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Sunday August 27, 20177:00 pm | 2112 Broadway St NE. Minneapolis, MN. US. 55413
2112 Broadway St NE Minneapolis, MN, 55413 952-261-4942
***IMPORTANT, PLEASE READ BEFORE BIDDING!*** 1. THERE IS NO SHIPPING AVAILABLE FOR THIS AUCTION 2. REMOVAL IS ON TUESDAY, AUGUST 29th FROM 10AM to 6PM. 3. A $5 FEE WILL BE CHARGED TO ANY PAYMENTS MADE AFTER 5PM. A $25 FEE WILL BE CHARGED FOR ANY PICK-UPS OUTSIDE OF THE REMOVAL DATE UNLESS ARRANGEMENTS HAVE BEEN MADE PRIOR TO BIDDING 4. PLEASE BRING THE APPROPRIATE HELP AND VEHICLE FOR LOADING AND HAULING. EVERYTHING WILL BE PALLETIZED AND A PALLET JACK IS AVAILABLE ON THE DAY OF REMOVAL. ALL ELECTRICAL WILL BE DISCONNECTED PRIOR TO REMOVAL. 5. The large pieces will need to be loaded from a loading dock (48-52"). Please bring the appropriate vehicle to load and haul the larger equipment. Have questions? Please call Auction House at (952) 261-4942 before bidding if you have a question that affects your bid. Winning bids are contracts to pay between the high bidder and Auction House on behalf of the consignor: honest bidders only please. All payments are due before the end of the removal date and time listed below. Any item not claimed within 14 days of the close of the auction become the property of Auction House and no refunds will be given.

Announcement:Information contained herein is presented on behalf of the seller. Auction House , agent for the seller, cannot guarantee the information to be correct or assume the liabilities for errors and omissions.  All lines drawn on maps are approximate. Buyers should verify the information to their own satisfaction.  Any announcements made from the auction block on day of auction will take precedence over any matter of print and will be final.

Lot#: 1

In excellent working condition. 5 hp 3 phase motor. Aftermarket Delta Unifence has been added. Comes with the original fence and two miter guages. Serial 542997L. 220/420 Volt. Also includes (3) 16" blades. Comes with the custom made attached tables (used to support larger pieces of material). Well maintained!

Lot#: 2

In excellent working condition. J.A. Fay 316 16" jointer with Esta Knifes. The jointer is 5 HP 3phase with Esta ez change disposable blade system to make changing knives fast and easy. In great condition the blade guard is missing but a wood guard was made to take its place.

Lot#: 3

In excellent working condition. Model 160. Baldor Industrial 5 hp 3 phase motor. Serial 760054. 16" and is set-up for the Esta Knife system which makes it easier and faster to change out the blades. Comes with two new sets of Esta knives.

Lot#: 4

In excellent working condition. Oliver Model 51 3/4 HP 3 PH 4 speed wood lathe. Bed 48" between centers and 6" from center of spindle to bed. I believe the motor speeds are 1800-3600 but not 100 percent sure. This lathe is in great working condition with $100's dollars in parts and tools, faceplates, drill chuck, Vicmark chucks, compound tool holder, wrenches and lots of turning Chisels see pictures for extras. Around 800 pounds.

Lot#: 5

In excellent working condition. Model 26. 5 hp 3 phase motor. 1" spindle (included). Comes with the tooling as shown in the photos. Note: cutter in the photos is not included in this lot but is being sold in lot 5A. Delta Stock Feeder is not included in this lot but is being sold in lot 7.

Lot#: 5A

Wisconsin Knife Works cutter dual knife head. Comes with an assortment of knife pairs (see photos for specfic profiles) and extra stock for custom making your own knives. This one was being used on the shaper in lot 5.

Lot#: 5B

Assortment of shaper cutter heads, bearings, and collars / spacers. See photos for description and specification.

Lot#: 5C

Group of (12) 16" planer knives.

Lot#: 6

In excellent working condition. Three brand-new aftermarket wheels were just installed. 3/4 hp 3 phase 4 speed motor. Model #34-995. Serial 2466. Powermatic Shaper not included but is being sold in lot 5.

Lot#: 7

Delta Rockwell 17-600 drill press 1 HP 3 PH 8.5" coluom to center of spindle, 1/2" chuck, variable speed Modafied in great working condition around 400 pounds.

Lot#: 7A

Amana Tool 59004 rosette cutter with 1 set of blades. There are 13 different profiles available to make different pattrens of rosettes for trim work. Comes with cutter head, 1 set of blades and wood box.

Lot#: 8

Delta 14" band saw model 28-203 (3/4 HP) in great working condition.

Lot#: 9

In excellent working condition. 5 hp 3 phase motor. 70 gallon upright. Comes with 3 lengths of hose & 1 nozzle. Also comes with the control box, filter, and air flow regulator (everything pictured).

Lot#: 10

The Frank Clement Co, Rochester, NY. A spectacular piece to behold! An amazing piece of American woodworking history! Restore this and hear it purr, use it as an amazing decor piece at home or the office, or (gasp) use it for repurposing parts and creat some exceptional antique industrial pieces! Was probably designed and built in the late 1800s ? early 1900s, and both were probably designed to be powered by line-shafts, through belts that ran from the powered shaft to the lower wheel of the machines. The American saw still has the original pulley the belt went around, although the power source was changed to an electric motor, mounted on the floor in back of the saw. The American saw still has Babbitt bearings top and bottom. Early Allis-Chalmers wide belt driven motor (belt included). Very large, measuring approx 8' tall. Simply amazing.

Lot#: 11

A remarkable piece of American woodworking history! Was probably designed and built in the late 1800s ? early 1900s, and both were probably designed to be powered by line-shafts, through belts that ran from the powered shaft to the lower wheel of the machines. The Crescent is somewhat uncommon in that it?s a direct drive saw: the motor shaft is also the lower wheel shaft. Most bandsaws, no matter what the power source, are belt driven. The lower wheel of the Crescent saw therefore turns at the same speed as the motor. Assuming the Crescent was originally a line-shaft design, at some point the machine was converted to electric by mounting a motor in back of the machine, where the pulley on the shaft of the lower wheel would have been. Needs to be overhauled to be run safetly. The guards that comes with the unit (see photos) are not safe to use. 3 hp 220 amp Master motor.

Lot#: 12

(2) Wetzler sectional veneer presses. 42" with opening, 17" height opening, 4 adjustable screws per frame, and one wrench.

Lot#: 13

JDS Multi-Router Model 101-L. Barely used and very well maintained. The American-made Multi-Router jointmaker is a dream mortise and tenon machine for commercial-duty production of almost any solid-wood joint imaginable. Extraordinarily heavy aluminum alloy castings, low-tolerance, computer-controlled surface machining, and complete X-Y-Z axis control with linear ball bearings on solid steel ways make the Multi-Router the smoothest, most precise and most versatile joinery device we've ever seen. Porter Cable 6902 heavy duty motor. Sells for $2700 online, very reasonable reserve here!

Lot#: 14

Di-Acro Bender Model: 1A Serial#: 2423 hand opperated metal bender.

Lot#: 15

Porter Cable model 7538 plunge router built into a table. In excellent working condition.

Lot#: 16

Heavy Duty pallet racking that measures 8' long and 10' tall x 4' wide. Nothing on the pallet racking is included with this lot.

Lot#: 17

(6) vintage, heavy duty 36" bar clamps

Lot#: 18

(5) vintage, heavy duty 4' bar clamps

Lot#: 19

(4) 4' Adjustable Bar Clamps

Lot#: 20

(1) 36", (1) 4', (3) 5' adjustable bar clamps

Lot#: 21

(1) 35", (2) 36", (1) 39", (2) 43" adjustable bar clamps

Lot#: 22

(6) 5' adjustable bar clamps

Lot#: 23

8' and 9' 1/2" Adjustable Bar Clamps

Lot#: 24

Lead Screws - Bench Vise Screw & Veneer Press Screws

Lot#: 25

Great heavy duty mobile tool table work table. Has a great industrial look for repurposing as well. We once sold a table like this in a repurposing auction that sold for around $1000 for the look. The vice is sold separately and is not included in this lot.

Lot#: 26

Great Wilton(835) 3 1/2" bullet vise.

Lot#: 27

Nice 2 tier metal mobile shop cart 2'x3'.

Lot#: 28

Vintage Spald and other lead screws most have nuts some screw only with assorted plates. There is around 48 screws. Great for repurpose- steam punk.

Lot#: 29

(3) 10'x5" tubes some 6" tube and assorted fittings.

Lot#: 30

You get the hanging tubing and parts around 35'. Comes with the gating (which includes the on/off valve).

Lot#: 31

(2) 1and 2 man lumber cross cut saws around 36".

Lot#: 32

Wood storage chest on wheels and 12 moving blankets.

Lot#: 33

12 pieces of reclaimed Douglas fir most is clear with some holes from the bolts. This Douglas fir was reclaimed from the Northeast Minneapolis Armory. They vary from 4 1/2" - 10 1/2" wide are 15' long. There is also some cedar Poplar and other.

Lot#: 34

2 great 2 1/2 thick 16" up to 21" wide and 6'6" tall oak slabs. This is some old rough cut oak that came out of a old barn from the state of New Hampshire. Slightly rotten spot on back of 1 slab but still solid. Look to be VERY old!

Lot#: 35

Don?t miss out nice wide boards of bubiuga 6" - 11" and 7' tall. There is also other types of wood Sycamore, curly maple, maple, beech and others. You also get a lot of short cut off pieces of assorted woods.

Lot#: 36

1/4 sawed White oak white oak 5"-7" 9' tall, 1 cherry board 10' tall and beach 8' tall.

Lot#: 37

4x8 (2)-1/8" tempered hard board (1) each1/4" and 1/8" bending ply wood (1) 4x8 3/8" cdx and 1 sheet white fiber glass paneling.

Lot#: 38

Get everything on the table top! Table FULL of Fasteners, Grind Wheels, Lights, Tracks, roll of 30" adhesive pad, and much more! Table and horse not included.

Lot#: 39

(2) Enclosed Switches, Wire Connectors, Etc. Includes a vintage Allen Bradley enclosed switch. Great for use OR repurposing!

Lot#: 40

Vintage Brass Doorknobs, Bit Brace Ratcheting Hand Drill, Etc. Knobs polish up really nice!

Lot#: 41

Model CB3620-258TV. Can fit TV's up to 32" diagonal. New in the box.

Lot#: 42

Get the whole pallet full for one bid.

Lot#: 43

Table top measures 97" x 41"

Lot#: 44

Opens to ~12" with a large throat. Get all three with one bid! Use or repurpose (would make great lamp bases).

Lot#: 45

Two saw horses with a cut piece of plywood as a table top / work area

Lot#: 46

Works! GE 3 Phase 1 hp Motor w/ Switch

Lot#: 47

1 hp 3 phase motor.

Lot#: 48

Untested and consignor doesn't recall if these work or not. Buying as is. Check out the photos for more info.

Lot#: 49

Has the original brass tag (sorry for the blurry photo).

Lot#: 50

Tap and die set and t handle with Siemens 100 amp load center.

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