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Sunday March 14, 2021 | Newcastle, WY. US. 82701

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Lot#: 1

Wyoming Game & Fish Commissioners Tag #21-04-04

Wyoming Game & Fish Commissioners License #21-04-04 Big Game Hunting License, may be used for deer, elk, or antelope. Only three restricted areas in all of Wyoming(not valid in Elk hunt areas 75,77, and 79 which are located within Grand Teton National Park)!! Open to anyone ages 12 or older(may require hunter safety card), regardless of residency! ***Upton Gun Club is a Non-Profit Organization and the purchase of this tag is tax deductible!*** This is a Commissioner authorized complimentary license for elk, deer, or antelope. Proceeds from the auction benefit the Upton Gun Club and will be used to build a new clubhouse at their outdoor range and make range improvements to their shooting venues in the great State of Wyoming! The new equipment will give the youth from the state an opportunity to experience shooting and also continue their growth to become better shooters and hunters.

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