Underwood, Indiana

Friday July 24, 2020 | Underwood, IN. US. 47177
TERMS & CONDITIONS: 1. All items are sold "AS IS, WHERE IS" with all faults. No warranty, refunds or exchanges, All SALES ARE FINAL. No credit card charge backs will be allowed. It is incumbent upon the bidder to inspect the items during the open preview period on Preview : Saturday, July 18, 12 Noon until 6PM that day. 1A. We do not ship, no shipping service available for nearly 25 miles. 2. All descriptions believed accurate but not waranteed. The Auction Company is not responsible for any accidents, loss, theif, errors or omissions. 3. Bidder inspection is encouraged and the property will be available for inspection during the preview period. 4. By placing a bid, bidder signifies that they have examined the items to their satisfaction, or that they have chosen not to personally examine them. 5. At our sole discretion McGinnis Auction & Appraisal Services reserves the right to reject any bid during this auction. 6. CDC guidelines must be adhered to, wearing face mask and social distancing must be followed, failure to do so, buyers may be expelled from the property. Hand santizer will be provided. 7. This is a casual sale and no sales tax is required. 8. There will be a 10% Buyer's Premium collected on the personal property each item purchased ( a box of goods or multiple boxes under the same lot number is considered one item) during this on-line auction to determine your final contract purchase price. Please factor the buyer's premium into your bidding practices. Full payments will be collected from the credit card used at time of registration, buyer wishing to pay with cash must notify the auction company prior to pickup of purchased items. 9. McGinnis Auction & Appraisal Service will collect only Visa & MasterCard for this auction. There will be no personal checks accepted for this auction. 10. Bidders who fail to make full payment after being notified they are the winning bidder will be reported to HiBid and will no longer be allowed to bid at any of our future live or online auctions. All actions necessary will be pursued to collect any unpaid balances. 11. The sale of personal property will be at absolute auction and all items are sold as-is, all bids are a binding contract to purchase. 12. A valid credit card is required to register to bid. A pre-authorization will be performed to determine credit availability prior to your bidding. Debit cards may show a hold on funds for a short period, nothing will be charged to your credit card until a purchase has been made. 13. All items of personal property must be paid for and removed from the Auction Property as identified in the post auction notes. Please watch notices for specific pick-up times. Bidders failing to pick up items by the times specified will be charged the full purchase amount plus all premiums & surcharges on the credit card on file and used during the bidder registration. All actions requiring the collection of insufficient funds will be handled by whatever legal means available in the State of indiana. 14. Buyers must bring boxes, packing materials and all manpower as needed to disassemble and load purchased items. If tools are needed for disassembly & removal the buyer will need their own tools, including personal help, dollies or other equipment required to remove & transport items from the auction site. The auction company does not ship, but will direct/assist a shipper paid by the buyer. 15. The Auction Company employees & family of the seller reserves the right to place a bid on any item scheduled for this auction but must adhere to all terms & conditions set for the general public. 16. Any disputes or collections will be filed or settled in the Courts of Clark County or Scott County, Indiana. Additional fees may be assessed for unpaid balances and collection service fees. 17. Not internet savvy: Absentee bids are not normally accepted for these online auctions but absentee bids may be handled on a case by case basis. All bidding is encouraged to be handled through the online bidding services provider to McGinnis Auction & Appraisal Services. 18. McGinnis Auction & Appraisal Services reserve the right to cancel and/or reopen the auction in the case of system failures and McGinnis Auction & Appraisal Services can not accept or will not accept any responsibility for any technical failures during this auction. Including buyer bidding claims or operational errors. 19. McGinnis Auction & Appraisal Services reserves the right to remove any item from the auction at anytime during the auction until the item has been declared sold. 20. John McGinnis Auctioneers Inc. DBA McGinnis Auction & Appraisal Services, John McGinnis, CAI, CES, CAGA, AU19600081 (812) 282-7253 (502) 458-4815, James Haven, Adminstrator, Matt Jaccobs, Estate Attorney. Pick-up & payment will be posted in the auction notes section, at auction close out time.

Announcement:Information contained herein is presented on behalf of the seller. McGinnis Auction & Appraisal Service, agent for the seller, cannot guarantee the information to be correct or assume the liabilities for errors and omissions.  All lines drawn on maps are approximate. Buyers should verify the information to their own satisfaction.  Any announcements made from the auction block on day of auction will take precedence over any matter of print and will be final.

Lot#: 1

Phase I of a 2 Phase Auction.

This is Phase I, of a 2 Phase auction, by Internet Bidding Only with Online Bidding, there will be no live on-site bidding for this auction. A valid Visa or MasterCard is required to register for this auction, Bidders can pay the auction company cash at time of pickup, all other payments will be by the card used during registration. At the end of the auction. Please read auction terms in the details section.

Lot#: 2

Phase 2 will follow Phase 1

Phase 2, specific dates will be published in the auction notes and on the auction company web site. Phase 2 will include the real estate, consisting of approximately 6.5 acres, a erected log home kit with 2 bedrooms and a full bath on the entry level, second level has a master bedroom, full bath and a loft sitting area. Additional personal items include but not limited to survival gear, MRE rations, new & reload ammo, loaders and electric tools and more.

Lot#: 3

Obsidian Tomahawk

Leather wrapped obsidian Tomahawk. Beads, bone, feather decorations. Primative style.

Lot#: 4

Primitive Clubs

Bone clubs, leather wrapped handles with hair tassels. Primitive design.

Lot#: 5

Peace Pipe Tomahawk

Wood Tomahawk and Peacepipe. Blade is brass and steel. Small fur decoration and brass pins.

Lot#: 5a

Tomahawks medallion

Brass medallion

Lot#: 6

Flint skinning knives

Two Flint knives. One skinning knife, one with bone handle. Handle has been chewed on by an animal.

Lot#: 7

Knife, Machete

Knife with leather carry sheath, wood handle brass decoration. Machete is wood handled.

Lot#: 8

Three steel tomahawks

Three wood handled tomahawks. Steel heads.

Lot#: 9

Tomahawk and Hatchet

Tomahawk, leather wrapped with sheath. Hatchet with sheath.

Lot#: 10

Peace pipe / tomahawk

Wood peace pipe tomahawk, steel blade is not for using. Decor items.

Lot#: 11

Bone knives

Bone knives, one has a deer hoof handle with bone blade. Other is bone handle with steel blade

Lot#: 12

Two knives

One hand-forged knife, one bone handle knife with steel blade.

Lot#: 13

Primitive items

Wearable feathers, and musical instrument.

Lot#: 14

Display case

Deep display case, wood with glass top and red fabric liner. 41 3/4in x 17 1/2in x 6in. Items in case not included.

Lot#: 15

Camping mess storage

Wooden crate for storage of kitchen ware for camping. Can be used as a place to cook, legs come out and can be carried as a trunk.

Lot#: 16

Tipi by Panther Lodges

Large Tipi made by Panther Lodges. Image of assembled tipi is for representation only. As informed by Panther Lodges the Tipi requires 17-18 25 ft poles. This lot includes 17 poles length on poles unknown as well as condition of Tipi. Poles were stored outdoors Tipi was stored in basement.

Lot#: 17

Wood Snake Dancer

Chusona Snake Dancer, wounded swallow. Marked 89. Made of wood and sculpting materials.

Lot#: 18

Tomahawks rug

Round rug, Tomahawks Club, damage in the area of the "S" and around edges.

Lot#: 18a

Oil lamp Rock

Rock that has been turned into an oil lamp.

Lot#: 19

Native American figurine

figurine Chief with tomahawk and long gun

Lot#: 20

Native American Figurines

Indian man and woman and warrior. Warrior is missing something from hand.

Lot#: 20a

Gold jewelry

Two pieces, gold chain necklace is broken, marked 14K. Gold Pin 10k marked with medical cross and Ivy Tech, Balfour

Lot#: 20b


Containers of beads for Jewelry.

Lot#: 20c


9 pairs of earrings and one Necklace

Lot#: 20d

Stone pendants

Stone necklace pendants. 13 total

Lot#: 20e

Earrings / Jewelry

Lots of earrings, estimated 32 matching pairs.

Lot#: 20f

Earrings, metal

Lots of metal earrings

Lot#: 20g

Stone beads

Stone beads, some have been strung on a line already. Various types and colors.

Lot#: 21

Dream Catcher

Eagle and dream catcher

Lot#: 22

Native American art

Small shelf sitting art. Looks like man with a bear covering. Wood candle holder included.

Lot#: 22a

Coated Stone & Axe Head

One is an old axe head, the other looks to just be a rock. Both have been covered in a protective coating.

Lot#: 23

Old Flat Iron

Cast iron antique flat Iron.

Lot#: 24

Wine holder & desk mug

Deer wine holder ****wine bottle is for demonstration and is not included. Also in this lot is a mug labeled complaint department. ??

Lot#: 25

Antique Sewing Box

Antique wood thread box with wood handle.

Lot#: 26


Elk tour coins

Lot#: 27

Various collector coins

History channel, horseshoe, hunting club coins 7 coins total

Lot#: 28

One dollar coins

Three one dollar coins - two John Adams, one Martin Van Buren

Lot#: 29

16 Coins

16 Coins total, 15 plated silver coins. 1 .999 pure silver.

Lot#: 30

13 one dollar coins

13 one dollar coins in box. 1 circulated, 12 uncirculated. American Innovators

Lot#: 31

Morgan & Peace Silver Dollars with Case

Four coins total. 1 Morgan 3 Peace. Case included with key.

Lot#: 31a

7 Coins "US coins of the 19th Century"

7 coins in wood case, key included

Lot#: 32

Inaugural Covers

Two total.

Lot#: 33

Shells and Stars

Three oyster shells with stands and two star fish

Lot#: 34


5 watches new in box. Off brands

Lot#: 35

Six Watches

Six Watches total

Lot#: 36

Cher & Journey records

Cher and Journey Records

Lot#: 37

Stamps, used and unused.

Three German 1940's stamps. Many other stamps/ envelopes.

Lot#: 38

Old utensils

Antique utensils, some with bone handles, wood, pot handles, Rogers Bros

Lot#: 39

Costume Jewelry

Lot of costume jewelry

Lot#: 39a


Various bracelets, necklaces, ear rings

Lot#: 40

Dagger & Sheath

Dagger with beaded sheath. Handle is made of bone.

Lot#: 41

Bone necklace

Bone necklace with teeth

Lot#: 42

Horn Container

Small container made from a horn. Floral design, wood ends and plug.

Lot#: 43


Lots of different turkey feathers. Have been placed on small hard board and sealed with plastic.

Lot#: 44

Wood box

Wooden box with eagle design.

Lot#: 45


Large lot of various patches. EMT, medical, Stat Flight, gun patches, baseball, hunting, ECT.

Lot#: 46

Antique tools

Antique wood working tools. 9 pieces

Lot#: 47

License plates

4 Wyoming plates

Lot#: 48

Ink pens

Ink well pens and chest. Powdered ink, tablets and others items.

Lot#: 49

Costume Jewlery

Large lot of Jewlery, various items please see photos.

Lot#: 49a


7 watches various brands

Lot#: 49b


7 watches ladies, various brands

Lot#: 49c


Costume Jewelry, 10 pieces

Lot#: 49d

Costume Jewelry

8 pieces of costume jewelry

Lot#: 50


Huge lots of very small beads. Various colors!

Lot#: 50a

Porcupine Quills

Tons of quills, some colored most natural

Lot#: 51

Rocks, fire starters, leather bag

Items in the photos, flint, slate, leather bag, various rocks,

Lot#: 52

Pins, pins and more pins

Huge lot of pins, key chains, pins, buttons, pins, most of the pins are stat flight pins from various years. A few random pins, Derby, Barney, EMT, ECT.

Lot#: 53

Laser temp reader

Raytek minitemp MT6 with Case. Seems to work.

Lot#: 54


Clown marionette, needs some repairs (one string broken)

Lot#: 55

Ring, bracelet

Copper bracelet and sterling silver ring

Lot#: 56

Ear rings

3 sets. Two are bone and bead third is little fish. One random earing as well.

Lot#: 57

Pins, Jewlery box

Lots of pins, Marines, EMT, stat flight, nurse, gun pins, military, ECT. Jewelry boxes included

Lot#: 58

Raw Amethyst

Says on packages mined in Africa, 500 carats. 3 bags

Lot#: 59

Bone & Bead Necklace

Necklace made from bone and bead

Lot#: 60

GoPro items

Chesty, head mount, cable, strap mount, bag of parts.

Lot#: 61

Daisy Pellet Pistol

Daisy power line 717 with 3 box of pellets. Pellet gun is pump action. **Don't shoot your eye out. ??

Lot#: 62

Military style can opener

Replica military style can opener. Approximately 40

Lot#: 63

Leather sheaths, flask

Leather sheaths and black leather flask

Lot#: 64

Necklace pouch

Brain tanned deer hide. Necklace pouch.

Lot#: 65

Display case

Wood and glass display case. Green liner. 30x20x4

Lot#: 66

Display case

Small display case. Lined with foam. 18x12x2 *** no keys

Lot#: 67

Display case

Medium display case. No liner. Keys included. (The keys do not fit other display case.) 21x17x2.5

Lot#: 68

Flintlock bag and Accessories

Leather bag, power horn, flint rods, the works here.

Lot#: 69

Black powder bag and contents

Lots of black powder gear, leather fox bag, powder horns, leather shot bag, tools, flint, percussion caps. See photos!

Lot#: 70

Powder Horns

Two powder horns, heart shaped container has lead shot and wads. One horn has Tomahawks Club insignia.

Lot#: 71

Native American style pouches

Three bags, leather. Turtle she'll made into a leather pouch. One beaded waist bag with belt. One neck hanging beaded bag.

Lot#: 72

Whip, powder horns

Whip made from leather and antler, two powder horns. One is missing a cap.

Lot#: 73

Native American items

Leather and antler whip, sandels, leather covering, beaded bracelet, canteen.

Lot#: 74

Large fur pouch

Fur made into a shoulder bag, leather straps, beads and feathers.

Lot#: 75

Leather Chaps

Leather Chaps - Western style

Lot#: 76

Xmas outfits

Young Ladies Xmas dress. New with tags. Sizes 6,7

Lot#: 77

Decorative Belts

Native American style dress belts.

Lot#: 78

Leather Top

Native American style top. Made of leather.

Lot#: 79

Textile pants

Textile pants,frontier style men's. 38-40 waist, inseam 29''

Lot#: 80

Buckskin Pants

Buckskin paints native American style with suspenders,. No size indicated. Other paints have measured 38-40" waist 29" inseam?

Lot#: 81

Black power bag and Accessories

Leather Bag, two knives, loader, powder horn, belt, shot bags ECT.

Lot#: 82

Wood box

Wood box with country art.

Lot#: 83

Native American Crafts

Lot of Indian style craft items. Bone beads, beads, leather, templates, tools, toes, neck piece and more.

Lot#: 83a

Handmade wood box

Wood Box marked "Litter", has removable drawer. Snake carved on one side and date of 85 inside.

Lot#: 84

Cane Sword

Looks like a bamboo cane but it's also a sword.

Lot#: 85

Three Canes

Three Canes two wood, other is unknown material.

Lot#: 86

Walking Sticks and Cane

4 walking Sticks and one cane

Lot#: 87

Walking stick and Cane

Trail blazer 55 walking stick and one cane.

Lot#: 88

Walking Sticks

Three walking Sticks, wood

Lot#: 89


Three Canes, wood. One with antler handle

Lot#: 90


Two spears. Native American style. One is leather wrapper with hair and feather tassels and bone point. Other is wood with leather, fur decoration and stone tip.

Lot#: 91

Spear and Horn

Native American style spear. Comes with powder horn

Lot#: 92

Candle Stands

Two candle Stands

Lot#: 93

Lamps and lanterns

Four pieces, wood lantern with leather, battery operated lantern and two oil lamps, one missing the glass shade.

Lot#: 94


Three native American style drums.

Lot#: 95

Blow guns

Multiple blow guns parts and darts

Lot#: 96

Fly rods

Two fly fishing rods / poles. One is a White River dogwood canyon 9ft with White River reel. Other is a Martin 8 ft. With Martin reel.

Lot#: 96a

Fly tying equipment and parts

Huge lot of fly tying equipment and stuff. Almost all new in package. Fly Fisherman here it is your tying starter kit. Tying station, tons of materials, tools check out the photos.

Lot#: 96b

Fishing Flies

Fly fishing Flies, tons of them, various types. All look to be new. These are rather expensive new! See photos.

Lot#: 96c

Vintage Fly Fishing

Vintage flies, and fishing gear, rough estimate of 100 flies.

Lot#: 97

Fireplace items

Match holders and fireplace items.

Lot#: 98


Synsonics Guitar

Lot#: 99

Fireplace tools

Tools, holder and hand blower

Lot#: 100

Moccasins, leather items

Two pair of moccasins, well used, leather pouch, pair of leather gloves, bucket.

Lot#: 101

Fire place screen

Fire place screen, metal with deer art.

Lot#: 102

Stone jug

Stone jug, has chips on side.

Lot#: 103

Fishing rods & reels

Vintage rods and reels. 4 sets. Please see photos for brands, models

Lot#: 103a

Fishing gear

Spools of line, tackle box, hooks, rod holder, bait net. See photos.

Lot#: 104

Closed Face reel and rod combos

Total of 12, two are broken. Please see photos for brands/ models. Rod and reel combos. All one money.

Lot#: 104a

Tackle box with Tackle

Tackle box and contents. Old school spinner baits, lead, hooks and more.

Lot#: 104b

Vintage tackle

Mepps killer kit, online spinners, spoons, ECT.

Lot#: 104c

Vintage Fishing Lures

5 baits. Heddon, Shakespeare, Balsa spybait, Vintage lures

Lot#: 105

Fishing rods and reels

This lot has the newest of the fishing equipment from this Estate including- Shimano Sahara, carbon lot rod, diawa combo, ocean fishing rod, fly rod, and two catfish combos. See photos.

Lot#: 105a

Vintage Lures

11 pieces total, Jitterbug, cordells, mirolure, see photos

Lot#: 105b

Vintage Lures

Lot of 14+ lures. Various brands see photos

Lot#: 105c

Fishing gear

Fishing bag, rod cover, trout line on spool, stringers, bobbers, spinner baits

Lot#: 105d

Vintage fishing reels

Three vintage reels. Diawa sealine 50h, Martin model 94, South Bend 850 - was in eagle claw box.

Lot#: 105e

Vintage Fishing Equipment

Large lot of vintage fishing gear

Lot#: 106

Dream catcher

Eagle art dream catcher with feather tassels

Lot#: 106a

Indian Style Bull skull

Bull decorated with feathers, paint, rope ECT.

Lot#: 107

Bows and Arrows

Wooded bow and arrows in beaded leather case Bow made of bone Leather necklace

Lot#: 108

Native American Leather Dream Catcher and

Horsetail Decorated leather and feathers Horsetail

Lot#: 109

Fur pelt


Lot#: 110

Decorated poles

6 poles

Lot#: 111a

Wooden Box

wooden box with leather hinges, handles and clasp

Lot#: 111b

Native American costume pieces

Fur headdress Felt stole Beaded necklace Claw neclace

Lot#: 111c

Native American ceremonial items

Rattle, sage, reeds, rocks, wooden bowls smudge stick. leather pouch, arrowhead necklace

Lot#: 111d

Native American Ceremony items

Fur and leather pouches, whistle, horns, hoofs

Lot#: 112


leather and fur

Lot#: 113

6 fur pelts

coyote, fox ?

Lot#: 114

Coyote pelt

with legs

Lot#: 115

Wooden wagon

wood and leather

Lot#: 116

Side Table

wooden one drawer

Lot#: 117

Lockable, 2-drawer chest

wooden with top handle

Lot#: 118

Decorative items

wooden loading block, gavel, carved letter opener, wooden box, incense stand

Lot#: 119

Indian Mandella

Indian Mandella

Lot#: 120

2 Woven Baskets


Lot#: 121

Buffalo pelt

Lot#: 122

Larger Buffalo Pelt

Lot#: 123

Wooden Trunk

heavy with wooden handles

Lot#: 124

Framed Print

Medallion from the Western Heritage museum

Lot#: 125

Mandolin and small stringed instrument

Lot#: 126

"Tomahawks" Folding wood table

Wood table that folds up, branded with tomahawks insignia.

Lot#: 127


Lot#: 128

Fold-up rocker

wooden frame, canvas seat

Lot#: 129

Sound Equipment

Teac. Pioneer. SX-1080, 2 BIC speakers

Lot#: 130

Large screen TV

Mitsubishi 65" with stand and components on stand

Lot#: 131

Schacht Spindle loom

Lot#: 132

Movies, movies, movies and DVD player

6 boxes, lots of recent titles

Lot#: 133


Lot#: 134

Purses and bags

mostly Vera Bradley

Lot#: 135

2 embroidery sewing cases

full of floss

Lot#: 136


Lot#: 137

Telephone bench

Lot#: 138

crafting and art supplies

crafting and art supplies

Lot#: 139

Singer Pixie Plus Sewing Machine

Singer Pixie Plus Sewing Machine

Lot#: 140

Crafting and art supplies

Crafting and art supplies

Lot#: 141

Art and craft items

10-drawer craft supply caddy, jewelry making items, lamp, crafting books

Lot#: 142

3 quilts

1- hummingbird quilt with some damage Machine stitched, hand quilted 2 - baby quilt - embroidered Machine stitched, hand embroidered 3- baby quilt

Lot#: 143

Hammock and 2 blankets


Lot#: 144

2 Wool blankets

68x 80

Lot#: 145

Decorated skull

Decorated skull

Lot#: 146

Poncho, blanket and a pillow sham

Poncho, blanket and a pillow sham

Lot#: 147

Recliner sofa

Needs to be freshened up

Lot#: 148

Love seat

nice condition

Lot#: 149

Leather pieces

Leather pieces

Lot#: 150

Lamp table with extra lamp for close work

Lamp table with extra lamp for close work

Lot#: 151

Desk top items

lava lamp, camera, cords. calculator, speaker wire

Lot#: 152

Bow and arrow making supplies

Bow and arrow making supplies

Lot#: 153

Fax machine

Fax machine

Lot#: 154

Black Desk Chair

Black Desk Chair

Lot#: 155

Desk only

Lot#: 156

Brother printer HL -3170CDW

Brother printer HL -3170CDW

Lot#: 157

Toshiba laptop

wiped and restored?

Lot#: 158

Toshiba laptop

Toshiba laptop

Lot#: 159

Epson printer Stylus NX330

Epson printer Stylus NX330

Lot#: 160

Alltec Lansing computer speakers

3 pieces

Lot#: 161

Computer main unit and keyboard

Computer main unit and keyboard

Lot#: 162

Folding card table and 4 chairs

Folding card table and 4 chairs

Lot#: 163

Rack for saucers and wooden sign to be painted

Rack for saucers and wooden sign to be painted

Lot#: 164

Tomahawks club items

Trunk with table inside - like a puzzle Lantern Flag Small wooden "litter" box

Lot#: 165

Wind Machine fan

works great

Lot#: 166

Mukluks and beaded moccasins

Mukluks and beaded moccasins

Lot#: 167

Native American ceremony items

Native American ceremony items

Lot#: 168

Fire making kit and instructions

Fire making kit and instructions

Lot#: 169

Native American flutes and a rain stick

Flutes & rain stick

Lot#: 170

Native American items

breastplate - old but damaged Turtle shell Feather duster Leather bottle case Spinning ornament

Lot#: 171

Native American items

Decorated cup made of gourd Rope and other items

Lot#: 172

Ceremonial Mats

two rolled mats

Lot#: 173

3 leather pouches

2 decorated pouches 1 leather box of candles

Lot#: 174

Wooden folding TV table

Lot#: 175

Wooden Child's Chair

Lot#: 176

4 bowls made from gourds

Lot#: 177

4 pieces of pottery

bowl from NM - with chips Unmarked bottle with leather 2-piece hand holding head Small vessel with Southwestern motif

Lot#: 178

Fur pieces

2 fur collars The rest are pelts or pieces

Lot#: 179

Southwestern items

Leather bowl Wooden bowl Gourd bowl Basket Flutes and whistles Mirror Figurine on stand

Lot#: 180

2 decorated Gourds

Gourd vase Gourd jug

Lot#: 181

Magnavox console TV

Lot#: 182

Bow and Arrows in Quiver

Lot#: 183

Dream catcher

Lot#: 184

Decorative items

2 Longaberger baskets 2 alarm clock American flag Wooden box Paris bowl with lid 2 old bottles 4 knick knacks

Lot#: 185

Queen size sleigh bed

Lot#: 186

5-drawer Chest and Dresser with mirror

Lot#: 187

Tall bookshelf

Lot#: 188

Wooden gun cabinet

needs repairs inside

Lot#: 189

Paint Ball set and vest

Talon paint ball gun Vest size XL

Lot#: 190

Suitcases and bags

7 pieces

Lot#: 191

Lamp and decor

Table Lamp Antlers Glass block Scentsy Portable Luminaire Moose Lodge Award Plaque

Lot#: 192

4 men's watches and a Breyer horse

watches - Fossil, Pulsar, US Guide. Timber Creek Breyer horse - 1994 Fiesta Equina

Lot#: 193

Bkack office chair

Lot#: 194

Black Office Chair

Lot#: 195

Massage and Music

Hot and Cold Stine Massage Kit Spoon Rider Accupressure Mat Philips Boom Box

Lot#: 196

Crystal Chess Set

New in box

Lot#: 197

Box of new bags

Mostly heavy canvas bags

Lot#: 198

Small bookshelf

Lot#: 199

Baby Gate

Baby Gate

Lot#: 200

Arts and crafts

Drawing, glue guns, iorn, light board, box of fun crafts, stamps ECT.

Lot#: 200a

Boxes of boxes, envelopes, bags, folders

Lot#: 200b

Art supplies

Art supplies with rack. Various items see photos.

Lot#: 201


Lot of Paracord in a variety of colors also includes brackets clasps.

Lot#: 201a

Huge lot of Para-cord

Tons of Paracord! various colors!

Lot#: 202

Para-cord tool box!!!

Tons of Paracord, watches, jig to make brackets, see pics

Lot#: 203

Leather working materials

Leather belts, straps and scraps. Large lot.

Lot#: 204

Firestarter making kit

Tons of materials for making ?? fire starters.

Lot#: 205

Foam plane kit

Skyhawk plane kit.

Lot#: 206

Leather materials

Large lot of leather, 4 boxes, large pieces, small pieces, various colors and thinknesses.

Lot#: 207

Bin of leather

Leather, craft materials and a few pieces of canvas

Lot#: 208

Model Train

Train with track and controller, new

Lot#: 208a

WW2 battle note and case

Case made to hold WW2 Battle notes. One note included "battle of midway" uncirculated

Lot#: 209

Xmas decor

Large lot of Christmas decor, snowman, pillows, ornaments, crafts, lights, Santa Scene and wrapping paper.

Lot#: 209a

Christmas Tree

Tree in box, tensile, and stand.

Lot#: 209b

Nativity Set

Native American nativity set

Lot#: 210

Christmas decor

Huge lot of Xmas! Ornaments, decor see pics. 5 boxes

Lot#: 211

Bradford Exchange plates

Bradford Exchange plates. Various print. Because of quantity all plates are not in photos. Total count of pieces is 21.

Lot#: 212

Regency China set

Regency brand China, 6 plates, 8 bowls, 4 serving bowls, 7 bread dishes, 4 dessert plates, 1 serving player, 1 gravy boat, 1 creamer, 1 tea pot, 7 tea cups, six saucers.

Lot#: 213

Mixed glass, China

Incomplete set of China. Pyrex bowls, six glasses with the letter K etched in them. Two tea cups from China set are broken. Excel floral tea cups.

Lot#: 214

Western decorative plates

17 pieces total. Two box lots. Western art, too many to photograph.

Lot#: 215

Collector plates

Large lot of the Hamilton Collection plates. Too many to photograph. Total item count - 26

Lot#: 216

Collector Plates

Approx 18 plates. One box, western art assumed.

Lot#: 217

Collector plates

Approximately 20 plates, western art/ native American.

Lot#: 218

Burlap bags

Box of bags, six large bags two small, one small green bag

Lot#: 219

Jewlery displays

Displays for the flea market or antique mall. 20 pieces total.

Lot#: 220

Pool Que and bowling ball

Both in cases, pool Que case has broken end, bowling ball bag - zipper is broken, will not open further.

Lot#: 221


Ben Pierson long now, see pics for specs. Made of wood.

Lot#: 221a

Spears and Throwers

Large lot of spears and Throwers. 3 throwers, 8 spears with fletchings (field tips, one with flint tip, one with bone or antler tip.) 16 raw spears, 5 stained with field tips, 4 with razor type tips.

Lot#: 222

Native American lot

Peace pipes, Native American books, homemade flute, crafts and wood box.

Lot#: 223

Tools - Dremel, bits, misc

Tools, Wd40, Dremel with bits,. Remington power fasteners, leather stamps, pliers, pendulum and more.

Lot#: 224

Material, patterns, duffle bag

Kenneth Cole bag, materials - cloth, patterns.

Lot#: 225

Clay rolling machine, crafts

Fire mountain clay rolling machine, looks new and craft box

Lot#: 226

Craft materials

Bells, antler, brass, beads, patterns, knife blade ECT.

Lot#: 227

Stained glass materials and tools

Stained glass kit, glass, tools, soldering iron, pliers, chemicals, and more

Lot#: 228

Miscellaneous Lot of crafts

Crafting materials, candles, Stones, health cards, ECT.

Lot#: 229

Beads and crafts

Lots of beads and craft items.

Lot#: 229a

Tools, crafts, tons of stuff

All three drawers full of crafting materials, tools, antler parts, stamps, leather working tools, rope, must see pics

Lot#: 230

Wood art

Art on wood, 6 total

Lot#: 231

Three bins of crafts

Leather working tools, sewing, see photos

Lot#: 232

Bin with leather scraps

Three drawer bin with leather scraps, scrap cutter, sheaths, misc

Lot#: 233

Kitchen towels, rags

Towels, rags, seasonal, oven coasters, ECT.

Lot#: 234

Kitchen miscellaneous

Measuring cups, cookie cutters and more

Lot#: 235

Kitchen eating utensils

Eating utensils, knives, forks, spoons and more

Lot#: 236

Random lot

Miscellaneous items, glue, batteries, single glove, master lock, ect

Lot#: 237

Kitchen knives

Knives, scissors and more!

Lot#: 238

Vacuum containers

7 containers no pump included

Lot#: 239

Baking pans

Various baking pans

Lot#: 240

Kitchen / cooking items

Rolling pins, baking tools and much more

Lot#: 241

Pots and pans

Large lot of pots and pans

Lot#: 242

Kitchen items

Various pots and pans

Lot#: 243

Lemonade container, jars, glasses

Jars with metal clasps, glass dispenser, glasses

Lot#: 244

Lodge cast iron

Lodge grid iron

Lot#: 245

Cast iron kettles

Two kettles, 12", 8"

Lot#: 246

Cast iron Dutch ovens

Two Dutch ovens

Lot#: 247

Cast iron pans

Two cast iron pans

Lot#: 248

Cast iron

4 pieces of cast iron.

Lot#: 249

Cast iron Dutch oven

One Dutch oven

Lot#: 250

Lodge Dutch oven

14" Dutch oven, lodge brand

Lot#: 251

Tumblers, bottles

9 total, 1 yeti, 2 Ozark, 1 corckcicle

Lot#: 252

Baking sheet

Metal and stone sheets, huge box

Lot#: 253


Chip and dip set. Holly & Berry

Lot#: 254


Lot of glasses and a pot

Lot#: 255

Playing cards

Playing cards, sharpening stone, greeting cards

Lot#: 256

Ovenware, mixing bowl

Pampered chef mixing bowl, ovenware

Lot#: 257

Camping kitchenware

Camping style pots, pans, tea pot, cups. 3 boxs

Lot#: 258

Kitchen Jars

Box of jars and mugs

Lot#: 259

Grilling grates

Box of grates

Lot#: 260

Random box

Pens and markers, candle holders, tools

Lot#: 261

Chemical, paint

WD-40, gun scrubber, Rust-Oleum, oven cleaner

Lot#: 262

Wine glasses

Wine glasses and more

Lot#: 263

Dog stuff

Flea spray, leashes, shampoo

Lot#: 264

Serving dishes

Large serving dishes, cheese board, glass

Lot#: 265

Baking molds

Baking molds, decorating stuff

Lot#: 266


Glass pumpkin, serving dish, candle, jar

Lot#: 267

Glass Vases

Two boxes glass vases

Lot#: 268

Cups and sauces

Cups and saucers

Lot#: 269

Decorative Bowl

Bowl and balls

Lot#: 270


GE microwave

Lot#: 271

Toaster oven, small crock

Small crock pot and toaster oven

Lot#: 272


Mugs with unique rack

Lot#: 273

Pitcher & Bowl

Large pitcher and Bowl - Ironstone England

Lot#: 274


Mixed Figurines

Lot#: 275

Box of Figurines

Mixed box of Figurines, kids, goose, tiger, dog

Lot#: 276

Wine rack

Wine rack made from horse shoe

Lot#: 277


Box of pans

Lot#: 278

Cooking Utensils, knives box

Lot of cooking utensils and knives with holder

Lot#: 279


Baking dishes, two boxes

Lot#: 280

Bowls and stone containers

Gourd bowls, stone items

Lot#: 281

Camping kitchen supplies

Camping gear, pot, pans, jar, cards, utensils, ect

Lot#: 282

Light, jar, bowl

Light in box, glass jar and bowl

Lot#: 283

Chemicals, light bulbs 3 boxes

Three boxes, light bulbs, carpet cleaner liquid, car windshield fluid, brake fluid, Lysol bowl cleaner, miscellaneous

Lot#: 284

Candles, cleaning

Wetjet pads, boxes of candles and flour sacks

Lot#: 285

Meat Grinder, blender

Meat grinder and blender

Lot#: 286

Shelf of cooking items

Electric grittle, pots, pans, marshmallow sticks

Lot#: 287

Aluminum pot, pan

Large aluminum pot, baking pan

Lot#: 288

Cleaning items

Shark Steam mop, Swiffers, ect

Lot#: 289

Bissell spot lifter, weather stripping

Lot#: 290

Hearth kit, wire shelving

Stone hearth kit and wire shelving

Lot#: 291

Wood chair


Lot#: 292

Wood chair

Wood chair with padded seat

Lot#: 293

LG Dryer

LG Dryer - Sensor dry

Lot#: 294

Meat slicer

Meat slicer in box RedHead brand

Lot#: 295

Laundry items

Chemicals, detergents, WD-40, ect

Lot#: 296

Two Irons

Two Hamilton Beach Irons

Lot#: 297

Incense sticks

30+ boxes

Lot#: 298

Lots of Jars

Jars and foil pans, 3 boxes total

Lot#: 299

Fire starters, candles ect

Large lot of homemade fire starters, candles, hand warmers and more

Lot#: 300

Clay jugs and candle holders

Lot of clay/ stone jugs and candle holders

Lot#: 300a

Folding Chairs

Three padded folding chairs, need to be cleaned ( dog hair)

Lot#: 300b

Step ladder

Folding step ladder white

Lot#: 300c

Live laugh love

Home decor, wall hanging

Lot#: 300d

No parking sign

Metal sign

Lot#: 301

Steamer cooker

Lot#: 302

Crock pot and ice cream

Ice cream maker, crock pot

Lot#: 303

3 crock pots

Three pots

Lot#: 304

Air fryer

Sharper image air fryer

Lot#: 304a

Soft cooler bags

Large and small thermal bags

Lot#: 305

4 jars

Red kitchen jars

Lot#: 306

Ceramic items

Baking pan, bowls, ect

Lot#: 307

Miscellaneous kitchen items

Whole shelf, candle stuff, blender, slap chop

Lot#: 308

Fry cutter and fryer

Fryer is missing power cord. Fryer and fry cutter

Lot#: 309

Electric grills

George Forman, west bend

Lot#: 310

Sushi Set

The whole kit to eat sushi

Lot#: 311

Oil lamp

Oil lamp

Lot#: 312

Oil lamp

Lot#: 313

Oil lamp

Lot#: 314


Total of 4 pieces, lamp, oil lamp, snowman candle, electric decorative lamp

Lot#: 315

8 boxes of books

Various types, magazines, gun books, Indian books,

Lot#: 316

Mugs, glasses, tons of them!

Three full shelves of mugs, glasses and more

Lot#: 317

Three shelves of plates, bowls and more

All you see on the three shelves, bowls, plates, bakingware

Lot#: 318

Glasses - 3 shelves

All the glasses

Lot#: 319

Sekio Clock

Nice Seiko Clock with Swarovski Crystals, plays various songs on the hour.

Lot#: 320

Office Organizer

Fellows stackable paper organizer.

Lot#: 321

Black Entertainment Stand

Includes black entertainment stand.

Lot#: 321b

Sylvania Television

Includes Sylvania television. Model # SSL15D6

Lot#: 322

History Channel Club Wooden Game Box

Includes the history channel club life member Wooden game box with a variety of complete board game pieces inside.

Lot#: 323

LexMark Printer & Scanner

Includes Lexmark printer/scanner, and cables.

Lot#: 324

Assorted Stuffed Animals

This lot includes an assortment of stuffed animals.

Lot#: 325

Assorted Stuffed Animals

This lot includes an assortment of stuffed animals, and bunny headbands.

Lot#: 326

Tripods & Monopod

Includes one SLIK Universal U-212 tripod, One Velvon 9000 tripod, and one Topman mono pod.

Lot#: 327

Nikon D3200 DSLR Camera, Lenses, and Accessories

Includes Nikon D3200 DSL camera, Nikon DX AF-S NIKKOR 18-55mm lens, Nikon DX AF-S NIKKOR 55-200mm lens, and camera bag.

Lot#: 328a

Magnavox MPD720 Portable DVD Player

Includes Magnavox MPD720 Portable DVD Player, dock, cables, and soft case.

Lot#: 328b

Nikon D3200 DSLR Camera, Lenses, & Bag

Includes Nikon D3200 DSLR Camera, Nikon AF-S NIKKOR 18-55mm lens, Nikon AF-S NIKKOR 55-200mm lens & Bag.

Lot#: 328c

Nikon MF Cameras, Lenses, Speedlight, and Bag

Includes 1 Nikon MF-15, 1 Nikon MF-12, 3 lenses, Nikon Speedlight SB-15, and Bag

Lot#: 328d

Nikon AS Camera, Lenses, Speedlight & Lightmeter

Includes Nikon AS Camera, 2 lenses, Vivitar Zoom Thyrostor 2500, and Sekonic Auto-Lumi L-158 Light Meter.

Lot#: 329

Native American Bow & Arrows with Soft Case

Includes Native American Bow & Arrows with Leather Soft Case.

Lot#: 330

Toshiba Satellite Laptops

Includes 2 Toshiba satellite laptops, Dell Inspiron 5160 laptop, and Swissgear & Dell soft cases, Laptop Model# PSLB8U-05302 Laptop Model# T135D-S1324 Laptop Model# PP09L

Lot#: 331

Wooden Book Shelf

Includes wooden book shelf.

Lot#: 332

YASHICA Camera, Cokin Creative Filter System

Includes YASHICA Camera, Cokin Creative Filter System, and Vivitar ViviCam 3350 with case and accessories.

Lot#: 333


Includes one bookshelf.

Lot#: 334

Assorted Office Supplies

Includes a variety of office supplies such as adjustable triangles, highlighters, pencils, ink pens, rulers, and more.

Lot#: 335

Orange Floor Lamp

Includes one orange floor lamp.

Lot#: 336

Bodyguard Personal Alarms, GPS Tracking & More

Includes Bodyguard personal alarms, Safeguard pro GPS trackers, and Safeguard vehicle security.

Lot#: 337

Assortment of Solar Lights, Shower Radio & More

Includes an assortment of goods like video cables, shower radio, solar lawn lights, toxic cologne for men, and more.

Lot#: 338

Assorted Office Supplies

Includes an assortment of office supplies like pencils, pens, index cards, stapler, paper hole punches, bank bag, and more.

Lot#: 339

Assorted Power-strips & Extension Cables

Includes an assortment of power strips, and extension cables.

Lot#: 340

Fold Up Lawn Chairs

Includes to fold up lawnchair chairs.

Lot#: 341

Pottery Wheel, Digital Photo Frame, & More

Includes pottery wheel, photo blitz digital picture frame, box of assorted candles, and more.

Lot#: 342

Lexmark Printer/Copier & Stand

Includes Lexmark printer/copier it, rack, and a package of blank Avery personal greeting cards.

Lot#: 343

Assortment of Pens & Pencils, Baskets, and Bags

Includes an assortment of pens & pencils, baskets, and canvas tote bags.

Lot#: 344

Assorted Water Bottles

Includes an assortment of water bottles.

Lot#: 345

Assorted Bags & Canvas Totes

Includes an assortment of bags, canvas totes, and thermal socks.

Lot#: 346

Healing Drum, Cookie Cutters & Sequence Games

Includes Remo Christine Stevens healing drum kit, cookie cutters, and two sequence games.

Lot#: 347

Trivial Pursuit, Monopoly, & More

Includes Trivial Pursuit The Lord of the Rings version, Monopoly the Lord of the Rings version, and a box of assorted toys.

Lot#: 348

Stool, Battery, & Assorted Cables

Includes a stool, Zeus non-spillable sealed rechargeable battery, shelf kit, and an assortment of cables.

Lot#: 349

Victory Pride Mobility Cart

Includes victory pride mobility cart.

Lot#: 350

Twin Size Bed Set with Headboard

Includes Twin Size Bed Set with headboard, mattress, and box spring

Lot#: 351

Pheasant Gun Rack with Lockbox

Includes wooden pheasant gun rack with lockbox. Key is not included.

Lot#: 352

Gun Cabinet

Wood gun cabinet, made to hold 6 guns, with keys. W29.5 x H70 x D11

Lot#: 353

Custom computer tower

Computer tower only Working condition unknown

Lot#: 354

Epson stylus cx8400

Epson printer Working condition unknown

Lot#: 355

Office desk

Office desk with 5 drawers Deminsions 59" long 39" wide 29" tall

Lot#: 356

Office chair

Black office chair with removable seat cushion

Lot#: 357

Office computer table/ stand

Computer and keyboard surface Dims : 69" tall 35.5" wide

Lot#: 358

Office and computer home electronics

Modem Disc drive Router Dvd Pencil sharpener Keyboard

Lot#: 359

Office 2 shelf table

2 shelf Dims: 23" x 23" 27" tall

Lot#: 360

Cabinet/ entertainment center

Left side storage Right side CD holder Space for a TV

Lot#: 361

Acer computer

Keyboard Mouse Tower 2 Speakers 19 " screen

Lot#: 362

Wine chiller

Black wine chiller

Lot#: 363

Wine coolers

Red Emerson wine cooler

Lot#: 364

Bose speakers

One large speaker 3 small

Lot#: 365

Filing cabinet

Keys included 2 drawer

Lot#: 366

Craftsman 5.0 peak H.P

Wet and dry vac 16 gallons

Lot#: 366a

Taylorsville Lake Buck

Whitetail Buck Harvested Nov. 15th 1987

Lot#: 366b

Indian paintings and prints

Mountain man / Indian prints and painting

Lot#: 366c


Walker / cane

Lot#: 366d

2 Dyson handhelds

Handhelds with some attachments

Lot#: 367

Shop Vac

5 gallon

Lot#: 368

crafting charts and stencils

Lot#: 369

3 boxes of new caps

approximately 36 caps

Lot#: 370

VHS movies - 2 tubs full

Lot#: 371

VHS tapes - 2 tubs

Lot#: 372

bathroom scales

Health Meter

Lot#: 373

Tub of books

Children's Adolescent How to Horror

Lot#: 374

2 boxes books

Adult Coliring Geology Biology Decorating Reiki Outdoors Novels

Lot#: 375

2 boxes books

Native American History Bird Book Hunting Marine Corp history

Lot#: 376

1 tub and 2 boxes of books

novels Nature Peppers / Survival Out of body Native American History

Lot#: 377

2 boxes books

Reiki Psychic Oracles Meditation

Lot#: 378

Calligraphy and Sketching supplies

instructions and supplies - all new

Lot#: 379

2 boxes of books

novels Bible study Psychic Native American Survival Nature Cooking

Lot#: 380

2 boxes of books

survival Native American Novels Home remedies Cooking

Lot#: 381

2 boxes cassettes and player

Lot#: 382

Books - new, unwrapped

Lot#: 383

7 books

coffee table books on Space, Mapping the World and the Biblical World Set if 3 Notebooks of DaVinci Hemingway Short Stories

Lot#: 384

Survival and Combat Tactics

mostly DVDs

Lot#: 385

2 boxes books

paperbacks Wildlife fact-file binders

Lot#: 386

Mini blind and rod

58 x 72 white mini blind 22 - 38 rod - bronze

Lot#: 387

Box of books

Survival Ammo and Ballistics Renovation Blacksmithing Woodworking Bladesmithing

Lot#: 388

Assorted ceramic tiles

Lot#: 389

DVDs 3 boxes

movies Nature Woodmaster series History Adventure

Lot#: 390

Box Hats Marine

Marine/ Military hats/ ball caps Total 13

Lot#: 391

Stat Flight hats/ Misc

Stat Flight hats, Trauma Institute, Sport, Hospital Hats Total: 24

Lot#: 392

Trucker hats/ Misc

Travel hats/ Personal Collection/ Stat Flight Total: 31

Lot#: 393

Caps Personal Collections

Military, Travel Hats see pictures

Lot#: 394

Box of Caps

Stat Flight/ EMS/ Shooting. See pictures Total:24

Lot#: 395

Cowboy Hats

4 different cowboy style hats. See pictures.

Lot#: 396

Cowboy Style Hats

Ranch Outfiters/ Weston. See pictures.

Lot#: 397

Sportsman caps

Fishing, Camo, Front Sight #33

Lot#: 398

Box of Indian/ Novels

Full box of books. See Pictures for titles.

Lot#: 399

Indian books

Paperback Museum of fur trade and others. See Pictures.

Lot#: 400

Books, Camping/Survival

See pictures for titles.

Lot#: 401

Box of National Geographics

Most from 1980's

Lot#: 402

Indian Books

See pictures for Titles.

Lot#: 403

Box of Hunting books

See Pictures for Titles.

Lot#: 404

Box of books Readers Digest

See pictures for titles.

Lot#: 405

Box of Novels

Paperback see photos for titles.

Lot#: 406


See photos 3 boxes

Lot#: 407

CD and dvds

See photos

Lot#: 408


See photos

Lot#: 409


See photos

Lot#: 410

Glass Decor Blocks

35+ glass blocks, the have a hole on one side to put things inside. Used for decorative things.

Lot#: 411

VHS movies

Three boxes

Lot#: 412

Large box of books


Lot#: 428

Baseball / softball bats

Several bats and softballs

Lot#: 429

Yard tools

Fiskers hammers axe Gardening tools

Lot#: 430

Range Maxx shooting table

Sight in table with replacement boards

Lot#: 431


Leather for crafts

Lot#: 432

Buffalo skull

Buffalo skull + deer rack

Lot#: 433

Axe heads and machete

machete 2 axe heads Saw

Lot#: 434

Poulan pro chainsaw

16" Working condition unknown

Lot#: 435

Craftsman chainsaw

16 inch Working condition unknown

Lot#: 436

Remington chainsaw

Working condition unknown

Lot#: 437

Homelite chainsaw

18 inch Working condition unknown

Lot#: 438

Craftsman table saw

10 inch table saw

Lot#: 439

Yard tools

Shovels, tree branch trimmer

Lot#: 440

Air compressor w/hose

Eagle air compressor

Lot#: 441

Extension ladder

16 ft

Lot#: 442

Fire pit/ grill

Decent condition

Lot#: 443

Metal cook pot hanger

metal cook pot hanger and grittle table.

Lot#: 444

Metal tools/ decor


Lot#: 445

Railroad Spikes

Spikes and wash bucket

Lot#: 446


4 wheel dolly

Lot#: 447

Melting tools


Lot#: 448

Two rifle wall rack

Wall mount 2 rifle rack

Lot#: 449

Table and chair

Dining room table 6 chairs Dims of table 35.5 inch x 71 inch

Lot#: 450


2 boxes Shelving

Lot#: 451


With backpack straps

Lot#: 452

Lawn chair

Low to ground chair

Lot#: 453

Ammo box

Small ammo box

Lot#: 454

Ammo crate

Ammo box

Lot#: 455

Ammo box


Lot#: 456

Ammo box

Ammo crate

Lot#: 457

Ammo box

Ammo crate

Lot#: 458

Red ammo box

Ammo crate

Lot#: 459

Ammo box

Ammo crate

Lot#: 460

Ammo box

Ammo crate

Lot#: 461

Ammo box

Ammo crate

Lot#: 462

Ammo box/crate

Ammo crate Wooden

Lot#: 462a

Wooden ammo crate

Ammo box wood

Lot#: 463

Ammo box

Metal ammo box

Lot#: 464

Evenflo car seat

Car seat for children

Lot#: 465

2 Animal crates

Dog crate

Lot#: 466

Wooden wall hanger

Jacket / hat hanger

Lot#: 467

Wicker and wooden rocking chair

Wicker backing

Lot#: 468

Bamboo staffs

Bamboo + 4 wooden staffs

Lot#: 469

Wooden folding chair

Folding chair

Lot#: 470

Aluminum trash can

Trash can with lid

Lot#: 471

3 lawn chairs

Lawn chairs

Lot#: 472

Wooden skinning boards

6ft and 8 ft skinning/tanning boards.

Lot#: 473

Yard and fence posts

Cage and posts

Lot#: 474


Anvil blacksmithing

Lot#: 474a


Blacksmithing anvil

Lot#: 475

Hair freezer

Freezer, inner lid is loose.

Lot#: 476

Danby freezer

Freezer, inner lid is loose Will need to be cleaned

Lot#: 477

Frigidaire freezer

Freezer (Will need to be cleaned for smell)

Lot#: 478

Trash can

No lid trash can

Lot#: 479

Winter decor

Santa and snowman

Lot#: 480


Wooden chair

Lot#: 481

Front porch bench

Horses bench

Lot#: 482


Wooden chair

Lot#: 483

Wooden and metal bench


Lot#: 484


Tent with stakes

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