turtle Netsuke With Display
Item number: 17582622 | stand.

Three Original Works Of Art Of Kachinas
Item number: 17582743 | including a Terry Ann Latterman.

This Swarovski Annual Edition 2001 "masquerade"
Item number: 17582864 | series; Harlequin designed by Anton Hirzinger includes SCS plaque and "Stage" display stand; comes in original box.

Collection Of Two Acoma Story Teller Dolls,
Item number: 17582986 | both signed.

Pair Of Antique Windsor Rush Seat
Item number: 17582623 | dining chairs, need restoration and re-gluing, desirable.

Ladies Pink Sapphire Heart Shaped Cut Pendant
Item number: 17582744 | surrounded by Cz's with chain, .925 sterling silver.

Civil War Ephemera Lot With Two Rare Stereo Optic
Item number: 17582865 | Cards by J.F. Jarvis, Washington DC, (1) Gen. Hancock at Gettysburg and (2) Reprise of Gen. Longstreet by Penn. Volunteers plus Civil War ship memorabilia and copy of drawing.

Beautiful Brown Love Seat
Item number: 17582987 |

Rare Civil War Era Carbine Hook; Unsigned In Very
Item number: 17582624 | good to excellent condition; grey patina overall starting to brown, originally finished in the white; no leather.

Collection Of Three Colt "the Legend Continues"
Item number: 17582745 | pocket knives, including "The Stockman", Cattleman and Canoe; all in original boxes; mint and with stag handles.

Sterling Silver Coin Purse, Sterling Compact With
Item number: 17582866 | chain and silver sewing kit capsule.

Costume Jewelry Lot Including 1920's-50's
Item number: 17582988 | rhinestone and faux gold/silver earrings and broaches, mother of pearl and gold (Kathryn) broach.

Carved Ivory Horse On Skull Netsuke With Display
Item number: 17582625 | stand-signed.

Bone Ivory Netsuke Monkey And Carved Bone
Item number: 17582746 | Ojime.

"liz The Match Girl" By Dolls From The Heart,
Item number: 17582867 | #180 and "Mc Kenzie" Ltd. Edition from the Hamilton Collection.

Antique Sewing Supplies Including Needle Books,
Item number: 17582989 | metal pocket sewing kits form thee Claridge Cafe Montreal Canada and L Schoenfeld & Sons Tacoma, Washington. A sewing basket full of wooden needle holders and other supplies, plus a wooden sewing bin.

Swarvoski Fabulous Creatures Dragon 4" X 5.5"
Item number: 17582626 | with red crystal eyes. In original box from the Swarovski Collector's Society 1997.

Framed And Double Matted Bev Doolittle "missed",
Item number: 17582747 | great oak framing.

Matching Suite Of Tax Co Sterling Silver
Item number: 17582868 | bracelet, matching earrings and ring all set with high quality turquoise.

A Beautiful Three Piece Carved Bone Scrimshawed
Item number: 17582627 | Inro depicting Oriental women on silk cord.

Great Horned Owl Kachina; 20 Inches In Height
Item number: 17582748 | signed Rorita C. with census number, pre 1960.

Assorted Hard Plastic Plus Composition Dolls
Item number: 17582869 | including an American character 1957 doll with a senior prom gown made by Jeanne Wight and a Cinderella type late 40's doll.

Iron Wood 15 Inch Hand Carved Buffalo Warrior;
Item number: 17582628 | excellent unsigned.

19th Century Dupont Super Fine Fff Gun Powder
Item number: 17582749 | can, original label intact, "FFF" designates best grade rifle powder with photos and letter from famous collector and museum curator Bob Howard and Confederate powder flask and musket balls from North Carolina

Set Of 4 Sterling Silver Napkin Rings All
Item number: 17582629 | hallmarked.

United Daughters Of The Confederacy Certificate
Item number: 17582990 | confirming Katie Philpotts is the granddaughter of Wilbur Backett "F" Co.22nd Virginia Regt. given 1926

Bonanza Box Lot, Ethnic Collectibles.
Item number: 17582991 |

Tall Oak Lighted Display Cabinert With 4 Glass
Item number: 17582870 | shelves and mirrored back.

Vintage Mortor Board Hat
Item number: 17582992 | in original box, Sanatoga Spring, N.Y. Starbuck and Company.

Nichols & Stine Painted Writing Desk
Item number: 17582750 | with natural rock maple top.

Mounted Purported Confederate Spear Point Bowie
Item number: 17582871 | dug at Vicksburg Battlefield and artifact sword blade and socket bayonet found and dug near Norfolk, VA. with broken bits from Confederate camp.

Fanily Press Home Clothing Presser, A Glass
Item number: 17582993 | mannequin stand and an American Bar Association framed poster.

Ladies Custom Designed Cocktail Ring In .925
Item number: 17582630 | fine sterling silver mount and set with approximately 4ct. blue topaz and accented with Cz's, size 7.5

Swarovski 6" Tall; A Retired Silver Crystal
Item number: 17582751 | giraffe; excellent condition in original box.

Large Lot Of Miscellaneous Bavarian & Japanese
Item number: 17582872 | antique china.

Two Ryker Mounts Of Miscellaneous Key Chains,
Item number: 17582994 | pins and buttons, sterling belt buckle, sterling earrings, sterling wedding cake pulls, sterling charm bracelets with a seven gram twin beam scale.

1863 Model U.S. Marked Nco Sword By Emerson
Item number: 17582631 | & Silver Trenton, N.J., DFM proofed, no scabbard. Brass hilted with handle showing a gray even smooth patina with a few minor chips. Desirable maker.

Collection Of 10 Tin & Ambro Type Cased
Item number: 17582752 | photographs; Civil War period.

Collection Of Four Native American Silver Beaded
Item number: 17582873 | necklaces with matching earrings; set with turquoise and agate.

Collection Of 3 Framed Native Posters
Item number: 17582995 | including hand signed George Molnar "Best Friends"

Shunga Polychrome Ivory Scrimshawed Netsuke
Item number: 17582632 | of man and woman, a high quality erotica collectible with superb craftsmanship.

Hard Rock Maple Dining Table With One Leaf
Item number: 17582753 | And 4 matching chairs, excellent.

Swarovski "the Magic Of Crystal" Magic Of Dance
Item number: 17582874 | Annual Edition 2003-Antonio designed by Martin Zendron. This piece measures 8.75" tall and comes with display stand and COA from SCS in original box.

Navajo Hand Crafted Ladies Sterling Silver
Item number: 17582996 | concho necklace with round and oblong silver beads, some engraved.

Large Poly Chromed Casa Grande Olla By Miguel
Item number: 17582633 | Bugarine. 18 inches x 18 inches; feathered with featuring bird effigies.

Drexal Heritage Plaid Swivel Rocker
Item number: 17582754 | with matching ottoman, excellent.

Vintage 1972 Mediterranean Style Crushed Velvet
Item number: 17582875 | butterscotch sofa with faux carved wood trim by Rowe.

A Great Collection Of Tea Strainers Including Some
Item number: 17582997 | sterling silver porcelain and brass.

A Collection Of Three Swarovski Crystal Figures;
Item number: 17582634 | a large 4" tall pineapple with gold tone leaves, 4" x 4.5" three mast ship and a dolphin which looks to have been repaired on tail and needs to be remounted on wave if you so desire. Pineapple and dolphin in original

Corduroy Recliner Rocker.
Item number: 17582755 |

Vintage 1972 Mediterranean Style Crushed Velvet
Item number: 17582876 | butterscotch love seat with faux covered wood trim by Rowe.

A Large Collection Of Hat Pins Including A 1920's
Item number: 17582998 | English store card with hat pins and a vintage feather hat.

Intricately Carved Bone Double Dragon Netsuke
Item number: 17582635 | with display stand.

1880's-1910 Doll With Porcelain Head And Kid
Item number: 17582756 | Body; missing thumb, right hand and broken left arm, original dressing with excellent head plus composition European unsigned hand painted adult doll smoking a cigarette; no legs probably Germanic; original dress.

Swarovski "silver Heron" Beautiful Piece Of
Item number: 17582877 | crystal measuring 6" tall with original case/box. Retail price $275.00

Excellent Grey Rio Grande Textile Blanket
Item number: 17582999 | 82 X 44" with red bird effigies.

Lenox Kingsley Pattern Dinner Service
Item number: 17582636 | for 6 with cups and saucers 30 pieces.

Bentwood Cane Seat Rocker
Item number: 17582757 | and matching foot stool.

Ladies Custom Designed Vermeille Cocktail
Item number: 17582878 | ring pave set with Cz's.

Cliff House, Mesa Verde 23 X 17.5 Inches, Framed,
Item number: 17582637 | by Noted Artist Rollie Topping. Mr Topping known for his works through the U.S. and is collected by Country Western Star Lorreta Lynn. Retail $1495.00

Two Baby Dolls On Stands, Soft Bodies,
Item number: 17582758 | bisque head and hands.

Bonanza Lot Of Sterling Silver Bracelets
Item number: 17582879 | and pendants many of which are inlaid in hand painted box.

Currency Collection Including: A) North Carolina
Item number: 17582638 | $2.00 bill1861. B) Confederate States of America $10.00 bill Feb 17th 1864. C) Confederate States of America $50.00 bill Feb 17th 1861. All are very good to excellent (see photos)

Sterling Silver Pepper Grinder And Monogrammed
Item number: 17582759 | Sterling Silver creamer.

Framed And Signed Gan Dancer Mescaleno In
Item number: 17582639 | custom frame.

Royal Jackson Fine China, Twelve 6 Piece Place
Item number: 17582880 | settings (missing 1 cup) plus 7 piece serving set- sugar, creamer covered dish, serving bowl, two platters and gravy boat; total 78 pieces, very good condition.

Display With Civil War Glasses & Case, Boken
Item number: 17582760 | straight razor, Fort Donelson dug rifle lock shot and powder pouches and two Confederate Officer's horse tether (see Lord's II page 196)

Book Lot, Guns Of The Old West, World War Ii,
Item number: 17582881 | certified commemoratives, military collectibles price guides and Kovels dictionary of marks.

Frank Wesson Pocket Rifle; .22 Cal, Ser. No. 1524,
Item number: 17582640 | patent May 31st 1870, grey brown patina overall with 10 inch barrel with fair bore extractor intact and functioning, fixed sites but tapped for additional rear site; l original rosewood grips and attached original

Sidmore College 1949 10k Class Ring
Item number: 17582761 | gold sorority pin, 14K sorority tie bar, 14K sorority key and chain, with $629.00 price tag, plus a sterling silver sorority bracelet.

Cherry Dining Room Mid Century Table With 4
Item number: 17582882 | matching chairs plus 2 captains chairs; rust color velour seats, plus 3 leaves.

Overstuffed Excellent Recliner.
Item number: 17582641 |

Collection Bicentennial American Revolution
Item number: 17582762 | sterling coin, Apollo XII sterling, 1973 $5 Bahamas uncirculated, 1/2 troy on 50th Anniversary Disney Snow White coin and JFK/RFK silver coin memorative coin.

International Table Works Lunch Service
Item number: 17582883 | for 6 with matching tumbler set and salt and peppers.

Original Floral Oil On Canvas By Elizabeth Perino,
Item number: 17582642 | 48 x 24 inches, on stretcher bar and dated 02-03 the artists early work; now works are sold throughout Europe and the Far East in major galleries.

"elvis" By Andy Warhol From Modern Art Museum Fort
Item number: 17582763 | Worth, Texas; framed.

Dining Room Hutch With Bubble Glass Doors,
Item number: 17582884 | mid century, cherry wood finish. Missing key.

Original Framed Mixed Media "spirit Dancer" By
Item number: 17582643 | noted Native American artist Jordan Lewis; dated Dec. 2001

Collection Of 2 Books, 3 Pages Each With Roosevelt
Item number: 17582764 | mercury and Liberty dimes.

Civil War Ephemera Lot With; A) Rare Application
Item number: 17582885 | for Confederate Cross of Honor Case of Zebalon Vance who was with Gen. Lee during surrender at Appomattox. B) James Stuarts 1865 Affidavit Swearing Allegiance to the US Constitution after the war. C) Copy of

Armand Marseille Early 1900's Open Mouth Baby
Item number: 17582644 | doll, celluloid hands; one is missing three fingers, lovely bisque face and sweet look of a small baby.

Bonanza Lot Silver Plate With Covered Serving
Item number: 17582765 | pieces, meat platter & Reed & Barton coffee pot.

Collection Of Four Native American Silver Beaded
Item number: 17582886 | necklaces wit matching earrings; set with turquoise and agate.

Miller Neon Advertising Light With Saguaro Cactus.
Item number: 17582645 | excellent working condition and gone through by Neon Light Company.

Sterling Silver Baby Brush And Two Scent Bottles
Item number: 17582766 |

Antique Book Lot, Shakespeare,
Item number: 17582887 | Browning, Sir Walter Scott, and more.

Cdv From Brady's Negative Of General Burnside
Item number: 17582646 | ill fated Commander Army of the Potomac Nov. 1862 to Jan. 1863 original tax stamp remains.

Collection Of Four Pitchers Including An Antique
Item number: 17582767 | Burgess & Leigh 19th Century pitcher and two hand painted Mexican margarita pitchers.

Whitetail Brand 12 Inch Bowie Knife With 7.25"
Item number: 17582888 | blade and featuring a stag handle with scabbard.

Apache Burden Basket; 8 Inches At Mouth And 7
Item number: 17582647 | inches deep; with attached raw hide and metal dangles; excellent.

Ladies Custom Designed Necklace Set With T
Item number: 17582768 |

"the Fairy Doll" And Two Others, 3 Total.
Item number: 17582889 |

Original Oil On Canvas By Paul Modlin, 1980,
Item number: 17582648 | framed 23X49".

Set Of Six Antique Minton China
Item number: 17582769 | cake plates, hardwick hall blue & white floral pattern, excellent.

Collection, Liberty Collection 1923 Peace Dollar,
Item number: 17582649 | 1944 Walking Liberty half dollar, 1912 Liberty quarter, 1907 V nickel and 1942 mercury dime plus 1986 Liberty half in mint pack and souvenir pack signed by Director US Mint, 1965 Canadian half dollar,, BU,

Epson Work Force 500 Print/copy/scan/fax Photo
Item number: 17582890 | all in one; appears to be new in the box plus 2 poly com video phones (working condition unknown).

Book Lot, Life Books With Camelot, And More,
Item number: 17582770 | ten books total.

Pearl China Company 22karat Platinum Painted
Item number: 17582891 | 8 piece set of; a centerpiece holder, pair of candle holders, salt & pepper, sugar & creamer and tea pot. Along with 2 sugar/creamer 22 karat gold decorated; (one turquoise and one gold set), a Lancaster

Betty Begay Hopi Eagle Dancer Kachina; 26 Inches
Item number: 17582650 | in height; excellent.

Antique Corona # 3 Folding Typewriter Patented
Item number: 17582771 | 1913-1917 in overall excellent working condition with original case and manual. Original owner said he used to write for National Geographic on his travels around the world.

F.F. Norway 5 Piece Demitasse Set With Gold
Item number: 17582892 | trim vintage 70's lotted with a vintage serving tray and Moka Express Bialetti Expresso maker in original box with 12 demitasse spoons and a southwest design decorator plate.

Japanese Wwii Nco Samarai Sword, Arsenal
Item number: 17582651 | blade and fitting in very good condition with excellent blade. Ser. No. 134852, plain arsenal iron suba with metal handle

"the Hawker Doll" Custom Made, Porcelain Head,
Item number: 17582772 | hands and feet.

Book Lot, Civil War Including Civil War Arms &
Item number: 17582893 | Equipment, two boxes Civil War Times, American Socket Bayonets, Civil War Artifacts and more.

Lot Of Four Designer Watches
Item number: 17582652 | including Geneva Elite, Liz Claiborne, Skagen and Anne Klein, from Fleming Estate all were working, just need new batteries.

Hardrock Maple Dining Room Table
Item number: 17582773 | with leaf and four chairs.

Bonanza Lot Sterling Silver Navajo Earrings,
Item number: 17582894 | pendants and necklace.

Designer Ladies Cocktail Ring With Approximately
Item number: 17582653 | 4 ct. amethyst and accented by Cz's and amethyst in .925 sterling mount, size 7.5, rhodium plated.

Collection Of 3 Chinese Ireverse Painted
Item number: 17582774 | snuff bottles and an oriental porcelain & wood trick serpent opium box.

Framed Ltd. Ed. #122/500 "september's Child"
Item number: 17582895 | By Carolyn Baker.

Custom Designed Ladies Black Diamond And Cz
Item number: 17582654 | gold vermeille band, size 8

Navajo Incised Carved 12 Inch In Diameter
Item number: 17582775 | hummingbird seed vessel by M. Johnson.

Vintage Set Of Hamilton Beach Drink Master In
Item number: 17582896 | original box, swan TV lamp and a "Don't Hurry Through Life Plate".

High Grade Western Ware Pendleton; Large Jacket
Item number: 17582655 | with hand woven Navajo shoulder bag.

This Fine Swarovski Crystal "pink Flamingo
Item number: 17582776 | stand 6" tall and is in superb condition; in original box.

Johnny West Action Figure Toys By Marx, Josie
Item number: 17582897 | West, Geronimo, Princess Wild Flower are included with Johnny; all in original boxes. 60's-70's vintage. (Boxes are in poor to fair condition).

Swarovski "king Fishers"; A Pair Of Beautiful
Item number: 17582656 | birds with blue feathers and orange beaks; standing 4" tall; in original box.

Soapstone Eagle Lot With Carmen Begay Wolf
Item number: 17582777 | Dancer carving, some signed.

A Framed And Matted "on The Open Range" Print By
Item number: 17582898 | Frank Tenney Johnson 1936.

Civil War Tin Type Of Union Soldier In High
Item number: 17582657 | collar military blouse in repaired case.

Freeport Novelty Co, Freeport In.
Item number: 17582778 | signed miniature water pump.

Zuni Bear Fetish Necklace With Butterfly Conchos
Item number: 17582899 | and bear fetish drop; all sterling silver.

Original Watercolor By Noted Artist
Item number: 17582658 | and illustrator Nora Unwin, deceased (1907-1982) with documentation from Ask-Art.

Pair Of Framed And Matted Art Prints Including
Item number: 17582779 | limited edition 19/600 Goebel's Pair by noted artist Geo. Lockwood with personal inscription and signed by Lockwood.

Rare Early Marked Goebel's Dutch Girl Dresser
Item number: 17582659 | box, large bee over large W, Goebel's Lady Rabbit Golfer and two early U.S. reproduction Hummels with original stickers.

Collection Of 13 Ambo & Tin Types Some
Item number: 17582780 | cased some in painted cases, 1850's-1860's.

Tall Hand Carved Pueblo Vase' 11 Inches In Height
Item number: 17582660 | signed by "Priscella" Benely & Melvin Chavez Dine 002"

Teddy Bear Lot Including Paddington,
Item number: 17582781 | Dillard's and Hamilton Bears.

Antique Metal Hand Painted Towel Tray
Item number: 17582661 | 26 X 19" retaining most all original paint.

Swarovski Crystal "white Stallion" Retired In 2005
Item number: 17582782 | 4.5" tall in excellent condition.

Sterling Silver Lot, 4 Gorham Mint Dishes,
Item number: 17582662 | sterling bottle caddie & monogrammed nut basket.

Collection Of Us Mint Pacs Including (4) 1972, (3)
Item number: 17582783 | 1973 and (1) 1976, (1) 1977, eight total.

Collection Of 24 Dug Buttons From Civil War
Item number: 17582663 | Virginia camps and some dug 1930's at Columbia River including rare 1833 Dragoon button and more.

Vintage Collectible Native American
Item number: 17582784 | Navajo or Hopi fringed shawl.

Excellent Hansen Penny Counter Scale Model 1527
Item number: 17582664 | with most original paint and nickel plating in working condition with carrying case.

"werewolves" By Judy Larson, Beautifully Framed
Item number: 17582785 | limited edition print with COA.

Antique Wicker Art Deco Perambulator, Cream
Item number: 17582665 | color with most original paint remaining, hood and adjustment attachment function. Chromed fenders cover #28 wheels, leather springs straps remain in tack with a plaque bearing maker initials "FM" attached; very

Antique Kenton Cast Iron Starter Pistol, .22 Cal.
Item number: 17582544 | blank, two piece frame with pivoting tip up barrel, very good condition overall, often thought to be a Smith & Wesson due to S&W on grips.

Original Framed Photo Taken 1888 Of Warner Family,
Item number: 17582786 | McClure, Ohio. Holding photo of son Sylvester Warner 101st Ohio Volunteers, killed January 1863, Nashville TN with documentation.

Pair Of Navajo Dolls And A Navajo
Item number: 17582666 | weaver doll.

1930's-40's Navajo Sacred Meal Tray Basketry
Item number: 17582545 | weaving; 12 inches in diameter in excellent overall condition, was used in ceremonies in the Keams Canyon, Arizona area.

Tan Colored Sofa With Two Extra Pillows And Two
Item number: 17582787 | lamps.

Pair Framed Original Works Of Art
Item number: 17582667 | of Kachina's in copper by Arizona Artist Bob Copper both nicely framed.

Colt Officer Match Target .32 Cal. Serial No.
Item number: 17582546 | 643021; rare only 900 made in this caliber; retains 95% original bright blue with scattered pin prick discoloration to finish; excellent checkered walnut medallion grips; sound action; mint bore; manufactured 1940.

Shakman Pre-war Made In Japan Composition Body
Item number: 17582788 | plus bisque face; some loss on left knee.

Collection Of 3 Ryker Mounts With Relics From
Item number: 17582668 | Winchester, VA, shot pouch, shot siyer, buttons and excellent signal corps officer's compass, see Lord's page 258.

Original Unidentified Photo Of Civil War General
Item number: 17582547 | and Field & Staff Officer from Maine, taken at Scates & Co. Caribou and Fort Fairfield, Maine. Photo remains in excellent to very good condition in 5 inch oval and embossed Merrill Studio and front of card board frame

Set Of 12 "chelsea Bird" Dinner Plates By Myott
Item number: 17582789 | Staffordshire, England. 11 plates are excellent and one shows a crack, circa the late 19th Century and signed by artist A. Robert.

Lnt White Basket Weave Dinner Service
Item number: 17582669 | for eight with sugar and creamer.

Early American Flame Mahogany Side Board
Item number: 17582548 | circa 1840's with Satinwood inlays and featuring a splash rail, 50 inches in height and width and 23 inches in depth. Original pulls, no key with some minor chipping to veneer on front, rare. Needs some TLC.

Royal Salesman Sample
Item number: 17582549 | cast iron kitchen wood stove, with accessories, rare, needs two lids.

Original Framed And Matted Water Color Of Mexican
Item number: 17582790 | adobe house signed "MAR".

"winters Coat" 24 X 30 Inches Custom Framed Giclee
Item number: 17582670 | by noted artist Howard Terpening, 1981, rare giclee seldom found in "Winters Coat"

Book Lot, Poetry, Children's Primer 1893,
Item number: 17582791 | original "Perfect tribute" 1st Ed. on Gettysburg, Emerson, Thoreau and more.

Seven Piece Contemporary Whickered
Item number: 17582671 | Patio set with love seat, 2 glider chairs, rocker, coffee and two occasional tables.

Signed Rare Deer Kachina; Hand Carved And Painted;
Item number: 17582550 | fully decorated and signed by the artist, 61.5 inches in height.

A Pair Of Swarovski Silver Crystal Siamese
Item number: 17582792 | fighting fish; one green; one blue; both in original boxes. Excellent condition.

Lot Of Three Turn Of The Century 1890-1910
Item number: 17582672 | Ladies dresses.

"nature" Original Oil On Canvas 50 Inches X 38
Item number: 17582551 | inches by noted artist J.D. Pawish; accomplished in 1995; custom framed from Arizona Cardinals football players estate to remain anonymous.

A Group Of Three Retired Swarovski Crystal All In
Item number: 17582793 | their original boxes including 10th Anniversary Edition; the squirrel; 2.5" tall with frosted glass tail, wolf with frosted tail 2.5", a mallard duck 3.5" with frosted glass beak; all excellent condition.

Lladro Nativity Collection, "st. Joseph" # 4533 In
Item number: 17582673 | glaze with Staff 5.25" x 7.5", "Virgin Mary" in glaze 5.25" x 6.5", "Baby Jesus" with Halo, "Angel Tree Topper" #5831 7.5" tall, all pieces mint condition, No box.

Swarovski Annual Edition 1993 "inspiration Africa
Item number: 17582552 | the Elephant". This beautiful piece is approximately 3" x 4" with frosted glass tusks and is excellent condition; in original box with COA.

Collection Of 10 Tin & Ambro Types Taken 1850's-
Item number: 17582794 | 1860's Civil War vintage.

Navajo Incised Carved Magnificent Bowl By Shawn
Item number: 17582674 | Williams 2001

French Style Trade Tomahawk Peace Pipe;
Item number: 17582553 | beautifully hand made in the 19th century with mold marks on blade and hand applied pipe bowl; haft is in tiger maple and shows a sterling silver X at the plug which is missing; a great 19th century Tomahawk;

Hopi Hano Mana Hand Carved Kachina
Item number: 17582795 | signed by artist, 10 1/2".

Rustic Cowboy Bullhorn Coat Rack
Item number: 17582675 |

"snow Child" Antique Doll Marked 155/4u, Madera,
Item number: 17582554 | Germany. Date of this doll refers to a note from the former owner "This doll was given to me by my Uncle John Morrison in 1899, the year he took Mother & Jennie to Niagara Falls on the Canadian side. Uncle lived in

Walking Liberty Half Dollar Book 1917-1937,
Item number: 17582796 | thirteen coins, mixed dates.

Jalisco Squatting Pre-columbian Woman, Red &
Item number: 17582676 | black poly chromed with trace black and most red paint remaining, approximately 4" in height; head shows site repair; Circa 750-1500 A.D.

Paiute Rawhide And Wicker Beaded Cradle Board;
Item number: 17582555 | 31 inches in length and in fine condition from my personal collection where it has been for more than 40 years.

Collection Of 11 Pieces Green Frankoma Ware;
Item number: 17582797 | plates, cups, saucers and salt & pepper.

Ladies Custom Created Brushed Sterling Designer
Item number: 17582677 | ring channel set with Cz's, size 8

Rare Near Mint Antique Germantown Style
Item number: 17582556 | border Textile, tightly woven w/ some applied design, seldom found in this condition.

Two Frankoma Bean Pots,three Elephant Cups
Item number: 17582798 | and two large candle holders.

Sterling Silver Hallmarked Coaster Set (6) And
Item number: 17582678 | International Silver cake plate with knife plus 6 boxed cake forks.

Swarovski Magic Of Dance Annual Edition From The
Item number: 17582557 | SCS 2002 "Isadora" designed by Adi Stocker and laser signed with his initials. Stands 8" tall and comes with display stand and COA in original box.

Mint Type A Ii Wwii Pilots Leather Helmet Size
Item number: 17582799 | large by Shelly Shoe Co. and marked property Air Force US Army plus "Welcome Veterans" cap WWII

Swarovski Annual Edition 1995 "inspiration Africa"
Item number: 17582679 | the lion. This piece is in excellent condition and comes in original box with COA. Retired

Remington Model 1858 Army Revolver, Cal. 44
Item number: 17582558 | percussion, Serial No. 93998, grey patina overall with scattered pin prick erosion, original walnut grips show considerable wear with four faint notches on left grip, sound action and bore should clean to very good

Buckskin Maiden Hand Crafted Kachina 14 Inches
Item number: 17582559 | in height by noted Navajo carver Netty David; Keams Canyon, Arizona.

Collection Of Four Ryker Mounts Containing
Item number: 17582680 | artifacts and buttons from Vicksburg Battlefield, dug US belt buckle, Confederate Infantry Officer buttons and "CS" belt buckle (not authenticated).

"birds Of Peace" Edward Marshall Boehm Regal
Item number: 17582681 | size 13 inch plate; featuring Intaggliio border filled with pure gold requiring a palette of 15 hues celebrating the new "Birds of Peace Sculpture " "Mule Swans" 1972, in original case; limited edition; rare.

Antique Late 19th Century Sleigh In Mint
Item number: 17582560 | restore; 5 feet long by 40 inches by 48 inches; tufted velvet seat and fully pin striped; includes 7' 4" detachable tongue.

Designer Necklace With Jet And Lavender
Item number: 17582682 | beads with large drop pendant set in sterling silver with rectangular shaped lavender stone and a beautiful hand polished amethyst cabayon.

Rare Currier & Ives 1860 Hand Colored Lithograph
Item number: 17582561 | 26 x 20 inches in original frame with original glass, shows Lincoln with blue eyes and beard.

Sterling Silver Sugar & Creamer With Sterling
Item number: 17582683 | sugar tongs.

Gary Fussner's "the Eagle Flies Free Ii" Ltd.
Item number: 17582562 | edition; engraving and hand signed. 401/2500 custom framed.

Original Water Color "casa De Piedra"
Item number: 17582684 | by Paul Modlin.

Rare 1940 Mein Kampf. Personalized To "franz
Item number: 17582563 | Voight and Katharina" 9 July 1940 and signed by the Olenburger meister in excellent condition with original dust cover, hard to find in this condition.

Lot Of 5 Dolls All Vintage Including
Item number: 17582685 | two 19th century dressed Ladies and Raggedy Ann.

Ar 15 100 Round Drum Magazine.
Item number: 17582564 |

Rare Large Hand Engraved Gourd From Central
Item number: 17582686 | America; highly detailed.

Navajo Textile Weaving 89" X 49" Circa 1890-1910
Item number: 17582565 | all naturals with analene red accents, snow flake border with triple centipede designed center which is accented by arrows and feathers; shows loss and fraying; but due to nature of design definitely worthy of

Maricopa Signed Poly Chrome Olla
Item number: 17582687 | by Pearl Norris.

Colt San Francisco Gambler's Clip Point, Coffin
Item number: 17582566 | hilt bowie; 10 inches overall with 6.25 inch blade, rosewood coffin hilt inlaid with Mother of Pearl with scabbard.

Mills Woven Cartridge Belt Company Worchester,
Item number: 17582688 | Mass. manufactured prairie belt 12 gauge with game hooks and bird dog buckle, adjustable, excellent overall condition, shipped without shells.

Browning Safari Grade Bolt Action Rifle; .375 Hh
Item number: 17582567 | magnum ; Serial No. 8L-48467; Belgium made; Monte Carlo hand checkered stock with Browning recoil pad; engraved floor plate and trigger guard; retains 98% original bright blue with sound action; mint bore; rifle was

Jalisco Pre-columbian Effigy Pot Approximately
Item number: 17582689 | 5.5" in height; adorned with necklace and earrings, two unknown appendages below each breast, left foot shows old chip, probably an umbilical cord container. Circa 500-1100 A.D.

A Spectacular Swarovski Stag 5.5" X 6" With
Item number: 17582568 | silvered antlers; excellent condition; in original box.

Marlin Model 1888 Lever Action Short Rifle, .44
Item number: 17582569 | cal., Ser. No. 51693, 24 inch octagon barrel with excellent bone, gray/brown patina overall with scattered erosion to barrel and heavy pitting on magazine table, sound action with some pitting to receiver which features

Wallace Coffee Service With Pot, Sugar & Creamer
Item number: 17582690 | on tray.

Lladro Nativity, The Three Wise Men
Item number: 17582691 | (Children) #4673 is 6.75" tall, #4674 is 8" tall & 4675 is 8.25" tall, Mint condition, No box.

Antique Beautiful Hand Painted Pennsylvania
Item number: 17582570 | Dutch blanket chest, circa 1840-1870's.

Collection Of Two Hand Woven Horse Hair
Item number: 17582692 | miniature baskets, one is basketry tray and the other is the smallest covered horse hair basket we have ever seen with crosses.

Civil War Letter & Envelope Written By Anson B.
Item number: 17582571 | Nichols 19th Conn. Volunteers, Arlington Height, VA. near Fort Worth and postmarked Arlington, VA., talks about Governor's election in Connecticut as candidate has treasonable sentiments and speaks of black

Vintage Doll Ice Table And Two
Item number: 17582693 | matching chairs.

Swarovski Silver Crystal 7" Grape Bunch With
Item number: 17582572 | gold tone leaves; paired with a 3.5" flower petal crystal candle holder. Water lily retired. Both in original boxes.

Original 1840-1860 Tin Type Photo
Item number: 17582694 | in original case of young girl, excellent condition.

Collection Of 3 Civil War Letters: A) Lt. Of
Item number: 17582573 | Artillery letter with envelope and stamp, talks of harsh winter, poor protection, many cannot stand due to cold, engaged in dreadful war including tin type. B) 1862 letter to sister which talks about how corrupt our

Collection Of 3 Us Socket Bayonets, One Is
Item number: 17582695 | battlefield dug relic, one with most original blue remaining with some surface rust and the last in the bright with scattered erosion.

Saguaro Glass Topped Table; Lighted On Tile Base.
Item number: 17582574 |

Set Of 3 Framed And Matted Colored Engravings,
Item number: 17582696 | "1887 Journal De Demoiselles" Superb condition with conservation mountings.

Collection Of 2 Enfield Wwii Bayonets.
Item number: 17582575 |

20 Jefferson Nickels 1968 To 1994 All Mixed
Item number: 17582697 | dates all PCGS graded MS 63 to MS 68 with the bulk MS 67

Buck And Bull "poor Boy" Kentucky Rifle;
Item number: 17582576 | approximately 20 bore, with tiger maple stock, 55 inches overall with a 39.5 inch smooth bore barrel; stock appears to have been shortened at the muzzle by approximately 10 inches during the period; an original

Ladies Gold Vermeille Cocktail Ring Estimated With
Item number: 17582698 | approximately 4Cctw. Cz's, size 8

Rare 1861 Norfolk, Va. City Tax Bill Which Charges
Item number: 17582577 | the below fees: White male $5.00, Free Colored Male $5.00, Free Colored Female $3.00, and Slaves at $5.00 each, a great piece of Black American ephemera.

Collection Of Eight Antique Cups & Saucers
Item number: 17582699 | including Stafford shire, Lenox and other English & European marks, 8 total sets.

Nude Male Poly Chrome Figure Of Man Chewing
Item number: 17582578 | cocoa leaves, approximately 3' x 6" in very good to excellent overall condition with considerable original paint and design remaining; most likely from the Columbian area of South America. Circa 1200-1400 A.D.

Large Original Oil On Canvas By James Merrell;
Item number: 17582579 | drawing and sculpture instructor at Barat College, Lake Forest Ill. His pieces have sold in galleries for $20,000. This abstract oil is 60" x 72"

Smith & Wesson Triple Lock .455 Cal. Serial No.
Item number: 17582580 | 12742; pre-war; nickel plated; lanyard ring attached; factory medallion excellent hand checkered diamond grips, sound action; mint bore; TD scratched on inside of grip, probably European restored; rare.

Custom Relief Carved China Cabinet Made For Large
Item number: 17582581 | Newport Beach Estate featuring four bevel glass gallery doors and custom lighting package with silver drawer and storage.

Civil War Era Full Tin Type Photographic Plate,
Item number: 17582582 | 7 x 9 inch, possibly by Brady, photo of this person seen on page 29 in the book "The Civil War" by Brady with Gen. James H. Wilson of the Union Army, previously purported to have come from Sotheby's Chicago and estimated at

"eyes Of The Eagle" Native American Warrior With
Item number: 17582583 | eagle; 25 inch bronze on marble base. by Native American artist Lobo.

Collection Of 3 Civil War Letters: A) Sax On Mills
Item number: 17582584 | 1861, talks of Gen. Geo. Brinton McClellan assuming command of Army of the Potomac, West VA. succeeding from VA. and Jeff Davis concerned over lack of medical supplies and food for CSA troops. B) letter dates Feb..

Winchester Model 1886 Rifle; .33 Wcf; Serial No.
Item number: 17582585 | 156336-A; manufactured 1919; 24 inch round barrel, special order with full magazine; barrel and magazine retain 97% original bright blue with normal minor scratches and wear; Williams sling swivels attached;

A Retired 1997 Swarovski Crystal Winged Horse
Item number: 17582586 | measuring 6" x 6"; an excellent piece in the original box from the Swarovski Collector's Society.

Ladies Custom Designed Black Diamond And Cz'
Item number: 17582587 | cocktail ring, size 7, in .925 sterling and rhodium plated mount.

American Heritage Collection Consisting Of Three
Item number: 17582588 | cased miniature bowie knives including the James Bowie Knife, Texas Lone Star Bowie and the Double Star frontier; all finely form fitted case.

Ladies 14k White Gold Diamond Bracelet
Item number: 17582589 | set with 26 baqquett cut diamonds 18 round brilliant cut diamonds all channel set and weighing 1cttw, exquisite, $2113.99 JC Penny price tag attached.

U.S. Rifle, Cal. 30, M-1 Garand, Ser. No. 35789,fr
Item number: 17582590 | sound action and excellent bore and marked Springfield arsenal, rifle remains in excellent finish and operating condition with combinations tool and cleaning rod in butt, wood suffers from poor storage with numerous

Pair Of American Sterling Silver Serving Spoons
Item number: 17582591 | both 9 inches in length: A) Spoon signed Theo. Dubosq Philadelphia 1829-1850; B) Spoons signed R&W Wilson, Philadelphia 1825 1840, both rare.

1860 Field And Staff Officers Sword With Scabbard,
Item number: 17582592 | hilt is in excellent condition with original shark skin and wire wrap intact; blade is etched with visible scenes but shows cleaning, scabbard is original but shows cleaning and dents from poor storage; good

1940's Absolutely Stunning Burl Wood Dining Room
Item number: 17582593 | table. Intricate design with four chairs that bear also extraordinary beauty. (One captains and three tall backed chairs). Some surface scratches on table top. Easily movable.

A Beautiful Burl Wood Matching Sideboard
Item number: 17582594 | to the above with custom beveled designed glass mirror. 1940's

Collection Of 4 Civil War Letters: A) May 5th 1861
Item number: 17582595 | with stamped envelope Cancel Charleston, Mass., pre war sweetheart letter stating 20 day grace period about up and we will either have peace or war. B) 15th Maine Infantry Camp Parapet, Carrolton, LA. talks of burial

Antique Pennsylvania Dutch Hand Painted
Item number: 17582596 | drop front book case desk and matching chair with most original paint remaining.

Mexican Revolutionary Bowie Knife Signed J. Jesus
Item number: 17582597 | Velasco, Sayala, Jalisco and with embossed bulls head on blade, wire wrapped birds head handle, hand forged; 12.5 inches overall with 8 inch blade.

Rossi; Model Rg4570, Cal. 45/70, Serial Number
Item number: 17582598 | K314197, rifle carbine; 39 inches overall with 20 inch carbine barrel, buckhorn rear sights with scope rail attached; mint as new in the original box; with John Wayne enlarged lever.

Large Original Oil On Canvas By Laurie Fendrich;
Item number: 17582599 | Art Professor at U.S.C. and Art Center College of Design Los Angeles, CA. Gallery price on this abstract oil is $1550.00 Canvas size approx. 54" x 66"

Bonanza Lot Vases, Water Olla
Item number: 17583100 | and two desk lamps.

Bonanza Lot Porcelains & Glass,
Item number: 17583101 | Grimm's Fair Tale plates, bone china, Ltd. Ed. Atlas china, cake plates and more.

Toshiba K 740 Dolby Digital Dvd Player W/ Remote.
Item number: 17583102 |

Life Magazine Lot.
Item number: 17583103 | 25

Bonanza Kitchen Lot Including Mr. Coffee Maker,
Item number: 17583104 | cake pan, knives, a multitude of kitchen utensils and flatware.

Lot Of 5 Framed Pictures.
Item number: 17583105 |

Two Early American Bar Stools
Item number: 17583106 | and maple chair (3).

Lee's Premier Double Barrel 12 Ga. Damascus Barrel
Item number: 17596417 | Field Grade shotgun in good condition and suitable as an over the fireplace decorator or black power shooting only.

Ladies Custom Designed Cocktail Ring In .925
Item number: 17583107 | sterling silver and 14K gold; set with 2Ct. oval cut citrine.

Collection Of 6 Embroidered Vintage Throw Pillows
Item number: 17583108 | and prayer quilt.

Antique Collectible Book Lot Kids Vintage Books,
Item number: 17583109 | JFK, Diane Quintuplets, more.

R. Arkinson Fox Framed Prints.
Item number: 17583110 |

Century Punching Dummy With Water Reservoir
Item number: 17583111 | plus a variety of punching gloves and miscellaneous.

Four Framed Indian Art Prints
Item number: 17583112 |

Set Of Four Black Wrought Iron Outdoor Patio
Item number: 17583113 | chairs; including one green chair pad.

A Pair Of Micro Quad Scooters.
Item number: 17583114 |

Collection Of 7 Misc. Prints.
Item number: 17583115 |

Picture And Frame Lot.
Item number: 17583116 |

Collection Of Children Prints; Two By Charlotte
Item number: 17583117 | Byi and 5 by Bessie Pease Gutman.

Rare Gold Vermille Art Glass Victorian Scent
Item number: 17583118 | bottle. Circa 1890-1910

Antique Table Tray 20 X 30 X 17" Height.
Item number: 17583119 |

Set Of Two Black Wrought Iron Outdoor Patio Chairs
Item number: 17583120 | with pads.

A Lot Of Framed Prints By Davidson, Wentworth,
Item number: 17583121 | Sawyer plus others.

A Collection Of Silver Matchbook Covers And Trays,
Item number: 17583000 | most sterling and sterling 60. An ornate sterling and gold with gem matchbox cover and a Bryant & May LTD 1880 match safe.

A Collection Of Framed Art Including A Signed
Item number: 17583122 | Rodeo clown poster.

Cloisonne Matchbox Covers With Some Basic 1920's
Item number: 17583001 | matchbox covers and a brass (China) cover.

Total Sports America Exercise Bike With
Item number: 17583123 | electronic time/distance/calorie meter (unknown if works); also includes a Skilz chrome by Life Line wheel exerciser; appears new.

Lot Of Two Prints Signed By Sheila Dale 123/650
Item number: 17583002 | and 210/650

Bar Glass Lot And Mr. Coffee Maker.
Item number: 17583124 |

An Assortment Of Matchbox Covers Including A
Item number: 17583003 | 1800's nautical, an old cigar ad and an Audubon woodpecker cover and others.

Set Of Four Black Wrought Iron Outdoor Patio
Item number: 17583125 | chairs.

Salad Set By Signature Service For Four
Item number: 17583004 | with plates and bowls. Some chips.

A Collection Of Red Glass Including Candle
Item number: 17583126 | holders, relish tray, covered candy dishes, a beautiful pitcher, vase, swan and bell. Some are Avon and others are pressed glass and cut crystal. This lot includes a large cut crystal hour glass shaped vase.

A Framed Original Oil On Canvas Board Of Monument
Item number: 17583005 | Valley signed Bartof 29 inches x 36 inches.

Ab-doer Pro Model, All Pro Weight Vest
Item number: 17583127 | approximately 45 lbs., a 12 lb. Nike medicine ball, perfect with pushup handles and Bally Total Fitness bands. AB-Doer foam protection is sun weathered and missing in spots.

Collection Of Two 25 Cent Fractional Currency
Item number: 17583006 | State of Alabama 1863 and fractional shares Scrip Toledo, Logans Port and Burlington Railway Company for $14 dollars, payment in preferred stock.

Everlast Heavy Bag By Ufc And An Ab Dolly Plus
Item number: 17583128 | exerciser.

Collection Of 2 Framed & Matted R.C. Gorman Prints
Item number: 17583007 |

Acoma Tall Round Incised Carved Vase; Signed By
Item number: 17583129 | artist; LC & CC. Broken at mouth.

A Wonderful Swarovski Retired Piece "foals"
Item number: 17583008 | measuring 4" x 5". This piece has frosted glass mane & tails; is in excellent condition and comes in original box.

Two Occasional Tables And Matching
Item number: 17583009 | coffee Danish modern.

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